1989 (Taylor’s Version) Initial Album Track Rankings!

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In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Casier, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G delve into their personal rankings of songs from Taylor Swift's album "1989," including both the original tracks and the Vault tracks from Taylor's version of the album. They discuss the difficulty of ranking such a beloved album, share anecdotes about the songs' significance in their lives, and tease an upcoming giveaway for their YouTube channel subscribers. The hosts also touch on their personal connections to the album, with Anna recounting her wedding's first dance to "You Are in Love" and the group reminiscing about viral dance moments. The episode concludes with anticipation of potentially new Taylor Swift releases, as they fully commit to exploring the "1989" era in their podcast.

Summary Notes

Introduction to 13 Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

  • The podcast is dedicated to Taylor Swift, analyzing her songs, Easter eggs, eras, and fan theories.
  • Hosted by four Swifties: Nick Adams, Anna Cassier, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.

"This is 13, a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song, every Easter egg, every era, and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams, Anna Cassier, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G."

The quote introduces the podcast and its focus on Taylor Swift's music, providing insights into various aspects of her work.

Podcast Host Introduction

  • Nick Adams and Anna Cassier introduce themselves smoothly.
  • Amy Nichols has a technical issue with her microphone, causing a brief interruption.
  • Lacy G apologizes for the confusion due to seating changes.

"My name's Nick Adams... and I'm Lacy G, thank you. Okay. Sorry, I had your microphone turned off."

Nick Adams and Lacy G handle a minor technical mishap during the introduction, demonstrating the show's informal and friendly atmosphere.

Seating Arrangement

  • Amy Nichols is sitting in a different spot, disrupting the usual introduction sequence.
  • The hosts typically introduce themselves in a circle, but the change in seating threw them off.

"Sorry, I was thrown off because I know we out of we're sitting in a different uh Amy sitting in a different spot today."

The quote explains the confusion during the podcast introduction, highlighting the importance of routine for the hosts.

Personal Space and Studio Dynamics

  • There is a brief discussion about personal space and studio usage.
  • Amy Nichols refers to the studio as "my place," which she quickly corrects to acknowledge it as a shared space.

"Did you hear me? I said my place, that was so rude, this is a shared space."

Amy Nichols corrects herself after mistakenly referring to the studio as her personal space, showing respect for shared environments.

Spaghetti Stories and Rankings

  • The hosts mention previous discussions about spaghetti stories.
  • Amy Nichols decides not to share a spaghetti story, believing listeners might not be interested.
  • A YouTube comment from a listener expresses a desire for the spaghetti stories.

"I don't think anybody really cares other than the fact other than the fact that they exist, I don't think anybody wants to hear them."

Amy Nichols expresses her belief that the audience may not be interested in spaghetti stories, despite a listener's comment suggesting otherwise.

YouTube Presence and Giveaway

  • The podcast has a YouTube channel, and the hosts encourage listeners to subscribe.
  • They are close to reaching a subscriber milestone, which will trigger a giveaway.
  • The contents of the giveaway package are kept as a surprise.

"So we're giving away a little surprise package um to one randomly selected subscriber when we hit 1300 subscribers on our YouTube channel."

The quote details the podcast's promotional strategy to increase engagement on their YouTube channel through a subscriber-based giveaway.

Album Rankings and Analysis

  • The hosts discuss their approach to ranking Taylor Swift's album "1989."
  • They have already ranked the Vault tracks and now plan to rank the entire album.
  • The hosts anticipate their rankings may change as they delve deeper into the album.

"We haven't done our pre-album ranking because now we're going to get into 1989 big time and see how our feelings change over the course of the album."

The quote explains the hosts' process for ranking and analyzing Taylor Swift's album, which involves updating their rankings as they explore the album more thoroughly.

Silly Story and Football Superstitions

  • Anna Cassier shares a story about watching a football game on a plane and becoming superstitious.
  • She listened to Taylor Swift during the game and worried that skipping a song might jinx the team.
  • The story illustrates how fans can attribute superstitious beliefs to sporting outcomes.

"What if I skip it, and then the Chiefs do poorly... so I just didn't skip the song, and then the Chiefs won."

Anna Cassier's quote captures her superstitious moment during a football game, linking her actions as a fan to the team's performance.

Taylor Swift and Football Connections

  • The hosts discuss the overlap between Taylor Swift fans and football fans, particularly in relation to the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • They mention Travis Kelce's touchdown celebration and how it connected to Taylor Swift.
  • A sports update is provided, discussing the Chiefs' progress and the involvement of Travis's brother, Jason Kelce.

