Calling on all Gym Lords, Gym Launchers, and Lurkers (you know who you are) AMA WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW Ep 62

Summary Notes


In a bid to extend support to gym owners, the host, a former owner of six gyms and founder of Gym Launch, invites listeners to share their business challenges, promising personalized solutions. Drawing on experience from aiding over 1100 gyms and a wealth of case studies, the host offers to tackle issues ranging from lead generation, sales, pricing strategies, retention, staff motivation, to management and outsourcing. The commitment is to respond to all queries through videos, ensuring relevance and value to the gym owner community, regardless of their tenure in the group or level of engagement.

Summary Notes

Introduction and Speaker's Background

  • Speaker A opens with a greeting and expresses a desire to do something different.
  • They mention their experience in the gym space, owning six gyms in Southern California.
  • Speaker A sold their gyms at the end of November 2016.
  • They started Gym Launch and have assisted over 1100 gyms in improving their businesses.
  • Speaker A references numerous case studies that demonstrate their success.

What is going on? Happy Monday. Hope you guys are having an awesome week. So far today, I wanted to do something a little bit different than I really have ever done, and what I would like to do is actually ask you for something. And what I'm going to ask for is just how I can help you. Now, some of you guys who don't know me, we've been in the gym space for a little bit. Yeah, a little bit. Now, I had six gyms of my own in southern california, you, which I sold in the end of November 2016 and have since started gym launch and helped over 1100 gyms turn their gyms around. We have a bazillion case studies to show you for that.

The quote is an introduction by Speaker A who expresses their intention to engage the audience in a new way by offering help. They also provide context about their professional background, emphasizing their credibility and experience in the fitness industry.

Request for Audience Engagement

  • Speaker A is seeking to understand how they can be of assistance to their audience.
  • They specifically reach out to those who have not worked with them or are unfamiliar with their services.

But my question for you is, especially those people who haven't worked with us at all or haven't se

This quote is incomplete, but it highlights Speaker A's aim to engage with the audience, particularly targeting individuals who have not yet had any interaction with their business, Gym Launch. The intent is to offer help and potentially expand their client base.

Identifying Business Bottlenecks

  • The speaker is offering help to address specific business challenges.
  • They inquire about various potential bottlenecks in the listener's business.
  • Areas of concern include lead generation, client attendance, sales strategies, pricing, service fulfillment, client retention, staff motivation, management, and facility outsourcing.

"So my question for you is, what are the biggest bottlenecks that you're suffering from in your business?"

The quote is a direct inquiry about the listener's primary business challenges, inviting them to consider and articulate specific areas where they are experiencing difficulties.

"Whether that be from a lead generation standpoint, from how to get people to show up, how to sell people, what pricing, how to fulfill well, how to have great retention, how to motivate trainers, how to manage, how to outsource the facility like any of those things, anything that has to do with people or process, anything at all."

This quote elaborates on the types of bottlenecks the speaker is asking about, covering a comprehensive range of business operations from marketing to human resources and management.

"We've done this a lot of times and we've gotten fairly good at it."

The speaker implies that they have significant experience in dealing with the types of business challenges they've asked about, suggesting they can provide informed assistance.

"And we also have a large data set that we can pull from because of the number of facilities that we have now and because of the number of facilities that we have now."

The speaker mentions having access to a large data set, which implies they can provide insights and solutions based on a broad range of experiences and empirical evidence.

Leveraging Experience and Data

  • The speaker emphasizes their expertise and the value of their experience in addressing business bottlenecks.
  • They highlight the availability of a substantial data set to inform solutions.
  • The data set is tied to the number of facilities the speaker's organization operates, which suggests a wide-ranging and practical knowledge base.

"We've done this a lot of times and we've gotten fairly good at it."

This quote underlines the speaker's expertise in tackling the business challenges they have listed, positioning them as a knowledgeable resource for the listener.

"And we also have a large data set that we can pull from because of the number of facilities that we have now."

The speaker indicates that their advice and solutions are backed by data collected from multiple facilities, which can provide a robust foundation for their recommendations.

Utilization of Data for Gym Management

  • The speaker emphasizes their ability to leverage a large data set from successful entities.
  • They highlight the goal of sharing knowledge to solve problems for gym owners.
  • A commitment is made to produce relevant videos for the community.

"We know the best practices so we can pull from that large data set so that I can help you."

This quote underscores the speaker's intention to use data-driven insights to provide guidance and support to gym owners.

Community Engagement and Support

  • The speaker invites community members to engage by posting or commenting with their questions.
  • There is a promise to personally respond to all questions through video content.
  • The focus is on addressing issues related to running a gym.

"And so my question for you, or my ask is that if you can just post or comment in this post any questions that you have whatsoever related to running the gym, my promise to you is that I will answer them."

This quote reflects the speaker's call to action for community engagement and their commitment to offering personalized support.

Commitment to Problem-Solving

  • The speaker pledges to provide solutions to any problems posed by the community.
  • The use of video responses is promised as a means to deliver these solutions.
  • The speaker assures that the volume of questions will not impede their commitment to respond.

"Doesn't matter how many posts you get on this thing, I will answer all the questions via video so that I can help you to the extent that"

This quote conveys the speaker's dedication to addressing each and every question received, regardless of the quantity, emphasizing their commitment to the community's needs.

Personalized Engagement and Support

  • The speaker offers to provide personalized responses by tagging individuals.
  • Expresses a welcoming attitude to all members of the group regardless of their duration of membership or level of activity.
  • Shows a commitment to delivering value and sharing data with the group members.
  • Encourages members to ask questions and promises direct replies.

I can. And I'll tag you in the response so that you can have an answer specific for you.

The speaker is offering to give a personalized reply to the individual's query by tagging them in the response.

So I hope that's cool. I know this is a little bit different than normal, but this goes for everyone.

The speaker acknowledges the deviation from the usual way of interacting and confirms that the offer is open to all group members.

So people who are obviously my gym lords, our sweet crew, anybody who's in gym launch, or even anyone who's in this group who has, like you just came in, maybe yesterday, or maybe you've been here for six months and just been lurking around.

The speaker is inclusive, addressing both active members ("gym lords", "our sweet crew", those in "gym launch") and less active or new ones (joined "yesterday" or been "lurking around for six months").

Either way, it's cool. I want to provide value for you guys and I want to give you access to the data that we have.

The speaker emphasizes that all levels of participation are accepted and expresses a desire to provide value and data access to the group members.

Anyways, lots of love. Please comment below of any questions you have whatsoever, and I will answer them and I will tag you in the answer.

The speaker closes with an affectionate sign-off, reiterates the encouragement for members to ask questions, and promises to provide tagged answers to ensure the responses are seen by the questioners.

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