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In this episode, Ally delves into the controversial world of Taylor Swift fandom, addressing fan-submitted hot takes and providing her own candid opinions on a range of topics from merch aesthetics to music video themes. She tackles the debate over variant vinyl releases, the appropriateness of 'trust him like a brother' lyric, and the divisive opinions on tour chants and merch designs. Ally also reflects on the treatment of Sabrina Carpenter during the 'Sour' album backlash, advocating for a collaboration between Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo to break the cycle of pitting women against each other. Additionally, she shares a personal misheard lyric revelation and expresses her preference for organic concert moments over orchestrated ones. Surfshark's sponsorship is acknowledged, and Ally teases the potential for the 'tortured poets department' era to have the cutest merch yet.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Controversial Topics

  • Ally expresses nervousness about discussing controversial topics submitted by viewers.
  • The channel regularly features a series where the audience submits spicy opinions.
  • Ally provides a disclaimer that the space is open and honest unless she disagrees with the opinion.

"I know this is everyone's favorite series that we do here on this channel... these submissions from you guys are definitely spicy... this is a safe space to be open and honest and vulnerable unless I don't agree with your opinion in which case I will judge you."

The quote sets the stage for a discussion on divisive opinions, indicating that while the platform encourages open dialogue, Ally reserves the right to critique the views presented.

Ally's Background and Channel Introduction

  • Ally introduces herself and her channel, which focuses on pop culture, music, and Taylor Swift.
  • She encourages new viewers to subscribe and like her videos.
  • Ally aims for a subscriber milestone coinciding with the release of "Tortured Poets."

"Hi, welcome my name is Ally... I make videos about pop culture, music, deep dives and most often Taylor Swift... if you would like to see more videos like this one from me give this video a like and if for some reason you are seeing this but I'm not subscribed you can fix that for free down below."

Ally welcomes new viewers to her channel, which specializes in pop culture and music analysis, specifically Taylor Swift, and encourages engagement and subscription.

Audience Interaction and Content Creation

  • Ally uses Instagram to gather opinions and topics for her videos.
  • The overwhelming response to her request for controversial topics surprises her.
  • Ally apologizes in advance for not being able to address all submissions.

"I put up a little post on my Instagram story for you guys to submit whatever you like and basically that's it I'm going to react to it... I deeply apologize I was going to say if I can't get through them all I know I won't be able to get through them all."

The quote highlights Ally's process of content creation, which involves soliciting viewer input via social media, and her commitment to addressing the audience's contributions despite logistical challenges.

Surf Shark Sponsorship and VPN Benefits

  • Surf Shark, a VPN service, sponsors the video, allowing Ally to create content and protect her online identity.
  • Ally compares using Surf Shark to being in a witness protection program, highlighting the security aspect.
  • The VPN service also enables access to region-restricted content.

"Surf shark is a VPN, a virtual private network that helps protect your identity online... like Mary-Kate and Ashley in Our Lips Are Sealed when they are put into the witness protection program... Surf Shark also just opens up a whole wide world of opportunities when it comes to media and content and streaming."

This quote explains the dual benefits of Surf Shark: enhancing online security and providing access to a broader range of media content, which Ally values as a content creator and consumer.

Ears Tour Mashups and Personal Experience

  • Ally shares her experience attending Taylor Swift's Ears Tour, noting the inclusion of mashups.
  • She discusses the excitement and novelty of hearing unexpected song combinations live.
  • Ally argues that mashups allow for a greater variety of older songs to be performed.

"I attended one Regular Show with no mashups just regular ular songs... but then also a second show which did include a mashup and for me that was incredibly exciting... it felt like Taylor had under promised and overd delivered."

The quote reflects Ally's personal enjoyment of the Ears Tour mashups, suggesting that Taylor Swift's decision to include them provided a delightful surprise to fans and added value to the concert experience.

Tortured Poets Department and Setlist Changes

  • Ally addresses the debate over whether Taylor Swift's "Tortured Poets Department" should be incorporated into the Ears Tour setlist.
  • She presents poll results from her Instagram story, showing a split opinion among her followers.
  • Ally speculates on Taylor Swift's intentions based on a quote from the Ears Tour movie.

