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In a candid update, the host shares their surprise at discovering mushrooms in their indoor garden, initially perceived as a disaster but soon understood to be a sign of rich organic soil beneficial to plant health. Transitioning to Taylor Swift's recent hiatus from the spotlight, the host speculates on the reasons behind the lack of promotion for her new music, suggesting Swift's potential shift away from traditional lead singles after the 'Lover' album experience. The host also delves into Swift's curated playlists, which reflect the stages of grief, hinting at the personal nature of her upcoming album 'Tortured Poet's Department' and its connection to her breakup with Joe Alwyn. Furthermore, the host anticipates the album's release, expressing enthusiasm for specific tracks and the possibility of a live stream reaction while in New York. They conclude by reflecting on Swift's past albums 'Folklore' and 'Evermore,' considering the possibility that they were more autobiographical than initially presented.

Summary Notes

Gardening Update

  • The speaker is a first-time indoor gardener and discovered mushrooms growing in their soil.
  • Initially alarmed by the presence of mushrooms, the speaker researched and found that it indicates high organic content in the soil.
  • Mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with plants, helping retain water and providing nutrients.
  • The speaker is excited about the progress of the raised beds and the successful transfer of squash.
  • A sprout is potentially beginning to emerge, indicating growth.
  • Cucumbers were struggling but have improved under grow lights.
  • Lavender and cantaloupe are doing well, but rosemary and cilantro are not growing as expected.
  • The speaker plans to purchase more rosemary and cilantro seeds due to suspected issues with the initial seed packets.

"I have mushrooms growing rapidly. okay these were tiny teeny weeny this morning no longer they are popping up like crazy."

The quote indicates the speaker's surprise at the rapid growth of mushrooms in their garden.

"It turns out that it's actually a really good thing and it means that you have a lot of organic material in your actual like soil."

This quote clarifies that the presence of mushrooms is beneficial and a sign of healthy, organic-rich soil.

"Mushrooms have like a symbiotic relationship with your plants so it helps your plants like retain water and it gives them nutrients and things like that."

The speaker explains the advantages of mushrooms, emphasizing their role in aiding plant growth through water retention and nutrient provision.

"The things that I really for some reason struggling with right now my Rosemary did not grow so I'm going to have to buy more Rosemary seeds."

The speaker is facing challenges with growing rosemary, indicating a possible issue with the seeds and a need to repurchase.

Taylor Swift's Career and Promotion Strategies

  • Taylor Swift has taken an uncharacteristic break from the public eye following intense promotion for her album "Midnights."
  • The speaker speculates on Swift's marketing strategies, noting the importance of TikTok in current music promotion.
  • Universal Music Group's (UMG) absence from TikTok may affect Swift's promotional tactics.
  • Swift's past experiences with lead singles, such as preferring "Cruel Summer" over "Me!" for her album "Lover," might influence her current approach.
  • The speaker suggests Swift may be apprehensive about choosing lead singles and prefers to let the audience decide.
  • "Anti-Hero" from "Midnights" became a hit without being an official lead single.
  • Swift recently curated five playlists, providing fans with content during her break.
  • The speaker mentions Swift's comment about her upcoming album being the one she needed to write the most.

"It's because she's gone on a very uncharacteristic uh break which I think is a well-deserved break but I am kind of wondering wait a minute where is she."

The quote expresses the speaker's curiosity about Taylor Swift's absence from the public eye and acknowledges that she deserves a break.

"I think a lot of promotion happens on Tik Tok nowadays that's just sort of the meta for things and because umg music is no longer on I don't think it is on Tik Tok."

The speaker discusses the role of TikTok in music promotion and the potential impact of UMG's presence on the platform on Swift's promotional strategy.

"Maybe she's just going to do like a folklore situation and just drop it. and it doesn't appear that there's going to be like a lead single or anything."

The quote speculates that Swift might release her new music unexpectedly, similar to her "folklore" album, without a traditional lead single.

"She said this in retrospect couple several years later she said she all along wanted it to be cruel summer. and she knew that that was what the hit was."

The speaker refers to Swift's hindsight regarding her single choices, suggesting it may influence her current approach to releasing music.

"She has said she said during the Aros tour during a surprise song she said that this is the album she needed to write the most."

This quote reveals Taylor Swift's personal connection to her upcoming album, indicating its significance to her as an artist.

Taylor's Upcoming Album and Its Diaristic Nature

  • The upcoming album is expected to be diaristic, reflecting personal experiences.
  • Anticipation that the album will center around Taylor's relationship with Joe.
  • The album is likened to Taylor's previous work, "Red," suggesting a breakup theme.

"and I think it's definitely going to be diaristic. and I think it's obviously going to be about Joe."

This quote indicates that the speaker believes Taylor's new album will be deeply personal and focused on her relationship with Joe, similar to the style of her "Red" album, which was also personal and reflective of past relationships.

