First 10 Seconds of Your Phone Call Ep 19

Summary Notes


In the Gym Secrets podcast, host Alex offers strategic advice for improving phone sales, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and rapport. He recommends using an automatic dialer to increase call and appointment rates, thereby boosting earnings. Alex also shares a technique to create an immediate connection with potential clients by addressing them by name, mimicking natural, organic interactions to prevent hang-ups and foster engagement. This approach, he suggests, leads to a higher likelihood of sales conversion. Additionally, Alex promotes Gym Launch Secrets' method for filling gyms to capacity, directing listeners to their website for further resources without any initial financial commitment.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Phone Sales Techniques

  • Alex introduces the topic of phone sales and offers tactical advice.
  • Emphasizes the importance of efficiency in making sales calls.

Good morning and welcome to the Gym Secrets podcast. I am your host. My name is Alex, and I will be showing you the beautiful world of some phone sales stuff.

Alex, the host of the Gym Secrets podcast, sets the stage for a discussion on phone sales strategies.

Importance of Using an Automated Dialer

  • An automated dialer can increase call volume, leading to more appointments and sales.
  • Efficiency in calls is linked to higher earnings.

So one of the things that a lot of people do when they are selling is they are calling leads, right? So they're making calls. There are two very tactical things I'm going to give you today that will help you tremendously. The first one is you should get a dialer. You should get an automated dollars that will increase the amount of calls that you were able to make.

Alex suggests that using an automated dialer is a tactical move that can improve sales performance by increasing the number of calls made.

Making a Strong First Impression

  • The initial few seconds of a call are crucial for making an impression.
  • The goal is to avoid being perceived as subservient.

The second one is the moment that someone answers the phone. You have about 3 seconds, probably less than that. I don't know. That was my estimate. It's basically you have a moment that you have to make an impression.

Alex explains the importance of the first few seconds of a call and the need to quickly make a positive impression on the potential customer.

Avoiding a Subservient Position

  • Traditional phone greetings can put the caller in a weak position.
  • The objective is to establish a more authoritative stance from the beginning.

And here's a very cool little hack that we figured out, and what it is, is most people will say, hey, they'll answer the phone, say hello, and then you're like, hi, is this john? And then they're like, click. Or they're like, yeah, who's this? Right? And when you say that, it automatically puts you in this super subservient position that I don't really like.

Alex discusses a common scenario where the caller is immediately put at a disadvantage and suggests that this is a position to be avoided in order to maintain control of the conversation.

Modeling Organic Interactions in Advertising

  • Alex discusses the importance of creating advertisements that mimic organic interactions on social media.
  • Emphasizes that ads should not appear as ads to capture full attention.
  • Suggests using imagery and presentation that blend in with regular content.
  • Argues that ads resembling organic posts will receive more engagement from the audience.

"If you try and model native interactions, organic interactions between human beings, right? Then you look at how people post to one another, how people post on Facebook organically, and if you want to model it so people actually give it the full attention. You want your post to look as organic as possible, right? Which will mean that most people will give you the most attention."

This quote explains the strategy of designing advertisements that replicate the way people naturally interact with each other on social media, suggesting that this approach will lead to increased attention from viewers.

"Make your ads an image with some, I don't even know, just make it a really boring image with a big fat button on it. And yeah, do that. And a lot of times that really wasn't very specific anyways, just don't make it look like an ad. That's my point."

Alex is being sarcastic here to emphasize his point that ads should not be obvious or boring, but rather should be designed to not look like ads at all in order to engage the audience effectively.

Humanizing Phone Interactions

  • Alex transitions to discussing phone interactions, particularly how one should answer the phone to model a human or organic reaction.
  • He suggests using a personal approach by addressing the person by name, similar to how friends would interact.
  • This method creates curiosity and engagement from the person on the other end of the line.