"The tortured poets Department should become part of the ears to a set list... 39% said yes the set list is changing 61% said no it'll only be played in the acoustic set."

The quote reveals a divide in fan opinions regarding potential changes to Taylor Swift's Ears Tour setlist to include songs from the "Tortured Poets Department," with a majority preferring no change to the main setlist.

Potential End of Ears Tour and Secret Sessions

  • Ally discusses the potential for additional Ears Tour shows beyond the announced dates.
  • She expresses skepticism about the return of Taylor Swift's Secret Sessions due to trust and privacy concerns.
  • Ally reflects on the success of past Secret Sessions and the difficulty of maintaining secrecy in the current social media climate.

"I don't think Vancouver will be the last ears T of shows... Taylor she'll never do Secret sessions again because people can't be trusted... in today's day and age with how prevalent leaks are... I do worry that in the wrong hands someone could leak this early."

The quote captures Ally's thoughts on the future of the Ears Tour and the feasibility of Taylor Swift's Secret Sessions in an era where information leaks are common, suggesting that maintaining the integrity of such events has become increasingly challenging.

Personal Opinions on Taylor Swift's Music

  • Ally defends "Electric Touch" against claims of it being Taylor Swift's worst song, expressing her love for the track.
  • She anticipates the potential addition of "Castle's Crumbling" to the Ears Tour setlist, featuring Haley Williams.
  • Ally debates the timing of Taylor Swift's "Tortured Poets Department" announcement and its reception among peers at the Grammys.

"Electric Touch is her worst song ever... I love Electric Touch so much and I don't understand how I'm in the minority here... Patrick's voice and Taylor's voice together that is my dream."

Ally passionately defends the song "Electric Touch," challenging the opinion that it is Taylor Swift's worst song and expressing her admiration for the collaboration between Taylor and Patrick.

Album Tours and Single Releases

  • Ally expresses a wish for a dedicated "Midnights" tour and imagines the potential setlist and aesthetics.
  • She addresses the lack of a lead single for the "Tortured Poets Department" and predicts future single releases.

"I honestly don't like that we're not getting a single for the tortured poets Department... correct me if I'm wrong. but this has not been confirmed... I think we very much will get a single or multiple singles for this album."

The quote reflects Ally's desire for a lead single to precede the "Tortured Poets Department" album, while acknowledging that future single releases are likely, even if a lead single may not be announced in advance.

Album Release Strategy

  • Taylor Swift's recent album releases have not had singles come out before the album.
  • The success of "folklore," "Evermore," and "Midnights" suggests this strategy works well for her.
  • Keeping the album a mystery until release encourages more listeners on drop day.

"I think by keeping the entire album a mystery until the day the second it drops encourages people to tune in and listen, and that's very good for business."

The quote explains the rationale behind Taylor Swift's strategy of not releasing singles before the full album, highlighting the business benefits of generating curiosity and listenership at the time of the album's release.

Paramore's Status and Opener Preferences

  • Discussion about whether Paramore is breaking up.
  • Differing opinions on whether Paramore should open for Taylor Swift if they are disbanding.
  • Mention of Paramore being on good terms despite contractual issues.

"If Paramore is breaking up, I don't want them as an opener... if they were breaking up and this is potentially the last shows they might ever play, I would want to be at those shows."

The quote captures the contrasting views on Paramore's potential breakup and their suitability as an opening act for Taylor Swift's shows, reflecting fans' emotional investment in live performances.

Vault Tracks and Personal Opinions

  • Debate over the quality of "I'd Lie" as a Vault track.
  • Discussion of personal tastes and preferences for Taylor Swift's unreleased songs.

"I'd Lie is not the best debut Vault track... I feel like you're coming for my opinion about my favorite song."

This quote illustrates the subjective nature of music appreciation, with the speaker defending their personal favorite Vault track against perceived criticism.

