I went to ALL SIX NIGHTS of the eras tour in Singapore 🤯 🩷 🫶 *chaotic vlog*

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Summary Notes


In this vlog, the host, a devoted Taylor Swift fan, documents their immersive experience attending six nights of Swift's "Eras Tour" in Singapore. They share insights into the costly reality of securing resale tickets, noting the expense and lack of secret strategies for obtaining them. The host also emphasizes that attending multiple shows is not a measure of one's fandom, and one show provides ample satisfaction due to the tour's design for superfans. They candidly discuss their mental health, their passion for Swift's music, and how attending concerts serves as both content creation for their job and personal fulfillment. Additionally, the host reveals their elaborate concert attire, featuring custom-made sneakers for each show designed in collaboration with artist Teresa from iuli. As they navigate the logistical challenges of international concerts, the host also touches on the darker side of fame, including dealing with credible threats of violence and the importance of safety at events. They share their strategies for concert-going, advocating for the unique experience of attending solo, and conclude with a heartfelt reflection on sharing the final show with their supportive father.

Summary Notes

Attendance of ARs Tour

  • The speaker is attending six nights of the ARs tour in Singapore.
  • They express a range of emotions: nervousness, excitement, fear, and enthusiasm.
  • The speaker addresses their anticipation for surprise song mashups and the overall experience.

"I am about to attend six nights of the ARs tour this is like athlete Behavior this is gearing up for a marathon this is this is Excellence."

The quote highlights the speaker's view of attending multiple tour nights as a rigorous and exciting endeavor, akin to an athlete preparing for a marathon.

Ticket Acquisition and Cost

  • The speaker discusses the reality of obtaining tickets to multiple shows, emphasizing the financial aspect.
  • They mention purchasing resale tickets on StubHub for four out of six nights, all costing upwards of $500.
  • The speaker notes that international shows tend to have a less expensive resale market compared to U.S. shows.
  • They advise fans not to overextend financially to attend multiple shows.

"The only reason that I am able to go to these shows is because I can afford it and that's kind of the cold harsh truth that nobody wants to say."

This quote candidly addresses the financial barrier to attending multiple concerts and dispels any misconceptions about there being a secret or trick to obtaining tickets.

Personal Motivation and History

  • The speaker identifies as a lifelong Taylor Swift fan and mentions that attending concerts is part of their job as a content creator.
  • They recall their first Taylor Swift concert experience at age 14 and describe attending multiple shows as a form of self-care and fulfilling a childhood dream.
  • The speaker reassures fans that attending one show is sufficient due to the tour's design and extensive documentation on social media.

"I am mentally ill that is why I am going to in total 13 shows."

The quote humorously conveys the speaker's intense dedication to attending multiple shows, suggesting it is an extraordinary and personal choice rather than a standard expectation for all fans.

Wardrobe Planning

  • The speaker faces the challenge of selecting appropriate attire for the hot and humid climate in Singapore.
  • They have a collection of vintage Taylor Swift t-shirts and plan to wear a different one each night.
  • Custom-made shoes designed for each Taylor Swift era will be worn, created by a fabric and leather painter named Teresa.

"I have a huge collection of vintage tailor teas. and I'm going to wear a different one every single night."

This quote emphasizes the speaker's detailed and themed preparation for each concert night, showcasing their commitment to the experience.

Custom Shoes Detailing

  • The speaker describes the custom shoes made for each era, with specific design elements and references to Taylor Swift's songs and albums.
  • They express admiration for Teresa's craftsmanship and the personalized details on the shoes.
  • The speaker shares their creative process in designing the shoes and their excitement to showcase them.

"These shoes are customade so we have the Midnight's clock on the toe box obviously they meet me at midnight."

The quote exemplifies the level of detail and personalization that went into the design of the custom shoes, reflecting the speaker's deep engagement with Taylor Swift's music.

Ticket Printing Concerns

  • The speaker discusses the stress of receiving tickets from StubHub shortly before the concert dates.
  • They express paranoia about printing tickets in public places for fear of theft.
  • The speaker contemplates alternatives for printing their tickets securely.

"I'm paranoid about going to a public printer though cuz I don't have a printer at home I'm paranoid that someone's going to like steal my tickets."

This quote reveals the speaker's anxiety about ensuring the safety of their concert tickets, which they liken to valuable items that need to be protected.

