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Host Smelly Miller and returning guest Grayson Bean delve into the latest updates in the world of Taylor Swift on the TMZ Swifty podcast. They excitedly discuss Swift's music reappearing on TikTok, speculate on the decision-making behind which tracks were included, and ponder the implications for her marketing strategy, especially with her album "Tortured Poets" nearing release. The conversation shifts to Swift's influence and trust within the industry, evidenced by her label's deference to her decisions. They also touch upon Calvin Harris's wife's secret listening habits, hinting at lingering tensions post-breakup. The duo then transitions to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's recent avoidance of the paparazzi, suggesting a desire for privacy in their relationship. Finally, they dissect fan theories about Swift's albums "Folklore" and "Evermore" being autobiographical rather than fictional, with potential references to her relationship with Joe Alwyn, and conclude with a humorous trivia about Swift's favorite food and beverage.

Summary Notes

Taylor Swift's Trust and Influence

  • Taylor Swift has reached a point where she has gained widespread trust and her actions are influential within the industry.
  • When Taylor Swift makes a statement or takes an action, it is generally seen as a good idea and people tend to follow her lead.
  • The impact of her decisions extends to her fan base and other artists, as evidenced by the mention of Olivia Rodrigo.

"I think she's finally in a place too where like people trust her which is great everyone should trust her like if she says something it's probably a good idea." "yeah if she does something people follow and copy yeah."

The quotes highlight Taylor Swift's status in the music industry as a trusted and influential figure, whose actions are closely watched and often emulated by others.

Taylor Swift's Music on TikTok

  • Taylor Swift's music was recently reinstated on TikTok, which was a significant event for fans and the platform.
  • There were some sounds missing from TikTok, specifically the non-Taylor versions of her songs.
  • The return of her music to TikTok followed a dispute between Universal Music Group (UMG) and the platform over contract renewal issues.
  • Taylor Swift has had the publishing rights to her music since 2019, raising questions about her involvement in the decision to remove and then reinstate her music on TikTok.

"so Taylor Swift is back on Tik Tok her music as of it's it's uh Thursday today but as of this morning her music was back on Tik Tok." "but who she so apparently she's had the publish publishing rights to her music since 2019."

These quotes discuss the recent return of Taylor Swift's music to TikTok and her control over her publishing rights, suggesting her potential influence over the decision-making process regarding the presence of her music on the platform.

Marketing Strategies and Album Release

  • The conversation suggests that the timing of Taylor Swift's music returning to TikTok could be a strategic marketing move ahead of her new album release.
  • The hosts speculate about whether the decision to reinstate the music was driven by Swift herself or by UMG.
  • The discussion touches upon the importance of TikTok virality in promoting music and how Swift's presence on the platform can benefit her upcoming releases.

"and I'm obviously like it's coming around the time of like we have one week until torture poets." "that's when when albums come out you listen to the prior albums and then obviously like it's going to hurt her to not be going viral on Tik Tok with her songs it's only going to benefit her."

These quotes indicate that the return of Taylor Swift's music to TikTok may be part of a larger marketing strategy to generate interest in her upcoming album and to leverage TikTok's viral potential to boost her music's popularity.

Trust and Decision Making in the Music Industry

  • The hosts discuss how Taylor Swift's relationship with her label has evolved to a point where there is mutual trust.
  • They speculate about whether Swift had to convince UMG to put her music back on TikTok or if it was an easy decision for the label.
  • The conversation suggests that Swift's current label trusts her judgment and allows her to guide business decisions.

"I think she's finally in a place too where like people trust her which is great thank God no literally like everyone should trust her like if she says something it's probably a good idea." "you tell us how to run this business baby."

These quotes emphasize the trust that Taylor Swift has earned from her label and her significant influence over business decisions, including the distribution of her music on platforms like TikTok.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's History

  • The hosts discuss the relationship between Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, and the residual tension following their breakup.
  • Calvin Harris's current wife reportedly listens to Taylor Swift's music secretly when Harris is not around, suggesting that there may still be "bad blood" between Harris and Swift.
  • The conversation contrasts this situation with that of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, who have shown comfort and security regarding Swift's music in their household.

