How To Transform Lives Not Bodies Ep 24

Summary Notes


In the Gym Secrets podcast, Alex discusses the significance of the 'big promise' in marketing, drawing inspiration from Frank Kern's principles. He emphasizes that while many businesses can sell the dream of making more money, getting more customers, and working less, the true differentiator is fulfillment. Alex argues that the success of a business hinges on the customer's belief in the business's ability to deliver on its promises. He highlights the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience, fostering a sense of community and identity, and engineering positive emotional responses. Alex concludes by underscoring the power of conviction and identity in driving customer loyalty and justifying premium pricing, and offers resources for gym owners looking to differentiate their services and increase revenue.

Summary Notes

Introduction to the Big Promise Concept

  • Alex introduces the concept of a "big promise" borrowed from Frank Kern, an esteemed Internet marketer.
  • The concept is considered incredibly impactful and relevant across various conversations.
  • The "big promise" refers to the commitment made to prospects in any industry.

"And one of the things that I want to talk about today is a concept of a big promise."

This quote sets the stage for the discussion, indicating the focus on the "big promise" concept and its significance in marketing and business.

Application Across Verticals

  • The big promise is applicable in any business vertical, including B2B.
  • Common promises include making more money, getting more customers, and working less.
  • Alex acknowledges using the same approach in his own marketing efforts.

"So the big promise is basically what you're promising every one of your prospects. And this works in any vertical, okay?"

Alex explains that the big promise is a universal marketing strategy that applies to all business sectors.

Selling as Painting a Picture

  • Selling is likened to painting a vivid picture of a dream for the prospect.
  • The skill of selling is not deemed exceptional, as many can sell by highlighting a desirable future.
  • The ability to sell does not necessarily correlate with becoming extremely wealthy ("cajillionaires").

"But I feel like selling is really just painting a picture of a dream."

This quote suggests that the act of selling is about creating a compelling vision for the prospect to aspire to.

The Elephant in the Room: Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment is identified as a critical but often overlooked aspect of business success.
  • Exceptional fulfillment is what differentiates successful businesses.
  • The customer experience and relationship are as important, if not more so, than the actual results.
  • Fulfillment extends beyond results; it encompasses the overall offering and experience provided to the customer.

"And I think the reason for that is because of the big elephant in the room when it comes to business is fulfillment."

Alex points out that fulfillment is the key issue in business that many overlook but is essential for real success.

Results vs. Experience

  • Results alone are not enough to retain customers.
  • Customers value the experience and relationship with the business, sometimes more than the results themselves.
  • Offering something beyond mere results, such as a unique experience or relationship, is crucial.

"People don't really care about results. I mean, they do, but it's going to be the experience and the relationship that's also going to matter."

This quote emphasizes that while results are important, the customer experience and relationship play a crucial role in business retention and success.

Exceptional Fulfillment and Business Growth

  • Exceptional fulfillment of services leads to organic business growth.
  • Consistency over time is crucial to reach an inflection point in referrals.
  • The inflection point results in rapid word-of-mouth promotion.

"When you have an exceptional fulfillment, then you actually do have this business that starts to proliferate on its own."

The quote emphasizes the importance of delivering exceptional service to foster organic growth and customer referrals.

The Big Promise and Uniqueness in Service Delivery

  • Service providers often make similar promises, such as improved health and well-being.
  • The challenge lies in differentiating services when promises are identical across providers.
  • Pricing and success are not determined by the promise itself but by the perceived ability to fulfill it.

"So if every single service provider in your area says you're going to lose weight, you're going to feel better, you're going to sleep better, you're going to have more energy, you're going to be able to play with your kids. Like, you're not unique in that, right?"

This quote highlights the commonality of promises made by service providers and the difficulty in standing out based solely on these promises.

Conviction in Fulfillment as a Success Determinant

  • The extent of a business's success is linked to the prospect's conviction in the provider's ability to fulfill their promise.
  • The speaker's own business growth is attributed to customers' belief in their ability to deliver results.

"The extent to which a business is successful is the extent to which a prospect has conviction in the ability of the provider to fulfill that promise."

The quote underscores the idea that customer belief in a business's capability to deliver on its promises is fundamental to success.

Selling Expensive Services and Conviction

  • High-priced services require strong conviction from the seller to convince prospects.
  • The speaker's conviction is based on a track record of helping clients achieve significant financial returns.

"I 100% believe that. If we sign you up, we know that you will make more money with us in the next eight weeks than you will pay us, usually by four or five x straight up."

This quote reflects the speaker's confidence in their service's value proposition, based on past successful outcomes.

Listener Engagement and Show Support

  • The hosts jokingly admonish listeners who have not yet rated or reviewed the show.
  • They express that listener ratings and reviews are highly valued and appreciated.

"Hey, if you're a return listener and you have not rated or reviewed the show, I want you to know that you should feel absolutely terrible about yourself and everything else in the world. I'm kidding."

This quote, delivered in jest, is an attempt to encourage listeners to engage with the show by leaving ratings and reviews.

"But it would mean the absolute world."

"To me if you guys would go."

"Ahead and do that. And you don't even have to pause the show."

These quotes convey the hosts' sincere appreciation for listener support and the importance of ratings and reviews to the show's success, while also making it easy for listeners by suggesting they can do it without interrupting their listening experience.

Podcast Growth Strategy

  • The growth of the podcast is reliant on word-of-mouth promotion.
  • The host encourages listeners to actively participate in spreading the word about the podcast.
  • Emphasizes the importance of the audience's role in reaching more entrepreneurs.

ith your thumb right now. It'll take you less than 60 seconds. And like I said, the only way that podcast grows through word of mouth, and this is you joining hands with me and helping as many entrepreneurs as we possibly can, because no one is coming to save us.