Preparations and Merchandise

  • The speaker is deeply involved in preparing for the concerts, with their home decorated in tour-related themes.
  • They discuss the merch popup and their personal tradition of buying a t-shirt from each tour.
  • The speaker plans to manage their time efficiently to purchase merchandise without missing important parts of the concert.

"My entire house is covered in like just kind of a vague dust of blue and pink and purple. and you know it's giving pinata it's giving birthday party."

The quote depicts the festive and colorful atmosphere in the speaker's home as they prepare for the tour, illustrating their excitement and the celebratory nature of the event.

Dealing with Threats

  • The speaker had to file a police report due to a credible threat of violence against them at the tour.
  • They emphasize that no one, including themselves, deserves to be physically attacked for creating content.
  • The speaker expresses their determination not to be intimidated by threats and to enjoy the tour despite them.

"I do not deserve to be physically attacked for making videos I just don't no matter what kind of delusional excuse you rationalize in your brain to say that I deserve to get physically jumped for I don't know making content."

This quote addresses the speaker's stance on the severity of online threats and their resolve to take appropriate action to ensure their safety.

Personal Opinions and Controversial Statements

  • The speaker is unafraid to express controversial opinions about Taylor Swift.
  • They acknowledge that their statements may provoke anger or jealousy in others.
  • The speaker suggests that those who are upset by their opinions should work through their feelings independently.

"I will never stop saying the things you don't want me to say... a lot of it is just like thinly veiled jealousy or just pure hateration."

The quote illustrates the speaker's determination to speak their mind despite potential backlash, attributing negative reactions to jealousy or hatred.

Professional Opportunities and Scheduling

  • The speaker mentions a potential opportunity requiring travel to London.
  • They discuss the logistical challenges of aligning this opportunity with the ARs tour schedule.
  • The opportunity was initially set for LA but was moved to London, and they are coordinating with their manager.

"This insane opportunity has come my way where I might need to fly to London at short notice... we're trying to figure out a way to make that happen."

This quote explains the speaker's excitement about a sudden professional opportunity and the need to manage scheduling conflicts.

Academic Engagement

  • The speaker is preparing a lecture on media literacy and pop culture, including Taylor Swift, for a Canadian university.
  • They express enthusiasm for the opportunity despite the late hour of the lecture.
  • The speaker is open to more speaking engagements and has been included in academic syllabi.

"I'm also going to spend some time after work today really going through my lecture that I'm giving to a university in Canada."

The quote indicates the speaker's commitment to academic discourse and their upcoming lecture on media literacy and pop culture.

Solo Concert Attendance and Safety

  • The speaker prefers attending concerts alone for a more personal connection with the artist.
  • They have received a death threat, prompting a police report, but remain undeterred from attending concerts alone.
  • There is a discussion about the unique experience of seeing Taylor Swift perform from different perspectives.

"I love going to concerts by myself... but that's not going to stop me."

This quote reflects the speaker's preference for attending concerts solo for a more immersive experience, despite safety concerns.

Live Show Planning and Merchandise

  • The speaker is involved in planning a live show titled "Evolution of a Snake."
  • They are finalizing tour posters and venue details and encourage followers to sign up for updates.
  • The speaker is excited about customizing their shoes with glitter shoelaces.

"We have the evolution of a snake live show announcement coming soon... the glitter shoelaces for my shoes arrived and it has made them look 100 million times better."

The quote shares the speaker's anticipation for an upcoming live show they are organizing and their delight in personalizing their merchandise.

Lecture Delivery and Opportunity Updates

  • The speaker delivered their lecture at Toronto Metropolitan University and found the class to be engaged and intelligent.
  • The full lecture is available on Patreon, with a potential preview to be shared.
  • The previously mentioned professional opportunity will now take place in Singapore, which is more convenient for the speaker.

"I gave my lecture at Toronto metropolitan University to an incredibly engaged and really smart class... we actually found a way to make it work from Singapore."

The quote summarizes the successful delivery of the lecture and the resolution of the logistical challenge regarding the professional opportunity.

Concert Experience and Audience Dynamics

  • The speaker discusses their experience attending the ARs tour, including interactions with Taylor Swift and other concertgoers.
  • They note the varied engagement levels of the audience, with some attendees being disinterested or unfamiliar with the artist.
  • The speaker emphasizes their own enthusiastic participation and connection with the performance.

