1989 (Taylor's Chaotic Version) Album Reaction 🥺 these vault tracks are INSANE...

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In this video, Zach, the Swiftologist, shares his excitement and trepidation as he dives into Taylor Swift's re-recorded album "1989," particularly the Vault tracks, which he predicts will be a mix of quality. He expresses concern based on previous pop song re-recordings but remains optimistic. Zach reflects on the significance of "1989" in his life, noting its release on his 18th birthday, his personal interactions with Swift, and his extensive content on her work. He also acknowledges his sponsor, Adam and Eve, for supporting his channel. Throughout the review, Zach analyzes each Vault track and re-recording, often referencing his predictions and the context surrounding the original album. He offers a detailed critique of the production, vocal delivery, and emotional resonance, comparing them to the originals and assessing whether they've been improved upon, stayed consistent, or fell short. Zach's analysis is interspersed with personal anecdotes, his fandom experiences, and his strong reactions to the music, particularly when it comes to songs about Swift's relationship with Harry Styles.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Zach's Channel and 1989 Album Anticipation

  • Zach introduces himself as the Swiftologist and marks the end of 1989 month.
  • He expresses excitement and nervousness about the new re-recorded album by Taylor Swift.
  • Zach considers the album to be Taylor's biggest and most sonically cohesive work.
  • He is eager to judge the Vault tracks and the re-recordings.
  • Zach is concerned about the re-recordings based on past experiences with 'Red' but remains optimistic.

"My name is Zach, the Swiftologist, and today it is the culmination, the end of the 1989 month where I have been making videos all throughout this month in preparation for this very release of Taylor's brand new re-recorded album 1989."

The quote introduces Zach and sets up the context of the video, highlighting his role as a dedicated Taylor Swift content creator and his anticipation for the album release.

Zach's Personal Connection to Taylor Swift and 1989

  • The 1989 album holds special significance for Zach, as it was released on his 18th birthday.
  • He shares a personal connection with Taylor Swift, having been followed by her on Tumblr and meeting her during the 1989 era.
  • Zach wears a 1989 tour shirt and displays the old album copy, showcasing his fandom and connection to the era.
  • He mentions the importance of the album during a formative time in his life.

"1989 originally came out on my 18th birthday and this record was so special and so important to me."

This quote emphasizes the personal significance of the 1989 album to Zach, as it coincides with a milestone in his life and has left a lasting impact.

Sponsorship and Thoughts on Re-Recordings Project

  • Zach acknowledges the sponsorship of his video by Adam and Eve.
  • He shares his enjoyment of the re-recordings project, calling it the most fun he's had as a Taylor Swift fan.
  • Zach refers to the re-recordings as "voices from the grave," indicating a revival of past Taylor Swift eras.
  • He expresses a sense of sadness that the re-recordings project is more than halfway done.

"I'm so happy about that let me take a minute to tell you about them before we get any further into today's dispatch."

The quote transitions the video to acknowledge the sponsor, Adam and Eve, before delving further into the content of the podcast.

Zach's Reaction Process and Avoidance of Spoilers

  • Zach prefers to listen to all the Vault tracks first before the re-recordings.
  • He shares his frustration with receiving spoilers and his efforts to avoid them.
  • Zach criticizes those who have shared information about the album despite his requests for no spoilers.

"As per usual I have tried my very best to avoid spoilers but some of you rats are insistent upon ruining my genuine reaction every single time."

This quote conveys Zach's strong desire to experience the album authentically and his disappointment with those who disregard his wishes regarding spoilers.

Taylor Swift's Influence and Zach's Birthday Celebration

  • Zach discusses Taylor Swift's influence and how she became so popular, referencing his own video content on the topic.
  • He celebrates his birthday by lighting a candle that is the same as the one Taylor Swift burns during her secret sessions.
  • Zach performs a humorous "prayer" wishing ill fortune on Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun.

"Dear Lord, we thank you for this Bountiful meal that we are about to receive in the form of Taylor's Superior version of 1989."

The quote showcases Zach's humorous and theatrical side, as he personifies the album release as a "bountiful meal" and engages in a mock prayer ritual.

Taylor Swift's Prologue and Reflections on Personal Growth

  • Zach reads and reflects on Taylor Swift's prologue for the re-recorded 1989 album.
  • The prologue discusses Taylor's decision to reinvent herself at age 24, including her haircut and move to New York.
  • Taylor addresses past media scrutiny and her response to it by focusing on her music and friendships.
  • She reflects on her growth and the freedom to change, thanking her fans for their support.

"When I was 24, I decided to completely reinvent myself... in any way I could think of musically, geographically, aesthetically, behaviorally."

This quote from Taylor's prologue highlights her conscious decision to transform her life and career, which is a central theme in her reflection on the 1989 album era.

