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Summary Notes


In this masterclass, Ankur Warikoo, a prominent YouTuber, delves into the intricacies of growing a YouTube channel, emphasizing the importance of content retention and audience engagement. He reveals that YouTube prioritizes videos that can hold the audience's attention, as retention is critical for the platform's push mechanism. Warikoo suggests that shorter videos with high retention rates tend to perform better, advising creators to aim for a balance between content length and viewer retention. He also touches on the significance of consistency in publishing content to build momentum and the role of analytics in optimizing video performance. Additionally, he discusses the impact of thumbnails, titles, and the strategic timing of uploads on a video's success. Warikoo advises focusing on content that provides tangible benefits to viewers, as this drives long-term traction and subscriber growth. He concludes by underscoring the importance of commitment to content creation and the continual pursuit of improvement.

Summary Notes

Starting as a YouTuber and Content Retention

  • Short content is highly relevant and offers immediate satisfaction to the audience.
  • Audience retention is a critical metric for YouTube; it measures how long your content can keep the audience engaged.
  • YouTube favors content with high retention, as it indicates users are staying on the platform longer because of the content.

"Technically agar me bhatkaruto shorts ke liye jo important metric basically apke content may kitney DER takap audience ko rokke raksakteo yay metric important because yahi metric YouTube Kelly important YouTube Kele Subseja the important yeki Eggbar user Uske platform pay agia tovu vahi pere kenajay or Agarapka content retention may achai to YouTube invariably Usko push karega."

  • The quote emphasizes the importance of audience retention as a key metric for YouTube, which prioritizes keeping users on the platform through engaging content. High retention leads to YouTube promoting the content further.

Balancing Video Length and Retention

  • A balance between video length and retention rate is crucial for growth on YouTube.
  • YouTube's algorithm promotes creators who produce consistent, high-retention content and demotes inconsistent creators.
  • Aiming for a high viewed vs. swipe away rate is important, with an ideal rate between 60% to 70%.

"There has to be a balance just Joe eight second apnea bula agar eight second key video on an average second coat or retention ojayaga 100% ik balance honachi YouTube lagadi ik platform banana make algorithm banana me ache creators ko agay bharane inconsistent creators ko pichekarname to YouTube samasta balance Honachi."

  • This quote discusses the need for a balance in video content, with YouTube's algorithm designed to support creators who can maintain high viewer retention, even with short videos.

Optimal Content Length and Frequency

  • A content length of around 30 to 40 seconds is optimal for maintaining high retention rates.
  • Consistency in posting content is vital for building momentum and achieving volume on YouTube.
  • The frequency of content posting should be balanced with the ability to maintain content quality and viewer retention.

"Agarap kel sakta chibate but agar apkwaik minimum frequency lake chalni and Jesse Ape considerable audience takpohad sakte mesat yeah ekdin mek short to dalni paringe."

  • The quote suggests that while content creators can vary their posting frequency, a minimum consistent frequency is necessary to reach and maintain a considerable audience.

Improving Swipe Up Rate and Audience Retention

  • Content should be crafted to resonate with the target audience.
  • Creators should analyze successful content to understand common patterns that lead to high viewed vs. swipe away rates.
  • Experimenting with different content types and topics can help identify what resonates best with the audience.

"Swipe up rate to swipe up rate co improve Karnaghtur as a content banajo Mari audience person Karigi Dusra starting."

  • This quote implies that improving the swipe-up rate requires creating content that personally resonates with the audience, indicating the need for targeted and engaging material.

Scripting and Educational Content

  • Scripting plays a significant role in content creation and can greatly affect retention rates.
  • Educational content can be hit or miss on YouTube shorts; finding a way to make educational content progressive and satisfying is key.
  • Building anticipation and providing a comprehensible endpoint in the content can help retain viewers.

"Scripting so basically aplogo kogar my idea they do to pichlin abdinome on an average ankur K channel pejo retention a short pay 85% guy which is considered good that's why we are getting the views that we are."

  • The quote highlights the importance of scripting in creating content that maintains high retention rates, such as the example given where a channel achieved an 85% retention rate on shorts.

Editing and Long-Form Content

  • Editing is an important aspect of content creation, contributing to the pacing, narrative, and overall success of a short.
  • Creators should not restrict themselves to a particular format or style if other methods are working well for them.
  • When creating shorts from long-form content, control over the length and context is crucial to ensure the short is comprehensible without the need for the full video.

"I think editing sole contribution, yeah, as a sole factor. Kiyaja sakta ik short ki success maybe Usko narrate kese kiya jara kyuki apne basically editing chaltihe fast paced editing, editing as a cue, editing just as important."

  • This quote conveys the significance of editing in the success of a short, suggesting that how a story is narrated and edited can greatly influence viewer retention and engagement.

Content Repurposing and Resource Prioritization

  • Repurposing long-form content into shorts requires a strategic approach to maintain context and anticipation.
  • Prioritizing resources is essential, especially when deciding whether to create thumbnails for shorts, as volume is key for success in the shorts format.
  • The Pareto principle applies, where a small portion of effort can lead to a large portion of results; in the context of YouTube, dedicating resources effectively can optimize the impact of content.

"Pareto principle 80% of the results are brought in from 20% of the work so basically shorts consumption 90% resources dedicated short skills but basically 10% views optimize the larger thus shorts feed pay or shorts feed pay thumbnail de khe gani aapvo decide korea ki aap itna lambe scale thus percent views Johe Voe considerable absolute contribution channel Apapni resources better jagape lagasakte as against because shortsko volume chaye Agar Volume hair topo thumbnails kafi Sare banana or agar kafi Sare banana decide karnaiki karna Kischisko prioritize karna resource time hair financial constraints Hotiya kaibar creators kPAs so a prioritized kore either or situation b."