"I rocked harder than anyone alive... I knew every single word. and I was going absolutely H."

This quote captures the speaker's passionate experience at the concert and their active engagement with Taylor Swift's performance.

Concert Experience and Audience Engagement

  • The narrator recounts attending a Taylor Swift concert and observes various audience behaviors.
  • There is a mention of surprise songs performed by Taylor Swift, which the narrator appreciates greatly.
  • The narrator emphasizes the importance of being present and engaging with the performance rather than being distracted by phones or other activities.
  • The experience of attending a concert solo is highlighted as enjoyable due to the freedom it affords.
  • The narrator notes the lack of enthusiasm from some audience members in the less expensive seats, expressing disappointment at their disengagement.

"I don't know what I've done to deserve such amazing surprise songs."

The quote reflects the narrator's appreciation for the unexpected songs performed at the concert, indicating a positive and memorable experience.

"I am surrounded by children however which is not good because I need to be screaming [__] the patriarchy and once to let go B."

This quote conveys the narrator's desire to fully express themselves at the concert, which is hindered by the presence of children in the vicinity.

"The kind of reading that we need to be doing is not what you're doing in your seat while Shake It Off."

The narrator criticizes a person reading a book during the concert, suggesting that such behavior is inappropriate given the context of a live performance.

"I had so much fun in the nose bed by my myself again I'm thinking that going to concerts by yourself is the move like it is so much more fun."

The narrator shares the benefits of attending concerts alone, emphasizing the personal enjoyment and flexibility it provides.

Concert Logistics and Personal Preparations

  • The narrator discusses the logistics of attending multiple concerts and the time commitment involved.
  • There is a mention of the varying experiences based on seat location, with a preference for seeing the show from different perspectives.
  • The narrator plans to record reactions to surprise songs and shares them on TikTok.
  • Personal anecdotes about preparing for the concert, including outfit choices and the loss of memorabilia, are shared.
  • The narrator's strategy for improving their seat through ticket exchanges is detailed.

"It is kind of crazy that I'm doing all these shows you know."

This quote indicates the narrator's realization of the effort and dedication required to attend multiple concert shows.

"I'm in the nose beds like all the way back."

The narrator describes their seat location for one of the concert nights, highlighting the different perspectives they will experience.

"These are the shoes that I'm wearing tonight."

The quote shows the narrator's excitement and attention to detail regarding their concert attire.

"I decided it's time to do red because I can't wait any longer."

The narrator expresses enthusiasm for coordinating their outfit with the theme of the concert.

Concert Social Dynamics and Personal Interactions

  • The narrator observes the social dynamics at the concert, including interactions with other attendees.
  • A discussion about the behavior of casual fans versus more passionate ones takes place.
  • The narrator expresses frustration with people who are disengaged during the concert.
  • Personal connections with fellow concertgoers from different countries are highlighted.
  • The narrator asserts the importance of focusing on the concert experience over making new friends.

"The girls next to me were super sweet they had flown in from the Philippines and we were really carrying our section."

This quote illustrates the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm among international fans attending the concert.

"I did not come here to make friends I came here to scream the Summer Bridge."

The narrator prioritizes their concert experience and the music over socializing with other attendees.

"I'm going to be sitting kind of in a similar spot to where I was on the first night of the IRS tour which I'm really not excited about."

The narrator shares their lack of enthusiasm for their seat location, indicating a preference for a closer view.

Concert Experience with a Non-Fan Friend

  • The narrator recounts attending the concert with a friend who is not a dedicated fan but is curious about Taylor Swift.
  • The friend's reactions to the concert and specific songs are discussed.
  • The narrator's friend appreciates the lyrics and sincerity of Taylor Swift's performance.
  • The experience is compared to a religious one, with strong emotional responses to certain songs.

"She was dancing she was singing she said to her that the standout moments from the tour were all to well 10 we've been new and El listed Affairs."

This quote reveals the friend's engagement with the concert and particular songs that stood out to her.

"What changed after seeing her from how you felt about her before it really felt sincere."

The quote captures the friend's shift in perception of Taylor Swift after attending the full concert.

Physical and Emotional Toll of Concert Attendance

  • The narrator describes the physical and emotional toll of attending multiple concerts, including fatigue and voice strain.
  • Despite the challenges, the narrator remains enthusiastic about the concert experience.
  • Personal strategies for managing the concert-going experience, such as seat upgrades, are shared.
  • The narrator reflects on the joy of sharing the concert with a close friend and the collective energy of the audience.

