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In today's Gym Launch Turndown Tuesday, the host emphasizes the importance of understanding and implementing the four client milestones to enhance customer experience and retention. These milestones are: connecting new clients with the community to mitigate early drop-off risks, encouraging referrals and testimonials to leverage client satisfaction for business growth, and focusing on resell or ascension to maintain client engagement. The host underscores that these milestones are crucial for a successful customer journey and should be supported by team awareness and structured processes. Additionally, the host stresses the significance of client status in referrals and the need for a systematic approach to collecting testimonials and rewarding staff, which ultimately drives company-wide success.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Tactical Tuesday

  • Tactical Tuesday is a day without meetings at Gym Launch, designed for productivity and getting things done (GSD).
  • The focus is on the four client milestones in the customer journey.

Today is tactical Tuesday at gym launch Turndown Tuesday, which means we don't have meetings on Tuesdays so that everyone can gsd and get things done.

The quote emphasizes the purpose of Tactical Tuesday at Gym Launch, which is to enhance productivity by eliminating meetings and focusing on tasks.

Understanding the Four Client Milestones

  • The four client milestones are a structured communication approach used at Gym Launch.
  • These milestones are not touchpoints but rather key actions or end results desired in the customer path.
  • The milestones are directly adapted from the speaker's experience running gyms to the Gym Launch business model.

So the four client milestones are the four things that we structure all of our communications in gym launch to hit.

The quote explains that the four client milestones are central to the communication strategy at Gym Launch, aiming at guiding the customer journey.

Milestone 1: Connection

  • Connection is the first milestone, crucial for new clients especially in the first 7-10 days.
  • The goal is for new clients to connect with the community and trainers to reduce the risk of them leaving due to overwhelm or confusion.
  • Strategies include assigning accountability buddies and coaches, as well as personalized messages from trainers.

The first thing you want any new customer to do is going to be connect.

This quote highlights the importance of the first milestone, which is for new clients to establish a connection within the gym's community to foster a sense of belonging and support.

Milestone 2 and 3: Refer and Testimonial

  • The second and third milestones, refer and testimonial, are interchangeable depending on the customer.
  • Some customers may refer friends before providing a testimonial, while others may do the opposite.
  • Both referrals and testimonials are important for business growth and customer engagement.

The second thing that we want them to do and second and third are kind of interchangeable because it depends on the type of customer that you're dealing with. So two and three are refer and testimonial.

The quote explains that the milestones of referring other customers and providing testimonials can occur in varying order, depending on the individual customer's experience and actions.

Hyperactive Buyers and Their Influence

  • Hyperactive buyers are enthusiastic and tend to ascend through product offerings.
  • These individuals often act as influencers due to their eagerness to share their positive experiences.
  • They use their relational capital to refer others, enhancing their own status.
  • The speaker exemplifies this behavior by referring 20 people to a shirt brand they liked.

"And so those types of people are hyperactive buyers. They're awesome buyers. When you get those people, they're awesome. They always ascend all the way up. They're phenomenal."

This quote highlights the value of hyperactive buyers and their tendency to fully engage with a brand or product.

"I think I probably referred them 20 people who bought shirts from them, right? Just in the first week because I was like, this is awesome."

The speaker provides a personal anecdote to illustrate the influence of a satisfied hyperactive buyer.

The Psychology of Referrals

  • People refer others to increase their own status and gain relational capital.
  • If a business is not exceptional, customers may hesitate to refer to protect their reputation.
  • A referral is a risk to the referrer's status if the business underperforms.
  • Businesses need to be exceptional for customers to feel confident in making referrals.

"The only reason that people refer people to a business is to increase their own status."

This quote explains the primary motivation behind why customers make referrals, emphasizing the social benefit they expect to receive.

"Most times, you're in the range of just not good enough to refer, but not bad enough to leave."

This quote outlines the common dilemma businesses face, being adequate but not outstanding, which hinders customer referrals.

Importance of Community and Connection

  • Connection within a community increases customer retention.
  • Events and summits are strategies to foster community among customers.
  • Interpersonal connections within the community can lead to problem-solving and support.

"Okay, so first stage is connection. You got to get them into the community, meeting people."

This quote underscores the significance of integrating customers into a community as a fundamental step in building a relationship with them.

"Because you know that when they connect with other people, the likelihood they stay is much higher."

The speaker points out that community connections are not only beneficial for customer support but also play a key role in customer retention.

Importance of Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonials play a crucial role in business outcomes and are not merely a business trick.
  • A structured process for collecting testimonials can lead to more effective feedback and improvements.
  • Providing a template for testimonials can help customers provide useful information without the fear of making mistakes.
  • Testimonials are a form of social proof that can help in the growth and credibility of a business.

"ave better outcomes. Like, it's better for them for real. It's not just like a business trick. They're better."

This quote emphasizes the genuine benefit that customer testimonials bring to both the business and the customers themselves, beyond any superficial marketing strategy.

