Do More For Your Customers Ep 15

Summary Notes


In this episode of the Gym Secrets podcast, host Alex discusses the transformative power of exceptional customer service in the fitness industry. He emphasizes that gyms can retain more clients and justify higher prices by going above and beyond in service delivery, such as personalized interactions and consistent communication. Alex challenges gym owners to adopt Grant Cardone's 10X mindset to brainstorm innovative, low-cost ways to enhance customer experience, thereby creating a culture of excellence that not only retains clients but also attracts new ones through word-of-mouth. He also advises on tracking customer behavior to prevent cancellations and underscores the importance of honest feedback for business improvement. Alex concludes by offering resources for gym owners to reach full capacity through Gym Launch Secrets.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Customer Service and Fulfillment

  • Alex introduces the podcast "Gym Secrets" and sets the topic of discussion around customer service and fulfillment.
  • The emphasis is on improving service quality in the context of gym businesses.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Gym Secrets podcast. This is Alex. I will be your host, and we will be talking about customer service and fulfillment, which is everyone's favorite topic.

The quote is an opening statement where Alex greets the audience and outlines the focus of the podcast, establishing the theme of customer service and fulfillment in the gym industry.

Concept of 10X Service

  • Alex references Grant Cardone's book "10X" to introduce the idea of scaling up service quality.
  • The challenge posed is to consider the level of service needed to justify a significant price increase, such as 4X or 10X.

And this was a thought process that I kind of, kind of came to me when I read ten X, which is Grant Cardone's book, Gosh, a year or two ago. And he was like, what would you need to. What kind kind of service would you need to deliver if you were to ten x your prices?

This quote introduces the concept of 10X-ing service quality from Grant Cardone's book, which inspires listeners to think ambitiously about enhancing their service levels.

Imagining Enhanced Services

  • Alex encourages listeners to brainstorm extravagant services that could justify a price increase.
  • Examples include personalized grocery lists, weekly check-ins, shopping assistance, 24/7 online support, and personal meetings to discuss goals.

Like, man, they'd have personalized grocery lists. We check in with them every week. We'd have a monthly grocery trip where we actually shop with them at the grocery store. They would have someone online that would answer their questions at any time of day.

The quote illustrates Alex's brainstorming on potential high-value services that could be offered to customers if the business were to significantly increase its prices.

Implementing Cost-Effective Services

  • Alex suggests evaluating which of the brainstormed services are low-cost and feasible to implement.
  • The point is made that many valuable services don't require a significant financial investment but are often overlooked.

Look at that list and then see which ones are low cost, which ones are things that you can actually implement.

This quote advises listeners to critically assess the brainstormed services for practicality and cost-effectiveness, encouraging the implementation of realistic enhancements.

Retention vs. Lead Generation

  • Alex discusses the common problem in small businesses, especially gyms, of losing customers due to poor service rather than focusing solely on generating new leads.
  • The "holes in their bucket" metaphor illustrates the issue of customer attrition.

The biggest problem with most of the small businesses that we deal with, and especially, obviously, gyms, because that's what we specialize in, is that they have so many holes in their bucket.

The quote highlights the critical issue of customer retention in small businesses, using the metaphor of a leaky bucket to describe the loss of customers due to subpar service.

The Illusion of Uniqueness

  • Alex challenges the common claim among gym owners that their gym is unique because it's like a family, pointing out that this is a widespread sentiment and not a differentiator.
  • True differentiation, according to Alex, comes from consistently delivering exceptional customer service.

So I'm not saying that because most people are like, listen, our gym is different. We're a family. I'm like, listen, just so you know, every single gym that I ever talked to says that. So that doesn't make you different. It makes you the same.

This quote debunks the notion that simply claiming a gym has a family-like atmosphere makes it unique, emphasizing that such a claim is commonplace and not a genuine point of differentiation.

