Gym Owners Is not having this SKILL preventing you from making the money you want 🖐🏼➡️❌💰(if you are NEW to our need to understand this concept). Ep 79

Summary Notes


Speaker A, discussing the importance of skill acquisition for financial success, emphasizes that their company, Gym Launch, differentiates itself by selling a high-value skill—rainmaking—instead of just services or leads. They argue that mastering this skill enables gym owners to generate income independently, rather than being reliant on external agencies. Speaker A also reveals that their company offers additional advanced skills for business growth after initial success. Meanwhile, Speaker B promotes their book, "100 million dollar offers," as a valuable resource for listeners, hinting at a desire for future partnerships with successful readers.

Summary Notes

Importance of Acquiring Skills Over Services

  • Speaker A emphasizes the value of acquiring skills rather than relying on services provided by others.
  • The skill being discussed is 'rainmaking', which is the ability to generate income or business.
  • Speaker A contrasts the offering of their company, Gym Launch, with others in the market, highlighting that they sell a skill that enables clients to become independent and more profitable.
  • The progression of skills from training sessions to sales, then managing sales, and finally marketing is outlined as a pathway to increasing income.
  • Speaker A suggests that by leveling up skills, particularly in sales and marketing, individuals can quickly increase their income.

"The reality is we are by far the most expensive player in our market because we sell something that no one else sells. And what we sell is we sell a skill, right?"

This quote highlights the unique selling proposition of Speaker A's company, which is providing a skill that is valuable and not commonly offered by competitors.

"And the skill is rainmaking. And so the question is, do you want to be a rainmaker?"

Speaker A introduces the concept of 'rainmaking' as the pivotal skill that can transform a business owner's income potential.

"And your income is always going to be tied to the level of skill that you have, whether that's like, in the beginning, you're not making very much money at all because you're training sessions and that's a lower value skill."

This quote elucidates the direct correlation between income and the level of skill an individual possesses, with the implication that higher-value skills lead to higher income.

"And so that's how we get people to make tons of money really quickly, is because we level up their skill set, right?"

Speaker A explains the mechanism by which their company helps clients increase their income—by enhancing their skill set, particularly in sales and marketing.

Business Independence and Control

  • Speaker A stresses the importance of business owners acquiring the skill to generate their own business ('make it rain') instead of depending on external sources.
  • The metaphor of waiting for the weather to change versus being able to change it oneself is used to illustrate the difference between dependence and independence in business.
  • The concept of renting or leasing a skill set from others is criticized as it keeps business owners beholden and limits their income potential.

"If you allow someone else to make it rain for your business, you're always waiting for the weather to change rather than being able to change it for yourself whenever you want."

This quote uses a metaphor to explain the disadvantage of relying on others for business success, suggesting that being independent allows for more control and less reliance on external factors.

"Now, the next question would be, okay, why would we as a company do that, right? Because the rest of the entire market does not want to share that skill with you."

Speaker A raises the point that their company's approach is contrary to the market norm, which typically does not prioritize teaching clients skills for fear of losing their business.

Market Value of Skills

  • The market value of various skills is discussed, with training sessions valued at a lower rate compared to higher-value skills like sales and marketing.
  • Speaker A suggests that the marketplace determines the value of skills, which directly impacts the income one can earn from them.
  • The progression from lower-value skills to higher-value skills is presented as a natural career development path that leads to increased earning potential.

"I'm not saying that it's bad or good. It's just that what the marketplace values that skill at, and it's like $15 an hour, right?"

Speaker A clarifies that the valuation of skills is not a moral judgment but rather a reflection of the market's perceived value of those skills.

"After that, you level up to sales. After that, you level up to managing other people selling. And then after that, you level up to marketing, right?"

This quote outlines a career progression path that focuses on acquiring increasingly valuable skills, which in turn lead to higher income potential.

Theme: Misconceptions About Agency and Rev Share Company Skill Sets

  • Agencies and revenue share companies often employ individuals at a relatively low hourly wage to run ads.
  • Training for these individuals is not extensive, typically taking about a week.
  • Agencies may undervalue the client's skills, encouraging them to focus on what is referred to as their "low value skill."
  • The speaker is critical of the notion that marketing is a high-value skill that only agencies can handle effectively.
  • The speaker emphasizes that the lack of information or knowledge is what keeps clients dependent on agencies.

