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In an emergency episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Anna and Amy excitedly discuss the imminent release of Swift's new album, "The Tortured Poet's Department." As they navigate technical difficulties and record in the dark, they share details about their live listening party on YouTube and an upcoming Swifty market event in Texas. The duo also delve into the frenzy of deciphering Easter eggs across social media platforms, including a mysterious QR code in Chicago and a Spotify library installation. They speculate on the possibility of a Taylor Swift book and analyze songwriting credits, noting collaborations with Aaron Dessner and Post Malone. With each new revelation, the anticipation builds for the album drop, showcasing the all-consuming nature of being a Swiftie.

Summary Notes

Podcast Introduction

  • "13" is a lucky number for the hosts and signifies good things.
  • "13" is a Taylor Swift fan podcast hosted by Nick Adams, Anna, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.
  • The podcast breaks down Taylor Swift's songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.

yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era in every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna zbo Amy Nichols and Lacy G.

This quote establishes the podcast's focus on Taylor Swift and its connection to the number 13, which is seen as a positive omen by the hosts.

Episode Timing and Purpose

  • The episode is recorded on Tuesday, April 16th, 2024, at 10:20 a.m. Central Time.
  • It is an emergency episode due to the anticipation of new events happening soon.
  • The hosts express their excitement and inability to think straight, which they refer to as "Swifty Zoomies."

hello and welcome to 13 at Taylor Swift fan podcast I'm Anna and Amy. and it's just the two of us again today for an emergency emergency episode that's right the truth is by the time that this episode by the time we finish recording this episode something else something else is going to happen um so let me just say that we are recording this episode um time of recording Tuesday April 16th 2024 at 10:20 a.m.. Central Time.

Anna and Amy are introducing the episode and providing context for the urgency and timing of the recording, highlighting their anticipation for upcoming Taylor Swift-related events.

Upcoming Album Release

  • The hosts are days away from the release of "The Tortured Department."
  • They discuss their anticipation and plans for the album release, including a live listening party.
  • The live listening party is scheduled for Thursday night at midnight Eastern Time on their YouTube channel.

yes we are just days away from the tortured Department being really. we just days away and I am just like I can't think straight honestly like I already we talk about the Swifty Zoomies like when we get you know anything Taylor Swift related I already have the Swifty Zoomies.

The hosts express their excitement for the imminent release of Taylor Swift's new album, "The Tortured Department," and their emotional state leading up to it.

Live Listening Party Details

  • The listening party will feature hosts and listeners experiencing the album together in real-time.
  • Due to licensing, music will not be played out loud; participants will listen through headphones.
  • The hosts will coordinate the start of each track, allowing for shared reactions and discussions.

so we'd like for you to join us. yes let me okay. Thursday night. yes at midnight. Eastern yes the tortured poets department will drop and at that time we will be live on our YouTube channel doing a live stream. listening party.

This quote outlines the plans for a live listening party to celebrate the release of Taylor Swift's album, indicating how the event will be structured for participants.

Swifties in the Park Event

  • The event will be held at Grandscape in The Colony, Texas, on Saturday, April 27th, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • It will include a live podcast, giveaways, games, and a Swifty Market.
  • The Swifty Market will feature Swifties with small businesses selling merchandise and offering services such as flash tattoos and watercolor paintings.
  • Comedian Mona will perform a Swifty-themed stand-up set.
  • Tickets are $13, and the event is open to all ages.

next week next Saturday April 27th we are hosting swifties in the park at grandscape in The Colony Texas that is going to be basically an afternoon it's from 2:00 to 5:00. p.m.. it's going to be an afternoon to celebrate the new album with other swifties in a park um we're going to do a live podcast we're going to have giveaways and games and we're gonna have a Swifty Market.

The hosts discuss an upcoming event called "Swifties in the Park," detailing the activities, attractions, and logistics for attendees to celebrate Taylor Swift's new album.

Tortured Poets Department Release Week

  • The release week for "The Tortured Poets Department" is described as chaotic.
  • Hosts feel like they've lived many lives in the last 24 hours due to the fast pace of events.
  • They attempt to recap everything that has happened so far.

so today is Tuesday it is yesterday was Monday yesterday was day one of the tortured poets Department release week and it was just absolute chaos I feel like I've lived a 13,000 lives in the span of the last 24 hours things are speeding up and slowing down at the same time.