The Private Nature of Taylor's Relationship with Joe

  • Taylor's relationship with Joe was private, making it difficult to fully understand the dynamics.
  • Despite the private nature, Taylor wrote a lot of music about the relationship.
  • The breakup in 2023 was surprising to many fans.

"but it's hard to really figure out where she's at with it and what's going on because it was like a private relationship."

The quote highlights the challenge in deciphering the exact status and details of Taylor's relationship with Joe due to its private nature, which has left fans and the public with limited information.

Lack of Promotion and Lead Singles for the Album

  • No lead singles or extensive promotion for Taylor's upcoming album.
  • This creates uncertainty and curiosity about the album's content.

"so it's going to be like what the hell is this about."

The quote conveys a sense of confusion and anticipation regarding the content of Taylor's new album, given the lack of lead singles and promotional material that typically precede an album release.

Five Playlists Based on the Five Stages of Grief

  • Taylor released five playlists corresponding to the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
  • Each playlist includes a blurb explaining its theme and song selection.

"so anyway she came out with these five different playlists so they're all based on the five stages of grief."

This quote explains that Taylor has curated five different playlists, each representing one of the five stages of grief, which could be reflective of her emotional journey post-breakup.

The Denial Playlist and Its Implications

  • The denial playlist includes songs about overlooking red flags and being in denial.
  • "Lover" is featured on the denial playlist, indicating a shift in perception of the relationship.

"this is a list of songs about getting so caught up in the idea of something that you have a hard time seeing the red flags possibly resulting in moments of denial and maybe a little bit of delusion."

The quote describes the theme of the denial playlist, suggesting that the songs chosen represent a state of being so enamored with an idea that one misses the warning signs of a problematic situation.

Personal Reflections on Taylor and Joe's Relationship

  • The speaker had been a fan of Taylor and Joe's relationship, enjoying their collaborations and public moments.
  • Recent information and reflections have led to a change of heart about Joe.

"and I do feel like I need to preface this by saying because I have been a not so quiet Joe elen fan and when they were together I was like. oh I kind of you know I like them together."

This quote indicates that the speaker was initially supportive of Taylor and Joe's relationship but hints at a recent shift in their perspective.

Reevaluation of Joe Alwyn

  • The speaker has reevaluated their opinion of Joe after consuming media and reflecting on his public persona.
  • A TikTok post summarized the relationship as both starting and ending because Joe didn't care about Taylor's fame.

"I have had a change of heart about Jo Joe eln."

This quote signifies that the speaker has experienced a change in opinion regarding Joe, likely influenced by recent insights and information.

Anticipation for the Album "TTPD"

  • The album "TTPD" is expected to provide clarity and insight into Taylor and Joe's relationship.
  • The speaker anticipates that the album will reveal why the relationship was not right.

"and I think it's going to be very eye openening obviously when we listen to ttpd okay for the first time I think that it's going to be like. oh I think it's just going to connect all the dots."

The quote conveys the speaker's expectation that Taylor's album "TTPD" will be revealing and will help listeners understand the intricacies of her relationship with Joe.

Joe's Attitude Towards Fame and Relationship with Taylor Swift

  • Joe did not seek to capitalize on Taylor Swift's fame despite the opportunities.
  • Joe's lack of interest in the celebrity lifestyle is noted as unusual, given his relationship with a high-profile figure.
  • The speaker appreciates Joe's decision not to exploit the relationship for personal gain.
  • Taylor Swift's music is interpreted as reflective of her relationship experiences, including with Joe.

"And I think that he honestly did not really want to live that life where they were out in like the public which is crazy cuz they're like technically two famous people he's not really."

The quote suggests that Joe was not interested in a public life despite being in a relationship with a famous person, Taylor Swift.

"While he had all of the opportunity in the world to capitalize on who she is he never did so he had all these opportunities to like you know he could probably land better roles he never did he could have taken it to the to the next level and his career and he could have used her you know to to move up and make more money or whatever."

This quote emphasizes that Joe had many chances to benefit from Taylor Swift's fame but chose not to, indicating a deliberate avoidance of exploiting the relationship for personal advancement.

Taylor Swift's Creative Output During Quarantine

  • Taylor Swift's quarantine period was marked by significant creative output.
  • The speaker believes Taylor Swift enjoys being a famous musician and will likely continue making music due to her passion.
  • Swift's songs are thought to be a reflection of her personal life and relationships.

"I think that honestly when she went into quarantine she probably had like he what I think he was saying something about like she's just had like a lot of Creative Energy I think that she's just a creative person that's like I don't know if she'll ever stop doing music cuz I think she just loves it so much."

The quote conveys the speaker's belief that Taylor Swift's innate creativity and love for music fueled her productive period during quarantine.