"So if you're going to model human or organic reaction. What you would say if I were to call someone is someone picks up and says, hey, I would then say, what's up, John? I don't ask my friends what their name is, I just call them by their name. I'm like, what's up, John? What's up, Dave? How's it going? Right? That's what I would say."

In this quote, Alex provides an example of how to humanize phone interactions by greeting someone with familiarity, using their name as one would do with a friend, which contrasts with a more formal or scripted approach.

"And what happens is a totally different action on the other side. They're like, who's this? Right? But it's different because they're now racing through their mind, like, how does this person know my name?"

Alex explains the psychological effect of using a person's name in a phone conversation, which prompts the recipient to become more engaged and curious about the caller's identity, thereby creating a more memorable interaction.

Introduction and Rapport Building

  • Alex emphasizes the importance of immediate follow-up after a client signs up for a service.
  • Building rapport within the first few seconds of a phone call is crucial.
  • Using humor and a personal touch can help create a connection with the client.

"You just signed up for my program online 2 seconds ago. How's it going?" This quote illustrates the strategy of making a prompt phone call to a new client, indicating attentiveness and speed in customer service.

"That's what she said." Alex uses a humorous phrase to lighten the mood and connect with the client on a more personal level.

Transitioning to the Sale

  • Alex swiftly moves the conversation from introductions to discussing the client's needs.
  • The approach is direct, aiming to quickly confront the reasons behind the client's interest in the service.

"Why'd you sign up?" Alex asks a direct question to understand the client's motivation and to steer the conversation towards the sale.

Handling Objections and Identifying Needs

  • Alex suggests that clients may initially provide distractions or avoid acknowledging their needs.
  • The goal is to address and overcome these diversions to focus on the client's actual goals, such as losing weight.

"So you just like opted into things that look interesting and you're in perfect shape or you got something to work on?" This quote represents a tactic to challenge the client's initial vague reasons for signing up, prompting them to admit their true objectives, such as the need to lose weight.

Utilization of the Dialer

  • The dialer is a tool that increases the number of calls a salesperson can make.
  • More calls lead to more appointments, which in turn leads to more potential customers walking in the door.
  • Using the dialer is a strategy to maximize lead conversion.

"So use the dialer. It'll increase the amount of calls that you're able to make, thereby making more appointments and thereby getting more people to walk in your door from an existing lead list."

This quote emphasizes the importance of using a dialer to boost the number of calls made, which is directly linked to increasing both appointments and customer visits.

Effective Communication in the First 10 Seconds

  • The initial 10 seconds of a call are crucial in preventing hang-ups and encouraging sales.
  • Mimicking organic communication during these first moments can significantly improve sales outcomes.
  • This approach is about making the conversation feel natural and engaging from the start.

"Watch the first 10 seconds of how you talk to someone. And if you say it this way and try to model organic communication, you'll have a far better chance of getting them to, a, not hang up on you, and b, get them to buy your stuff."

The quote outlines the strategy of focusing on the first 10 seconds of a call to create a natural conversation, which can lead to fewer hang-ups and more sales.

Gym Launch Secrets' Offer

  • The company provides a process to fill gyms to capacity within 30 days.
  • They offer four free case studies for interested parties to review.
  • Their approach emphasizes a no-pressure sales tactic and a focus on ensuring a good fit before taking payment.

"And if you are someone who is interested in finding out how we get gyms from zero to full capacity in 30 days, we'd love to show you our process."

This quote invites those interested in learning about the company's method for rapidly increasing gym capacity to review their materials, highlighting their confidence in their process.

"We have four free case studies that you can go through. You don't need to go through all four of them, but we send you four if you're super curious."

The quote provides information about the resources available for potential clients to understand the company's success stories, offering multiple case studies for thorough examination.

"And on the thank you page, you can feel free to apply. And we will not take your money on the first phone call. As much you want to give it to us, we will not take it because we want to make sure it's a good fit."

This quote stresses the company's commitment to a no-pressure sales approach, ensuring that there is a mutual fit before any financial transaction takes place.

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