"But right now, I'll bet you a lot of the testimonials that you get aren't structured because you haven't given them the structure."

The speaker suggests that many businesses fail to obtain quality testimonials because they do not offer a clear framework for customers to follow when providing feedback.

"You just need to give them the template so they feel okay and that they have a structure so that they can report things the way they know that you want to receive them, and then ultimately, so they can communicate their progress in a way that's actually useful for you to give them feedback."

By providing a template, businesses can alleviate customer anxiety about providing feedback and ensure that the information received is actionable and beneficial for both parties.

The Role of Gym Watch in Collecting Feedback

  • Gym Watch provides a standardized approach for members to report their statistics and progress.
  • This standardization allows the business to pinpoint where members may need additional support or guidance.
  • The process of sharing stats and experiences is designed to be uniform to facilitate better feedback and assistance from Gym Watch.

"Within Gym Watch, I'm sure a lot of you guys who are in this group see the posts that are like, here are my stats, right? Here's the amount. Like, this is how much we spent over this many days. This how many leads. This is how many scheduled. This is many showed this, how many closed at this price point. This is total revenue."

The speaker describes the specific format that Gym Watch uses to collect data from members, which includes various metrics such as expenditure, leads, scheduled appointments, show rates, close rates, and total revenue.

"If we don't have the stats, we can't give feedback."

This quote reinforces the importance of having detailed statistics in order to provide targeted and effective feedback to members.

Jim Launch's Testimonial Collection Process

  • Jim Launch has a dedicated team member responsible for collecting testimonials across different parts of the business.
  • Testimonials are shared daily during team huddles to highlight client wins and recognize team member contributions.
  • The systematic approach to testimonial collection contributes to Jim Launch having more testimonials than competitors.

"All right, so why does Jim lunch have more testimonials than everyone else? Multiple reasons. One, because we deliver better than everyone else does, but also because we have a process around collecting them."

The speaker attributes the abundance of testimonials at Jim Launch to superior service delivery and a well-defined process for gathering client feedback.

"So inside of launch, those of you who aren't there when someone says, hey, Casey's a rock star, he totally helped me fix my pixel. Or Dave Reeves, amazing. She helped me get these campaigns running. Or Mel is fantas"

This quote illustrates how testimonials at Jim Launch not only acknowledge the company's performance but also highlight individual team members' contributions, fostering a culture of recognition and accountability.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

  • Recognition is a key motivator for employees, driving them to perform better.
  • Employees gain status within the group through recognition, which is used as a reward system.
  • The company has a system where customer service interactions that receive kudos are highlighted in daily huddles.
  • The goal is to provide such exceptional service that customers feel compelled to publicly acknowledge it.

We give that person kudos and shout outs. Right? And so, same thing for them. They get status within our group about doing a great job.

This quote emphasizes the importance of acknowledging employees' good work publicly within the group, which boosts their status and motivates them to continue performing well.

Customer Service Excellence

  • Customer service team members have objectives related to the number of kudos they receive from customers.
  • The aim is for each interaction to be so positive that customers want to share their experience.
  • This excellence in service is tied to the employee's performance and recognition within the team.

That's the goal, is that every interaction is so good that someone would feel obligated to say, this was so amazing, I have to let everyone know about it.

This quote highlights the company's objective for customer service, which is to exceed expectations to the point that customers are moved to share their experiences.

Company Meetings and Client Wins

  • Weekly meetings start with client wins, showcasing successful marketing campaigns and lead costs.
  • Success stories about client transformations are shared to motivate the entire company.
  • These stories provide milestones and help connect the community, including accountability coaches and clients.

Every single weekly meeting we begin with client wins and the marketing team is going to have the client wins around how great the new campaigns are and how everyone's getting all these new lead costs that are just amazing.

This quote underlines the importance of sharing client successes in company meetings, which serves as a source of motivation and a way to highlight effective marketing strategies.

Referral Systems and Marketing

  • The company implements a referral system, asking every application, "Who referred you?"
  • The speaker emphasizes the effectiveness of referrals over traditional marketing and sales techniques.
  • At a company event, the majority of attendees were there due to referrals, proving the power of word-of-mouth.

When we were at our summit, I asked everyone like, hey, because I was trying to prove a point about, it's not about the marketing, it's not about the sales... Three quarters of the hands were raised.

This quote demonstrates the speaker's point that referrals and word-of-mouth are more powerful for the company's growth than traditional marketing and sales efforts.

Resell, Ascension, and Business Context

  • The concept of resell or ascension is important for business growth.
  • In the context of a gym, there are multiple ways to implement resell strategies.
  • The specifics of resell strategies vary based on the business type and context.

And then the last one is resell or ascension. And so within the context of your business, this looks different, right?

This quote introduces the concept of resell or ascension as a key business strategy, which needs to be adapted according to the specific context of the business.

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