I spent $1,000 on FAN MADE taylor swift merch so you don't have to 🩷 GIVEAWAY 🩷

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Summary Notes


In a critical review of Taylor Swift's merchandise, the host expresses disappointment in the declining quality and rising costs of official Swift merch, suggesting fans explore small "Swifty" businesses for better alternatives. They highlight their own experience with various fan-made products, praising their uniqueness and craftsmanship, ranging from candles and jewelry to cardigans and tumblers, all inspired by different Swift eras. Additionally, they share their positive experience with the wellness brand Care/of, which offers personalized vitamins and supplements. The host also announces giveaways, including cardigans and custom Swift-themed items, inviting viewers to participate for a chance to win.

Summary Notes

Evolution of Taylor Swift Merchandise

  • The quality of Taylor Swift's merchandise has declined over time.
  • Merchandise is now more expensive and often arrives damaged or with defects.
  • Fans are expressing dissatisfaction with the official merchandise.
  • Alternative options for supporting Taylor Swift include patronizing small Swifty businesses.

"I've been buying Taylor Swift merch since roughly 2018 so I've seen the evolution of the merch from what it used to be to what it is now and what it is now now is a Drop Shipping Extravaganza it is poorly made it is poorly constructed it is extremely expensive."

The speaker reflects on their long history of purchasing Taylor Swift merchandise and notes the negative changes in quality and the increase in price.

Support for Small Swifty Businesses

  • Recommends supporting small businesses within the Swifty community.
  • Small businesses may offer merchandise with more thought and personality.
  • Items from these businesses are often of higher quality.

"You can look into supporting small Swifty businesses and you can patronize the people that you know are in the community with you."

The speaker encourages fans to consider purchasing from small Swifty businesses to find better quality merchandise and support the community.

Merchandise Design Quality

  • Recent merchandise designs appear rushed and thoughtless.
  • There's a lack of time and consideration in curation.
  • The speaker sought out merchandise with unique qualities and high standards for their review.

"Taylor Swift's merch designs as of late feel... very... I mean you know they're rushed out every 5 Seconds there's a new collection every 5 minutes but those collections feel very like thoughtless."

The speaker criticizes the lack of creativity and effort in the recent merchandise designs from Taylor Swift's official store.

Care/of Sponsorship and Personal Wellness

  • The speaker is sponsored by Care/of, a personalized vitamin service.
  • They emphasize their commitment to wellness and health.
  • The speaker has noticed an improvement in their energy levels since taking Care/of supplements.

"I was super excited when car of reached out to work with me because I'm a bit of a wellness nerd."

The speaker expresses enthusiasm for the Care/of sponsorship, aligning with their interest in wellness.

Personalized Vitamins and Sustainable Packaging

  • Care/of provides a quiz to tailor vitamins and supplements to individual needs.
  • The speaker values the service's focus on lifestyle goals rather than specific issues.
  • They appreciate the sustainable packaging of the products.

"All of their individual packs are made from a plant-based film... I was very worried about these being wasteful when I saw these little packets so I was super stoked to hear about the sustainable packaging."

The speaker is relieved and pleased to learn that Care/of uses sustainable packaging for their vitamins, aligning with their environmental concerns.

Swifty Merch Review and Investment

  • The speaker spent a significant amount on Swifty merchandise for review purposes.
  • They aimed to investigate the quality of merchandise available beyond the official store.
  • The review includes merchandise from the "Swift cottage industry market."

"I spent roughly I want to say $1,000 and that's including shipping because a lot of this only shipped to the US so I had to get it forwarded to Singapore it was kind of expensive."

The speaker discusses the financial investment they made to conduct a thorough review of Swifty merchandise from various sources.

Merchandise Quality Comparison

  • Some third-party merchandise is equal or superior to official merchandise.
  • The speaker found exact replicas of popular items, such as cardigans.
  • They express satisfaction with the quality of the items they received.

"There is stuff that is better, there is stuff that is the same, there is stuff that is as good as it is you know a whole wide world of merch out there."

The speaker suggests that merchandise from third-party sellers can be of better or comparable quality to official merchandise.

Giveaways and Collaborations

  • The speaker is hosting giveaways of Swifty merchandise, including cardigans and charm bracelets.
  • They have collaborated with a brand for exclusive merchandise packs.
  • Giveaways are available to subscribers and Patreon members.

"I have two Cardigans to give away... and then I also have my little Swift olist packs which I did a collaboration with a brand in Singapore called Blind Gold Rush."

The speaker announces the giveaways and collaborations they have arranged as part of their Swifty merchandise review.

Sourcing from Etsy and Customer Satisfaction

  • Most of the merchandise for the review was sourced from Etsy.
  • The speaker experienced no issues with late deliveries or unsatisfactory products.
  • They endorse the items they will showcase in the video.

"Most of this was found on Etsy by the way I had a couple of snags some kurur fluffles along the way. but I would say that none of these stores delivered late none of them delivered not as promised."

The speaker confirms that the third-party sellers they purchased from delivered on time and met their expectations, suggesting a positive purchasing experience.

