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In the second episode of the Swift Dish podcast, hosts Ashley and Shelby discuss the intricacies of their podcasting journey, including video editing challenges and the decision to launch a Patreon page. They explore two tiers of Patreon membership, Club Olivia and Club Meredith, offering exclusive content and interaction with fans. The conversation shifts to Taylor Swift's re-recorded album "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and the surprise release of the vault song "Mr. Perfectly Fine," speculated to be about Joe Jonas. They delve into the song's lyrics, its snarky tone, and connections to Swift's past work, highlighting the line "Mr. Casually Cruel" as a precursor to the iconic "All Too Well." The episode also touches on Swift's marketing genius, her influence on younger artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray, and the hosts' anticipation of Swift's collaboration with the Holy Swift podcast.

Summary Notes

Podcast Production and Editing

  • Ashley and Shelby are recording the second episode of the Swift Dish podcast.
  • Ashley has taken on the role of video editing for the podcast.
  • The process of editing is both fun and a source of self-doubt for Ashley.
  • They have released teasers for the podcast.
  • Ashley and Shelby discuss the visual aspects of the podcast, such as Ashley playing with her hair and the appearance of her dogs.

"it's fun it gives me some self-doubt because i'm the one who's i'm. i'm finally putting in some some work on this podcast and i am doing the video editing for it."

The quote indicates Ashley's mixed feelings about the editing process, finding it enjoyable but also causing her to question her abilities.

Patreon Page and Membership Tiers

  • Ashley and Shelby have created a Patreon page for their podcast.
  • They have established two tiers of membership: Club Olivia and Club Meredith.
  • Club Olivia costs $3 a month and offers access to a private Discord page for discussions and direct feedback.
  • Club Meredith costs $5 a month and includes bonus clips and unedited raw footage of the podcast.
  • The Patreon page is seen as a way to connect more meaningfully with listeners and provide early access to content.
  • They plan to move Instagram giveaways to the Club Meredith tier on Patreon.

"let's just say yes my skin is very wrinkly. let's just say that i can't take it so what we've decided to do is to create a patreon page yay guys it's so fun you know who's going to want to pay to listen to us you know to look at us ramble."

Ashley expresses vulnerability about public exposure and the decision to create a Patreon page as a more controlled environment for engaging with their audience.

Upcoming Podcast Content and Collaborations

  • The Swift Dish podcast is planning to release an episode a week early for Patreon subscribers.
  • They are excited about Taylor Swift's release of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and plan to record an episode about it.
  • They will collaborate with another Taylor Swift-focused podcast called Holy Swift.
  • Ashley and Shelby look forward to learning about the other podcasters and their perspectives.

"so you know and then other uh oh go ahead. sorry i entered our other other taylor swift podcast. and we're taking you to calm down to heart. and we realize we all have crowns so we're gonna share the spotlight and get to finally interact with other podcasters as obsessed with taylor as we are."

The quote highlights their collaborative spirit and excitement about working with fellow Taylor Swift enthusiasts.

Taylor Swift's "Mr. Perfectly Fine" Release

  • Taylor Swift released a vault song from "Fearless" called "Mr. Perfectly Fine."
  • Ashley and Shelby discuss their reactions to the song and its impact on social media.
  • They speculate that the song was about Joe Jonas due to the timing of its original writing.
  • The song's release is seen as a strategic marketing move by Taylor Swift.
  • Ashley and Shelby appreciate the humor and maturity in how Taylor Swift and others involved in the song's history have responded to its release.

"so and it's going to be easier for me just to upload enough to edit it. but if there's anything like i have to run out of the room because my dogs are attacking each other i'll edit that i'll entertain them obviously it's just one woman's show you will you will it'll be."

Ashley discusses the practical aspects of video editing for the Patreon content, indicating that some footage may be unedited unless necessary.

Anticipation for "Fearless (Taylor's Version)"

  • The podcast hosts discuss the buildup to the release of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)."
  • Taylor Swift appeared on Good Morning America (GMA) and allowed Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray to tease songs on TikTok.
  • Ashley and Shelby speculate on a potential collaboration between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo.
  • They express excitement about the online community's reaction to the album's release.

"i guess by the time this airs it will have already been out but some of the fun that's been building up is um i mean she was on gma. and she did a little pre-recording and shared a clip of fearless the track so fun."

The quote reflects on the promotional activities leading up to the release of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and the hosts' anticipation for the community's response.

Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift Relationship Dynamics

  • Olivia Rodrigo's connection with her younger audience may have influenced Taylor Swift's outreach.
  • Taylor Swift likely became aware of Olivia Rodrigo after the success of "Driver's License."
  • The relationship between the two artists is seen as a mentorship rather than a business deal or quid pro quo.
  • Both Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo have expressed admiration for Taylor Swift, which may have prompted her engagement with them.
  • Taylor Swift's interactions with fans she inspired are perceived as genuine and not driven by ego.

