A Definitive Ranking Of Insane Taylor Swift Moments in 2023

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In a lively year-end recap, the Swiftolist reflects on the most memorable events of Taylor Swift's 2023. From the Grammys and the "Eras" tour to the release of "Speak Now" and "1989" Taylor's Versions, the Swiftolist ranks the year's highlights, including the public debut of Swift's relationship with Travis Kelsey. Controversies such as Scooter Braun's copyright strikes and the "Jover" breakup also feature prominently. Notable moments include Taylor's VMAs appearance, collaborations with Beyonce, and her Time Person of the Year accolade. The Swiftolist also teases upcoming content, including Grammy-focused videos and an "Evolution of a Snake" live show in London, expressing gratitude for the channel's growth and the engagement of viewers.

Summary Notes

Year-End Reflection

  • The speaker reflects on the past year, describing it as chaotic, magical, and intriguing.
  • They express a sense of accomplishment for making it through the year and hint at the significance of the discussed events.
  • The speaker is known for their detailed chronicling of Taylor Swift's life and career.

"Well, we did it swifties we have made it to the end of the year it is the close of 20223 and what a year it has been."

The quote reflects a sense of achievement and the passing of time, emphasizing the speaker's dedication to following Taylor Swift's career.

Channel Update and Plans

  • The speaker announces plans for Grammy-related content in January on their channel.
  • They encourage viewers to subscribe, revealing that a significant portion of their audience isn't subscribed.
  • The speaker mentions the threat of copyright strikes from Scooter Braun and the need to grow their follower base for support.

"January is going to be Grammy month on the Swift olist Channel and I will be hopefully launching Channel memberships too so you can get weekly live streams right here on YouTube."

This quote outlines the channel's upcoming content and features, highlighting the speaker's dedication to providing in-depth pop culture analysis.

Personal Rituals and Intentions

  • The speaker shares their personal ritual of lighting a specific candle and saying a prayer.
  • They express animosity towards Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, hoping for their misfortune.

"So dear Lord please make sure that Scott Borchetta and scooter braa have terrible days and that nothing good ever happens to them ever again amen."

The quote reveals the speaker's personal feelings and the adversarial relationship with Braun and Borchetta, which influences their content and perspective.

Taylor Swift's 2023 Moments Tier List

  • The speaker has created a tier list to rank Taylor Swift's most significant moments of the year.
  • The tier list categories range from positive to negative, with varying degrees of impact.
  • The speaker admits the timeline may not be perfectly chronological due to the sheer volume of events.

"This is the tier list that I made and some of the images and icons may not make sense to you and I may have forgotten why I put them in there while I'm making this video."

This quote indicates the speaker's thorough but potentially imperfect method of cataloging events, showing their commitment to detail.

2023 Grammys and the "Haylor" Reunion

  • The speaker was unimpressed with Taylor Swift's Grammy outfit but highlights a significant reunion.
  • The "Haylor" reunion at the Grammys is seen as a foreshadowing of future revelations about Taylor Swift's personal life.

"However, there's a moment from the Grammys that's going straight into thank you Jesus and that was The haer Reunion."

The quote emphasizes the importance of the reunion between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, marking it as a notable event in the year.

Lavender Haze Music Video

  • The speaker considers the "Lavender Haze" music video to be mediocre.
  • They appreciate the lack of dialogue in the video but are not overly impressed.

"So I liked the lavender Hayes music video is it the best one from midnights I'm I'm trying to like compare it to the other ones I think the midnights visually was an extremely lacking era so lavender."

The quote reflects the speaker's critical view of the "Lavender Haze" music video and its place within the "Midnights" era.

Ashley M Legion Controversy

  • The speaker discusses Ashley M Legion's viral presence and her lies.
  • They find humor in the situation and have created content dissecting Ashley's claims.

"So I'm actually going to put this in a moment most pleasing to me because it was funny because there was an element of humor to it."

The quote shows the speaker's perspective on the Ashley M Legion controversy, finding entertainment value in the situation.

Breakup with Joe Alwyn ("Jover")

  • The speaker discusses the public's reaction to Taylor Swift's breakup with Joe Alwyn.
  • They mention their own accurate predictions regarding the breakup and the response from Swift's fanbase.