Every agency owner or rev share company owner that's of any significance, right, has people who run the ads for them. What do you think they pay those people? Usually 15, $20 an hour.

This quote highlights the wage that agency workers typically receive, which is relatively low and contrasts with the perceived value of the services they provide.

How long do you think it takes them to train them? Not that long.

This quote emphasizes the short training period required for agency workers to learn how to run ads, suggesting that the skill may not be as complex as it is often portrayed.

It's just that you don't have the information and that's what's being held hostage from you, which is annoying.

The speaker expresses frustration that clients are kept in the dark about the simplicity of the marketing skills, implying that agencies hold back information to maintain a power dynamic.

Theme: Value Proposition and Skill Transfer

  • The speaker's company claims to offer a more valuable skill set than traditional lead generation and marketing for gyms.
  • The speaker suggests that their higher price point is justified because they provide a skill that can significantly increase revenue.
  • The company aims to teach clients how to be self-sufficient, equating it to teaching them how to "fish for themselves."
  • The speaker implies that other companies have revenue limitations due to the limited skill set of their owners.

We will give you the ability to fish for yourself, right? We will give you the ability to make it rain, which is why our price point is five times higher than everyone else's.

This quote explains the company's philosophy of empowering clients with skills to generate their own success, justifying their higher pricing based on the value of self-sufficiency.

The reason that their companies are limited at the revenue rates that they are, which is usually a lot less than ours.

The speaker suggests that other companies are limited in their revenue potential because they do not provide a comprehensive skill set to their clients.

Theme: Speaker B's Book Promotion

  • Speaker B has authored a book titled "100 million dollar offers" available on Amazon.
  • The book has a high number of positive reviews and is presented as a valuable resource to the community.
  • Speaker B promotes the book as a way to gain favor with the audience and to potentially partner with them in the future.
  • The book represents a significant investment of time, with over 1000 hours spent on writing it.

I have a book on Amazon. It's called 100 million dollar offers.

The speaker introduces their book, indicating its availability and the platform where it can be found.

At over 8005 star reviews, it has almost a perfect score. You can get it for Kindle.

This quote is used to establish the credibility and success of the book based on its high number of positive reviews.

It's my very shameless way of trying to get you to like me more and ultimately make more dollars so that later on in your business career.

Speaker B explains their motive behind promoting the book, which is to build a positive relationship with the audience that may lead to future business partnerships.

Theme: Skill Development and Business Growth

  • Once clients acquire marketing skills, they may encounter new challenges that require additional skill sets.
  • The speaker implies that learning and applying new marketing skills can lead to rapid growth, which might "break" the gym, suggesting that the business may not be prepared to handle the influx of new customers or demands.

Now, once you have that skill, you will need something else because you will break your gym, right?

This quote suggests that acquiring marketing skills is just the beginning and that clients will need to develop further skills to manage the growth and changes that result from effective marketing.

Business Operations and Profit Generation

  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding how to efficiently run a business to increase profit and revenue consistently.
  • Discusses providing a step-by-step blueprint for business success.
  • Claims to offer comprehensive guidance that others may withhold or lease.

"And again, to my knowledge, no one else provides the next skill, which is everything else that we provide in legacy, which is how to make the actual business churn, right. And in a good way and really stack cash and measurably increase profit, increase revenue over an extended period of time with a blueprint, step by step, right? We do that."

This quote highlights the unique offering of the speaker's business, which includes detailed guidance on running a business effectively to ensure long-term profitability and revenue growth.

Transparency and Empowerment

  • Criticizes other companies for making business processes seem complicated to maintain control over clients.
  • Promises to equip business owners with the necessary skills to become independent.
  • Aims to empower gym owners by removing the need for marketing agencies or revenue-sharing companies.

"And so I am crazy enough to just give you everything that everyone else is trying to lease to you or hold you hostage with. With the kind of understanding that we have other things to give you that are more valuable than that."

The speaker suggests that their approach is to be fully transparent and provide all the tools and knowledge upfront, believing they have more value to offer beyond these initial tools.