"I think that there has to be some ulterior motive to her doing that interesting I feel like I could see them collabing." "I feel like what happened it seems like Olivia Rodrigo Taylor Swift probably had no idea who she was until driver's license came out." "So I do feel like it's more like a mentorship that's happening than some sort of well like. Oh I'll you know like a. I'll have a quid pro quo quite well not a business deal like a friendship."

These quotes discuss the speculation around the motives behind Taylor Swift's interest in Olivia Rodrigo and the nature of their relationship. It suggests an authentic connection rather than a transactional one, emphasizing mentorship over business.

Taylor Swift's Use of Social Media and Fan Engagement

  • Taylor Swift's engagement with TikTok stars is contrasted with her interactions with genuine fans like Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray.
  • The authenticity of Taylor Swift's relationship with her fans is highlighted as a strength in her social media strategy.
  • There is skepticism about whether Taylor Swift would join TikTok and whether it aligns with her strengths and preferences.
  • Taylor Swift's preference for platforms like Tumblr and Twitter is noted, as they align more closely with her strengths in the written word and allow for edited content.

"Well because I think you know we've seen her try to use the tick tock crowd with um the man star I'm not in tick tock." "I think her strength is in the written word. And she knows that."

These quotes explore Taylor Swift's approach to social media, suggesting she has attempted to engage with the TikTok audience in the past but may not find the platform to be the best fit for her strengths, which lie in the written word.

Age and Generational Perspectives

  • The conversation shifts to generational differences, with references to being perceived as "ancient" by younger generations.
  • The speakers identify as "senior swifties," indicating a long-term fandom of Taylor Swift.
  • There is a humorous reflection on the perception of the 1990s as "the late 19th century" by younger people.

"I saw this TikTok that said that kids these days are referring to the 1990s as the late 19th century."

This quote humorously addresses the way younger generations view the 1990s, highlighting a generational gap in perception.

Analysis of "Mr. Perfectly Fine"

  • "Mr. Perfectly Fine" is identified as the second song released from Taylor Swift's vault.
  • The song is described as a mix of country, pop, and rock, with a more mature and polished sound than it would have had in 2008.
  • The song is recognized for its sassy and sarcastic tone, as well as its portrayal of a past relationship.
  • There is a discussion about why "Mr. Perfectly Fine" may have been left off the original "Fearless" album, with comparisons to other songs on the album.
  • The speakers debate whether they would replace any songs on the "Fearless" album with "Mr. Perfectly Fine."

"I mean this is a fun song because it's kind of like that classic mix of country and pop and it also has kind of that rock edge you get in story of us." "It's just like fun to hear her voice come through so clear and so like confident as she sings these these reprises of how he's just kind of been a dick who's lied to her from every step of the way she let her on."

These quotes analyze "Mr. Perfectly Fine," noting its genre-blending style and the clear, confident delivery of the lyrics. The song is appreciated for its fun, sassy energy and its portrayal of a dishonest past lover.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting Process

  • Taylor Swift is known for her ability to write songs quickly, which is mentioned in the context of "Mr. Perfectly Fine."
  • The speakers discuss the thematic content of "Mr. Perfectly Fine" and its relationship to other songs on the "Fearless" album.
  • There is an analysis of the song's lyrics, with a focus on the clever and snarky portrayal of the subject's character.
  • The song's potential impact on fans is considered, noting that it may not hit as hard now due to the distance from the events it describes.

"And i feel like you know everybody else. too." "Taylor has been known to write a song in like a day."

These quotes discuss Taylor Swift's songwriting abilities and the thematic connections between "Mr. Perfectly Fine" and other songs on the "Fearless" album. They highlight the cleverness of the song's lyrics and Swift's reputation for rapid songwriting.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting

  • Taylor Swift's songwriting style is reminiscent of her earlier work, described as "very old school Taylor."
  • The lyrics are direct and expressive, revealing feelings of heartbreak and betrayal.
  • Taylor Swift has a history of writing down lines and reusing them in future songs, demonstrating her meticulous and thoughtful approach to songwriting.
  • The song "Mr. Perfectly Fine" is analyzed as an example of Swift's songwriting process and her ability to repurpose lyrics effectively.

"Every line it's just this is you. And you suck. And I hate you and this is why. And it's just like very old school Taylor in a very fun way."

This quote exemplifies how Taylor Swift's songwriting often includes direct and personal lyrics that address someone specifically, with a tone that is both playful and scornful.

"Taylor... she's had lines written down. And she's used him like in other songs or she has like something wrote down like I mean this in a future song."