"but like it means that he still [ __ ] hates her." "a controlling man still doing the same things profited off of Taylor Swift because she wrote this is what we came for."

The quotes discuss the lingering animosity between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift, as well as the dynamics of personal relationships and their impact on the enjoyment of music. They also touch upon the professional collaboration between Harris and Swift, highlighting the complexities of their past partnership.

Musical Collaboration Speculation

  • Speculation about a hypothetical musical collaboration between two artists.
  • Discussion of the potential impact of such a collaboration on another party.
  • Consideration of legal rights over music and whether a song could be performed.

"If she sung it and then had Rihanna feature oh it would be like amazing it would be like the collab of the Sentry." This quote expresses excitement about the idea of a collaboration between two artists, suggesting it would be highly celebrated.

"Imagine getting like her getting caught by him though like do you think that's happened where he's come home like she's listening to it." The quote introduces the possibility of a personal conflict arising from one party listening to music associated with the other.

"I wonder if she can though do this what we came for because this he owns the yeah part of it the beat I don't know." This quote raises questions about the legal rights over a piece of music and whether it can be used by someone other than the rights holder.

Public Perception and Media Coverage

  • Discussion of the behavior of celebrities in public and how it changes over time.
  • Analysis of the relationship between celebrities and the media.
  • Consideration of the intentions behind celebrities' actions when faced with media attention.

"When they first started going out when they made their first public appearance he was happy he was smiling posing for the photos." The quote describes the initial response of a celebrity to public and media attention, indicating a positive reaction.

"Now I feel like it's it's like a rite of passage with Taylor you know like it's it's going back to. I Know Places you know they're hiding they." This quote suggests a change in behavior of celebrities over time, possibly as a way to maintain privacy or due to changing circumstances.

"They've been stff to ourselves. Yeah let us live baby." The quote implies a desire for privacy from the celebrities, asking for space from the public and media scrutiny.

Speculation on Artists' Creative Process

  • Discussion about artists' work and creative output.
  • Theories about the patterns in an artist's album releases.
  • Speculation on future projects and collaborations.

"If sheep dropped tortured poets and then it's now working on a new album already." The quote discusses the rapid succession of creative projects from an artist, indicating a prolific output.

"Have you heard that there was like a theory about like each release it was like you counted the days between it was like announcement album drop announcement and it was like the exact number every single time except for with tortured poets." This quote introduces a fan theory that suggests a pattern in the timing of an artist's releases, which was disrupted with a recent project.

Recognition and Awards

  • Discussion of a documentary receiving Emmy nominations.
  • Comparison of the nominated documentary to other contenders.
  • Analysis of the factors that could influence the outcome of the awards.

"Our uncle in the community has been nominated for two count him two Emmy nominations for his documentary." The quote announces the Emmy nominations for a documentary, highlighting it as a significant achievement.

"It's going to go to the skier. Yeah. I think or I mean I haven't seen that or. Muhammad breath one. But I I saw the trailer for it. And I'm like. Yeah these are really good ones." This quote discusses the competition for the Emmy awards, speculating on the likelihood of different nominees winning.

"It's cool story and it's like Kelsey. Yeah. Like it's cool. But it's like it's just." The quote reflects on the content of the nominated documentary and how its subject matter may affect its chances of winning an award.

Participation in Awards

  • Smelly Miller discusses the value of participating in awards without receiving the actual award.
  • Grayson Bean agrees that without the physical award, the participation doesn't hold much value to Smelly.
  • They speculate on the chances of winning an award for editing against various competitors.

"ne you know what I guess participation do I get the hardware or not no. I. yeah. I don't think you would get the actual award. yeah then it's not worth nothing to me."

The quote expresses Smelly Miller's lack of interest in participating in awards if it does not result in obtaining a physical award, suggesting that the tangible recognition is important to him.

