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Summary Notes


In this episode of the Gym Secrets podcast, host Alex discusses strategies for scaling gym businesses and providing quality service. He emphasizes the benefits of group training for better margins and capacity, and introduces his programs, Gym Launch and Gym Legacy, which offer systems for customer acquisition, retention, and business growth. Alex credits mentors like Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, and Alex Charfen for his knowledge in sales and scaling. Alongside business advice, Alex and his co-host, Leila, share insights on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and relationship dynamics when running a business with a partner, highlighting the importance of clear roles, consistent routines, and shared goals. Alex concludes by inviting gym owners to apply for help in filling their gyms without pressure or immediate financial commitment.

Summary Notes

Introduction to the Podcast Episode

  • Alex is hosting the Gym Secrets podcast while traveling on a private jet.
  • The episode is broadcasted from 35,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The host, Alex, has escaped Hurricane Maria, which was threatening his house.
  • The podcast is set to address frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Alex's personal journey and business strategies.

What's up, everyone? This is the gym Secrets podcast and my name is Alex. I will be your host. And today we are bringing you the show from 35,000ft in the air going over the Gulf of Mexico. And we are actually not the gulf. I don't know. I think this is the Atlantic Ocean.

The quote introduces the podcast episode, the host, and the unique situation of broadcasting from a private jet due to an emergency situation with Hurricane Maria.

Scaling Gym Membership and Service Delivery

  • Strategies for scaling gym memberships even with limited facility space.
  • Group training as a more profitable alternative to one-on-one training.
  • Upgrading to a semi-private facility can quadruple income without additional investments.
  • Following systems from Gym Launch and Gym Legacy for service quality and retention.

Okay, so it depends on the level of service that you're providing. So if you're like a one on one trainer, then yeah, 20 would probably max you out. Which is why I'm always a big fan of group, because there's better margins and you can have much higher capacity.

Alex emphasizes the benefits of group training over one-on-one training for scaling membership without compromising service quality.

Alex's Sales Experience and Knowledge

  • Alex's sales experience came from practice rather than formal training.
  • Completing a high volume of sales (4001 one-on-one closes) led to proficiency.
  • Reluctance to give up sales has been a personal challenge for Alex.

I'm really stubborn when it comes to selling stuff. I really like doing it and it's been a weakness of mine that I've worked on. I just really have a reluctance giving up sales, but I've gotten better at it as I've gotten older and more experienced.

Alex discusses his natural inclination towards sales and his difficulty in delegating this task, which he has improved upon over time.

Mentors and Influences in Business and Scaling

  • Mentors include Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, and Alex Charfen.
  • Dan Kennedy's materials and books are highly recommended for business growth.
  • Charfen's expertise in operations and scaling has been instrumental for Alex.

Gosh, biggest mentors I have Russell Brunson, his materials. Dan Kennedy, who was Russell Brunson's mentor? Dan Kennedy is awesome. Consume all of his content. Read all of his books. He's amazing. He's fantastic. He will change your business, change your life.

Alex credits his mentors, particularly Dan Kennedy, for providing valuable knowledge that has significantly impacted his business and personal growth.

Understanding and Achieving Business Scaling

  • Alex admits he did not initially know how to scale the business.
  • Learning from mistakes and unsuccessful attempts was a crucial part of the process.
  • Charfen's guidance has been pivotal in successfully scaling the business.

Okay, what made me know how to scale? I didn't know, I'm telling you. Niels Bohr said that an expert is someone who's made all the mistakes in a very narrow field. And that's what it feels like for me.

Alex reflects on his journey to becoming an expert in his field, acknowledging that it involved making numerous mistakes and learning from them.

Time Management and Prioritization

  • Identify high-return activities to focus on.
  • Delegate low-return activities to others.
  • Continuously repeat this process for efficiency.

"What is the highest return on my time that I can get? And what activities am I doing that are the lowest return on my time? And how can I get someone else to do them so I can free up more time to do higher return?"

