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In the latest episode of "Tea with Bri," the host delves into the anticipation surrounding Taylor Swift's upcoming 11th album, "Tortured Poets Department," releasing in three days. The episode explores the pre-release hype, including Taylor's cryptic marketing strategies and the album's track details, such as song lengths and co-writers like Post Malone, Aaron Dessner, and Jack Antonoff. The host predicts the album will offer a mix of longer, personal tracks, possibly reflecting on Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn and her broader experiences with fame and love. Additionally, the host analyzes Swift's released playlists, which seem to align with the five stages of grief, offering insights into the emotional journey captured in the new album. With excitement and nerves, the host and fans eagerly await the album's release to experience the nuanced storytelling that Swift is known for.

Summary Notes

Anticipation for "The Tortured Poets Department"

  • Bri expresses excitement for Taylor Swift's upcoming 11th studio album, "The Tortured Poets Department."
  • The album release is imminent, with various promotional activities noted, such as playlists, billboards with QR codes, and immersive experiences by Spotify.
  • Bri feels pre-album release jitters and looks forward to discussing the album details.

"The tortured poets Department Taylor Swift's 11th studio album comes out on Friday... y'all [__] is going down."

The quote shows Bri's enthusiasm for the upcoming Taylor Swift album and sets the stage for the podcast's topic of discussion.

Album Details and Personal Preferences

  • Bri shares new information about the album, including track lengths and the writers involved.
  • She appreciates the album's length and the fact that 50% of the songs exceed four minutes, contrasting with the trend of shorter pop songs.
  • Bri reveals that Taylor Swift wrote two songs alone and collaborated with others, including Post Malone, Aaron Dessner, and Jack Antonoff, for the remaining tracks.

"The album is an hour and 5 minutes long thank you Lord for a long album long have I waited and 50% of the songs are over 4 minutes long blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed."

This quote conveys Bri's preference for longer songs and albums, highlighting her anticipation for the depth and quality of the music.

Analysis of Collaborators and Songwriting

  • Bri expresses admiration for Aaron Dessner's previous work with Taylor Swift, expecting high-quality output from their collaboration on "The Tortured Poets Department."
  • She anticipates that longer tracks will offer more personal and revealing lyrics, suggesting a cathartic writing process for Swift.
  • Bri compares the upcoming album to Swift's previous work, expecting a different level of emotional depth and storytelling.

"Some of my favorite songs are the songs that he's [Aaron Dessner] been on tolerate it rip my heart out into a thousand pieces and smash it..."

The quote reflects Bri's high regard for Aaron Dessner's collaborations with Taylor Swift and suggests that his involvement in the new album is a sign of quality.

Speculation and Fan Engagement

  • Bri invites listeners to share their predictions for the album's standout tracks, potential hits, and sleeper songs.
  • She speculates that the album will offer nuanced storytelling and provide new insights into Swift's past relationship, presumably with Joe Alwyn.
  • Bri encourages listener engagement by asking for their favorite tracks and thoughts on the album's direction.

"I'm desperate and dying to know what are your faves what do you think is going to be the song that rips her heart out what is going to be the Banger of the century..."

This quote shows Bri's curiosity about listener preferences and her eagerness to engage with the fan community in predicting the album's impact.

Commentary on Personal Life and Stardom

  • Bri anticipates that the discussed album will delve into the artist's personal life, including her relationships and the challenges of fame.
  • The album is expected to explore complex themes rather than simple narratives about past relationships.
  • The artist's self-inclusion in the "tortured poets" theme suggests a self-reflective approach to songwriting.

"I also think it's going to be a lot of commentary overall on her life and stardom and the kind of people that she's dated and this kind of like tortured poets theme of which I think she's probably including herself in that."

This quote outlines Bri's prediction that the album will provide commentary on the artist's life, stardom, and relationships, suggesting an introspective theme.