Taylor Swift's Interaction with Celine Dion at the Grammys

  • Analysis of Taylor Swift's reaction to winning Album of the Year for the fourth time.
  • Discussion on the perceived snub of Celine Dion by Taylor Swift during her historic Grammy win.
  • The importance of context and camera angles in interpreting events.

"Taylor likely worships the ground that Celine walks on... was it awkward, absolutely was it malicious or intentional, obviously not."

The quote provides insight into the dynamics between Taylor Swift and Celine Dion, emphasizing that any perceived snub was unintentional and highlighting the importance of context in such situations.

Taylor Swift's Grammy Speech and Inclusion of Lana Del Rey

  • Taylor Swift thanked her fans for the success of "Midnights" at the Grammys.
  • Debate over the appropriateness of Taylor Swift bringing Lana Del Rey on stage.
  • Taylor's intention was to make her friend feel included and recognized.

"Taylor thanked the fans... she wanted her friend to feel recognized... it should be okay to wear normal clothes to the Grammys without getting shade."

This quote summarizes the speaker's view that Taylor Swift's actions at the Grammys were inclusive and considerate, and extends the discussion to the notion of dressing comfortably at events.

Concert Experience and Etiquette

  • Discussion on the importance of being comfortable at concerts.
  • Opinions on concert-goers' attire and respecting other attendees' experiences.

"The whole point of concerts is to be comfortable... if anyone actually is judging you for that, send them my way, I'll set them straight."

The quote emphasizes the speaker's belief in the importance of comfort and personal expression at concerts, and their willingness to defend others against judgment for their attire.

Easter Eggs and Fan Theories

  • Speculation on the meaning of upside-down telephones in Taylor Swift's imagery.
  • Fans put pressure on Vault songs to be of high quality despite being album rejects.

"The upside-down telephones are an Easter egg... people put way too much pressure on the Vault songs to be good."

The quote reflects on the fan culture of deciphering Taylor Swift's Easter eggs and the expectations placed on her unreleased music, known as Vault songs.

Concert Health and Safety

  • The health and safety of Taylor Swift, her team, and fans are prioritized over meet and greets.
  • Concerns about general admission floors and the potential risks involved.

"Taylor and her crew and her dancers and her family everyone's health is the most important thing... it's never worth putting anyone's Health at risk."

This quote explains the decision to prioritize health and safety over additional fan experiences like meet and greets, especially in the context of ongoing health concerns.

Concert Experience Preferences

  • Different preferences for concert experiences, including surprise songs versus debut sets.
  • The debate over the desire to hear Taylor Swift sing versus the crowd's noise level.

"I would prefer a debut set over the surprise songs... I personally agree with this and again I know people have different opinions on this."

The quote captures the diversity of opinions regarding the ideal concert experience, from song selection to audience behavior, and acknowledges the subjectivity of these preferences.

Cost of Living and Vinyl Variants

  • Vinyls are considered a luxury item, not a necessity.
  • The cost of vinyl albums ranges from $7 to $120, which is considered expensive.
  • Vinyls are not fundamental in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
  • People have the option to listen to albums for free on platforms like Spotify or YouTube.
  • Vinyl variants are similar to other forms of exclusivity marketing in luxury goods.
  • Adding bonus tracks to vinyls increases the value for collectors.
  • Vinyl variants are not essential items that everyone needs to own.
  • The exclusivity of vinyl variants is common in the music industry.

"Vinyls are not a necessity, they are a luxury item... it's something that would be nice to treat myself or a friend with but not something that I feel like I'm owed."

This quote emphasizes the speaker's view that vinyl records are a luxury rather than an essential need, and owning them is not a right but a treat.

"These vinyl variants are not like an everyday item must-have that like everyone needs to own."

The speaker is clarifying that vinyl variants are not essential goods and their exclusivity is typical of luxury items.

"By adding these bonus tracks it's a good thing because it just increases the value of this item that they are buying."

The addition of bonus tracks to vinyl variants is seen as a positive aspect that enhances their value for collectors.