This quote emphasizes the importance of analyzing one's activities to determine which are the most valuable in terms of time investment and delegating less valuable tasks to increase overall productivity.

Gym Launch vs. Gym Legacy

  • Gym Launch is a standalone product focused on cold traffic acquisition for gyms.
  • Gym Legacy is a comprehensive program with multiple strategies for business growth.
  • Gym Legacy includes systems, automation, customer service training, retention, referrals, and sales.
  • Gym Legacy is designed to provide gym owners with freedom and a complete business model.

"Gym launch is kind of just a complete product, but it's a standalone product. And what it does is it's just cold traffic acquisition."

This quote explains that Gym Launch is specifically aimed at acquiring new customers through cold traffic strategies.

"Gym Legacy is the rest of what's underneath the iceberg."

The quote metaphorically compares Gym Legacy to the unseen, larger part of an iceberg, suggesting it offers much more than just customer acquisition.

"Gym Legacy is the rest of the model. It's the freedom that they seek. It's the systems, it's the time, it's the automation, it's the customer service training, it's the retention training, it's the referral training, it's the supplement selling system."

This quote lists the components of Gym Legacy, indicating that it is a holistic program covering all aspects needed to run a successful gym business.

Support the Podcast

  • The podcast does not run ads or sell products.
  • The host asks for support through ratings, reviews, and sharing the podcast.
  • Supporting the podcast helps more entrepreneurs.

"The only ask that I can ever have of you guys is that you help me spread the word so we can help more entrepreneurs make more money, feed their families, make better products and have better experiences for their employees and customers."

This quote is a call to action for listeners to help spread the podcast's message, aiming to assist entrepreneurs.

"Is if you can rate and review and share this podcast. So the single thing that I ask you to do is you can just leave a review."

The host asks for a simple action from listeners to leave a review, emphasizing its importance.

"It'll take you 10 seconds or one type of the thumb. It means the absolute world to me. And more importantly, it may change the world for someone else."

This quote highlights the ease of supporting the podcast and the potential impact it could have on others.

Work-Life Balance in Relationships

  • No further discussion provided in the transcript.

The final question posed by Speaker B regarding managing work and relationships was not answered within the provided transcript, and therefore, no notes or quotes can be provided in this section.

Morning Routine Importance

  • Establishing a morning routine is crucial for setting intentions and starting the day right.
  • Alex and his partner, Leila, have a morning routine that includes coffee, walking, and setting daily goals.
  • The routine helps them stay focused, reduces stress, and increases effectiveness.
  • Skipping the routine leads to a scattered mindset and increased pressure.

"So our morning routine is legitimately like an hour and a half. And some people are like, I don't have time for that. That's bs. If you get your head right, you get so much more done."

This quote emphasizes the value Alex places on their morning routine, suggesting that taking the time for such a routine enhances productivity and mental clarity throughout the day.

Exercise as a Shared Activity

  • Working out together is a non-negotiable part of Alex and Leila's daily schedule.
  • They have set times for going to the gym, which helps maintain consistency.
  • Exercise is a shared activity that contributes to their well-being and relationship.

"But it's like, from two to four, that's when we go to the gym, and so we go to the gym together and we work out together, so that's cool."

Alex highlights the importance of having a fixed workout schedule with his partner, indicating that it's a valuable shared experience that benefits both their personal health and their relationship.

Evening Routine and Weekly Rituals

  • Alex and Leila have an evening routine that includes walks, reading, and watching shows together.
  • They are consistent with their evening activities, which helps them unwind and bond.
  • They dedicate one night a week specifically for their relationship, focusing on educational resources to strengthen their bond.

"And then we have one date night a week, and then we have one relationship night a week."

This quote reveals the structured approach Alex and Leila take towards maintaining their relationship, setting aside specific times for dates and relationship-building activities.