"I'm slowly starting to fall apart my legs are hurting I am kind of losing my voice."

This quote conveys the physical strain of attending multiple concerts in a short period.

"I've been spreading the gospel of Taylor Swift to her for years and years."

The narrator shares their long-term efforts to introduce their friend to Taylor Swift's music, culminating in the concert experience.

"The crowd was so loud and I just feel like the energy in the room was like dialed up."

The quote highlights the heightened energy and enthusiasm of the audience at the concert.

Concert Experience and Observations

  • The speaker attended a concert and was in the front row, providing a unique perspective on the performance.
  • The speaker observed the intricacies of the concert, like the set-up of the rows and how being in the front allowed them to see the interactions between the performer and the crew.
  • Noted the performer's stamina and the challenges of performing in a humid environment.
  • Shared a personal anecdote about their seating arrangement and the benefits of their specific location at the concert.
  • Discussed the interaction with another concert-goer who flew in from China and had a memorable experience.

"so that the way that the rows are laid up kind of makes it so that row four is actually Row one so front row two times in a row more likely anything also this row is literally just two people."

This quote explains the speaker's observation about the seating arrangement and how it affected their concert experience.

"and there's this particular moment between I think I knew you were troubling all too well where dancers come on stage."

The speaker is describing a specific moment in the concert that stood out to them, illustrating their attention to detail.

"she was like really trying to catch her breath she was coughing a little bit she took a sip of water they were like Ming the back of her neck and her head I think they had a little fan."

Here, the speaker is recounting the performer's efforts to cope with the heat and humidity during the concert, highlighting the physical demands of live performances.

"I was struggling last night I'm not afraid to say it I was struggling last night I didn't realize that I was going to be in the front row I was in section PC2."

The speaker is sharing a personal experience of discomfort during the concert, which adds to the authenticity of their account.

Interaction with Security and Tips for Attendees

  • The speaker had interactions with a security guard whom they refer to as "Karen," who was enforcing rules in a way that negatively affected their experience.
  • They provide advice on the best places to stand for an optimal view during the concert.
  • Offers tips for concert-goers on how to secure front-row positions and avoid obstructed views.

"and you know what I was struggling last night I'm not afraid to say it I was struggling last night."

This quote shows the speaker's honesty about their experience with the heat and the crowd.

"so when the surprise songs rolled around I pulled out my light which I have used at every single show."

The speaker is describing their routine of using a light during surprise songs, which was challenged by the security guard.

"and she like interrupted me in the middle of the surprise song to give me this stupid pointless note and tell me to put my flash away."

This quote captures the speaker's frustration with the security guard's interruption during a key moment of the concert.

Personal Reflections and Family Experience

  • The speaker reflects on the personal significance of the concert and their identity as a fan.
  • They share the experience of attending the concert with their father, emphasizing the supportiveness of their parent and the joy of sharing their interests.
  • The speaker discusses the balance between being a critical observer of the artist and a devoted fan.

"and it was truly such a magical experience I felt like I was a kid taking my dad to school and showing him my art project."

This quote illustrates the speaker's emotional connection to the concert and the significance of sharing it with their father.

"he particularly loved Enchanted that's one of his favorite songs and he loved the red section of the show."

The speaker is sharing their father's perspective on the concert, which adds a familial dimension to the experience.

"I'm just so lucky to have such a supportive and incredible parent."

The speaker expresses gratitude for their father's support, underscoring the importance of family in their concert experience.

Upcoming Events and Final Thoughts

  • The speaker mentions their podcast "Evolution of a Snake" and an upcoming performance related to it.
  • They express excitement for future events and the opportunity to engage with their audience in a live setting.
  • Concludes with a sense of gratitude for the concert experience and the anticipation of sharing future vlogs and reactions.

"so I hope that you enjoyed this journey with me we'll see you next time goodbye sties."

The speaker is wrapping up their account of the concert experience, looking forward to future interactions with their audience.

"I can't wait to see you all there I'm so excited for the what this year brings."

This quote reflects the speaker's enthusiasm for upcoming events and the continuation of their journey with their audience.

"I have had the time of my life just being silly and filming surprise song reactions and like truly just indulging my inner child."

The speaker is summarizing their overall concert experience and the joy it brought them, highlighting the personal impact of the event.

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