HOW OUR BEST GYM OWNERS NEVER LOSE 🏆🏆 The biggest transformation I see with our most successful gym owners...and Gym Launch's 3rd core tenet BE YOUR OWN BOSSOWN IT Ep 89

Summary Notes


In this episode, the host emphasizes the importance of adopting an internal locus of control for gym owners to achieve success. Highlighting real-life examples, including Josh Pont and John Serrano, the host illustrates how a shift in mindset from victim to victor can lead to massive transformations. The host discusses the tenet of 'being your own boss' from gym launch, stressing the need for gym owners to own their outcomes and circumstances, and to view obstacles as skill deficits that can be overcome through personal development and coaching. The narrative underscores the power of accountability and the continuous learning of new skills as the foundation for entrepreneurial growth and resilience.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Speaker A's Routine and Work Ethic

  • Speaker A starts their day early at 4 AM without an alarm, three times a week.
  • They have been productive in the morning, writing 20 pages of ad copy for testing.
  • Speaker A's company, Gym Launch, is spending $12,000 on testing different versions of ad copy and headlines for their gym owner community.

On everyone. Happy Monday. Make it happen. Monday money Mondays. Go make it happen. So anyways, I wanted to make this little video for you, and it is 630 in the morning. And I've been working since four.

This quote introduces Speaker A's enthusiastic approach to the workweek and their early morning productivity habits.

We're doing a little test inside of gym launch. We're, we're spending like $12,000 today testing a bazillion different versions of ads, copy headlines, et cetera, for our gym lord community.

This quote details the current project Speaker A is working on, which involves extensive testing of advertising materials for their business community.

Video Creation and Mindset Focus

  • Speaker A acknowledges the unconventional timing for creating a video.
  • They emphasize the importance of mindset over tactics in achieving massive transformations for gym owners.
  • The video is part of a series focusing on mindset, following a previous video on the same topic.

Anyways, I wanted to make this video because even though 630 in the morning is not the time to make videos, because that is not good watch times. But we are going to break the mold and do it anyways.

This quote reveals Speaker A's decision to create a video at an atypical time, showing a willingness to deviate from norms.

So this is a little bit, I know, two days in a row mindset videos, but here we go.

Speaker A acknowledges the thematic consistency of their recent videos, emphasizing the importance of mindset in their content.

Case Study of Gym Owners' Success

  • Speaker A references Josh Pont and Jonathan Serrano as examples of gym owners who experienced significant transformations.
  • They note that the change for these individuals was not due to tactics but an internal shift.
  • The transformation involved taking control over external factors through an internal mindset change.

I was talking to Josh Pun yesterday and I was thinking about and Jonathan Serrano, you were like a beautiful example of this.

This quote introduces two individuals, Josh Pont and Jonathan Serrano, as exemplars of the transformation Speaker A is discussing.

Josh Pont's Transformation and Locus of Control

  • Josh Pont started in a challenging financial situation without the means to join the program and facing imminent rent dues.
  • 18 months later, Josh Pont achieved his first million-dollar milestone.
  • Speaker A attributes this success to a shift in locus of control from external to internal, moving from a victim to a victor mindset.

Josh Pont, when he came to us and Josh Ronaldo was not in a very different situation. So Josh actually didn't even have the money to start the program. He had maxed out all those credit cards and he had all of his rent due.

This quote provides a backstory on Josh Pont's initial financial struggles before joining the program and achieving success.

And now 18 months later, he should hit his 1st. Amazing, right?

Speaker A highlights the impressive milestone Josh Pont is expected to reach, emphasizing the remarkable nature of his transformation.

The Victor Mindset and Competitive Advantage

  • Speaker A explains that successful individuals have an internal locus of control, which they define as having a victor mindset.
  • They assert that in any market, there is always someone doing better with less due to this mindset.
  • The concept is reinforced by a quote from Gary Vee, stating that winners cannot be stopped from winning.

And so the question is like, okay, if winner, like Gary Vee said this, and I love this saying, since you can't stop winners from winning.

This quote references a saying by Gary Vee to underscore the unstoppable nature of individuals with a victor mindset, which Speaker A endorses.

