1989 (Taylor’s Version) Rumour Roundup & Double Album Theory

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In this episode of "Swiftly Spoken," hosts Cameron and Lisa delve into the buzz surrounding the upcoming "1989 (Taylor's Version)," discussing track details, fan theories, and their personal anticipations. They highlight the confirmed 21 tracks, including five intriguing "From the Vault" titles, and discuss the absence of guest features, suggesting a symbolic reclaiming of Taylor Swift's work. They speculate on potential surprise releases akin to "Midnights" 3:00 a.m. edition, ponder the possibility of a dual album with acoustic renditions, and entertain the idea of remixes featuring contemporary artists. The hosts also share their excitement for the exclusive "Sweeter Than Fiction (Taylor's Version)" on the Target vinyl and the inclusion of original lyrics in special editions. Balancing confirmed facts with community conjecture, Cameron and Lisa create an engaging pre-release atmosphere for Swift's re-recorded album.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Swiftly Spoken Podcast

  • Swiftly Spoken is a family-made Taylor Swift podcast hosted by Cameron and Lisa.
  • The podcast involves breaking down Taylor Swift's lyrics, album retrospectives, and theorizing about future releases.
  • The current episode focuses on rumors and theories about the re-recorded album "1989 (Taylor's Version)".

As always we are your hosts Cameron and Lisa in this episode we're going to be discussing all the 1989 Taylor version rumors and theories as well as going over what we know as we are quickly approaching the release of Taylor's next re-recorded album.

This quote introduces the main topic of the podcast episode, which is a discussion about the upcoming "1989 (Taylor's Version)" album.

Apology for Episode Delay

  • Cameron's ceiling caved in, preventing them from recording the episode as planned.
  • The hosts express gratitude for the support on their last two episodes and apologize for the delay.

Unfortunately my ceiling basically caved in we just were physically not able to record because I generally had no belongings so literally it was as we were supposed to record the whole lot came through so um we do apologize for the delay.

This quote explains the reason behind the delay in releasing the new episode and serves as an apology to listeners.

Overview of 1989 Taylor's Version

  • "1989 (Taylor's Version)" will include 21 tracks: 16 from the original album and 5 "From the Vault" tracks.
  • The Vault tracks are titled "Say Don't Go," "Now That We Don't Talk," "Suburban Legends," and "Is It Over Now."

First we'll start off with everything we know about 1989 Taylor's version which basically is that the standard edition includes 21 tracks 16 from the original album five From the Vault tracks and the titles of those are say don't go now that we don't talk Suburban Legends and is it over now.

This quote provides details about the content of "1989 (Taylor's Version)," including the number of tracks and the titles of new additions.

Audience Engagement and Poll Results

  • The podcast engaged listeners with polls during their absence.
  • The poll results show that "Suburban Legends" and "Is It Over Now" are the most anticipated Vault tracks according to listeners.

We did try and keep you guys engaged with us by putting up some polls and one of them was which one of these tracks are people most excited for just you know from the names and obviously the two big winners were of course and also Suburban Legends.

This quote discusses how the hosts kept their audience engaged with polls and reveals the Vault tracks that listeners are most excited about.

Hosts' Anticipation for Vault Tracks

  • Both Cameron and Lisa express excitement for the Vault tracks, particularly "Suburban Legends" and "Is It Over Now."
  • They speculate on the potential themes and emotions of the new tracks based on their titles.

Suburban Legends as well it's just a really sounds like a really cool title. but I'm also quite intrigued by yeah me too like it it feels very 89 doesn't it like New York.

This quote reflects the hosts' personal excitement and curiosity about the new tracks, specifically "Suburban Legends," and how it might fit into the album's theme.

Taylor Swift's Enthusiasm for Re-Recording

  • Taylor Swift has stated that "1989 (Taylor's Version)" is her favorite re-recording to date.
  • The hosts discuss the potential quality of the Vault tracks compared to previous re-recordings.

Taylor said that this is like her favorite re-recording to date so clearly hoping these.