The quote highlights Taylor Swift's songwriting process, where she keeps lines that she writes and incorporates them into other songs as needed, showcasing her strategic and creative approach to her music.

The Art of Lyric Reuse

  • Taylor Swift is known for reusing certain phrases or lines across different songs, creating a thematic connection.
  • The phrase "casually cruel," initially used in "Mr. Perfectly Fine," later appears in the song "All Too Well," giving it a more profound impact.
  • The reuse of lyrics is a clever songwriting technique that can provide depth and continuity to an artist's body of work.

"So hello Mr. Casually Cruel... that's like four years in the future that's when Taylor is gonna be writing 'All Too Well.'"

This quote discusses the timeline of Taylor Swift's lyrics and how a line from an earlier song was repurposed in a future hit, showing her long-term planning and thematic consistency.

"Casually cruel in the name of being honest because that just captures like a guy every woman probably knows which is just... oh it's just such a smart lyric."

The explanation of the quote emphasizes the relatability and cleverness of the lyric "casually cruel," highlighting Taylor Swift's ability to capture common experiences in her songwriting.

Taylor Swift's Evolution as a Songwriter

  • Taylor Swift's songwriting has evolved over time, with her more recent work in albums like "Evermore" and "Folklore" showing a heightened power and complexity.
  • Despite the evolution, her earlier songs still demonstrate her ability to craft detailed and relatable narratives about relationships and heartbreak.
  • The discussion includes an analysis of Swift's techniques, such as mirroring and key changes, which she has continued to refine throughout her career.

"It's good. It's fun to see like old Taylor come back... her songwriting has only gotten stronger."

The quote reflects on Taylor Swift's growth as a songwriter and the enduring qualities of her earlier work, suggesting that even as she has developed, the core elements of her songwriting remain strong.

"You see these techniques she continues to use through her career and continues to strengthen and you just see the early phase here."

This quote points out the songwriting techniques Taylor Swift has consistently used and improved upon over the years, indicating a deliberate and practiced approach to her craft.

Characterization in Lyrics

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics often include vivid characterizations, as seen in "Mr. Perfectly Fine," where she describes a person's behavior and impact on her.
  • The lyrics portray a sense of realization and acceptance as the speaker recognizes patterns in men's behavior.
  • The song uses repetition ("Mr. Mr. Mister") to emphasize the subject's actions and the speaker's feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

"Mr. Never told me why Mister never had to see me cry Mr. insincere apology so he doesn't look like the bad guy."

The quote describes specific behaviors attributed to the subject of the song, painting a picture of insincerity and avoidance of responsibility, which is a recurring theme in Taylor Swift's portrayal of relationships.

"It's just like the moment Taylor's realized like wait men are all trash. And she like put it in a song."

The explanation suggests that the lyrics reflect a moment of realization for Taylor Swift, where she expresses a broader sentiment of disappointment in men, a theme that resonates with many listeners.

The Impact of Specific Lyrics

  • Certain lines in Taylor Swift's songs have a strong emotional impact, capturing the essence of heartbreak and the experience of being overlooked after a relationship ends.
  • The lyrics use contrasts (e.g., the subject being fine while the speaker is not) to highlight the disparity in feelings post-breakup.
  • The discussion touches on the relatability of Swift's lyrics and how they encapsulate common feelings of pain and recovery.

"Hello Mr. Perfectly Fine how's your heart after breaking mine Mister always at the right place at the right time baby."

This quote from the song illustrates the irony and pain felt by the speaker, who contrasts their own heartbreak with the seemingly unaffected demeanor of their former partner.

"It's wonderful to see that it's never fazed you."

The explanation of this quote points out the emotional contrast between the speaker's suffering and the subject's apparent indifference, a common theme in breakup songs that resonates with listeners' experiences.

Relatability and Personal Growth

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics often include themes of personal growth and the hope of moving on from heartbreak.
  • The songs convey a message of eventual empowerment, with the speaker anticipating that they will be alright someday and that the subject may eventually regret their actions.
  • The relatability of Swift's music is highlighted, with discussions on how her lyrics reflect common experiences and emotions.

"And someday maybe you'll miss me. But by then, you'll be Mister too late."

This quote encapsulates the theme of moving on and the idea that the subject of the song may one day realize what they've lost, but it will be too late.

"I think this is how Taylor processes her pain... she has to have that uplift at the end where she's like I'm gonna be fine."

The explanation emphasizes Taylor Swift's strategy in songwriting, where she often ends on a note of personal strength and optimism, turning heartbreak into a narrative of resilience and future hope.

Age Difference in Relationships

  • Ashley and Shelby discuss the age gap between a 31-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman.
  • They mention that the man is "so far above her in every way."
  • The conversation then transitions to a South Park episode parodying purity rings and the Jonas Brothers.