Travis Update: Hosting Confirmation

  • The hosts discuss evidence suggesting Travis will be hosting "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader Celebrity Edition".
  • They infer this from a series of clues including a hairdresser's social media post, a leaked photo, and sightings of Travis at a location where the show is being filmed.
  • A photo of Travis on set, dressed appropriately and positioned where the host would typically stand, further suggests his role as the host.

"we have an actual photo of Travis Kelce on set of are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader in a deep blue suit looking like a snack um but like it could this could be a contestant but it doesn't look like so there's a Podium with this guy in the orange."

This quote highlights the visual evidence from a photo that supports the claim that Travis is likely the host of the show due to his attire and position on set.

Taylor's Music: Fiction or Reality

  • The hosts discuss fan theories about Taylor's albums "folklore" and "Evermore", debating whether the songs are fictional or based on her real-life experiences.
  • They consider the possibility that Taylor used the label of fiction to protect her privacy and her relationship with Joe.
  • The hosts analyze specific songs and their lyrics, connecting them to events and emotions in Taylor's life.

"and I personally believe this to be true because I feel like she roads were Rocky in her relationship with Joe and she needed to write songs about him and so think she just basically was like it's fiction while she was like pouring her heart out about what's actually going on in her relationship and used that as a cover not only because she didn't want to let the world in on the fact that she's having relationship issues with Joe."

The quote reflects the host's belief that Taylor Swift's songs from "folklore" and "Evermore" are not fictional but rather a reflection of her personal experiences, particularly her relationship with Joe, and that the fiction label was a protective measure.

Speculation on Song Meanings

  • The hosts speculate on the meanings behind various songs by Taylor, suggesting that they are autobiographical rather than fictional.
  • They reference other artists and public figures in their analysis, such as Paul McCartney and Princess Diana, to debunk theories and affirm their belief that the songs are about Taylor's personal life.
  • They express a desire for Taylor to confirm the non-fictional nature of her songs.

"and then you also take midnights you take sweet nothing that confirmation. I think she said it was like it's not about Joe it was about Paul McCartney. yeah. and then she originally didn't there was theories that tolerated it was about Princess Diana. but there's no that doesn't hold water now like that just not that it song is about Joe 100% we know that song is about Jo."

This quote discusses the hosts' interpretation of Taylor's songs, "Sweet Nothing" and "Tolerate It," and their conviction that these songs are about her relationship with Joe, despite other public theories.

Cheating Allegations

  • The hosts delve into rumors and TikTok videos suggesting that Joe may have cheated on Taylor.
  • They analyze the lyrics of Taylor's songs "August" and "The Other Side of the Door" in the context of the cheating allegations.
  • The hosts express their opinions on the impact of these rumors and the potential truth behind the songs.

"so this is a big deal so shout out to Tik Tok um we're going to play a couple Tik Tok that I found because apparently our uh former father cheated on mother let's see here we go wait did Joe cheat on Taylor August would be about the other woman the other side of the door would be about the woman wh"

The incomplete quote indicates the hosts are about to present TikTok evidence supporting the theory that Joe cheated on Taylor, suggesting that the songs "August" and "The Other Side of the Door" could be about the alleged infidelity.

Cheating Allegations and Connections to Taylor Swift's Music

  • Taylor Swift's albums "Folklore" and "Evermore" are speculated to contain non-fictional elements.
  • Joe's brother Patrick's girlfriend engaged with a tweet suggesting Taylor's photo shoot mimicked erotic photos found in Joe's group chat.
  • Joe uses a pseudonym "Bowery" when writing with Swift.
  • There are speculations about infidelity involving Joe and his co-star Allison.
  • Alleged infidelity details align with the release date of an album called "The Tortured Poets Department."

"This user here confirmed that Joe's brother Patrick his girlfriend liked to tweet that allegedly Taylor's bed photo shoot is in the bowy hotel and mimics erotic photos that she found from Joe and where were those photos found in his lovely little group chat called the tortured man's club and yes bowy is part of his fake name that he uses when he writes with swift."

This quote indicates that there is a connection between a tweet liked by Joe's brother's girlfriend and the speculation that Taylor Swift's photo shoot was influenced by erotic photos from Joe's group chat.