"And I know that's silly, but I was a superstitious Swifty there for a second."

Anna Cassier acknowledges the silliness of her superstitious belief during the football game, which is a common experience among sports fans.

Jason Kelce's Social Media Presence

  • Jason Kelce is gaining attention on social media for his lively interactions with fans.
  • He was seen taking his shirt off, drinking beers, and engaging with the crowd at a sports event.
  • Kelce lifted a young fan holding a sign and brought her closer to the suite window to see Taylor wave back.
  • There is speculation about Kelce's retirement, but it has not been officially announced.
  • He has mentioned on the New Heights podcast that he will announce his retirement at the right time.

"Jason Kelce is winning on social media today."

This quote emphasizes the positive reception of Jason Kelce's actions on social media, highlighting his popularity among fans.

"He's got his chest hair all out and his belly and he's drinking beers jumping out of the suite that he was in with Taylor."

This quote describes Jason Kelce's uninhibited behavior, contributing to his viral social media presence.

"He picked the girl up and brought her up to the window of the suite and Taylor waved back at her and stuff."

The quote captures a heartfelt moment where Jason Kelce interacts with a young fan, enhancing his likable image on social media.

"He announced that he's retiring. I think he's officially announced it. Yet it's assumed. But I don't think it's official."

This quote discusses the uncertainty around Jason Kelce's retirement announcement, indicating that while it is assumed, there has not been an official statement.

Ranking 1989 Tracks

  • The speakers are ranking their favorite tracks from Taylor Swift's album "1989."
  • They discuss the difficulty of ranking the songs due to the album's strong tracklist.
  • The speakers each share their personal fifth and fourth favorite tracks from the album.
  • They mention both Vault tracks and original album tracks in their rankings.
  • There is a discussion about how live performances can influence their appreciation for certain songs.

"This was by far the hardest ranking I've ever had to do."

This quote conveys the challenge the speaker faced in ranking the tracks from "1989," indicating the quality and personal significance of the album's songs.

"My fifth favorite track on 1989 is a vault track, 'Is It Over Now.'"

The quote reveals the speaker's personal preference for a specific Vault track, suggesting that the unreleased songs from the album's deluxe version have made a significant impact.

"Number five for me it can be a struggle but it's worth it, dry January right here, uh number five 'Clean.'"

This quote shows the speaker's creative association of the song "Clean" with the concept of "dry January," while also hinting at the song's deeper meaning of cleansing oneself from a past relationship.

"Amy, I have 'Blank Space' as number five. I think the Cadence is everything, Cherry lips, Crystal Skies."

The speaker appreciates the cadence and imagery in "Blank Space," highlighting it as one of the reasons for its high ranking.

"For number five, I put 'Now That We Don't Talk.' It's been one of the biggest Growers for me."

This quote reflects the speaker's evolving taste, where a song has grown on them over time, enough to rank it highly among the album's tracks.

"My fourth favorite song on 1989 is 'Out of the Woods.'"

The speaker expresses their affinity for "Out of the Woods," citing its mood-enhancing qualities and the way the repetition in the song contributes to its appeal.

"Number four for me is 'Now That We Don't Talk' because I love the sassiness."

The speaker's choice for the fourth spot is based on their appreciation for the song's attitude and memorable lines, showing a personal connection to the lyrics.

"I have to confess 'You Are In Love' was not on my radar until your wedding."

This quote reveals how personal experiences, such as a wedding, can elevate a song's significance and ranking for an individual.

"For number four, I see 'L,' I couldn't not have 'Is It Over Now' on my rankings."

The speaker's inclusion of "Is It Over Now" in their rankings emphasizes the song's impact and catchiness, indicating a strong preference for this particular Vault track.

1999 Taylor's Version Popularity

  • "1999 Taylor's Version" is still receiving radio airplay and is considered catchy and beloved.
  • Nick Adams expresses a strong personal affinity for the song.

"Number one when 1999 Taylor's version came out it's still getting like radio AirPlay and everything. and it's just so catchy. and I just love it so much..."

The quote highlights the continued popularity and catchiness of "1999 Taylor's Version," as well as Nick Adams's personal enjoyment of the song.

Ranking of New Romantics

  • "New Romantics" is considered one of the top 10 best pop songs ever by Nick Adams.
  • It was a bonus track, possibly a Target exclusive, and is praised for its quality as a pop song.
  • The song is known to put listeners in a great mood and is ranked number three by Nick Adams.