Initial Reactions to Vault Tracks

  • Zach expresses nervousness about starting with the best track.
  • The first listen to the vault track is surprising and not what Zach expected.
  • The song evokes strong emotional reactions, including sadness and recognition of the subject matter.

"Listen I am a little nervous about starting with [__] because I think that that's probably going to be the best one and starting off with the best Vault track is never a good way to go."

Zach anticipates the quality of the track and fears starting with the best might set too high a standard for the rest.

"Flingo not what I was expecting at all why is this giving bleach hella are Got Love Struck went straight to my head got love sick all over my."

The song's content and style catch Zach off guard, indicating an unexpected direction in the music.

Taylor Swift's Romantic Nature

  • Taylor Swift is characterized as a romantic at her core.
  • Despite stereotypes and pressures, her romanticism persists.
  • Zach interprets the lyrics as a reflection of Taylor Swift's experiences and perspectives on love and lust.

"my initial thought is that this is a woman who has been so beaten down by the stereotypes that have been written about her in the Press she's so exhausted by it. and yet she's willing to risk it all because she is at her very core and this is essential to Taylor Swift as a human being and as an artist she is a romantic no matter what kind of obstacle you put in her way."

Zach's analysis suggests that Taylor Swift maintains her romanticism despite negative media portrayals.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' Relationship

  • The song is speculated to be about Taylor Swift's relationship with Harry Styles.
  • The pressures of fame and public expectations are seen as detrimental to their relationship.
  • The song's lyrics are interpreted as commentary on the challenges of dating someone highly sought after.

"I think a huge part of the backlash that she received specifically was about dating Harry Styles and the kind of vitriol that came from you know young girl fan boy bands."

Zach discusses the public backlash Taylor Swift faced while dating Harry Styles, highlighting the difficulties of high-profile relationships.

"and I think Harry's crime and the crime for both of them was that the pressures of the outside world were just too much on something so fragile we see that on out of the woods."

Zach reflects on the external pressures that affected Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' relationship, suggesting that these pressures were a significant factor in their breakup.

Songwriting Evolution

  • Taylor Swift's songwriting has evolved from specific narratives to more abstract, image-oriented lyrics.
  • The New York Times described this shift as a move towards "neutered" songwriting.
  • Zach appreciates the refrain and the overall vibe of the song, tying it to a specific era in Taylor Swift's career.

"the beginning part about like Sunset Boulevard and the handprints and the concrete it is really giving that 1989 abstract songwriting."

Zach notes the abstract nature of the lyrics, connecting them to the style of Taylor Swift's "1989" album.

"it's not that diaristic songwriting we saw on red and this definitely reflects that I love that refrain of got love sick all over my bed it just it sounds so cool."

Zach contrasts the current songwriting style with the more personal, diary-like approach of Taylor Swift's earlier work, specifically referencing the album "Red."

Analysis of Specific Lyrics

  • The lyrics are scrutinized for deeper meaning and reflection of Taylor Swift's personal experiences.
  • The song is seen to address the consequences of dating a popular figure like Harry Styles.
  • Zach identifies themes of desire, public scrutiny, and the impact of fame on relationships.

"send the code he's waiting there the Sticks and Stones they throw froze midair everybody wants him that was my crime."

Zach interprets the lyrics as Taylor Swift's commentary on the hostility she faced due to her relationship with a highly desired individual.

"and I break down then he's pulling me in in a world of boys he's a gentleman."

The lyrics suggest a tender aspect of the relationship amidst the chaos, with Harry Styles being portrayed positively by Taylor Swift.

Vault Track Ratings and Expectations

  • Zach rates the vault track and expresses a desire to hear more before final judgment.
  • There is an anticipation for the remaining tracks, with hopes for a mix of upbeat songs and ballads.

"up next to say don't go now this is the longest vulture track I'm thinking that this might be an out of the woods clean hybrid that's that's my my instinct again I could be wrong."

Zach shares expectations for the next track, predicting its style based on previous Taylor Swift songs.

"but wow what do I give [__] out of 10 probably like a seven or an eight I need to hear the rest of them to know what kind of quality I'm dealing with."

Zach gives a preliminary rating to the track, withholding final judgment until all tracks are heard.

Reflections on Other Tracks

  • The subsequent tracks evoke connections to past songs and further speculation about their relation to Harry Styles.
  • The lyrics and music are seen as continuations of themes from the album "1989."
  • Zach's interpretations of the songs include references to specific events in Taylor Swift's life.

"okay the second verse send the code he's waiting there the Sticks and Stones they throw froze midair everybody wants him that was my crime."

Zach reiterates the lyrical content, emphasizing the challenges faced by Taylor Swift in her high-profile relationship.