Importance of Customer Service in Business Growth

  • Exceptional customer service can lead to increased pricing flexibility.
  • High-quality customer service contributes to customer retention.
  • Providing superior service results in more customer referrals.
  • Cultivating a strong service culture can transform customer and team dynamics.

Your customers police your team, because that's what you set the standard as.

This quote emphasizes the role of customers in upholding the service standards set by a business, effectively "policing" the team to maintain those standards.

You can start increasing your prices, a, b and you will retain people, c, you'll get more referrals.

Alex outlines the benefits of exceptional customer service: the ability to raise prices, retain customers, and gain referrals—all of which contribute to business growth.

The Impact of Attitude on Business Operations

  • Attitude towards customers can evolve from passion to resentment over time, especially under financial and workload pressures.
  • Resentment often arises when business owners feel overworked and underpaid.
  • Business owners need to reconnect with their initial passion for customer service to overcome these challenges.

They got in the business because they love helping people. And then as time goes on, they're just not making the income they want to. They work 80 hours a week, and they're like, dude, I'm so tired of this, right?

Alex describes the common trajectory of business owners who enter the industry with enthusiasm but become fatigued and disillusioned due to the demands of the job and lack of desired income.

The 10x Principle in Enhancing Customer Service

  • The 10x principle involves going above and beyond what is expected to delight customers.
  • This principle can be applied to find innovative ways to enhance customer service without significant costs.
  • Small, thoughtful gestures like handwritten cards can have a substantial impact on customer perception and loyalty.

A good exercise is taking that ten x principle and then seeing what else you could possibly do, right?

Alex suggests using the 10x principle as a framework to brainstorm additional ways to provide exceptional service, indicating that this approach can lead to innovative customer service strategies.

The Power of Personal Touch in Customer Relations

  • Personalized gestures, such as handwritten cards, can be a cost-effective method to improve customer service.
  • Consistent personal touches make customers feel valued and can lead to word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Even simple acts of recognition, like commenting on a customer's progress, can enhance the customer experience and foster loyalty.

Could you write them a handwritten card every week doesn't cost you a ton, right? It probably doesn't. Or maybe once a month, whatever it is, okay, like, if you had to write 200 cards a month, it's 50 cards a week, right? It's like ten a day.

Alex breaks down the feasibility of personalizing customer service through handwritten cards, showing how a seemingly time-consuming task can be manageable and impactful.

Those types of actions are things that people talk about. Those are the types of service experiences that people go through. And they're like, dude, these people write me a card every month just to say they appreciate me, right?

This quote highlights the memorable nature of personalized service actions and how they can lead to customers sharing their positive experiences with others, effectively serving as organic marketing for the business.

Customer Care and Going Above and Beyond

  • Businesses must differentiate by genuinely caring for customers and providing exceptional service.
  • To stand out, businesses need to adopt tactical measures that are unique and not commonly practiced.
  • A common mistake among business owners is to spread their efforts too thin, which dilutes the quality of their primary service.
  • Focusing on a core business and optimizing it for extraordinary customer experiences can lead to greater success.
  • Implementing a meticulous onboarding process can set a high standard for customer service and create a lasting positive impression.

They're giving a crap about their customers, and they're going above and beyond.

This quote emphasizes the importance of genuinely caring for customers and providing service that exceeds expectations.

Not an above and beyond way where people are like, I have a family at my gym. We really care about each other. I get that. I understand it. Everyone says that. So what are you really doing that's tactically different?

Alex highlights the need for businesses to do more than just claim a caring community; they must take concrete, tactical actions that truly set them apart.

And most times, you can get there just by working a little harder, just by doing things that other people aren't willing to do.

This quote suggests that often, the key to surpassing competition is to put in more effort and do what others don't.

Time Management and Focus

  • Business owners often fail by being scatterbrained and trying to juggle multiple ventures simultaneously.
  • Focusing on improving the primary business can be more beneficial than starting side projects.
  • Spreading attention thin across various endeavors can harm the main business's profitability and growth.
  • Concentrating on delivering an exceptional experience in the main business can lead to a more successful outcome.

