an UNHINGED easter egg recap for “The Tortured Poets Department” (made for swifties by a swiftie)

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Summary Notes


In this video, the host delves into Taylor Swift's 11th studio album, "The Tortured Poets Department," announced at the Grammys following her 13th win. Swift began writing the album after completing "Midnights," keeping it a secret for two years while on the US tour. The host explores Easter eggs and theories about the album's tracks, suggesting it's a breakup album inspired by Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn, hinted by song titles and release dates correlating with their breakup timeline. The album features collaborations with Post Malone and Florence and the Machine, and tracks speculated to address Swift's past with her record label and her resilience. The host theorizes that the album will reveal the complexities of Swift's relationship with Alwyn, contrasting the less revealing "Midnights," and will explore themes of personal transformation and the loss of her career's first 15 years.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "The Tortured Poets Department"

  • Mike's Mike introduces the topic of Taylor Swift's 11th studio album, "The Tortured Poets Department."
  • Mike reveals the album was announced at an unspecified event after Taylor Swift won her 13th Grammy.
  • Taylor Swift had planned to announce the album regardless of winning at the Grammys or at a show in Tokyo.
  • Swift began writing the album immediately after finishing her previous album, "Midnights," and kept it a secret for about two years while working on it during the US tour.

"The tortured poets department is the 11th studio album by Taylor Swift where did she announce Said album at the [ __ ] gramys when she won her. 13th Grammy which actually might I add she said that she didn't know she was going to win anything and that she had planned to announce this album if she won. but also if she didn't win she was going to announce it in Tokyo on night one I thought."

This quote explains the circumstances around the announcement of Taylor Swift's album, highlighting the significance of her 13th Grammy win and her backup plan to announce it in Tokyo.

Album Inspiration and Easter Eggs

  • The album is speculated to be inspired by Paul Mescal, with whom Taylor Swift shares a group chat alongside Andrew Scott, called the "tortured men's club" or "the lonely tortured man club."
  • A source close to Paul Mescal expressed that he was hurt and shocked by the album's call out.
  • Mike's Mike comments on the pattern of Taylor Swift's exes being upset about being featured in her songs.

"Paul Mescal uh Mescal mascal I think it's mcll they have a group chat with Andrew Scott called the tortured men's club. so what's the name of the WhatsApp group that we're in tortured. it's either the tortured or the lonely tortured man. Club I think."

This quote introduces the alleged inspiration behind the album, Paul Mescal, and the group chat he shares with Taylor Swift and Andrew Scott, which is humorously named after the theme of the album.

Track One: "Fortnite" featuring Post Malone

  • Track one is titled "Fortnite," which is not related to the game but signifies a period of two weeks in British terminology.
  • Taylor Swift and Post Malone's collaboration is exciting for fans due to their mutual appreciation and a heartwarming public interaction they had previously.
  • The song's title and release timing may hint at Taylor Swift's breakup with an unnamed individual, occurring two weeks after the start of the AOS tour, and may suggest the album is a breakup album.

"fortnite this is not how you spell it it is there there is no correlation between the game but there track one is fortnite featuring post Malone and if you are a fan of post Malone as well you understand how this collab is very exciting and you're probably wondering why because they had their first public interaction at like the bbmas or something and they hugged."

The quote discusses the first track of the album, "Fortnite," and the collaboration with Post Malone, highlighting the anticipation for the song due to the artists' mutual respect and a memorable public interaction.

The Great Unfollowing and the American Revolution

  • The album's release date coincides with a significant unfollowing event involving Taylor Swift's friends and the unnamed ex, which occurred on April 19th—the start date of the American Revolution.
  • Mike's Mike suggests that the album could metaphorically start a war, drawing parallels between the American Revolution and the unfollowing event, as well as the British-American dynamic between the unnamed ex and Swift.

"after April 8th like 2 weeks later on the 19th the the great unfollowing happens which also you're probably wondering why the American Revolution photo is here coincidentally the American Revolution started on April 19th."

This quote connects the timing of the album's release and the "great unfollowing" to the historical date of the American Revolution's start, implying a symbolic start of a new conflict related to the album's themes.