"so he's older than she is. yeah. so she was 19 when they dated i think 19.. so far above her in every way"

The quote highlights the age and maturity gap between the two individuals in the relationship, implying a power imbalance.

Cultural Pressure and Authenticity

  • The pressure of maintaining a public image and the lack of authenticity felt by Joe Jonas during his Disney days is discussed.
  • Shelby recalls a documentary where Joe Jonas talks about the pressure of the culture he was part of.
  • Ashley and Shelby agree that this pressure and the "Disneyfication" of stars can be toxic.

"but they talked about the pressure of that culture and how it didn't really feel authentic to joe especially"

This quote reflects on the artificial image crafted by Disney for the Jonas Brothers and the discomfort it caused.

Taylor Swift's New Song and Album Ranking

  • Ashley and Shelby discuss a new song by Taylor Swift, speculating on its ranking among her other tracks.
  • They consider whether the song will become a favorite or remain enjoyable within the context of the "Fearless" album.
  • Shelby suggests that the song might not replace any existing tracks but become a new addition to the "Fearless" experience.

"i think that it's it's fun for now i think i'll always like it it might just be a song that i listen to when i listen to fearless because now that it's gonna be a new taylor swift album it might just be a part of you know when i think about fearless it might just be there"

The quote discusses the potential longevity and placement of Taylor Swift's new song within her body of work.

Features and Collaborations on Taylor Swift's Albums

  • The discussion moves to the features on Taylor Swift's albums, specifically Maren Morris's backup vocals and Keith Urban's upcoming feature.
  • Ashley and Shelby talk about how most of Taylor's features are male and duets, expressing a desire for more female collaboration.
  • They also touch on Taylor Swift's ability to write songs that resonate with people of all sexualities and identities.

"like duets. yeah. yeah. i think it's um like i could sit here. and i can explain it away. i'm like. oh well she writes love songs but between a hetero relationship so of course the guy the person singing with her has to be a guy because that's like narratively what it is."

This quote reflects on the reasoning behind Taylor Swift's choice of male duet partners in her songs, which are often love songs depicting heterosexual relationships.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Queer Anthems

  • The conversation explores how Taylor Swift's songs have become queer anthems and the speculation about her sexuality.
  • They discuss how Taylor Swift's music is inclusive, allowing listeners to identify with the songs regardless of their own identities.
  • Ashley and Shelby express a hope that Taylor Swift will make more space for diverse collaborations in her music.

"and one thing that's so good about taylor swift's song and there's all these songs that are queer anthems that she's released and people will go to bat that betty is a queer anthem song is that no matter what your sexuality is or what you identify as you can still identify with the song"

This quote emphasizes the inclusivity of Taylor Swift's music and its ability to serve as anthems for the queer community.

Speculation on Taylor Swift's Easter Eggs and Lyrics

  • Ashley and Shelby delve into the Easter eggs and lyrics in Taylor Swift's songs, speculating on the references to her past relationships.
  • They analyze lyrics that could be connected to Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Harry Styles.
  • The conversation includes a discussion on the potential hidden meanings behind the number of times "Mr" is mentioned in a song and its relation to a past breakup with Joe Jonas.

"there are 25 mr 27 misters in this song lyrically there's 27 times she says mister she describes mister and that is famously the length of the phone call it took joe jonas to break up with her."

This quote speculates on the potential significance of the repetition of "Mr" in a song, possibly relating to the duration of a breakup call with Joe Jonas.

Evaluating and Ranking Taylor Swift's New Song

  • Shelby and Ashley give their personal grades for Taylor Swift's new song, with Shelby giving it a B+ and Ashley an A.
  • They discuss the elements they enjoy in the song, such as its passive-aggressiveness and its nod to country-pop Taylor.
  • The possibility of the song making it onto Taylor Swift's setlist for future tours is considered.

"okay. i'm giving it a b plus because i love the passive aggressive tailor and revisit to the country pop taylor i wouldn't give it an a but a b plus"

The quote provides Shelby's assessment of the song, appreciating the return to Taylor Swift's country-pop roots and the song's tone.

Patreon and Community Engagement

  • Ashley and Shelby encourage listeners to become Patreon supporters to get early access to content and engage more closely with the podcast.
  • They mention their social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, as ways for fans to connect with them.
  • The hosts express gratitude to their listeners and look forward to discussing more of Taylor Swift's songs, including the upcoming "Fearless" album collaboration with the Holy Swift podcast.

"and if you want to be a patreon supporter all you really have to do is go to our linkedin or our linkedin we don't have a linkedin go to our instagram page or our twitter page and go to the link in the bio that'll take you to a link tree where you can go and you know go find us through that link and sign up for join the club."

This quote is an invitation for listeners to join their Patreon community for exclusive content and a closer connection with the hosts.

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