Merchandise Giveaway and Designs

  • The speaker plans to give away a shirt that is too small on Discord.
  • They discuss the "treasure map" tea design, which features snake eyes and a treasure map, referencing Taylor Swift's evolution and Easter eggs.
  • They mention the availability of Comfort color shirts with different design placements and cute little stickers.
  • The merchandise can be accessed through evolutionofsnake.com, and there is a chance to win some by being a member at patreon.com.

I'm going to be giving this away on the Discord. too. and then we also have our treasure map tea which is so cute the front side has like little snake eyes and then on the back we have the treasure map design and these are basically like all Swift olist at evolution of a snake Easter egg.

The quote explains the design and theme of the merchandise being discussed, highlighting the connection to Taylor Swift and the method of giveaway.

Happenstance Candles by Maya

  • Maya, a notable Swifty, owns Happenstance Candles, making candles inspired by Taylor Swift's music eras.
  • Her products sell out quickly, and it's recommended to follow her on social media for restock updates.
  • The packaging of the candles, including the "Speak Now" candle, is praised for its aesthetics.
  • The speaker wanted a Happenstance Candle but found shipping to Singapore expensive.
  • Maya's candles are considered an original Swifty-owned business.
  • The "Speak Now" candle is sold out but can be requested through direct messaging on Instagram or Etsy.
  • The candle is scented with "Wonderstruck" fragrance oil, a perfume by Taylor Swift that is now difficult and expensive to find.
  • The candle has a wooden wick and good scent projection, although not room-filling.

Happenstance candles is her brand she handm makes these candles in New York City the concept is basically like candles inspired by the different Taylor Swift eras her drops sell out really fast.

This quote describes the concept behind Happenstance Candles and emphasizes the popularity and quick sell-out rate of the products, as well as the connection to Taylor Swift's music eras.

Mouse House Magic's Folklore Tumbler

  • The speaker had low expectations for the folklore tumbler made by Mouse House Magic but was impressed by its quality.
  • The tumbler is compared to a Stanley Cup imitator and features laser engravings related to Taylor Swift's "folklore" album.
  • The engravings are detailed, shiny, and clear, and the tumbler feels heavy and high-quality, though the straw seems cheap.
  • The tumbler is priced at $67, which may not include shipping, and is considered expensive compared to a standard Stanley Cup.
  • The speaker suggests that the tumbler is a custom item for fans who want something special with "folklore" engravings.

but I was truly stunned by the quality of this it's a 40 o Stanley Cup imitator with laser Engravings and the ingraving on this I'm not sure if you can see I'll insert a couple of close-ups are super detailed and shiny and really clear as well it feels super high quality and heavy.

The quote conveys the speaker's surprise at the high quality of the tumbler, its detailed engravings, and the overall premium feel of the product.

Cardigans from an Etsy Store

  • The speaker ordered Cardigans inspired by Taylor Swift's albums from an Etsy store with many positive reviews.
  • The store offered standard Cardigans from different eras and allowed customization of patches and placement.
  • The company stood out due to its glowing reviews and the perceived value compared to original Cardigans.
  • The speaker's order faced complications when the Etsy store was deleted, but they eventually received a refund and fulfilled order.
  • The speaker also reached out through the merch site morommerch.com, where they were offered to be sent the products.

getting these Cardigans was so confusing there are a lot of different options so they have all the standard Cardigans that have been available speak now 1989 red I think but that one goes in and out folklore and then also this Midnight's one which they obviously don't have they have a lover one a reputation one their own kind of like take and design on what those Cardigans would would have looked like if they had been given one for each era.

This quote details the variety of Cardigans available, the options for customization, and the enthusiasm for the product line inspired by Taylor Swift's music eras.

Merchandise Quality and Pricing

  • The cardigans are of the same quality as those from the official Taylor Swift merchandise store.
  • They are made of 100% polyester, which the speaker finds scratchy.
  • The cost was $105 for two cardigans, with an individual sale price around $50.
  • The company may negotiate prices via email and seems to have frequent sales.
  • Despite initial doubts, the speaker had a positive experience with the customer service.

"It is the same quality as the Taylor of merch store ones they're pretty heavy the buttons are super thick and the material is 100% polyester." "It was $105 for the two Cardigans. And I think that I got them on sale so it was like 50 odd dollars for each cardigan."

The quotes confirm the quality and material of the cardigans, as well as the pricing details.

Customer Service Experience

  • The company's customer service is described as nice and responsive.
  • Despite the website appearing shady, the speaker's experience was satisfactory.
  • The company fulfilled the order correctly, even after a potential error with the charge.

"Their customer service was super nice they were really on top of it when I went to go and get my free one I guess."

This quote highlights the speaker's positive interaction with the company's customer service.

International Shipping and Stock

  • The company offers international shipping.
  • It's advised to check stock before ordering due to variability.

"They also ship internationally as well but check what's in stock before you order."

The quote suggests that while international shipping is available, customers should verify the availability of items.

Personal Preferences and Experience with Materials

  • The speaker has a personal aversion to knitted materials on bare skin.
  • They express a dislike for the texture of both wool and polyester.