The hosts highlight Taylor Swift's own excitement for the re-recording, suggesting high expectations for the album.

Listening Strategies for the Re-Release

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss their personal strategies for listening to the re-released album, debating whether to start with the Vault tracks or the standard album.
  • They reflect on their past experiences with listening to Taylor's version albums and how they might approach "1989 (Taylor's Version)."

I think for the first time ever I might maybe start with the Vault straight to the Vault just cuz I'm quite excited.

This quote reveals the hosts' anticipation for the Vault tracks and their consideration of changing their usual listening order for the re-release.

Inclusion of "Sweeter Than Fiction" on Target Vinyl

  • The Target exclusive vinyl of "1989 (Taylor's Version)" will include "Sweeter Than Fiction" as an extra song.
  • The hosts discuss the placement of "Sweeter Than Fiction" in Taylor Swift's discography, with differing opinions on whether it belongs to the "Red" or "1989" era.

The Tangerine Edition the exclusive Target vinyl includes one extra song and that extra song Is Sweeter Than Fiction Taylor's version.

This quote informs listeners about a special edition of the album and the inclusion of "Sweeter Than Fiction," sparking a debate about its era placement.

Discovery of "Sweet and Fiction"

  • "Sweet and Fiction" is a relatively undiscovered track that gained attention after an announcement.
  • It experienced its biggest streaming day after being featured on the Tangerine.
  • The song has mixed reviews but is liked by the speakers for its emotional and fun nature.
  • It is compared to having "long Livy Vibes" and was written for a movie, specifically "Yeah's Got Talent."

"I think sweet and fiction had like it biggest day streams ever after it was announced."

This quote highlights the impact of the announcement on the song's popularity, indicating a significant increase in streams as a result.

"I've always loved sweet and fiction. I don't know what it is that song's. just so fun."

The speaker, Cameron, expresses personal affection for the song, emphasizing its enjoyable and emotional qualities.

Album Editions and Collectibles

  • The album features four editions with different colors, Polaroids, and posters.
  • Original lyrics to "Welcome to New York," "New Romantics," "Wildest Dreams," and "Wonderland" will be included.
  • There is speculation about whether there will be alternate versions of these songs based on the original lyrics.

"So I'm really excited by wild um Wonderland cuz cuz we've got um what's it the this love original from the lover Diaries haven't we."

Lisa expresses excitement about the inclusion of original lyrics and the potential insights they provide into the songwriting process.

"I love trying to work out how she would like you know the 22 where it's like we're going towards something hazy a future."

Cameron shows enthusiasm for analyzing how the original lyrics might have shaped the songs differently.

Album Collaborations and Production

  • There are no collaborations from the Vault for this album, which some see as symbolic of Taylor's independence.
  • The lack of collaborations is not seen negatively by the speakers, as they appreciate Taylor's solo work.
  • Producers confirmed for the album include Christopher Rowe, Shellback, and Ryan Tedder, with Jack Antonoff's involvement likely.
  • There is uncertainty about Max Martin and Imogen Heap's involvement with the album.

"I quite like the fact that it is just Taylor cuz I as we've said before I quite like I feel like she no one for me kind of beats her and the way that she pronounces and the emotion she evokes and ingests into these songs."

Lisa appreciates the album being solely Taylor's work, valuing her unique emotional delivery and pronunciation in songs.

"So I'd be amazed if she didn't pull back image in Heap it is bizarre that Max Martin hasn't been a part of any of the ones that him and shell back did right."

Cameron discusses expectations for producer involvement and expresses surprise at Max Martin's absence so far.

Album Theories and Rumors

  • There is a double album theory circulating among fans, fueled by Easter eggs and speculation.
  • Fans analyze various aspects, such as Taylor's clothing, to support their theories about the album.

"The biggest Theory going around at the moment is the double album Theory so this one has been going around for quite a while and as always many swifties have searched for Easter eggs."

The speaker introduces the double album theory as a prominent topic of discussion among fans, indicating its significance in fan speculation and anticipation for the album's release.