Nuanced Exploration of Relationships

  • Bri believes the album will detail the intricacies of relationships, including disappointments, breakups, and attempts to prevent the end of a relationship.
  • The artist's songwriting is expected to be relatable yet uniquely detailed, a quality Bri admires in Taylor Swift's work.

"I think it's going to be much more nuanced much more complex than that I think she's going to be diving into the different ways that people let each other down."

The quote highlights Bri's expectation for a nuanced exploration of the ways people fail each other in relationships, indicating a focus on emotional complexity.

Album's Musical Style and Potential Hits

  • Bri predicts a mix of musical styles, including folk and pop elements.
  • "Fresh out the Slammer" and "Florida" are expected to be more upbeat, while "Down Bad" and "Guilty as Sin" may offer darker, sexier tones.
  • Bri anticipates that certain tracks will become sleeper hits, unexpected favorites among listeners.

"My Banger choices are fresh out the Slammer for sure... I also think Florida is really going to hit."

Bri identifies "Fresh out the Slammer" and "Florida" as tracks with potential to be upbeat and popular, indicating a prediction for the album's standout songs.

Emotional Impact of Specific Tracks

  • Bri expects certain songs, like "So Long London," "Aaron Deser," and "But Daddy I Love Him," to be particularly heart-wrenching.
  • The track "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me" is anticipated to be intensely personal and emotional, prompting listeners to prepare for a tearful experience.

"I think the songs that are going to rip our hearts out and smash them into a quadrillion million pieces are going to be so long London 1,00% track five and Aaron deser."

This quote conveys Bri's expectation that specific songs on the album will have a profound emotional impact on the audience.

Taylor Swift's Curated Playlists

  • Bri discusses Taylor Swift's release of themed playlists, initially believing they would include a variety of music but later realizing they only contained Swift's own songs.
  • The playlists are believed to align with the five stages of grief, a fan theory that Bri initially dismissed but now acknowledges as insightful.
  • Bri notes a sense of playfulness and strategy in Swift's engagement with fan theories.

"She put together these five different playlists that kind of go through the five stages of grief it's all her own music and it is very interesting and a little bit Petty of her some of the song choices."

The quote reflects Bri's analysis of Taylor Swift's playlists, which are designed to correspond with the five stages of grief, demonstrating Swift's interaction with her fanbase and their theories.

Interpretation of Song Lyrics

  • Bri discusses the interpretation of Taylor Swift's song "Lavender Haze," suggesting that the lyrics can be seen as either positive or indicative of a lack of understanding between partners.
  • The line "you don't really read into my Melancholia" is highlighted, with possible dual interpretations: not overanalyzing sadness or failing to recognize emotional depth.
  • The phrase "staring at you with storms in my eyes" suggests concealed anger or discontent within the relationship.

"you don't really read into my Melancholia which could be construed as positive. like oh you're not really reading into my sadus or also like you don't really get me you're not really understanding that like I'm actually staring at you with storms in my eyes."

This quote illustrates the ambiguity in interpreting song lyrics, where one line can suggest a partner's comforting presence or a deeper disconnect.

Perception of Taylor Swift's Music

  • Bri expresses admiration for Taylor Swift's "petty" approach to songwriting, particularly regarding the song "Lover" and its placement on a grief playlist.
  • The idea that "Lover" was written in a state of denial about red flags in a relationship is discussed as a bold and relatable move.
  • Bri connects with the desire to be petty and the act of categorizing a love song as a symbol of denial.

"I mean to take a song that so many people have like played at their weddings and then be like actually the song was just me ignoring a bunch of red flags I was actually just Inc complete denial is so petty to me."

Bri finds it noteworthy and personally relatable that a popular wedding song like "Lover" is retrospectively framed as a denial of relationship issues.

Categorization of Grief in Playlists

  • Bri talks about categorizing songs from Taylor Swift's new album into different stages of grief, starting with denial.
  • Songs like "Fortnite," "Down Bad," "But Daddy I Love Him," and "I Can Fix Him" are perceived as fitting into the denial category.
  • The act of categorizing songs based on emotional stages is seen as a way to process and reflect on the feelings associated with the end of a relationship.