The hosts convey the intensity and excitement surrounding the first day of the release week for Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department," emphasizing the emotional rollercoaster they are experiencing.

Apple Music Word of the Day

  • Apple Music has a word of the day feature with capitalized letters in the lyrics of Taylor Swift's songs.
  • The hosts are trying to unscramble the words, which so far include "hereby," "conduct," and "this."
  • There is speculation about the order of the words and their connection to the song "Glitch."

Apple music is doing a word of the day where in the lyrics very Taylor Swift esque um in the lyrics of some of her songs there's random letters that are capitalized and we're trying to unscramble them so on the first day it was in the song glitch and the Word was hereby MH and then the next day it was in the song peace and the Word was conduct and then yesterday it was in better than revenge and the Word was this so we have hereby conduct this now I'm not entirely sure if the words themselves are out of order like if it'll you know like with the sentence or if it's going to be like hereby cond the beginning of the sentence it could be rearranged.

The hosts discuss an interactive feature from Apple Music involving Taylor Swift's lyrics, which has fans scrambling to decode messages, leading to theories and speculation about their meaning.

Easter Eggs and Fan Engagement

  • Taylor Swift's song track list was leaked, affecting the traditional Easter egg games played with her fans.
  • Despite the leak, Taylor continues to find ways to engage with fans through fun releases and interactive elements.
  • The anticipation for new words or clues from Taylor Swift is high among fans, and they stay alert for updates.

"The song the track list got leaked so all those games that we might have been able to play prior to that getting leaked maybe this is just another way to have that fun aspect that Taylor has with her fans when something gets released."

This quote indicates that the leaking of the track list disrupted the usual interactive games between Taylor Swift and her fans, but also suggests that Taylor continues to create new ways to maintain the fun and engagement with her audience.

Taylor Swift's Instagram Countdown

  • Taylor Swift's Instagram page features a hidden countdown that appears when users try to refresh the page.
  • The countdown is related to the release of her new album.
  • This feature required an app update and likely collaboration with Instagram.

"If you go to her Instagram page and you like swipe it down like you're trying to refresh it there's a countdown."

This quote describes a hidden interactive element on Taylor Swift's Instagram page, which is a countdown presumably leading to a new album release. It highlights the creative marketing strategies employed by Taylor Swift to build anticipation among her fans.

Cross-Platform Marketing Collaboration

  • Taylor Swift's influence extends across various platforms, including streaming services and social media.
  • After her music returned to TikTok, there are now collaborations with Apple Music and Instagram.
  • These collaborations are a testament to her status as a major artist and the desire of platforms to be associated with her brand.

"Every single platform every single company is going to want to try to work with her have a piece and so we're kind of seeing every single streaming service brand social media platform like last week her music got back on Tik Tok now we're seeing things with apple music Instagram."

The quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's significant impact on the music industry and her ability to collaborate with different platforms. It also shows how these platforms are eager to associate with her brand to leverage her popularity.

Target's Preparations for Album Release

  • Fans noticed Target stores preparing for the release of Taylor Swift's vinyls and CDs.
  • Displays and shelves at Target are being set up in anticipation of the new album.
  • Fans speculate about the meaning of an empty shelf labeled "Serpentine" found above the Taylor Swift display.

"There was a Swifty that noticed you know like a blank shelf and it said Taylor Swift. um like for the new album like where they're going to put the new album and it was empty."

This quote describes a fan's observation at a Target store, where preparations are underway for the display and sale of Taylor Swift's new album. It shows the level of detail fans pay attention to and their eagerness for new releases.

Speculation on "Serpentine" and Taylor Swift's Marketing

  • Fans speculate on the meaning of "Serpentine" found in Target displays.
  • "Serpentine" could be a code for deluxe editions of Taylor Swift's album or related to a double album.
  • Connections are drawn between "Serpentine" and a historical figure, Loie Fuller, known for the Serpentine dance, which influenced choreography on Taylor Swift's reputation tour.

"There was also an empty shelf for an album or artist and it said Serpentine that's that's a snake it is a snake and that shelf is also empty and it's on the display."

This quote highlights fan theories regarding a mysterious label "Serpentine" at a Target store, which could potentially be linked to Taylor Swift's upcoming releases or marketing strategies.