"oh my God this is what I wanted this is a continuation of I wish you would and all you want to do is [Music] stay."

The track is received with enthusiasm, as Zach sees it as a continuation of themes from Taylor Swift's previous work.

Concluding Thoughts on Vault Tracks

  • The final tracks are approached with high expectations and a sense of urgency.
  • Zach shares final thoughts and interpretations, considering the cultural and personal significance of the songs.
  • The analysis ends with a sense of anticipation for the last track, hoping for a strong finish.

"all right we have one left now that wasn't a huge Banger it was good was it a a complete total slam. dunk. no. I'm holding out hope for is it over now this is the one."

Zach concludes the review of the penultimate track, expressing hope for the final song to be a standout.

Initial Impressions of Vault Tracks

  • Zach expresses excitement about the Vault tracks for Taylor Swift's "1989" album.
  • He describes the vibe of the tracks as reminiscent of John Hughes' 80s films.
  • Zach identifies a specific quality to the songs, implying a cohesive sound.
  • He anticipates the tracks will meet his expectations based on previous claims.

"wow these all have a very specific Vibe. huh it's like a John Bell on 80s films you know that song all kind of sounds like [Music]."

Zach is noting the distinctive atmosphere of the Vault tracks, likening them to the style of music associated with John Hughes' iconic 1980s movies.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Themes

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics are noted for their explicit and honest content.
  • Zach points out a contradiction in the song's story versus Taylor Swift's personal narrative.
  • He references the song "Mastermind" and its lyrics about discretion in personal affairs.

"does this song not contradict the story a little bit of I deliberately didn't date anyone for that period of time because I didn't want anyone to think anything about me I think maybe well actually no it doesn't because she said in the song very explicitly that she she had the decency to keep her kns to herself so Mastermind."

Zach initially sees a potential contradiction between the song's content and Taylor Swift's past actions but then realizes the lyrics align with her narrative of maintaining privacy.

Ranking of Vault Tracks

  • Zach expresses sadness that the listening session for the Vault tracks is over.
  • He provides a ranking of his favorite tracks, with some indecision on the final order.
  • The Vault tracks are seen as consistent with the theme of the "1989" album.

"my second favorite is probably I think it's probably a tie between now that we don't talk and say don't go I would maybe put [ __ ] fourth and Suburban Legends last although I'm not sure a [ __ ] might be last this is confusing this is not how I expected it to go."

Zach is sharing his personal ranking of the Vault tracks, indicating a strong connection with some songs and less certainty with others.

Reflection on Vault Tracks and Album Themes

  • Zach feels the need to spend more time with the Vault tracks to fully appreciate them.
  • He understands why each track was omitted from the original album.
  • The song "Is It Over Now" is seen as too specific and not aligned with the album's broader themes.
  • Zach compares the success of "1989" Vault tracks to those from the "Red" Taylor's version.

"I think I need to sit with them for a while and really listen to them more and experience them but for me these Vault tracks are very much in line with what 1989 was I understand why each and every one of these songs was left off the Record."

Zach acknowledges the need for further listening to fully grasp the Vault tracks and reflects on their alignment with the original album's direction.

Anticipation for Future Re-Recordings

  • Zach expresses excitement and curiosity about the upcoming "reputation" re-recordings.
  • He is saddened by the end of the Vault track session but looks forward to what comes next.

"this is making me interested for what's going to be in store for us on reputation I mean I'm sad I'm sad that it's over now."

Zach is eager to see how the "reputation" album will be reinterpreted in future re-recordings, despite feeling a sense of loss at the end of the current session.

Expectations for Re-Recordings

  • Zach is very particular about re-recordings needing to match the original tracks.
  • He categorizes re-recordings into three groups: "Steven treatment" (improved versions), "serviceable" (indistinguishable from the original), and "bungled" (poorly executed).
  • Zach has already heard "Blank Space" accidentally and plans to reassess it with better quality.

"I am for warning if you've never been here before very picky about the re-recordings I need them to be exactly the same."

Zach warns listeners of his high standards for re-recordings, emphasizing his desire for them to be identical to the originals.

Reactions to Specific Re-Recordings

  • "Welcome to New York" is criticized for its sound quality and mixing, leading Zach to categorize it as "bungled."
  • "Blank Space" is considered a "note for note" remake, neither outstanding nor disappointing.
  • "Out of the Woods" receives the "Steven treatment," praised for its improved sound quality and production.
  • Zach highlights the importance of adlibs and backing vocals in the re-recordings and expresses concern about their mix levels.

"it's like there is no dynamism between them it's almost as though they're all like one take which is really not the way 1989 sounded it sounded like like she was singing on top of herself and randomly crashing in here and there like I missed that."

Zach critiques the re-recording of "Welcome to New York," pointing out a lack of dynamic layering in the vocals that was present in the original version.