The Illusion of Complexity in Marketing

  • Asserts that marketing for gyms is not inherently complicated but is portrayed as such by others to retain control.
  • Encourages the realization that one does not need external agencies to succeed in marketing.
  • Highlights the importance of understanding the simplicity behind successful marketing strategies.

"Because the moment you have that skill set, you no longer ever become a client of theirs."

This quote explains the speaker's belief that once gym owners acquire the necessary marketing skills, they will no longer need to rely on external marketing agencies, which is why these agencies may not want them to learn these skills.

Industry Experience and Credibility

  • Discusses the speaker's background as a former gym owner with six gyms and a speaker at a notable event.
  • Differentiates themselves from other marketers who may not have direct experience owning a brick-and-mortar gym.
  • Implies that real-world experience provides deeper insights into successful business practices.

"But the route is like, I had six gyms. I got invited to speak there. Not as a marketer. I'm still the only person who's ever been invited to speak there who was a brick and mortar gym owner when they got on stage."

This quote establishes the speaker's credibility and experience in the fitness industry, contrasting it with the typical background of marketers who may not have owned a physical business.

The Power of Details in Marketing

  • Emphasizes that while the overall marketing strategy may seem straightforward, it's the finer details that contribute to significant profit.
  • Suggests that the speaker's methods are particularly effective because of attention to these details.
  • Indicates that mastering these details leads to successful customer acquisition and business growth.

"But it's the details that you will probably miss. And the details are the things that make our gyms so much money."

The speaker points out that the nuances and specifics of their marketing strategy are what make it exceptionally profitable, suggesting that these are often overlooked by others.

Unique Position in the Market

  • The speaker was the only brick and mortar business owner among information marketers.
  • They owned six gyms by their mid-twenties.
  • Their success drew attention from other gym owners.

"Funnels have ever had in their history was not a brick and mortar owner. They were all information marketers. I'm the only one, whoever's invited."

The quote highlights the speaker's unique position as a successful brick and mortar gym owner in a space typically dominated by information marketers.

Gym Launch Origins

  • The speaker developed a successful process for their gyms.
  • This process would later become known as "gym launch."
  • Initially, the speaker did not intend to sell their method.

"I got this cool thing. It works really well. And I just walked through the process of how we do it, which later became gym launch."

This quote explains the origin of the speaker's successful gym management process, which was not initially intended for sale but garnered interest from peers.

Skill Set Development

  • Business growth is tied to the development of skill sets.
  • Higher skill levels enable larger company growth.
  • Teaching skills can be more valuable than providing services.

"The reason that their companies aren't bigger than they are is because their skills have not leveled up to a point where they can be bigger than they are."

The quote emphasizes the importance of skill development in expanding the size and success of a business.

Value Proposition

  • The speaker believes in teaching skills rather than creating dependencies.
  • They suggest that learning to scale a business is more valuable than relying on agencies.
  • The speaker questions the value of learning from someone who hasn't run a gym.

"Do you want to be dependent on someone for the rest of your life, or do you want to just learn how to do it?"

This quote presents the speaker's perspective on the value of independence and learning in business, as opposed to reliance on external agencies.

Investment Worth

  • The speaker suggests that the potential revenue increase justifies their program's cost.
  • They acknowledge that each person must come to this realization in their own time.

"If the average gym adds a quarter million dollars a year in revenue, is it not worth 16 grand? Like, duh."

The quote argues that the investment in their program is worthwhile given the significant potential revenue increase for gym owners.

Scarcity Mindset and Sharing Knowledge

  • The speaker's wife pointed out that many operate from a scarcity mindset.
  • People fear sharing skills because it might reduce their value to clients.
  • The speaker is willing to share knowledge, believing they have more to offer.

"Everybody trying to keep secrets out of fear of loss. That was from my wife."

This quote reflects the idea that professionals often withhold knowledge due to a scarcity mindset, which the speaker's wife observed.

Community Engagement

  • The speaker engages with their audience, acknowledging familiar names.
  • They encourage the audience to remember that not all gym owners have the same knowledge.
  • The speaker wishes their audience a good day and success in their endeavors.

"Vinay Nissan. What's up, man? Haven't seen you in a while. Mr. Lewis. Bob Patrick Kale. Lots of love, everybody."

The quote exemplifies the speaker's personal engagement with their community, recognizing individual members and fostering a sense of belonging.

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