Easter Eggs and Song Correlations

  • Mike's Mike discusses the correlation between new and old songs, suggesting Easter eggs and connections within the lyrics.
  • He claims "my boy breaks his favorite toys" correlates to Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" with similar thematic elements.
  • He also draws a connection between "so long London" and "London boy," indicating a shift in sentiment towards London.

"The song called my boy breaks his favorite toys is in direct correlation to Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift with the lyrics bad bad boy shiny toy with a price she's the price she's the toy and he breaks his favorite toy so long London our little London boy here that's our track five."

This quote explains Mike's Mike's interpretation of the song "my boy breaks his favorite toys" as being thematically linked to Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer," specifically through the motif of a boy and his toys, which symbolizes a relationship.

"Our little London boy here gets a track five called so long London I feel like that was very obvious that London boy and so long London parallel each other."

Mike's Mike is pointing out the apparent parallel between "London boy" and "so long London," suggesting a narrative progression or thematic connection between the two songs.

The Little Mermaid Analogy

  • Nicole Rafie discusses a song that references a line from The Little Mermaid, drawing parallels to the character Ariel's sacrifice for love.
  • She suggests the protagonist of the song gave up her "voice" for a quiet life, metaphorically indicating a loss of personal expression or identity.

"But daddy I love him is a line in The Little Mermaid that came out in 1989. so basically she talks to her dad about being in a relationship with this guy and he's like no. no. no it can't happen you are a mermaid. and he is a human. and she's like. but daddy I love him."

Nicole Rafie compares the song's narrative to Ariel's story in The Little Mermaid, where Ariel proclaims her love despite her father's disapproval, symbolizing forbidden or challenging love.

"And she basically sold her voice for a quiet life okay. and we're going to get back into that little um that subject when we get to another song which is at the end of the album but girlfriend cooped herself up she basically got rid of her voice for a quiet life and by her voice I mean her buness."

Here, Nicole Rafie interprets the protagonist's actions in the song as a metaphor for sacrificing one's own personality or career ("voice") for the sake of a relationship, drawing a direct analogy to Ariel's sacrifice in The Little Mermaid.

Florida and Florence and the Machine

  • Mike's Mike theorizes that the song titled "Florida" might be about freedom post-breakup and associates it with Florence and the Machine's influence.

"Her first show she played after breaking up with Mr redacted London boy here was in Florida on the ays tour. so everybody's going to be like what is is that is that what Florida is about."

Mike's Mike suggests that the song "Florida" could be reflective of a personal experience, specifically the first show played after a breakup, which could inform the emotional tone of the song.

Infidelity and "Guilty as Sin"

  • Mike's Mike speculates that "Guilty as Sin" may address themes of infidelity, referencing a line from a song written for "Where the Crawdads Sing."

"Guilty as Sin question mark is in direct correlation to Carolina that she wrote for where the crow dad sing she literally says in the last Verse Chorus whatever you want to call it that I was guilty of sin and sleeping in a liar's bed so people are speculating that redacted cheated on her."

The quote indicates that listeners are speculating a connection between the song "Guilty as Sin" and themes of betrayal and infidelity, as hinted at in lyrics from another song associated with Taylor Swift.

"Who's Afraid of Little Old Me" and Film References

  • Mike's Mike connects "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me" to the film "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and its exploration of tumultuous relationships.
  • He notes the thematic overlap with Taylor Swift's previous work and the use of film references to deepen the narrative.

"Who's afraid of little old me. I don't know why it printed so tiny I will insert a photo here but people think it's in direct correlation to the play and the movie Mostly the movie because of two actors that are in the movie who's Afraid of Virginia wolf and the film has Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton reputation era and ready for it he can be my Jailer Burton to this tailor."

Mike's Mike draws a connection between the song and the movie "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" suggesting thematic similarities and a possible reference to Taylor Swift's own lyrics that mention Burton and Taylor.

Relationship Dynamics in "I Can Fix Him"

  • Mike's Mike discusses the theme of attempting to fix a partner's flaws in "I Can Fix Him," reflecting on past relationship issues and the desire for normalcy.

"But I can fix him. no. but really I can I think is going to talk about how there were always problems in their relationship especially in the way that he wanted to kind of hide everything. and she was like well why can't we just like act normally like a normal like keep it private. but also if we get asked about each other not to try to hide it."