"if I had to pick songs from the new album and put them into these different categories of grief playlists these are the songs from the new album that I would put in I think."

Bri speculates on which songs from Taylor Swift's new album would fit into the denial stage of a grief playlist, based on the lyrics and titles.

Anger in Music

  • Bri discusses the anger playlist and notes that there aren't many songs that stand out as much as "Lover" did in the denial category.
  • The song "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys" is interpreted as expressing anger toward a partner's destructive behavior.
  • "Fresh Out The Slammer" and "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" are also mentioned as songs that convey anger, with the latter possibly including a double entendre.

"you tell me she's not pissed that her boy only break favorite toys girl I think she's pissed."

This quote reflects Bri's interpretation of the song's lyrics as an expression of frustration and anger towards a partner.

Bargaining and Heartbreak

  • The bargaining playlist is described as heartbreaking, with songs like "The Great War" and "Cornelia Street" recontextualized as bargaining rather than positive reflections on a relationship.
  • Bri feels that seeing "The Great War" in the bargaining category changes the perception of the song from one of overcoming challenges to one of desperation to save a failing relationship.
  • The inclusion of the song "Peace" on this playlist is seen as fitting due to its emotional depth.

"but I always really liked the Great War. and I always thought it was about. okay. we had this terrible fight we had this terrible falling out. but like we survived and like we made it through and now it's like things are more positive now but seeing it in bargaining just throws that song to me in an entirely different light."

Bri shares a personal connection to "The Great War," initially viewing it as a song about overcoming difficulties, but now sees it as a song about the struggle to hold onto a relationship, thus fitting into the bargaining stage of grief.


  • Bri highlights a song from the new album associated with the bargaining stage of grief.
  • The song "Am I Allowed to Cry" is seen as personal and fitting for the bargaining stage.
  • Bri feels more secure about the song being about Joe.

"What song from the new album would I put on bargaining? Probably 'Am I Allowed to Cry' probably 'Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?'"

This quote indicates that Bri sees the song "Am I Allowed to Cry" as a representation of the bargaining stage in the context of grief, suggesting a personal connection to the emotions involved in that stage.


  • Bri discusses the theme of depression in the new album.
  • The song "Old Habits Die Screaming" is mentioned with a focus on its poetic line.
  • Bri notes that "You're Losing Me" was written in December 2021, indicating an early stage of depression in the relationship.
  • The songs "Florida !!!" and "Guilty as Sin" are predicted to have hints of depression.
  • "LL Lobster of my Life" is about marine life conservation, showcasing advocacy for environmental issues.

"Next is depression with 'Old Habits Die Screaming,' which I love that line." "You're losing me obviously that is an extremely sad song... she wrote that in December 2021." "The songs from the new album that I think will be in depression... 'Florida !!!'... 'Guilty as Sin'... 'LL Lobster of my Life'."

These quotes summarize Bri's thoughts on the songs that represent the depression stage of grief, including the environmental advocacy song, and provide insight into the timeline of the artist's emotional state during the creation of these songs.


  • Bri analyzes the acceptance stage in the new album's playlist.
  • "Midnight Rain" and "Invisible String" are discussed with new interpretations suggesting acceptance.
  • The song "Torture Poets Department" is expected to be about accepting past relationships and personal patterns.
  • "Clabo" is seen as reflecting on the impact of fame on life and relationships.
  • Bri acknowledges the dynamic nature of the album release, with potential updates before the official drop.

"For the playlist that she made, we have acceptance, the last stage of grief, and the subtitle was 'I can do it with a broken heart.'" "From the new album, what's going into acceptance... 'Torture Poets Department'... 'Clabo'."

The quotes discuss Bri's interpretation of the acceptance stage as depicted in the album, highlighting specific songs that convey the theme of coming to terms with grief and change. The mention of "Clabo" draws parallels between the artist's experiences and the song's message.

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