"No and you know what J was crazy because I would just like to point everyone in the direction of the many videos I've made chronicling that Saga every prediction I made has come true."

The quote reveals the speaker's involvement in discussing the breakup and their confidence in their analytical abilities regarding Taylor Swift's personal life.

Rhinestone Butterfly Jean Appearance

  • The speaker describes Taylor Swift's first appearance post-breakup as a significant moment.
  • They refer to her as the "queen of chaos," alluding to her influence on the fandom.

"Taylor Swift first appearance post jover where she was being positively Beed in a rhinestone butterfly Jean walking out looking mysterious a knowing twinkle in her eye queen of chaos about to wreak some Havoc upon the phandom this is a thank you Jesus moment too."

The quote captures the speaker's view of Taylor Swift's post-breakup appearance as a pivotal moment, reflecting her impact on her audience.

The Eras Tour

  • The speaker considers the Eras Tour to be Taylor Swift's greatest achievement.
  • They attribute its success to her resilience following past challenges, such as the 2016 controversy and the loss of her masters.

"The aist Tor is I mean probably her greatest achievement her greatest accomplishment and it was all spawned by these two completely terrible things that happened to her getting cancelled in 2016 and having her Masters taken away from her."

This quote discusses the significance of the Eras Tour and its roots in Taylor Swift's past difficulties, highlighting her ability to overcome and succeed.

Setlist Change on the Eras Tour

  • The speaker finds humor in Taylor Swift's decision to swap out "Invisible String" for "The One" on the Eras Tour setlist after the breakup with Joe Alwyn.
  • This change is seen as a direct response to the breakup.

"Taylor immediately after J was announced swapping out invisible string on the folklore set list of the ARs tour for the one I thought this was so funny especially because I think."

The quote points out a specific and humorous reaction by Taylor Swift to her personal life events, illustrating her interaction with the public and her fans.

Setlist Choices and Fan Reactions

  • Taylor Swift's decision to exclude "Invisible String" from the setlist was based on its specificity to her relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • "Lover" is considered more general and relatable, which is why it remained.
  • Fans expressed disappointment over the removal of "Invisible String" from the setlist.

"Invisible String is like too much of a tailor joe song so she took that off."

  • This quote suggests that "Invisible String" was too closely tied to Taylor Swift's personal life with Joe Alwyn, prompting its removal from the setlist to maintain a level of general relatability in her performances.

Behind the Scenes and Music Video Predictions

  • Behind-the-scenes photos of Taylor Swift in the "Speak Now" dress stealing a picture frame were released.
  • Fans, including the speaker, correctly predicted the theme and content of the "I Can See You" music video.
  • The photos and the nostalgia they invoked were significant to long-time fans.

"When these pictures came out I correctly guessed the theme and the content of the I Can See You music video."

  • The speaker highlights their ability to predict the content of Taylor Swift's music video, indicating the importance of behind-the-scenes content in fan engagement and speculation.

Taylor Swift's Public Statements and Fan Interpretations

  • Taylor Swift made a public declaration of love during a performance, which was considered surprising and "unhinged" by fans.
  • Fans were confused by her seemingly rapid shift in romantic feelings.
  • This period was described as unpredictable and emotionally charged for Taylor Swift fans.

"It's the I love you part that was so unhinged to me."

  • The speaker found Taylor Swift's public declaration of love to be particularly shocking and unexpected, emphasizing the unpredictability of her actions during this time.

Matty Healey's Presence and Impact

  • Matty Healey's attendance at Taylor Swift's concert and his supportive demeanor were noted.
  • Fans appreciated seeing a man in the music industry show respect for Taylor Swift's accomplishments.
  • The speaker reflects on the enjoyment of seeing Matty Healey's support before subsequent events unfolded.

"Having the respect come from someone like Matty Healey who was also a musician in the industry like he probably really understands why Taylor Swift is so good."

  • This quote indicates that Matty Healey's understanding of the music industry added weight to his support of Taylor Swift, making his presence at her concert more impactful.

Comparisons and Jokes Among Fans

  • Fans compared Joe Alwyn and Matty Healey, creating memes and jokes.
  • The speaker appreciates the new humor that emerged from the situation, despite any negative outcomes.