"There's Joe you better run and hide as your resident Tik Tok Swift I feel it is my duty to report on the tea that some of the Twitter swifties have found and I am telling you the tortured poets department is even messier than we thought it was because this man this man Joe OLN is very Sinister."

The speaker is emphasizing their role in reporting findings from Twitter about Joe's alleged sinister behavior, hinting at the messiness within what is referred to as the tortured poets department.

"I figured that this album would drag him to hell but now knowing that there was possibly infidelity with his co-star makes this release a thousand times more juicy and it's really not looking good for Joe at all you need to go into hiding sir."

The speaker expresses that the upcoming album's content will be more impactful due to the rumors of Joe's possible infidelity with his co-star.

Character Associations within Taylor Swift’s Music

  • Speculation surrounds the identities of characters in Taylor Swift's music, such as "Betty," "Augustine," and "James."
  • Taylor Swift is theorized to be "Betty," while Jack Antonoff or another unidentified person could be "ANZ."
  • The song "The Great War" and other 3:00 a.m. songs from the album "Midnights" are thought to reflect conflicts in the relationship.

"So we do think that that Taylor is Betty. I think so. and I I hope not. but maybe he strayed a little bit."

This quote suggests that the speakers believe Taylor Swift represents the character "Betty" in her music and hints at possible infidelity.

"Who was that other person we think that Jack is AZ but there was someone else we thought was ANZ James."

The speakers are trying to identify the real-life counterparts to characters in Taylor Swift's music, with Jack Antonoff being a candidate for "AZ" and another person for "ANZ."

Taylor Swift’s Favorite Food and Beverage

  • There is debate over Taylor Swift's favorite food and beverage.
  • Guesses include Diet Coke, vodka Diet Coke, popcorn, and cheesecake.
  • Taylor Swift's preferences have evolved over time, with past interviews revealing different favorites.

"Well it's a vodka Diet Coke. yes. but. yeah. well when when back in 1989. which. yeah. yeah. yeah. the house um she did a a voke 73 questions instead I thought that it was a oldfashioned."

The quote discusses the evolution of Taylor Swift's favorite beverage from what was previously thought to be an old-fashioned to a vodka Diet Coke.

"So I this doesn't necessarily have to go together. oh okay. well then so I'm wrong with popcorn. yeah. yeah. so this could be wrong. but I looked up a a rare facts fun facts about Taylor Swift and according to them it was a cheesecake a cheesecake."

The speaker corrects their previous assumption about Taylor Swift's favorite food and shares information from a source claiming it is cheesecake.

Celebrity Commentary on Taylor Swift

  • Celebrities often mention Taylor Swift, which generates media attention.
  • The speaker suggests that there is no bad press, and mentioning Taylor Swift keeps celebrities relevant.
  • The phrase "people throw rocks at things that shine" is discussed, reflecting the scrutiny public figures face.

"But why do you think that so many celebrities are obsessed with talking about Taylor Swift first it was Billy ish allegedly because she didn't actually say Taylor Swift then it's Morgan Wallin saying like can't wait till Taylor beats my like what like is it just because they know like she's such a lightning bolt for for press."

The quote addresses the phenomenon of celebrities frequently bringing up Taylor Swift, recognizing her as a significant figure who attracts media attention.

"And they're their name will be out there and people like to throw what is it people throw things rocks at things that shine people and people things that shine."

This quote reflects on the idea that celebrities may mention Taylor Swift to gain publicity, acknowledging the saying about the tendency for successful individuals to be targets of criticism.

Final Remarks and Audience Engagement

  • The speakers encourage viewers to watch their content on YouTube and engage with comments.
  • They express a desire for audience interaction, whether in agreement or disagreement with their views.
  • The identity of "ANZ" remains a topic of curiosity and discussion.

"That about wraps it up if you want to watch us uh go to YouTube watch us on YouTube leave a comment leave your opinion um if you disagree with something we have to say if you agree with something we have to say let us know who aess is I can't figure that out."

The speakers conclude their discussion by inviting viewers to watch on YouTube and engage by sharing their opinions and insights, particularly regarding the identity of "ANZ."

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