Reputation Taylor's Version and Fan Theories

  • Fans are excited about the potential release of "Reputation Taylor's Version."
  • There is debate on whether it would release concurrently with her new album, "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • Fans consider the business and artistic implications of releasing two albums at the same time.

"We've always clowned for reputation Taylor's version so well it's gonna happen it's GNA happen eventually will it happen coinciding with the tortured poets Department the truth is we don't know."

This quote captures the excitement and speculation among fans regarding the potential release of "Reputation Taylor's Version" alongside Taylor Swift's new album. It shows the fans' engagement with Taylor's discography and their anticipation for her re-recorded albums.

QR Code Marketing in Chicago

  • A large QR code was painted on a building in Chicago, made up of small "13s" and "TPDs," attracting fan attention.
  • Fans and family members in Chicago were mobilized to locate and interact with the QR code.
  • The QR code is part of a marketing campaign for Taylor Swift's new album.

"Yesterday there was a QR code that was being painted huge QR code being painted on the side of a building and the QR code was made up of small little 13s and small little tpds."

This quote describes an innovative marketing tactic involving a QR code mural related to Taylor Swift's new album. It illustrates the interactive and widespread nature of her promotional strategies, engaging fans in real-world scavenger hunts.

Taylor Swift's Marketing Genius

  • Taylor Swift's marketing strategies create significant buzz and engagement among fans.
  • The speaker's brother witnessed a gathering of fans (Swifties) with Taylor Swift merchandise and the number 13, which is significant to Swift's branding.
  • The brother shared his experience with Taylor Swift's marketing firsthand, indicating the level of detail and thought put into her promotional activities.
  • The speaker refers to Taylor Swift as a "literal Mastermind" and "genius" in marketing.

"I hope you realize like you are this is like a moment in history like that you're experiencing in real time like you're seeing in person like the marketing of a literal Mastermind a genius."

This quote emphasizes the speaker's admiration for Taylor Swift's marketing capabilities and the impact it has on her fans, recognizing it as a historic moment in real-time marketing excellence.

Taylor Swift's Engaging Promotions

  • Fans are engaged through interactive promotional activities such as scanning a QR code.
  • The QR code leads to a YouTube Shorts video on Taylor Swift's channel that hints at new music or projects.
  • The speaker's brother acted as a live reporter, providing updates on the QR code's outcome.

"Live on the scene reporting like my live on the scene reporter from the QR code and he did go back this morning and he scanned it and what it was if if you go and scan it it takes you to a YouTube shorts video."

The quote describes the real-time interaction with Taylor Swift's promotional campaign, showcasing how the use of technology like QR codes can create a direct and engaging experience for fans.

Speculation on Taylor Swift's Future Projects

  • Swift's use of "Error 32" and "One MH" in her promotions leads to fan speculation about upcoming projects.
  • Fans reflect on past experiences with red herrings and surprise announcements from Swift, leading to uncertainty about what her next project will be.
  • There is a discussion about whether a new album or a different project is forthcoming, with fans analyzing every detail for clues.

"Is this another red herring is this like what what is this we're all focused on one thing. and she's going to hit us with something else."

This quote captures the essence of the speculation surrounding Taylor Swift's next move, emphasizing the uncertainty and excitement that comes with each of her intricate promotional strategies.

Taylor Swift's Connection with Books and Literature

  • The speakers, Anna and Amy, identify as book lovers and express excitement over a Taylor Swift-themed library installation.
  • The installation is speculated to be immersive, making visitors feel like they are in the office of the chairman of the "Tortured Poets Department."
  • Fans notice details within the installation that could hint at Taylor Swift writing a book, such as figurines making the peace sign, which Swift has been teasing.

"To see a Taylor Swift is gorgeous Library themed installation I like almost started crying this morning because I was like I wish I could be there so bad like I like that is like my literal dream."

This quote reflects the personal impact of Taylor Swift's promotional activities on fans, particularly when they align with personal interests such as literature and reading.

Theories on Taylor Swift's Potential Book Release

  • There is a theory that Taylor Swift may release a book, possibly a novel or a collection of poems.
  • The discussion includes the potential of Swift using a pen name to separate her literary work from her music career.
  • The speakers consider how a book written by Swift would be received and whether it would be analyzed in the context of her personal life.

"Could it be possible that Taylor Swift has been writing a book and it came up whenever the 'All Too Well' short film came out because she was an author and she had a book at the end."