Internal Locus of Control and Ownership of Circumstances

  • Individuals with an internal locus of control attribute their successes or failures to their own actions.
  • Owning one's circumstances is a core principle for success, as exemplified by the third core tenant at gym launch: "be your own boss."
  • The subtext of this tenant emphasizes owning outcomes and circumstances, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.
  • Acknowledging personal responsibility is key to self-improvement and growth.
  • The story of John Serrano illustrates a transformation from blaming external factors to taking ownership of his situation, leading to success.
  • Recognizing a deficit allows for the identification of gaps and the opportunity to develop solutions.
  • Blaming external factors, such as location or team quality, is unproductive; taking responsibility enables change and improvement.

"So if you aren't winning, then the internal locus of control person would say, then I'm not a winner, right?"

This quote highlights the mindset of someone with an internal locus of control who associates their lack of success directly with their own actions or identity.

"The third core tenant at gym launch is be your own boss. But the subtext, we have a couple examples for every core tenant is to own your outcomes and to own your circumstances, right?"

The quote emphasizes the importance of personal accountability within the philosophy of gym launch, where being your own boss is synonymous with owning your results and situations.

"There's another saying that I really love that everyone is self made. It's only millionaires and billionaires that claim it."

This quote suggests that all individuals create their circumstances, but it's often only the very successful who acknowledge this.

"John Serrano always had issues, right? [...] And then all of a sudden, something switched, right? [...] It was because he owned a situation."

The speaker uses John Serrano's story as an example of how taking ownership of one's circumstances can lead to a turnaround in success.

"The way that you can never lose is that if you are losing in the short term, you can make it a win in the long term by owning the fact that you have a deficit, right?"

This quote conveys the idea that acknowledging one's shortcomings can be the first step to turning a loss into a future win through personal growth and problem-solving.

"If you are complaining or you point fingers, right? And you say, well, my area sucks, right? You can't change that. So then what? Then you just sit there and keep sucking."

The quote criticizes the unproductive nature of blaming external factors for one's failures, highlighting that such an attitude leads to stagnation rather than improvement.

Personal Development and Skill Acquisition

  • Emphasizing the importance of skills over material possessions.
  • The concept that skills are quantifiable and solvable challenges.
  • The idea that once you acquire a skill, you can replicate success.
  • The significance of investing in oneself through information and coaching.
  • The resilience shown by those who have lost everything but their skills.

"And so once you have the skill set to get to x, you can do it again. And that's why it's repeatable."

This quote highlights the repeatability of success once you have acquired the necessary skills, suggesting that skills are a foundation for consistent achievement.

"And that's why the biggest investment you can always make is in yourself and in information and coaching, in my opinion, because it's the only thing that no one can ever take from you."

This quote underscores the value of investing in personal growth and education, as these are assets that cannot be taken away, unlike physical possessions.

Overcoming Obstacles Through Growth

  • Viewing obstacles as opportunities for growth.
  • The mindset shift from focusing on what one lacks to what skills one can acquire.
  • The narrative of entrepreneurs losing everything yet succeeding again due to their skills.

"Which means all of the obstacles that you have in your life just become growth, right?"

This quote conveys the perspective that challenges in life should be seen as chances for personal development and skill enhancement.

Resilience and Adaptability

  • The story of Speaker A's father as an example of resilience and adaptability.
  • The impact of external events, like a revolution, on personal assets and the necessity to rely on one's skills.
  • The success of those who start anew in a different environment by leveraging their knowledge and abilities.

"And the only thing they were left with was what they had in their minds."

This quote reflects on the idea that knowledge and skills are the most secure forms of wealth, as they remain with an individual regardless of external circumstances.

Entrepreneurship and Scaling Businesses

  • The discussion of a friend's successful online business and his challenge in scaling.
  • The importance of building and managing a team to grow a business.
  • Identifying skill gaps as a method to overcome business challenges.

"So I was talking to another friend of mine who I think he does four or 5 million a year... And he's like, I think I can get up to half a million a month just by me doing sales, right?"

This quote introduces a real-world example of a successful entrepreneur facing the challenge of scaling his business, highlighting the potential of individual contribution to sales.

"You just lack the skill of how to create and manage a sales team."