Taylor's Masters and Re-recording Era

  • The re-recording of Taylor Swift's music is a result of her masters being sold.
  • The re-recording era has led to the release of previously unheard vault tracks.
  • There is speculation on how Taylor Swift's career might have differed if she had owned her masters from the beginning.
  • The speaker wonders if Taylor Swift would change the past given the success of the re-recordings.
  • The loss of her masters was a traumatic experience for Taylor Swift.

"I'm a bit happy that her master's got stolen because now we get to experience all of this again."

This quote reflects a complex feeling of benefiting from a negative situation, as the loss of Taylor Swift's masters led to the release of new content for fans.

"What an interesting timeline that would be if Taylor had earned her masters from the beginning."

The speaker is contemplating an alternative career path for Taylor Swift had she initially owned her masters.

Explicit Content and Taylor Swift's Upcoming Album

  • There is an expectation of "spicy" songs on Taylor Swift's upcoming album.
  • The album is anticipated to be explicit, contradicting earlier assumptions of it being clean.
  • The inclusion of explicit tracks aligns with the trend in Swift's recent albums.

"I'd like Taylor to dive into more spicy topics on the tortured poets department but without the use of bad language."

The speaker expresses a desire for mature content in Taylor Swift's music without profanity.

"Well surprise update just minutes before I went to hit export we discovered that this is in fact not a clean album and will in fact be explicit."

This quote reveals a last-minute discovery that Taylor Swift's upcoming album will contain explicit content, contrary to initial expectations.

Influencers and Concert Ticket Allocation

  • The allocation of concert tickets to influencers is debated.
  • The speaker believes that attendees should be fans and help promote the tour.
  • There is a suggestion that brands should run competitions for fans to win tickets.
  • The speaker acknowledges the complexity of the issue and personal experiences benefiting from the current system.

"Companies like Instagram etc. should not be allowed to buy tickets and give them away to influencers."

The speaker questions the practice of companies providing influencers with concert tickets, suggesting it may not be fair to genuine fans.

"My personal suggestion or solution for this is that those brands run a competition instead."

The speaker offers an alternative solution where brands could engage fans through competitions to win tickets, potentially increasing reach and fairness.

Concert Experience and Set List Spoilers

  • The speaker discusses the impact of spoilers on the live concert experience.
  • There is a concern that knowing set lists and concert details in advance diminishes the excitement.
  • The speaker admits to contributing to the problem by sharing concert content online.

"We are experiencing concerts in a way that we shouldn't be which is essentially just watching them before we have even attended."

The quote highlights the issue of fans consuming concert details online before experiencing them live, which can lessen the impact of the performance.

"I think you are just bored of seeing it happen over and over again and that is our own fault."

This quote suggests that the repetition of seeing concert elements online leads to boredom, and fans are responsible for their diminished excitement.

Opinions on Tour Openers

  • The speaker disagrees with judging tour openers based on their level of fame.
  • The argument is made that both lesser-known and famous artists have been tour openers in the past.
  • The speaker defends Sabrina Carpenter's inclusion as a tour opener, citing her long career and talent.

"I don't think we should dictate or decide tour openers by their level of fame."

The speaker argues that fame should not be the deciding factor for selecting tour openers, emphasizing the opportunity for less famous artists.

"Miss Sabrina Carpenter... has been on the Disney Channel pumped out like five albums, very much a successful singer-songwriter artist actress."

This quote defends Sabrina Carpenter's qualifications as a tour opener, highlighting her extensive career and success in the entertainment industry.

Consumption of Tour Content

  • There is a debate about whether fans are overconsuming tour content.
  • Some believe that experiencing a concert should be live rather than through social media or digital platforms.
  • There's a concern for countries that haven't had the chance to see the tour yet.

"ve on rewind like 5 minutes to when I was on my Soap Box about how we are overc consuming tour content because I very much disagree with this take."

This quote reflects the speaker's disagreement with the idea that fans are overconsuming tour content, emphasizing the importance of live experiences.

Artist’s Appearance and Performance

  • Opinions vary on the significance of an artist's appearance during performances.
  • Some find an artist's natural look during a strenuous performance endearing and relatable.
  • The physical toll of performing under various climatic conditions is acknowledged.