The quote introduces the theory that Taylor Swift might be venturing into writing books, based on past hints and her portrayal as an author in the "All Too Well" short film, demonstrating how fans dissect every aspect of Swift's work for potential clues.

Personal Connection to Taylor Swift's Work

  • The speakers share their love for reading and their excitement about the connection between Taylor Swift's work and their own interests.
  • They discuss the personal significance of Swift's potential literary projects and how it would resonate with them as fans and readers.
  • The conversation highlights the intimate connection fans feel with Taylor Swift's artistic endeavors.

"We're bookie girls like we love reading we have like our own little book club because we read the same books at the same time and then talk about it."

This quote conveys the speakers' deep personal connection to books and reading, which is further intensified by the prospect of Taylor Swift releasing literary work, illustrating the multifaceted relationship fans have with her work.

Spotify Event Attendance

  • Anna and Amy discuss swifties attending the Spotify event.
  • They express excitement about receiving updates from fans worldwide.
  • There is mention of events in LA, Chicago, and speculation about potential events in Florida and Dallas.

"We're going to the Spotify event tonight and or today and they were like. yeah. we'll send you guys pictures we'll like tag you and stuff."

This quote shows Anna and Amy's enthusiasm about fans attending the Spotify event and their anticipation for updates.

Songwriting Credits Discussion

  • Amy shares songwriting credits for an album in the group chat.
  • The album features a trio of songwriters: Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, and Aaron Dessner, with a special mention of Post Malone and Florence.
  • The songwriting credits are discussed before the album's release, highlighting the involvement of Aaron Dessner on multiple tracks.

"And it's basically the folklori and. Trio it is across this album exciting Taylor Swift of course on every single track because every single song Taylor sings is written by Taylor and then we've got some with Jack antinoff and some with um Aaron des and then Austin post that's post Malone he got a writing credit on fortnite and Florence and Florence for Florida."

This quote details the songwriters involved in the album, emphasizing Taylor Swift's role and the contributions of other artists.

Pre-Ranking Album Songs

  • The hosts pre-ranked songs based on titles before listening to the album.
  • Amy accurately predicted Aaron Dessner's involvement in three out of five songs.
  • A separate episode discusses their song title rankings and expectations.

"And I think I had three out of the five for Aaron fesner which wow you were so on point."

Amy's ability to predict which songs Aaron Dessner worked on is highlighted, showing her insight into the album's creation.

Track Length Clarification

  • There was speculation about the length of the song "So Long London."
  • The hosts clarify that the track is not nine minutes long after initially discussing it in an episode.

"We had a long discussion on is so long London. actually 9 minutes long right it's not the like I kid you not five minutes after we were done recording we were leaving the studio there was like the track links were we're out."

The quote clarifies the actual length of the track, correcting previous speculation from the hosts.

Swiftie Dedication

  • Being a swiftie is likened to a full-time job due to the level of engagement and detective work involved.
  • The hosts express gratitude for experiencing Taylor Swift's music in real time.
  • There is a sense of excitement and chaos surrounding the engagement with Taylor Swift's discography and Easter eggs.

"Being a swift is a full-time job it is it's like you clock out of your other job. and then you clock into your Swift job you know like it's it's it's nuts."

The quote emphasizes the dedication required to be a swiftie, suggesting it is as time-consuming and engaging as a full-time job.

Anticipation for Upcoming Events

  • The hosts discuss their anticipation for more surprises during the week.
  • There is talk of potential music video teasers and other chaotic events.
  • They encourage fans to share their experiences and tag them in updates.

"So what are you what are you like hoping for anticipating for um the rest of the week I guess um well more chaos."

This quote reflects the hosts' excitement and anticipation for future events related to Taylor Swift, highlighting the unpredictable nature of being a fan.

Swifties in the Park Event

  • The hosts mention an event called "Swifties in the Park."
  • They provide information about the event and direct listeners to their new website for tickets and episode catch-ups.
  • There is a sense of community and shared experience among swifties.

"If you're interested in swifties in the park you can get all the info and tickets at the 13p podcast.. net it's our new website actually where you can also catch up with episodes and things like that in case you need everything in one place we finally have it."

The quote provides details about the "Swifties in the Park" event and the hosts' new website, which serves as a hub for fans to connect and access content.

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