"But Maddie lets her be jeweled."

  • This quote is a reference to a fan joke comparing Joe Alwyn and Matty Healey, which the speaker enjoys as a light-hearted aspect of fan culture.

Stage Presence and Musical Interpretations

  • Taylor Swift's on-stage demeanor and declarations of happiness were discussed.
  • The speaker questions the authenticity of her happiness during this period but acknowledges her joyful stage presence.
  • The song "Question" was performed with an "unhinged" introduction, leading to fan speculation about its meaning.

"This is the happiest I've ever been."

  • Taylor Swift's claim of being at her happiest is highlighted, suggesting a significant moment of joy during her performance, though the speaker questions the timing and authenticity of this sentiment.

Album Releases and Marketing Strategies

  • The release of the "Midnight's 3:00 a.m. Edition" was seen as a strategic move, possibly related to chart positioning.
  • The addition of songs like "Hits Different" and "Snow on the Beach" featuring Morana Del re was positively received.
  • "You're Losing Me From the Vault" was praised for its personal and revealing lyrics, adding depth to the "Midnights" album.

"I mean obvious cash grab there was a reason for this at the time she was trying to get number one or something."

  • The speaker suggests that the release of the "Midnight's 3:00 a.m. Edition" had a commercial motive, likely related to achieving chart success.

Speak Now Taylor's Version and Fan Gratitude

  • The re-recording of "Speak Now Taylor's Version" was celebrated for its faithfulness to the original.
  • The importance of Vault tracks in an album's success and fan reception was noted.
  • Taylor Swift's forward letter provided insights into the album and her personal connection to it.

"Two re-recordings in one year what did we ever do to deserve that."

  • The speaker expresses gratitude and amazement at the release of two re-recorded albums in a single year, highlighting the generosity of Taylor Swift towards her fans.

Dealing with Past Relationships and Public Perception

  • Taylor Swift's attempt to dissuade fans from targeting her ex-boyfriend John Mayer was mentioned.
  • The speaker reflects on the difficulty of retracting statements once fans have been encouraged to support an artist's personal grievances.

"I wish this was over because I don't want to stop coming after Dear John."

  • The speaker expresses a reluctance to cease criticism of John Mayer, despite Taylor Swift's request, showing the complex relationship between artist-led narratives and fan actions.

John Mayer's Career and Taylor Swift

  • John Mayer's career now revolves around discussing Taylor Swift and attending her tour events uninvited.
  • Mayer's actions, such as doing backflips at the ARs tour movie premiere, are perceived as a fall from grace.

"I mean the fact that his entire career now is essentially having a podcast and talking about Taylor Swift and attending the ARs tour movie Uninvited to the premiere and just randomly doing back flips in the movie theater I mean. oh how the Mighty Fall."

  • This quote emphasizes how John Mayer's current focus on Taylor Swift and his uninvited presence at her tour events are seen as a decline from his previous celebrity status.

Taylor Swift's Tour Set List and Performances

  • Taylor Swift added "Long Live" to the Speak Now tour set list, which was a highlight for fans.
  • The performance of "Long Live" on the ER Tour was especially meaningful as it represents different eras of Swift's career.
  • Fans hope "Long Live" remains on the set list for future tours.

"Taylor adding Long Live to the speak now tour set list and breaking out the koish guitar that was one of my favorite moments of the year for sure."

  • This quote reflects the fan's excitement and emotional connection to Taylor Swift adding "Long Live" to her tour set list, indicating its significance in her discography.

Music Video Critique

  • The music video for "I Can See You" is criticized for lacking relevance to the Speak Now era and not featuring enough of Taylor Swift.
  • The video is seen as a missed opportunity for a visual representation of the era.
  • "Foolish One" is suggested as a better representation of the Speak Now Vault songs.

"I just again I thought that this video was so pointless I think the concept of it was cool there wasn't enough tailor in it."

  • The quote critiques the "I Can See You" music video for not including enough content related to Taylor Swift and for not effectively representing the Speak Now era.