Upcoming Music Reactions and Anticipation

  • The speaker is considering doing a live stream reaction to Taylor Swift's new music.
  • There is excitement about the potential of being in New York City at the same time as Taylor Swift's release.
  • The speaker is hopeful about the internet quality for live streaming while traveling.

"I don't really know what ttpd is going to be about and a lot of people have been asking if I'm going to do like a live stream or something cuz I did one for midnights and it was so much fun it was like the best night of my life and doing a reaction I might do one one."

The speaker is undecided about the format of their reaction to new music but recalls a previous live stream experience fondly.

"I'm going to be in New York City that night. okay. so I might bring my computer. and I might try to to do it."

This quote shows the speaker's intention to possibly conduct a live stream while in New York City, demonstrating their commitment to sharing their reactions with their audience.

Expectations for New Music Collaborations

  • The speaker has high expectations for a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Post Malone.
  • The speaker believes Post Malone's versatility will contribute positively to the music.
  • There is a sense of closure and acceptance regarding Taylor Swift's past relationships, influencing the speaker's anticipation of new music.

"I just I think when he collabs on songs he's just really good. I mean he his voice lends itself to so many different genres and I just think he adds a lot to everything."

The quote expresses the speaker's admiration for Post Malone's musical talent and versatility in collaborations.

"I think fortnite is going to be one of them that I really think I'm going to love I really think I'm going to love."

The speaker anticipates enjoying a specific song, "fortnite," likely due to expectations of Post Malone's contribution to the track.

Anticipation for New Music

  • The speaker expresses excitement for a new song, anticipating it to be an upbeat and empowering anthem.
  • They are hopeful about the song's potential regardless of its actual style upon release.
  • The speaker values the energy and message they expect from the title, indicating a preference for inspiring and independent themes in music.

"I think it's going to be like a Liberation song that's like high octane upbeat independent Girl Anthem. I really I hope that's what it is."

This quote reflects the speaker's expectations and hope for a new song to be a powerful and uplifting anthem, emphasizing their desire for music that resonates with themes of liberation and independence.

Taylor Swift's Album Title Tracks

  • The speaker has a high opinion of Taylor Swift's album title tracks, citing "Red" and "Speak Now" as examples of good songs.
  • They note that they have never disliked any of Taylor Swift's title tracks, suggesting a consistent quality in her work.
  • The speaker mentions "Fearless" and "Evermore" as some of their favorite title tracks, indicating a strong personal connection to these songs.

"Department I feel like I could be a slept on song I feel like the title track of an album is really usually for with Taylor really good like red for example."

The quote illustrates the speaker's belief that title tracks from Taylor Swift's albums are often exceptional, and they suggest that the upcoming title track "Department" might be underrated or overlooked by others.

Curiosity About Song Meanings

  • The speaker has questions about specific lyrics and song titles, indicating a deep interest in the meanings behind them.
  • They are curious about the context of certain phrases, such as "my boy only breaks his favorite toys" and references to Florida.
  • The speaker wants to know when the songs were written, suggesting that understanding the timing may provide insights into the songs' meanings.

"I have questions about what fortnite is I have questions about what the two weeks situation is I have questions um I have questions about my boy only breaks his favorite toys like what the hell is that about in Florida like what the hell is Florida about."

This quote reveals the speaker's curiosity and confusion regarding specific lyrics and song titles, highlighting their desire to uncover the stories and experiences that inspired the music.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Personal Life

  • The speaker believes that Taylor Swift's albums "folklore" and "Evermore" were portrayed as departures from her autobiographical style, but they think this portrayal was not entirely accurate.
  • They speculate that the songs from these albums were more personal and reflective of Swift's real life than initially suggested.
  • The speaker theorizes that Swift was working through a tumultuous relationship during the writing of these albums, with songs serving as a means of coping or overcompensating for the relationship's challenges.

"I think that she was trying to work through this relationship. and I think that they probably had a lot of ups and downs I think much more than we realized."

The speaker's quote suggests that they believe Taylor Swift's songwriting during the "folklore" and "Evermore" era was a therapeutic process tied to her personal experiences, particularly her romantic relationship, which may have been more complex than the public was led to believe.

Engagement with Taylor Swift's Music and Community

  • The speaker enjoys the interactive aspect of Taylor Swift's music releases, such as Easter egg hunts and decoding messages.
  • They appreciate the transparency Swift provides about her life and the reasons behind her music.
  • The speaker plans to engage with other fans through a live stream to discuss predictions and thoughts about Swift's music.

"I love the Easter egg hunt I love decoding messages and things that she's telling us and I love that she tells us you know I love that she tells us what that she tells us she spills the tea."

This quote captures the speaker's enthusiasm for the interactive and community-driven aspects of being a Taylor Swift fan, valuing the artist's engagement with her audience and the clues she shares about her music.

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