In this quote, Mike's Mike predicts that "I Can Fix Him" will address the struggles within a relationship, particularly the tension between privacy and openness, and the unhealthy dynamic of trying to change a partner.

Resilience of Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift is characterized as a resilient woman who doesn't allow obstacles to hinder her.
  • Despite a heartbreak, she continues to perform passionately, as seen in a clip from the arrow tour.
  • Her resilience is expected to be a theme in a song that discusses overcoming challenges.

"She's a very resilient woman she won't let anything get in her way never never going to let anything get in her way."

The quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's determination and steadfastness in the face of adversity, highlighting her as a strong and unyielding figure in both her personal life and professional career.

Taylor Swift's Career and Ownership of Music

  • Taylor Swift's first 15 years of her career were under the control of Big Machine Records.
  • The song "Smallest Man" may address her feelings towards Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, the figures associated with her previous label.
  • Swift's move to UMG and Republic Records in 2019 marked a significant change in her career.

"Her first 15 years of her career got stolen from her so I think that song is going to be about scooter and Scott Scott Borchetta was the old owner of big machine record label which she was signed to for like 15 years up until the reputation era."

This quote discusses the speculated content of a song that may reflect Taylor Swift's feelings about the loss of control over her music during her time with Big Machine Records and her issues with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta.

The Alchemy and Symbolism in Taylor Swift's Music

  • The concept of alchemy relates to transformation, a theme present in Swift's music.
  • Gold is a recurring symbol in her albums, representing various themes and emotions.
  • The song "Alchemy" might explore the idea of transforming a relationship into something valuable, even if the foundation was not genuine.

"The Alchemy is basically the transformation of matter and it directly relates to like changing lead into gold and as we know Taylor references gold a lot of the time in her songs."

This quote connects the metaphor of alchemy to Taylor Swift's use of gold in her lyrics, suggesting that her songs often deal with themes of transformation and value.

Clara Bow and Taylor Swift's Image

  • Clara Bow was a silent film actress who transitioned to "talkies" and was known as the original "It Girl."
  • A song might draw parallels between Clara Bow's life and Taylor Swift's own experiences in the spotlight.
  • Speculation suggests that Swift may address themes of fame and stepping away from the limelight.

"Clara B she was a silent film actor that ended up moving into the talkies which is basically like the black and white talking films whatever you get it um but she was the original it girl guess where oh she has a Hollywood star of Fame guess where that is on Sunset and Vine you know what else references Sunset and Vine gorgeous the lyrics in gorgeous."

The quote discusses Clara Bow's career and her impact on Hollywood, drawing a connection to Taylor Swift's lyrics and potentially hinting at a song's thematic exploration of fame and identity.

The Manuscript and Taylor Swift's Storytelling

  • The upcoming album's marketing suggests a theme of uncovering truths or delving into a narrative.
  • The manuscript may symbolize a deeper dive into personal experiences or unresolved issues.
  • The album's presentation hints at an academic or investigative approach to storytelling.

"This album's going to be very like Academia kind of Department hello Department. she's the chairman makes sense and part of me kind of thinks that this album the reason why it's being I guess marketed with Merch this way is because it's going to be like she's getting down to the bottom of everything."

This quote implies that Taylor Swift's new album might take a more analytical or methodical approach to her songwriting, potentially offering insights into her personal and professional journeys.

Taylor Swift's Album Clues

  • Taylor Swift's marketing strategies include Easter eggs and hints about her upcoming albums.
  • During the Midnight's era, hints were already being dropped about a new album in the works.
  • A TikTok video featuring a desk and a calendar with the word "manifest" and ticking sounds is believed to be an Easter egg for her album "Tortured Poets."
  • The ticking sound relates to the "tick tick tick" lyric from a post announcing the album.
  • A quill seen in the video is linked to Taylor Swift's categorization of her songwriting tools and styles.
  • Lyrics from the album announcement, "my veins of Pitch Black Ink," connect to the use of a quill which requires black ink.