The quote underscores the simplicity and rapid action listeners can take to promote the podcast, emphasizing the collective effort required for its growth and the overarching mission to support entrepreneurs.

Individual Empowerment

  • The host conveys a message of self-reliance and collective responsibility.
  • Stresses that external help is not expected, so the community must take action.

It's just us. All right?

This quote signifies a rallying call to the listeners, implying that they are solely responsible for their success and must work together to achieve their goals.

Enhancing Gym Experience

  • Discusses the importance of differentiating gym services beyond just showcasing results.
  • Suggests focusing on fulfilling human needs to improve the gym experience and retain members.
  • Lists the six human needs: status, connection, variety, routine, growth, and contribution.

Right? And so you have to ask yourself, if you are in the gym space, not only how certain are you that you can get someone results, which is cool, but everyone kind of produces. Everyone has before and after pictures on their page. That doesn't make you special, right?

The quote addresses gym owners, challenging them to think beyond the typical selling points and consider what truly distinguishes their service, implying that results alone are not enough to stand out.

Human Needs in Business

  • Highlights the importance of fulfilling multiple human needs in a business setting.
  • Suggests that fulfilling these needs can lead to increased customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Explains how providing status and a sense of community can encourage repeat engagement.

How can you make it as easy, as pain free, as engaging as possible? So look at the six human needs, right? You have status, you have connection... So how many of these human needs can we fulfill at our facilities while getting people to stay?

This quote prompts business owners to consider how they can address various human needs to make their offerings more attractive and engaging, which in turn can foster loyalty and community among customers.

Behavior Motivation and Identity

  • Discusses the psychological factors that motivate people to return to an activity, such as receiving recognition.
  • Explains how positive reinforcement can lead to habitual participation and lifestyle changes.
  • Emphasizes the role of identity in effecting long-term behavioral change.

If I say that you're the MVP of the workout for today, how likely is it that you're going to attend your next workout? Pretty high, right?... And so how many of these experiences can we engineer so that people get these hits of dopamine, get these hits of serotonin where they feel good about themselves, feel like they are important, right?

The quote explains the psychological impact of recognition and how it can be leveraged to encourage repeat behavior, suggesting that businesses should create experiences that provide emotional rewards and foster a sense of importance among customers.

Long-Term Solutions and Identity Change

  • Stresses the importance of providing solutions that lead to a lifestyle change, not just short-term results.
  • Argues that integrating the service into the customer's identity is key to creating lasting change.
  • Critiques short-term approaches and emphasizes the need for a deeper transformation process.

Because over time, we know that if someone keeps working out for three years and eating and making healthier decisions, right, meal plan or not, macros are not periodization or not, they're going to probably look pretty good in three years, right?... But if I can change someone's life, I have to make it a part of their identity, and that is a malaria process.

This quote highlights the necessity of a long-term perspective in creating lasting change, suggesting that for success, the service must become an integral part of the customer's sense of self, rather than just a temporary fix.

Conviction and Pricing

  • Strong conviction in your service increases the ability to charge higher prices.
  • Conviction is built on the results your facility achieves.
  • High prices reflect the confidence and value of the service provided.

Your conviction becomes rock solid, right? And then your prices will reflect that conviction that you have.

This quote emphasizes the direct relationship between the firm belief in the effectiveness of one's services and the confidence to charge accordingly for those services.

Transformative Impact

  • Selling a transformative experience, not just a service.
  • Changing a client's identity leads to lifelong commitment.
  • Transformation is more valuable when it's mental, not just physical.

Because what you're doing is you're giving someone truly a new life because you're changing who they are, not changing their body, you're changing their mind, which is far more valuable.

Alex is highlighting the profound impact of altering someone's mindset as opposed to just their physical appearance, suggesting that this deeper change is what justifies a higher price point.

Belief and Fulfillment of Promises

  • The effectiveness of a pitch depends on the belief in its fulfillment.
  • Prospects are often skeptical due to repetitive, unconvincing pitches.
  • Confidence in your system and results convinces prospects and leads to referrals.

Because ultimately most prospects that walk into a gym have already heard the same pitch... But it's how likely and what systems do you have in place to ensure that I actually get there and that it sticks.

This quote points out the commonality of generic sales pitches in the fitness industry and stresses the importance of having reliable systems that ensure lasting results, which in turn builds trust and attracts more clients.

Sustainable Approach

  • The sustainability of fitness results is crucial for long-term success.
  • A positive and enjoyable fitness experience promotes sustainability.
  • Avoidance of negative experiences like extreme soreness or starvation.

Like she's cripplingly sore and feels like she's starving all the time. Is that sustainable? Probably not, right?

Alex discusses the common pitfalls of unsustainable fitness regimens that focus on short-term results, which may lead to negative experiences and are unlikely to be maintained by clients.

Business Growth and Differentiation

  • Gym owners can achieve significant revenue growth by differentiating their services.
  • Breaking the price-product competitive link is essential for uniqueness.
  • Systems and strategies are available to help gym owners stand out and succeed.

Well, not mid six figures, 100 200,000 a month in revenue using the systems that we have to separate them from the marketplace, break the price, product link or competitive link.

The quote outlines the potential financial success gym owners can achieve by implementing systems that distinguish their services from the competition, thereby allowing them to command higher prices and increase revenue.

Call to Action

  • Offers a free case study and resources for gym owners.
  • Provides websites for additional information and assistance.
  • Encourages gym owners to seek help to improve their business.

And you can download free case quiz or go to I don't

Alex provides a call to action for gym owners, directing them to resources that can help them enhance their business and differentiate themselves in the market.

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