Fan Moments and Interactions

  • The anecdote about Travis Kelsey making friendship bracelets and being unable to meet Taylor Swift due to her vocal rest is seen as humorous.
  • The story is viewed with ambivalence but is recognized as an iconic moment in fan lore.

"Travis Kelsey making friendship bracelets and uh being told that Taylor was on vocal rest and couldn't meet him after the show the very first time that was funny to me that was funny."

  • This quote recounts a humorous incident involving a fan, Travis Kelsey, who was unable to meet Taylor Swift, providing insight into the more light-hearted and human aspects of celebrity-fan interactions.

Carly Claus at the IRS Tour

  • Carly Claus's attendance at the IRS tour is noted for its stark contrast to her previous VIP experiences.
  • Her presence is described as karma and is seen as a fall from grace.
  • There is speculation about Taylor Swift's reaction to Claus's attendance.

"To see Carly CLA as a brunette sitting in the nose bleeds in seats that she likely had to buy for thousands of dollars on StubHub resale after being in the VIP tent for two consecutive tours I mean we have to laugh karma is my boyfriend."

  • This quote highlights the perceived irony and reversal of fortune for Carly Claus, who went from VIP status at previous tours to purchasing resale tickets in less prestigious seating, suggesting a shift in her relationship with Taylor Swift.

"Cruel Summer" Going Number One

  • "Cruel Summer" reaching number one on the Hot 100 is celebrated as a deserved achievement.
  • The song's resurgence years after its release is attributed to fan support and organic popularity.
  • The success of "Cruel Summer" is seen as a testament to the enduring impact of Taylor Swift's music.

"Cruel summer going number one on the Hot 100. I mean deserved I've been begging pleading crying and screaming for justice for Cruel Summer for years at this point."

  • The quote expresses the speaker's strong emotional investment in the song "Cruel Summer" and satisfaction with its chart-topping success, emphasizing the passion of Taylor Swift's fan base.

1989 Announcement and Easter Eggs

  • The "blue out" for the 1989 announcement is praised for being a clever and immediate Easter egg.
  • The change in color of iconic dresses to blue is appreciated, particularly the Speak Now era dress.
  • There is a desire for the return of specific tour dresses.

"The blue out for 1989 announcement night I loved this I thought this was such a fun not annoying Easter eggy way to give an Easter egg that was about to become revealed immediately."

  • This quote appreciates the marketing strategy behind the "blue out" for the 1989 announcement, recognizing it as an effective and enjoyable way to engage fans with upcoming releases.

Taylor Swift's Public Appearances and Music Releases

  • Taylor Swift's appearance at a chief's game and the subsequent illusion about it being her first date is noted.
  • The release of 1989 Taylor's version is celebrated, with particular praise for the Vault tracks.
  • The lack of a music video for 1989 Taylor's version is seen as a missed opportunity for visual storytelling.

"Amidst all this we have Taylor showing up at the chief's game. and I'm putting this in a moment most pleasing to me because that was a funny night."

  • This quote reflects on Taylor Swift's unexpected appearance at a chief's game, which is remembered as a humorous and enjoyable event for fans.

VMAs Afterparty and Fashion Choices

  • Taylor Swift's denim dress at the VMAs afterparty is highlighted as a standout fashion moment.
  • The red carpet gown is acknowledged but not seen as particularly special.

"Her Afterparty denim dress was such a serve this is her with all her VMAs I'm putting that look into the thank you Jesus moment because that was the look of the ear."

  • The quote praises Taylor Swift's afterparty outfit choice, indicating its impact and memorability among her various public appearances.

IRAs Tour Film

  • Taylor Swift expresses gratitude for the availability of the IRAs Tour film on demand.
  • She highlights the film's high-quality cinematography and execution.
  • Taylor hopes for the release of behind-the-scenes documentation and a master recordings project.

"I am so pleased that we get to have the IRAs Tour on demand before the tour is even halfway done."

This quote shows Taylor Swift's appreciation for the early release of the tour film, allowing fans to enjoy the experience before the tour concludes.

"I just hope that there is some sort of behind-the-scenes process that has been documented."

Taylor Swift is expressing a desire for additional content that gives insight into the making of the tour, indicating the value she places on the creative process.