Role Separation in Business

  • Alex and Leila have clear, separate roles in their business to avoid overlap and conflict.
  • Alex is responsible for sales, product creation, marketing, and customer acquisition.
  • Leila's role complements Alex's by managing the operational aspects post-sales.

"I make the sales processes, and then I make the actual products that we sell, and I market and make the advertisements and get people to walk in the door. I'm the rainmaker for our business."

Alex describes his role as the "rainmaker," focusing on generating business and revenue, which is essential for the success and growth of their joint venture.

Relationship Impact on Business Success

  • Working on the relationship is seen as directly beneficial to business success.
  • Alex believes that by focusing on their relationship, they can perform better in business and increase profits.
  • The couple prioritizes their relationship as a key factor in their overall success.

"Because if you work on your relationship, your business will make more money, I promise you."

Alex asserts that there is a positive correlation between the health of their relationship and the financial success of their business, suggesting that investing time and effort into the relationship pays off in business performance.

Role Division in Business and Relationships

  • Role division is crucial for efficiency in business, especially when partners are in a romantic relationship.
  • Clear roles help prevent conflicts and improve the management of business operations.
  • It's necessary to separate personal and professional responsibilities for the relationship and business to thrive.
  • Documenting roles and responsibilities can provide clarity and ease in managing business tasks.
  • Being flexible and willing to take on roles out of necessity rather than preference is important for business growth.

"And it wasn't until we wrote it down and really decided that we had to separate everything and we don't do the same thing, that it became really easy for us."

This quote highlights the importance of formally documenting and dividing roles for clarity and ease of operations within the business, which improved the dynamics of working together.

"She's coo and I'm CEO. And so we just keep those roles really clear."

This quote emphasizes the clear division of roles between the COO and CEO in their business, which helps maintain order and prevent overlap in their duties.

Personal Growth and Adaptation in Business

  • Personal growth is necessary when managing a business, and sometimes individuals must adapt to roles they initially do not prefer.
  • Adaptation can lead to acquiring new skills and eventually enjoying new responsibilities.
  • The willingness to take on different roles is essential for the success and functionality of a business, especially when resources are limited or specific skills are needed.

"When you're with a partner trying to grow a business, it doesn't really matter what you want to do."

This quote implies that personal preferences are secondary to the needs of the business when working with a partner to grow the company.

"One of you has to suck it up and become good at the other thing. And when you become good at it, then you'll start to like it."

This quote suggests that embracing roles out of necessity and becoming proficient in them can lead to enjoyment and satisfaction in those roles over time.

Business Strategy and Vision Sharing

  • Sharing a common vision and goals with a partner is critical in business.
  • Both partners need to be fully committed and willing to go all in to achieve their shared objectives.
  • Having aligned goals and strategies can streamline decision-making and business growth.

"So if you and your partner both have the same goals, you have to decide what you're going to do to get there."

This quote stresses the importance of having a unified strategy to reach the shared goals set by business partners.

Marriage and Business Efficiency

  • Marriage can bring stability and focus to a business partnership.
  • The security and commitment of marriage can free up mental energy and attention for business matters.
  • It is suggested that marriage can have positive financial implications for couples in business together.

"Just marry them. You will make way more money."

This quote suggests that marriage can lead to greater financial success for couples who are in business together due to the stability and focus it provides.

Business Offer and Contact Information

  • The speakers offer services to help gym owners fill their gyms.
  • They provide a website for interested parties to apply for their services.
  • They emphasize a no-pressure approach to their sales process, indicating they do not take money on the first call.

"So just go to I don't hatemoney.com apply on that page and we'll hop on the call."

This quote provides the web address for gym owners interested in the services offered by the speakers and invites them to apply for a consultation call.

"We're not going to try and pressure you into giving us money. We don't take money on the first phone call."

This quote clarifies their sales approach, indicating a no-pressure, trust-building strategy where financial transactions are not the focus of the initial call.

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