"I think might be one of the top 10 best pop songs ever written it is so good and it is new Romantics... new Romantics I just like all just like all of for Vault tracks how this was not on the album when it first came out was it a Target exclusive song it. I mean it was a bonus track... this song is just so freaking good it has everything that you want in a pop song and it's perfect I love it new Romantics."

Nick Adams passionately argues that "New Romantics" is an exceptional pop song, expressing surprise that it wasn't included in the main album and only available as a bonus track.

Personal Connection to New Romantics

  • Anna Cassier shares her personal connection to "New Romantics," appreciating its message of resilience and empowerment.
  • "New Romantics" also ranks number three for Anna Cassier, reflecting its significant impact on her.

"I really like the song I love the whole vibe that it brings to the album where she's too busy dancing to get knocked off her feet... I love that she just owns it. I love um that she knows that she gets hate. but she's building a castle out of all the bricks. and she's just too busy dancing the night away you give a crap."

Anna Cassier explains her personal resonance with "New Romantics," admiring the song's portrayal of overcoming negativity and focusing on joy.

The Significance of Amy's Rankings

  • Amy Nichols is known for her unique rankings, which often differ from popular opinion.
  • "Style" is Amy Nichols's number three pick, which is surprising to others as it is often ranked higher.

"I have sty which number three is really Amy's number one... number three is Amy's number one."

The conversation reveals Amy Nichols's unconventional ranking of "Style" at number three, which prompts surprise from her peers due to its usual higher ranking by others.

Change of Heart with Taylor's Version

  • Anna Cassier's opinion on "I Know Places" changed significantly after hearing Taylor's version.
  • The updated version of the song, particularly the vocal growl, made a strong impression on Anna Cassier, elevating the song to her number three ranking.

"I Know Places great song that was the one I was going to pick number one for you... when we got Taylor's version the growl in her voice went and we run. oh my God it just like I restart the whole song after that part cuz I need to listen to it again I Know Places Taylor's version and change the game for me so it's number three on my ranking."

Anna Cassier explains how "I Know Places" Taylor's version profoundly affected her, especially the growl in Taylor Swift's voice, making it one of her top-ranked songs.

The Controversy of Amy's Track Five Ranking

  • Amy Nichols faced criticism for ranking "All Too Well" at number three during a previous track five ranking session.
  • The incident became iconic within their podcast, especially Amy Nichols's unexpected ranking, which was met with shock from her co-hosts.

"and I had all too well as number three. and I'm not talking about the 10-minute version this before before you even knew about the 10-minute version... and I got a lot of flack for it a lot of people us a lot of people didn't like that."

Amy Nichols's quote recalls the controversy she faced for ranking "All Too Well" at number three, which was contrary to the expectations of her co-hosts and listeners.

Personal Stories and Song Connections

  • Nick Adams relates "You Are in Love" to his personal love story with his wife, appreciating the song's simplicity and emotional resonance.
  • Lacy G connects with "You Are in Love" after witnessing its relevance at a wedding, despite not personally relating to the song's romantic theme.

"You are in love I love this song you... it reminds me of my wife and our love story and it's true whenever you are in a relationship where you completely trust each other you can hear it in the silence."

Nick Adams shares his personal connection with "You Are in Love," tying it to his relationship with his wife and the trust they share, which the song encapsulates.

Ranking of Clean

  • Amy Nichols appreciates "Clean" for its portrayal of overcoming challenges and its powerful lyrics.
  • "Clean" is ranked number two by Amy Nichols, indicating its significant emotional impact on her.

"I have clean... it's a beautiful story of conquering something successfully... hung my head as I lost the war and the sky turned black like a perfect storm and then two and by morning gone was the any trace of you I was finally clean."

Amy Nichols discusses "Clean," highlighting its themes of personal victory and the emotional depth of its lyrics, which have earned it a high ranking in her list.

Love for I Wish You Would

  • Anna Cassier expresses a strong affinity for "I Wish You Would," ranking it number two and defending its place in her top songs.
  • The song's catchiness and personal significance to Anna Cassier are emphasized, despite others not commonly ranking it as highly.

"I have I wish you would... I love this song... it's so catchy... I love the repetition of the W I wish you would come back... it's so great... it's my number two but love it."

Anna Cassier explains her fondness for "I Wish You Would," particularly enjoying its catchiness and the personal value it holds for her, leading to its high ranking on her list.