"oh my God I hate her frizzy ears hair I wish they had time to quickly brush it in between sets what I could not disagree more I find her frizzy curly return to factory settings Hair by the end of the show so endearing and also just so relatable."

The quote illustrates a disagreement over the criticism of an artist's appearance during a performance, arguing that the natural state of an artist after a long show is endearing.

Tour Guest Appearances

  • The choice of guest artists on a tour can be a point of contention among fans.
  • Some fans have specific preferences for guest appearances, which may not align with the choices made by the headlining artist.
  • Long-standing friendships and collaborations between artists can influence the decision of who appears as a guest.

"we don't want Paramore we want Sabrina and. Gracie it's the real ears tour experience."

This quote shows a fan expressing their preference for certain guest artists on a tour, suggesting that their presence would enhance the experience.

Setlist Uniqueness

  • Fans have differing views on whether each concert should have a unique setlist.
  • The practice of artists performing the same setlist at each show is common, but some fans desire individuality.
  • Taylor is noted for adding bonus songs and creating mashups to differentiate her shows.

"it's not fair that she's redoing surprise songs because now it's not unique to each show."

The quote captures a fan's frustration with repeated songs, indicating a desire for each show to have unique elements.

Spoilers and Concert Experience

  • There is a debate on whether knowing the setlist or watching content beforehand ruins the concert experience.
  • Some argue that going into a concert without spoilers is the best way to enjoy it.
  • Fans who work in media or are active online find it difficult to avoid spoilers.

"watching the movie or live streaming the content before you go completely ruins it."

This quote represents the opinion that pre-exposure to concert content can diminish the live experience.

Artist's Motivations and Re-Recordings

  • There is a discussion about the motivations behind an artist's decision to re-record old music.
  • Fans appreciate the effort and excitement that comes with a full rollout of re-recorded music.
  • The decision to re-record music is seen as more than just a business move; it's also about creating enjoyable experiences for fans.

"if Taylor wanted to just make the re-recordings out of principal she wouldn't make it so big."

The quote suggests that the artist's re-recordings are driven by more than just principle, highlighting the effort put into their promotion and presentation.

Music Awards and Album Recognition

  • Opinions on music awards can vary, with some albums being favored over others by fans.
  • The unpredictability of award outcomes is acknowledged.
  • Fans express their thoughts on which albums they believe should have received recognition.

"Endless Summer Vacation deserved to win over midnight a no skip album for me."

This quote reflects a fan's personal preference for a specific album to win an award, indicating the subjective nature of music appreciation.

Album Rollouts and Fan Theories

  • Fans often speculate about future releases based on Easter eggs and clues from an artist.
  • The anticipation of new albums can sometimes overshadow the current rollout.
  • There is a desire for each album to have its own era and proper rollout.

"people need to stop bringing up rep TV she has a new album coming out next month."

The quote expresses frustration with fans focusing on speculative future releases instead of appreciating the current album rollout.

Misheard Lyrics

  • Fans often mishear lyrics, which can lead to humorous or insightful revelations when corrected.
  • The way lyrics are presented in songs versus spoken word can affect interpretation.

"I hit my Peak at 7 ft like on the swing."

The quote is an example of a misheard lyric, showing how the speaker's understanding of the song changed upon hearing the correct lyrics.

Trust and Relationship Dynamics

  • The language used to describe trust in relationships can be controversial.
  • The lyric "trust him like a brother" is defended as expressing deep trust in a partner.

"I think trust him like a brother is a perfectly fine and lovely lyric."

This quote defends the use of familial language to express trust in a romantic relationship, emphasizing the depth of such trust.

Music Video Themes

  • The themes of music videos and their fit with the accompanying song can be debated.
  • Fans enjoy callbacks to previous eras in music videos.
  • The use of Easter eggs in music videos is discussed, with varying opinions on their effectiveness.

"the I Can See You music video does not fit the song."

The quote criticizes the thematic mismatch between a music video and its song, suggesting that the video's concept did not align with the song's message.

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