This quote identifies a specific skill gap (creating and managing a sales team) as the obstacle to scaling the business, emphasizing the need for targeted skill development.

The Value of Skills in Entrepreneurship

  • The narrative that skills are the most valuable assets for entrepreneurs.
  • The story of gym owners who succeed by leveraging their skills.
  • The transformative power of skill acquisition for business owners.

"And the successful business owners left Iran, right? Came to the US, started all over again and crushed it. How? Because they had the skill."

This quote illustrates how entrepreneurs who lost everything were able to succeed again in a new country by relying on their skills, demonstrating the universal value of skill sets in business.

Identifying and Overcoming Skill Deficits

  • Entrepreneurs often face challenges in lead generation, video production, and management.
  • The key to solving business problems is identifying skill deficits and then acquiring those skills.
  • Entrepreneurs should break down their ultimate goal into subskills and focus on developing those areas.
  • Skills in marketing, sales, and teaching sales are particularly important for scalable business growth.
  • Being able to teach a valuable skill to others increases its value and scalability.

"When they're like, man, I can't generate leads, my ads aren't converting, then they're like, I need to make better videos, right? That's the skill, that's the action."

This quote highlights the common issue of lead generation and the recognition that improving video production is a necessary skill to address this issue.

"My trainers aren't being as responsible. I have to figure out how to be a better manager, how to be a better coach, right?"

This quote emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to also develop management and coaching skills to address issues with employee responsibility.

"I'm at $300,000 a year, I would like to get to a million dollars a year. Right now I lack the skill of how to get to a million dollars a year."

This quote reflects the process of setting a financial goal and identifying the gap in skills needed to achieve that goal.

"Then you suck at sales. Okay. And once you are good at sales, I can't get anyone in here to replace me who's as good as I am. Cool. Then you don't know how to teach sales, which is another skill."

This quote identifies sales as a crucial skill and points out that teaching sales is an even more valuable skill for business scalability.

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Growth

  • Entrepreneurs should view challenges as opportunities to identify and acquire missing skills.
  • Adopting a proactive mindset enables entrepreneurs to progress through business transitions more efficiently.
  • Shifting perspective from being a victim to taking ownership of outcomes allows for personal and business growth.
  • The speaker encourages a mindset where life happens for you, not to you, avoiding victimhood and focusing on actionable improvement.

"And so if you can look at your business from that lens and say, like, okay, I'm at $300,000 a year, I would like to get to a million dollars a year."

This quote suggests adopting a perspective that focuses on growth and identifying what skills are needed to scale the business financially.

"And you will then never lose from any circumstance because it will always just point back to you and say, what am I missing in order to overcome this?"

This quote encourages entrepreneurs to always look inward to identify what skills or knowledge they need to overcome obstacles.

"And you never think the victim thoughts because they don't serve you, they don't do anything for you but allow you to wallow, which doesn't make you more money."

This quote advises against a victim mentality, which is unproductive and doesn't contribute to business success.

Jim Launch's Third Tenet: Be Your Own Boss

  • The third tenet of Jim Launch emphasizes owning outcomes and being independent of circumstances.
  • It involves recognizing skill deficits that impact success and taking steps to acquire those skills.
  • The tenet promotes self-reliance and accountability in business practices.

"That is Jim Launch's third tenet, which is be your own boss, which is owning your outcomes independent of circumstance and identifying the skills that you lack which cause something to not be successful or to be successful."

This quote defines the third tenet of Jim Launch, which is about self-ownership and skill identification for success.

"So anyways, I hope that was valuable for you. That was the thing that was on my heart this morning, so figured I would share it with you."

This quote reflects the speaker's intention to share valuable insights that are personally significant to them with the audience.

Encouragement and Community Engagement

  • The speaker encourages the audience to have a proactive start to the week and engage with the content.
  • There is an expression of appreciation for the audience and an acknowledgment of their importance to the speaker's work.

"Make it happen Monday, throw a like comment, tag, whatever, but keeping amazing."

This quote is a motivational call to action for the audience to engage and start the week with a positive and proactive attitude.

"Love you guys. And you're why we do it all. Catch you soon. Bye."

This quote concludes the message with an expression of love and gratitude towards the audience, emphasizing their significance to the speaker's efforts.

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