Favorite Songs from 1989 Taylor's Version

  • The discussion concludes with the reveal of the hosts' favorite songs from "1989 Taylor's Version."
  • "Style" is Nick Adams's favorite song, which he enthusiastically endorses, and it is also a favorite of Amy Nichols.

"So now let's get into our favorite songs from 1989 Taylor's version... it is style I love style... it has always been so far no one has knocked it off this is my favorite Taylor Swift song... it's just got something about it."

Nick Adams announces "Style" as his top favorite song from "1989 Taylor's Version," praising its qualities as a pop song and its personal significance to him.

Personal Connections to Music

  • The speakers have strong personal connections to specific songs, which evoke vivid memories and emotions.
  • Taylor Swift's music, particularly the "1989" album, plays a significant role in the lives of the speakers.
  • Shared experiences at concerts and events further strengthen their bond with the music.

"I was just 10 rows away from Taylor Swift performing my favorite song it was incredible."

This quote illustrates the impact of live music experiences on personal connections with songs, highlighting the joy and excitement of being close to the performance of a favorite song.

"It's an earworm and for sentimental reasons me and Morgan my daughter love this song so much we belt it out we sing it we always put it on in the car it's just it's something we connect with together."

This quote shows how music can create bonds between people, in this case, a mother and daughter, through shared enjoyment and singing along together.

Significance of Songs in Personal Milestones

  • Songs from the "1989" album have been integrated into significant life events, such as weddings.
  • The emotional attachment to the music is heightened when it becomes part of personal milestones.
  • The anticipation and selection of a song for an important occasion is a thoughtful process that adds to its significance.

"This was our first dance song at our wedding we got married this past July... we were friends before we started dating when we were friends it was when the the original 1989 album came out back in 2014."

This quote reveals the deep significance of a song that has been part of the speakers' relationship history and was chosen as their wedding's first dance song, linking the music to a pivotal personal milestone.

"I had thought it I was like man if we were to get married you are in love would be the perfect first dance song... and then right after he proposed to me like a few days later we I brought it up."

The quote demonstrates the foresight and emotional investment in selecting a song for a wedding dance, showing how music can be intertwined with personal dreams and future plans.

Shared Experiences and Memories

  • The group shares anecdotes and memories associated with the "1989" album, indicating the collective nature of their fandom.
  • Recollection of events, such as attending "sour prom" together, showcases the social aspect of their music appreciation.
  • The group's interactions and activities around the album release create a sense of community and shared history.

"One US girlies went to this sour prom together and um wildish dreams came on and Anna said very loudly is this Taylor's version cuz it was right after wild the streams Taylor's version came out remember cuz Dro that one just like randomly when it was like uh getting hype on Tik Tok."

The quote captures a moment of shared excitement and camaraderie during a social event, illustrating how music can be a collective experience that brings people together.

The Impact of Taylor Swift's Music

  • Taylor Swift's music, especially her "1989" album, has a profound impact on the speakers, influencing their preferences and daily lives.
  • The speakers express a deep appreciation for the artistry and personal relevance of Swift's songs.
  • The anticipation for new releases and the enjoyment of current songs reflect the dynamic nature of being a fan.

"I'm really excited to start breaking down this album officially we've already gone through the Vault track so far. and uh we have a lot to discuss and a lot to get into in 1989 Taylor's version so I'm really excited."

This quote conveys the enthusiasm for delving into the details of the album, indicating a passion for exploring and discussing music in depth.

"We are finally in the our 1989 era like fullon we've been doing like halfin speak now half in with Vault tracks on 1989 but now moving forward we're committed steamrolling into 1989."

The quote emphasizes the dedication to a particular era of Swift's music, showing how fans can be deeply immersed in specific phases of an artist's work.

The Anticipation of Future Music Releases

  • The group discusses the possibility of new music releases and the excitement surrounding them.
  • Speculation about future releases, like "reputation Taylor's version," demonstrates the ongoing engagement with the artist's work.
  • The unpredictability of music releases adds to the excitement and discussion among fans.

"But what if Taylor dropped reputation Taylor's version like this Friday. I. I don't know what we would do that would be just our luck I think we just have to wait I think."

The quote captures the speculative nature of anticipating new music releases, reflecting the excitement and uncertainty that comes with being a fan of an active artist.

"She's a little too calm and quiet right now. so we'll see what happens. but yeah we are 1989 for in it."

This quote suggests the speakers' awareness of the artist's patterns and behaviors, indicating an attentive and engaged fan base that looks for clues about upcoming releases.

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