Personal Connection to Songs

  • Zach reveals a deep personal connection to "All You Had to Do Was Stay," describing it as one of his top three favorite Taylor Swift songs.
  • He praises the re-recording for maintaining the intensity and emotion of the original.
  • Zach expresses relief and satisfaction with the re-recorded version, especially the execution of key adlibs.

"what can I say thank you for recognizing greatness and treating the Taj Mahal the way it deserved to be treated doing a restoration project."

Zach thanks Taylor Swift for respecting and effectively re-creating "All You Had to Do Was Stay," likening it to a successful restoration of a masterpiece.

Note for Note Remake

  • Zach is discussing a note-for-note remake of a song.
  • He expresses that it's not yet a "supermodel" but sees it as positive momentum.
  • The song in question is "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift, which he feels has been faithfully reproduced.

"Right now it's a note for note remake I'm not putting it into supermodel yet." "Shake It Off heard of it."

Zach is indicating that the current version of "Shake It Off" is a direct replication of the original and is not yet considered a standout or significantly improved version ("supermodel").

Positive Momentum

  • Zach is optimistic about the direction of the music he is reviewing.
  • He acknowledges the uniqueness of Taylor Swift and her music, which he feels cannot be replicated.

"This is very positive momentum and now we have the girl that couldn't ever possibly be replicated."

The quote reflects Zach's enthusiasm for Taylor Swift's distinctiveness and his anticipation for the music he is reviewing, implying that her unique quality adds positive momentum to the project.

Surprising Quality

  • Zach is pleasantly surprised by the quality of the re-recorded "Shake It Off."
  • He notes that the spoken word interlude in the song is identical to the original.
  • He congratulates Taylor Swift on reproducing the same quality as before.

"That was really good I'm surprised I would have thought that Shake It Off would have been the obvious bungle but to me that was pretty good." "What sold me was the spoken word interlude that sounded like exactly the same."

Zach is expressing his surprise at how well "Shake It Off" has been re-recorded, particularly noting the accuracy of the spoken word part, which he finds indistinguishable from the original.

Production Critique

  • Zach discusses his favorite song "I Wish You Would," produced by Jack Antonoff.
  • He expresses concern over the beginning of the song and the guitar sounds.
  • He is disappointed with the re-recording's deviation from the original.

"I wish you wouldn't have bungled this song I wish that you wouldn't have done that."

This quote conveys Zach's disappointment with the re-recording of "I Wish You Would," implying that the changes made to the song have negatively impacted its quality in his view.

Inconsistencies in Re-recordings

  • Zach is critical of the inconsistencies in the re-recordings of the album "1989 TV."
  • He notes that his expectations for the song "Bad Blood" are high, particularly for the last chorus.
  • He comments on Taylor Swift's improved lower register in the re-recorded version.

"I'm feeling weird about 1989 TV the re-recordings are super inconsistent."

Zach is pointing out his perception of the lack of consistency in the quality of the re-recorded tracks on the album "1989 TV."

Re-recording Categories

  • Zach categorizes the re-recorded songs into different levels: "note for note remake," "supermodel," and "bungled."
  • He places "How You Get the Girl" between "note for note remake" and "supermodel" due to differences from the original.
  • "This Love" is placed in the "supermodel" category despite Zach's lack of strong feelings towards the original song.

"Somewhere between supermodel and note for note remake there are differences so I don't think I can put it in note for note remake." "I'm also going to put this love in the supermodel category because again that category is lonely."

Zach is describing his method of categorizing the re-recorded songs based on their similarity to the originals and his personal enjoyment of the changes.

Disappointment and Surprise

  • Zach expresses disappointment with the re-recording of "I Wish You Would" and surprise at the quality of "I Know Places."
  • He criticizes the allocation of effort, feeling that his favorite songs are not treated as well as those he cares less about.

"The bungle that is really sticking out in my mind that I cannot forgive is style." "My favorite songs get disrespected songs I don't care for get the A-list celebrity treatment."

These quotes reveal Zach's personal disappointment with the re-recording of "Style" and his frustration with the perceived inconsistency in the quality of treatment given to different songs.

Final Thoughts and Birthday Request

  • Zach concludes his first impressions of the re-recorded 1989 album.
  • He plans to further discuss and reshuffle the tracklist in the future.
  • He reminds viewers that since it's his birthday, they are obliged to subscribe to his channel.

"That's the end of 1989 Taylor's version Let me take my headphones off and we'll chat that was a lot to take in all at once." "But you know since it's my birthday you have to subscribe That's the Law you have to subscribe you simply have to so do it or else."

Zach is wrapping up his review session and using the occasion of his birthday to encourage viewers to subscribe to his channel, humorously framing it as a requirement.

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