"I'm kind of weird about fabrics in general I don't really like any sort of knitted material directly on my bare skin."

This quote reflects the speaker's personal preference regarding fabric textures.

Charm Bracelets from Marvelous Time

  • The charm bracelets are customizable with symbols from various Taylor Swift eras.
  • The speaker prefers silver jewelry and found suitable options at Marvelous Time.
  • The store also offers other themed items, like paper airplane necklaces.

"These are so so so cute I got two different kinds because I wanted to get one to give away of course."

This quote emphasizes the speaker's enthusiasm for the charm bracelets and their intention to share them with others.

Press Paper Shop Merchandise

  • The shop offers custom designs for various fandoms, including Swifties and Harry Styles fans.
  • Designs may be retired, suggesting limited availability.
  • The speaker appreciates the unique designs and planned to wear a purchased zip-up to a concert.

"Their two main ones seem to be swifties and hairy styles."

This quote identifies the primary fandoms catered to by the Press Paper Shop.

Trendo Shop Offerings

  • Trendo Shop has friendship bracelet packs and replicas of Taylor Swift jewelry.
  • The speaker regrets not purchasing the Fearless key necklace.
  • The shop provides good shipping deals.

"You can get these little friendship bracelet packs and they also have great replications of really high ticket tailor with jewelry items."

The quote describes the variety of products available at Trendo Shop and their appeal.

Personalized ARS Tour Stadium Bag

  • The speaker purchased a clear stadium bag personalized with Taylor Swift era symbols.
  • The bag is functional for concerts with clear bag policies.
  • The price was reasonable, and the speaker plans to use it at multiple concert locations.

"I got a personalized ARS tour Stadium Bag so you can see it's got a little sticker on this acrylic clear case with all of the ears on it."

This quote describes the speaker's purchase of a tour-themed stadium bag and its design features.

Jewelry Focus

  • Jewelry was a central theme of the video.
  • The speaker desired a reputation necklace for filming and attending shows.
  • They purchased a snake necklace as an alternative to their usual supplier, Resin Reena.
  • The jewelry is described as refined and not costumey or juvenile.
  • The speaker received free stickers with their jewelry purchase.
  • The jewelry is designed to be subtle and not obviously merchandise.

I think you can kind of see jewelry was like the focus of video.

This quote emphasizes that jewelry was the main topic of the video.

I got a cute little snake from this store as well.

The speaker mentions purchasing a snake necklace, highlighting their interest in themed jewelry.

it's very refined it's not costumey. it's not childish it's not Juvenile.

The speaker describes the jewelry's style, noting its sophistication and maturity.

stars of this show are the jewelry that she designs so this is so cute.

The speaker appreciates the design and quality of the jewelry, indicating it's a highlight of the video.

Merchandise Quality and Design

  • The speaker emphasizes the high quality of the merchandise.
  • Merchandise includes necklaces and a bracelet with Taylor Swift song lyrics.
  • The products are praised for not turning the skin green, indicating good quality.
  • The designs are appreciated for being subtle and not immediately recognizable as merchandise.

the chain feels luxury urious it did not make me go green when I wore it.

This quote speaks to the quality of the jewelry, specifically that it does not cause skin discoloration.

you would not know they were merch until you like looked at them up close and studied them.

The speaker appreciates the discreet design of the merchandise, which isn't immediately identifiable as fan merchandise.

Local Brand and Unique Offerings

  • The speaker discusses a local brand from Singapore called Blind Gold Rush.
  • Initially attracted by their sticker designs, which the speaker finds unique and appealing.
  • The speaker purchased a tote bag with a design they loved.
  • The brand also offered unexpected gifts like a friendship bracelet.

I didn't even know this was from Singapore until I tried to order from them.

The speaker was surprised to learn the brand's origin when attempting to make a purchase.

I thought these designs were so cute.

The speaker expresses admiration for the unique sticker designs offered by the brand.

Giveaway Details

  • The speaker is hosting a giveaway that includes various merchandise items.
  • To enter the giveaway, viewers must comment with a heart emoji and their favorite Taylor Swift album era.
  • The giveaway is worldwide, with some shipping restrictions.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly, and duplicate entries will result in disqualification.

all you have to do to enter yourself into this giveaway. is leave a comment with the the heart and the color of your favorite era.

This quote explains how viewers can participate in the giveaway, by sharing their favorite Taylor Swift album era.

I will leave this open until then and once I'm done I will close the comment section and do all the random generator.

The speaker provides details on the timeframe and method for selecting giveaway winners.

Engagement and Equipment

  • The speaker seeks feedback on the review-style video.
  • They are open to suggestions for future video topics.
  • The speaker has new equipment, including a microphone and lens, and asks for opinions on them.
  • The video is sponsored by Cara, and the speaker expresses gratitude for the support.

let me know if you like these review style kind of videos.

The speaker is requesting viewer feedback on the format of their content.

do you like my new microphone do you like my new lens it's all happening.

The speaker is asking for feedback on their new equipment, indicating an upgrade in their video production quality.

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