Graffiti Wool and Karma

  • Cameron expresses frustration over the overanalysis of Taylor Swift's "man wall" graffiti.
  • They mention how fans scrutinize details, such as the word "Fearless" written backward.
  • Cameron points out that Taylor Swift's plans for her re-recordings have changed over time.
  • Lisa agrees that it's fun to speculate, but suggests moving on from obsessing over past details.

"If I see that picture and someone overanalyzing it Fearless is backwards one more time I'm gonna like honestly it's like Jesus it was 2019 four years ago I don't. I know she plans ahead but things change."

The quote expresses Cameron's exasperation with the continued dissection of Taylor Swift's past imagery and hints, emphasizing that plans evolve over time.

"She has said as much herself during the eras tour she has you know mentioned you this was supposed to be more like a passion project it has turned into something bigger."

Cameron notes that Taylor Swift herself has acknowledged the evolution of her re-recording projects, indicating they have grown beyond her initial vision.

Re-Recording Strategy and Fan Theories

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the likelihood of Taylor Swift dropping "reputation (Taylor's Version)" alongside another album.
  • They argue that releasing two albums at once would not do justice to either and would confuse the general public.
  • They speculate that Taylor Swift wants her re-recorded albums to have their own moments for achieving sales and breaking records.
  • The conversation touches on how re-recorded versions of "Fearless" and "Red" have surpassed the original albums in streams.

"It would just wouldn't make sense it just wouldn't make sense I just don't like it would it sounds really cool and the whole glitch theory of like even on the eras tour when it flicks through the eras it does keep glitching to reputation and I think potentially that might be teasing to the way reputation is going to be announced and it might be more of a surprise drop."

Cameron speculates about the marketing strategy for "reputation (Taylor's Version)", suggesting that glitches seen during the eras tour may hint at a surprise release rather than a simultaneous drop with another album.

1989 Taylor's Version and Speculations

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the potential for a surprise release of a special edition of "1989 (Taylor's Version)" similar to "Midnights (3am Edition)".
  • They note the similarities in the marketing approach between "Midnights" and "1989 (Taylor's Version)".
  • The conversation includes speculation about the content and nature of possible additional tracks or versions of the album.

"Because of all this it might make sense that just as Midnight's had a 3:00 a.m. version 1989 might also have some Secret extra version released as a surprise."

Cameron theorizes that "1989 (Taylor's Version)" could have a secret additional version akin to "Midnights (3am Edition)" given the similar marketing patterns.

Double Album Theory

  • A Reddit user's theory about a dual album release is discussed, including one album with normal production and another with a different sonic approach.
  • Cameron and Lisa consider the possibility of acoustic or alternative versions of "1989" songs.
  • They reference Taylor Swift's past performances and remixes as potential inspirations for alternate versions.

"What if she releases alongside 1989 um and this is something that we have also discussed previously what if she was to do kind of like the double album Theory but one album is just her with her normal production and the other album is 1989 once again but more of an acoustic or country moment akin to what Ryan Adams did with 1989 back in the day."

Cameron brings up a fan theory suggesting Taylor Swift could release a double album with one being a reimagined version of "1989" with a different musical style.

Swifties' Speculation Culture and Disclaimer

  • Cameron and Lisa clarify that their discussions about Taylor Swift's music are speculative and for fun, not demands for more content.
  • They express appreciation for the amount of music Taylor Swift has released recently.
  • The conversation acknowledges the shift in music release patterns from previous years, where fewer songs were released less frequently.

"With that being said firstly I think it's interesting to remark how much 1989 Taylor's version has followed Midnight's release and promotion to a tea there's four versions they're all color variants they're all based on themes or lyrics from the album we have one Deluxe or special version which is like exclusive to Target and has an exclusive track Sweeter Than Fiction and hits different technically we don't really have a lead single obviously we of course already got wildest dreams and this love back in the day but you different situation the back covers fit together perfectly you know like Midnight's was a clock 1989 has the four you know 1989 on it we have a special um shelving unit kind of like being sold to put them up in."