They're spread thin. They're trying to start a side business of food prep. They're trying to start an online training business on top of running the gym.

Alex criticizes business owners who distract themselves with side projects instead of focusing on their main business.

And they're doing that because they're not making money in their gym, when in fact, they're just shooting themselves in the foot because they're spreading their attention rather than saying, how can I absolutely amaze these customers?

The quote points out the flawed logic in starting side businesses due to a lack of profitability, which in turn further hinders their ability to amaze customers in their primary business.

Exceptional Onboarding and Customer Retention

  • An effective onboarding process can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Personal touches such as swag bags, handwritten cards, and personal communications can make customers feel valued.
  • Tracking customer behavior and reaching out proactively can prevent cancellations and improve retention.
  • Understanding the reasons behind customer cancellations is crucial for improving business practices and customer service.

As soon as someone signs up with me, they're going to get a swag bag, they're going to get a handwritten card, they're going to get an email and a voicemail, all from me within their first four days.

Alex describes a detailed onboarding process that includes personal and tangible gestures to make new customers feel welcome and appreciated.

After that, they're going to get a second handwritten card just to ask them, hey, we love you. And we want to just set the bar for amazing, exceptional customer service.

This quote illustrates the ongoing effort to maintain a high level of customer service beyond the initial onboarding.

If you have people canceling, just be like, hey, I want to make an amazing business.

Alex suggests that understanding why customers cancel is essential for improving the business and that reaching out to them can provide valuable insights.

And calling people when they don't show up for a week, because you have red flags. There are clear indications of behavior that precede a cancellation.

The quote underlines the importance of being proactive and recognizing warning signs that a customer might be considering cancellation.

Importance of Customer Feedback and Honesty

  • Emphasizes the value of genuine feedback from customers to improve business.
  • Stresses that excuses like being too busy are not valid as people make time for great experiences.
  • Encourages business owners to aim for an "unbelievable" level of service that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Highlights that exceptional customer service is a competitive advantage for small businesses.

"But if you're like, I genuinely want to make an amazing business, what could I have done? Like, is it just because it's mediocre? Tell me it's okay."

This quote underlines the need for entrepreneurs to seek honest feedback to understand the shortcomings of their business and to improve their offerings.

"And rather than saying like, oh, no, I just got busy because I never get too busy to watch Netflix, right? Because the experience is great, right?"

The quote compares the commitment people have to enjoyable activities, like watching Netflix, to the excuses they make when they do not find value in a service, implying that businesses should strive to be as engaging as Netflix.

"And then you have to be honest with yourself and take that answer and then think, okay, how can I make this unfreaking believable, okay."

This quote encourages self-honesty and the use of customer feedback to reach a level of service that is exceptionally good and memorable.

Customer Retention and Competitive Advantage

  • Discusses the importance of retaining customers rather than having a high turnover.
  • Suggests that superior customer service is key to customer retention.
  • Mentions that customer retention gives small businesses a competitive edge in the market.

"Because that is the thing that gives a small business or a small gym business a competitive advantage within the marketplace, because then you actually retain your customers rather than just having a revolving door, which is obviously not the goal."

This quote explains that customer retention is crucial for small businesses to maintain a competitive advantage and avoid constantly losing and needing to gain new customers.

Promotional Message for Gym Launch Secrets

  • Promotes a free case study available at for gym owners.
  • Offers multiple case studies demonstrating how to fill gyms to full capacity in 30 days.
  • Invites gym owners to discuss the business process without the pressure of a sales pitch on the first call.

"But if you are a gym and you'd like to see how we get gyms from zero to full capacity in 30 days, you are welcome to download the free case"

This quote is a direct promotional offer to gym owners, enticing them with a case study that can help them grow their business rapidly.

"And I promise you, we will not try and take your money on the first call. Okay? That's our deal here."

The quote reassures potential clients that the initial consultation will be informative and pressure-free, aiming to build trust rather than immediately seeking payment.

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