Beyonce and Taylor Collaboration

  • Taylor Swift and Beyonce's collaboration is celebrated as a momentous event.
  • The collaboration is seen as a move to end fan wars and comparisons between the two artists.
  • Taylor and Beyonce are recognized for their distinct talents and contributions to the music industry.

"Beyonce and Taylor linking up to defy the Stan Wars and to get people to stop comparing the box office numbers for their two films."

This quote highlights the unity between Beyonce and Taylor Swift, showcasing their effort to rise above fan conflicts and comparisons in the industry.

"Beyonce is the most talented performer of Our Generation and Taylor Swift is the most talented songwriter of her generation."

The quote emphasizes the distinct strengths of Beyonce and Taylor Swift, arguing that comparisons between their talents are unwarranted due to their unique skill sets.

Taylor and Travis's Public Appearance

  • Taylor and Travis's first public walk (patw walk) is celebrated as a significant moment.
  • Taylor's outfit and demeanor during the event are praised.
  • The public appearance is seen as a happy and confident display of her relationship.

"The popw Walk of course is a legend, a hallow tradition for Taylor Swift."

This quote refers to Taylor Swift's history of noteworthy public appearances, suggesting that this event is in keeping with her established image.

"She just looked so happy to be having a hunk on her arm and to be proudly be demonstrating her new purse."

The quote describes Taylor Swift's appearance and demeanor during the public walk, emphasizing her happiness and confidence.

Taylor's Musical Mashup Performance

  • Taylor Swift's performance of a mashup is highlighted as a notable moment.
  • The mashup included her songs "Is It Over Now" and "Out of the Woods."
  • The performance is seen as a direct connection to her personal life, specifically her relationship with Harry Styles (Haylor).

"Taylor singing a mashup of is it over now and Out of the Woods, that's my crazy girl."

This quote shows excitement for Taylor Swift's creative choice in performing a mashup that fans interpret as relating to her past relationship with Harry Styles.

Taylor's Social Media Interactions

  • Taylor Swift's online activity, including liking tweets, is scrutinized for potential hidden messages.
  • Fans speculate about the implications of her interactions for her personal life and music.

"Taylor liking that tweet about Paul McCartney and sweet nothing and trying to like make us think that it was no longer about Joe."

This quote reflects the intense analysis by fans of Taylor Swift's social media activity, looking for clues about her personal relationships and song inspirations.

  • The second collaboration between Beyonce and Taylor Swift at the Renaissance film premiere is celebrated.
  • Both artists are praised for their fashion choices and the significance of their public appearance together.

"Second Beyonce and Taylor link up I mean even better than the first."

This quote implies that the second public collaboration between Beyonce and Taylor Swift was even more impactful than their first, highlighting the importance of their alliance in the music industry.

Tree Paine's Departure

  • The departure of Tree Paine, Taylor Swift's publicist, is discussed.
  • Taylor's decision-making in her team's structure is trusted, but there's uncertainty about the long-term effects.

"Tree Paine ending deoa a moment most pleasing to me."

The quote mentions Tree Paine's departure, indicating that it was a significant moment for the speaker, but the reasons and consequences are left open for discussion.

Taylor Swift as Time Person of the Year

  • Taylor Swift's recognition as Time Person of the Year is seen as a crowning achievement.
  • The accolade is a testament to her influence and accomplishments over the year.

"Taylor being the Time person of the year I mean come on now that really was the crowning achievement to a year of total and complete slayage."

This quote celebrates Taylor Swift's selection as Time Person of the Year, suggesting it is the pinnacle of her success and influence in that year.

Channel Growth and Future Plans

  • The speaker reflects on the growth of their channel and the coverage of Taylor Swift-related content.
  • Plans for attending future IRAs tour shows and creating more content are discussed.
  • A live show in London and the expansion of the channel's focus beyond Taylor Swift are anticipated.

"It has been an unhinged exponential year of growth for this Channel."

This quote indicates the channel's significant growth over the year, largely attributed to the coverage of Taylor Swift's activities.

"I am going to a number of Aras tour shows and I am planning a number of more looks to gag you with."

The speaker shares their excitement for attending upcoming tour shows and creating content that will surprise and entertain their audience.

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