Lisa highlights the similarities in the marketing and release strategy of "1989 (Taylor's Version)" to "Midnights", suggesting that Taylor Swift might follow a similar pattern with a surprise release.

"We're just having fun we're just looking into things as swifties do we're just going to discuss it just as a fun thing she's given us already so much music in the last few years and to demand more more than we could ever imagine."

Cameron and Lisa emphasize that their speculation is a part of being fans and is not meant to pressure Taylor Swift for more content, acknowledging her prolific output in recent years.

Album Remixing Trend

  • The concept of remixing albums is becoming a popular trend.
  • Artists are re-releasing iconic albums with new features to appeal to audiences.
  • Remixing can provide a refreshed experience of familiar music.
  • The trend includes adding new artists to previously released tracks.

"Future Nostalgia on Club future. Nostalgia. yeah it can be done."

This quote illustrates the possibility of remixing albums, as seen with Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia" being remixed into "Club Future Nostalgia."

"Passenger who is one of my favorite favorite artists of all time uh he is currently re-releasing a 10th anniversary edition of all the little lights."

The quote highlights Passenger's decision to remix and re-release an iconic album for its anniversary, demonstrating the remixing trend among artists.

Taylor Swift's Potential Remix Strategy

  • Taylor Swift may release remixed tracks from her 1989 album featuring different artists.
  • Speculation exists about potential collaborations and featured artists.
  • Fans are curious about the absence of a remixed version of "Bad Blood" with Kendrick Lamar.
  • The trend of remixing albums might influence Taylor Swift's release strategy.

"Taylor could release 1989 tracks but remixed with different artists so think of karma featuring ice spice anti-hero featuring Jack antinoff or even St on the beach featuring Morana."

This quote speculates on potential remixes Taylor Swift could release, featuring collaborations with various artists.

"The biggest thing for me is the lack of Kendrick Lamar Bad Blood remixed version."

The quote expresses disappointment over the absence of the popular Kendrick Lamar remix of "Bad Blood" in the re-released album, suggesting fans expected it due to its significance.

Speculation on Unreleased Collaborations

  • Fans speculate about potential collaborations that were expected but not delivered.
  • There is a sense of anticipation for surprise releases from Taylor Swift.
  • Discussion revolves around artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Selena Gomez who could feature in remixes.
  • The conversation includes the possibility of unexpected drops similar to Swift's past releases.

"Sabrina I'd really really. like I also would really I think it's so long overdue a Selena song."

The quote reflects the speakers' desire to see collaborations with Sabrina Carpenter and Selena Gomez, which they feel are overdue.

"Kelsey would be really really cool on debut so fingers fingers fingers crossed."

This quote expresses hope for a collaboration with Kelsey, indicating fans' eagerness for specific artist features on Taylor Swift's albums.

Dream Remix Collaborations

  • The hosts discuss their dream remix collaborations for Taylor Swift's 1989 album.
  • They invite listeners to share their own ideas for potential artist collaborations.
  • The conversation includes a mix of opinions on rumored and desired collaborations.

"Sabrina Carpenter for example I really did think that she would be on one of those Vault songs."

The quote shows the hosts' anticipation for a collaboration with Sabrina Carpenter, which they thought was hinted at but did not materialize.

"Other names that have been floating around include Nicki Minaj, Lord bleachers."

This quote lists other artists that fans have speculated could collaborate with Taylor Swift, showing the wide range of possibilities considered by the fan base.

Final Thoughts on Taylor Swift's Releases

  • The hosts express excitement for the release of 1989 Taylor's version and the tour movie.
  • They share personal anecdotes about their preparations for attending the tour.
  • The episode concludes with a reminder for listeners to engage with the podcast on various platforms.

"We hope that you enjoyed hearing series confirmed information all of the above about 1989 Taylor's version."

This quote summarizes the hosts' intent to provide listeners with information and discussions about Taylor Swift's upcoming releases.

"We will both be going to the ear tour which we're both really excited about so we'll let you know our thoughts all about that."

The quote indicates the hosts' personal engagement with Taylor Swift's work and their commitment to sharing their experiences with their audience.

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