"but from the the desk of Taylor Swift if you remember back from the Midnight's era which obviously by the time midnights was being marketed released All That Jazz this album was being written okay this album was being worked on written all that stuff it was in the early stages I would assume and there is literally a Tik Tok video of a desk and a calendar right. and it says manifest on it and that jazz insert photo here here's the full Tik Tok video in question you can obviously hear that ticking noise in the background which people are trying to relate to when we got the album announcement with the tick tick tick um ticking love bombs lyric that we got from that post."

This quote explains the connection between a TikTok video and the marketing of Taylor Swift's album, suggesting that the visual and audio elements were intentional clues (Easter eggs) hinting at the album's theme and content.

Interpretations of "Love of My Life"

  • The song "m o ml" from the album is speculated to stand for "love of my life" or "loss of my life."
  • There is debate over whether it will be a love song or a breakup song.
  • The use of an acronym for the song title is thought to give less meaning to the phrase "love of my life."

"there's a song on this album called m o ml people are saying it's short form for love of my life also other people are saying it's going to be loss of my life are you really going to talk about about time like dag. myet. I guess we'll just see when it comes out even if it was called love of my life I think it would be not it would not be a love song I don't think I think it'd definitely be like a little bit of a break upy song kind of like that's why she shortened it down she doesn't want to call it love of my life she's going to call it the acronym for it because she is trying to I totally brain farted here and just for got what I was going to say. but she basically is trying to give the meaning of l m. l less meaning by shortening it into an acronym"

This quote discusses the ambiguity and potential meanings behind the acronym "m o ml" in relation to a song title on the album, suggesting that the acronym may be used to diminish the impact of the phrase "love of my life."

Yin and Yang Symbolism and Lyric Connections

  • The logo for the "Tortured Poets Department" includes imagery resembling the yin and yang symbol.
  • A lyric from a previous song, "I love you it's ruining my life," is compared to "I love you ain't that the worst thing you ever heard" from "Cruel Summer."
  • The progression from love to its ruin is highlighted in the lyrics, indicating a thematic connection.

"the logo for the tortured poets Department insert a photo here in that little like part where the D is it kind of looks like part of the yin Yin and yangang symbol also I forgot to talk about I love you it's ruining my life mentioned this in a past video that song lyric relates to Cruel Summer in a way I love you ain't that the worst thing you ever heard also posing a question here how does girl friend go from I've loved you three Summers now honey too I love you it's ruining my life so these lyrics are going to be in one of these songs we're probably going to get some clarity on that."

The quote connects the visual element of the "Tortured Poets Department" logo to the yin and yang symbol and discusses the thematic link between lyrics from different songs, suggesting a narrative of love's progression and its challenges.

Easter Eggs and Album Announcements

  • Taylor Swift's album announcements often contain hidden messages and clues, known as Easter eggs.
  • The capitalization of 11 T's in the announcement of "1989 Taylor's Version" led to fan theories.
  • The repetition of "my my my my" in song lyrics is connected to "Death By A Thousand Cuts" and hints at the album's breakup theme.

"when 1989 Taylor's version the announcement thing was released there were 11 T's that were capitalized and then everybody just kind of ended up seeing that being. like Oh my God she was counting to 11 uh I forgot to print out this photo here as well. but I mentioned it in another another video. but I'm just going to compile it here just so they're all here together Jack and Taylor got number one song for Cruel Summer they posed with Jack Jack going like ah and then Taylor going like this that equals 11 obviously and also another little thing with the announcement that came with or I should say the song lyrics that came with this announcement was that she said my my my my four times. and we all know where the my my my my. it's from Death By A Thousand Cuts."

This quote provides examples of how Taylor Swift uses Easter eggs in her album announcements, with specific references to capitalized letters and repeated phrases that fans interpret as clues to the album's content and theme.

Album Progression and Themes

  • Taylor Swift's albums "Lover," "Midnights," and "Tortured Poets" show a progression in the portrayal of love and relationships.
  • "Lover" encompasses various forms of love, while "Midnights" begins to introduce the concept of a breakup.
  • "Tortured Poets" is implied to be the definitive breakup album, completing the thematic journey.

"I have girlhood on a spectrum you probably cannot see this. but it goes lover midnights then tortured poets you can kind of see the progression which is kind of wild anyways that's all I've got"

The quote outlines a spectrum of themes across Taylor Swift's albums, suggesting a progression from love in its many forms to the specific exploration of breakups and their emotional aftermath.

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