  • The quote discusses the importance of focusing resources on aspects of content creation that yield the most significant results, such as prioritizing which shorts to create thumbnails for based on the potential for viewer engagement and channel growth.

Understanding Viewer Engagement and Content Strategy on YouTube

  • The discussion revolves around the importance of creating content that is both relevant and engaging to achieve success on YouTube.
  • They emphasize the significance of viewer retention rates, likes to view ratio, and shares to view ratio as metrics to assess content performance.
  • The conversation also touches on the impact of short-form content (YouTube Shorts) on viewer engagement and subscriber growth.

"Shorts 100% Kartai API Manlijeki mere samne content Ayaki Ebitda calculate karthi Shah da king but many dekumar Wobbini de kega uske samni content Ayakiwala Transition Kasigar Saktega meh yeagi content pay success as a Latino Nadeker niche content banay to viewership restrict Hojagi but agarap Manli J Kim content Banara Relevant ho or doha bees may apke Yuki Pesa Setoham Sabhat Relate Karte is chis ko janne Mei curiosity Bi Hogi ye basically Abhoi Batoge Kiham broad logo ko kara Istarake content 100% bahad zada relevant niche me banana to ischisko assess Karna important consumption shorts shorts pay as of this moment in time India may 90% viewership phone seat shorts feedback or usme say Zadatar contribution Johe or tier two tier three cities so agarap bhat niche content banayenge for example programming languages programmers, programmers or audience chota it is important to target that will invariably lead to a better view count on shots at the end of the day or deeply to upka ikma metric batadita likes to view ratio Abdo content Hap man lije iskabi viewed rate 70% iskabi 70% hair iska retention be 85% iska retention be 85% to kia farke to abma checker lungaki kaiski likability kam thi ki zadathi kaiski shareability kam thi or iski zadati so basically apu metric banana bought basically asanujate kiyap deklijeki likes to view ratio agarapke saw view is content pay or path like say to five by 100 into 105% key Ltv aga iski iski AP manly j ki das to 10% is ka gya similarly up shares to view ratio we calculate kalija to basically relevancy to donoki lagbag same 70% feud rate hair or attention bi dono barabar hold kar but dekne kebad kya de k logoko lagrai ki ojay pasandaya oh share karna chaye or eyeball sarah content but all in all."

  • This quote discusses the evaluation of content performance through metrics like viewer retention and engagement. It suggests that niche content can be successful if it resonates with a specific audience, leading to higher retention and engagement rates.

The Role of YouTube Shorts in Channel Growth

  • YouTube Shorts are highlighted as a tool for new creators to gain viewership due to their format and the current consumption trends in India.
  • The discussion points out that viewership on Shorts is predominantly from mobile users, particularly in tier two and tier three cities.
  • The speakers note that while Shorts can restrict viewership if the content is too niche, they can also be a strategic way to target specific audiences and increase view counts.

"Ratio shorts may bods are the important shorts as of this moment in time beneficial islay kyuki shorts Kajo scale overall channel as a new creator up creator metrics optimize kara but long form payasana Agarapka saw keika channel hair mera daskeka channel hair ham same content alt Mera told us a better behavior influx Jada logo Mehora initially watch times Ada YouTube safe beta US video Kobadana to long form Mehto Yajataiki channel Kasai Chota to video Kobarname Mushkel Hogi but agarap shorts create kara YouTube the scale of your short does not depend on the scale."

  • This quote emphasizes the importance of Shorts for new creators looking to optimize their channel metrics and suggests that Shorts can be beneficial regardless of the channel's size.

Subscriber Growth and Content Type

  • The speakers discuss the view to subscribe ratio and how it differs between short-form and long-form content.
  • They observe that short-form content tends to have a lower subscriber conversion rate compared to long-form content.
  • The conversation also covers the initial negative impact that Shorts had on unsubscribed audiences' reach and how YouTube has addressed this by recommending a creator's long-form content to viewers of their viral Shorts.

"Channel Pay ideally Koi negative impact Nahi Partha shorts Kajo boom Ayata Worldwide India Kimabi Bhatkar Lu to late 2021 Kibh Sarah creators create karna Shiru Kardiyata initially shorts long form content unsubscribed audiences Reach views because shorts Kafi log de Kre but subscribers subscribers to view ratio ape Manly Jay Ek short form content hair Ek long form content hair ise saw log dekre isevi saw log dekhre the number of people that will subscribe after watching this is far lesser than the number of video that will subscribe after watching this."

  • This quote discusses the initial challenges faced by creators with the introduction of Shorts and the difference in subscriber growth between short-form and long-form content.

Maximizing YouTube Revenue and Viewer Preferences

  • The podcast touches on the relationship between content type and YouTube revenue, noting that YouTube earns revenue from ads viewed during videos.
  • It is mentioned that if viewers prefer shorter videos, YouTube may optimize viewership towards shorter content to maximize ad views and revenue.
  • The speakers suggest that YouTube has an incentive to encourage the creation of content that keeps viewers on the platform longer, as this increases ad views and revenue.

"Basically maths Basic calculation Basic Karnakali Yeh se batarao but principle Yahi agar kamlogi de King YouTube videos Kyuna de Kai vo Unke viewership optimize Kyu Nakare Unke Best potential Ko use Kyunakare to Vo Zada bar Adika Paga lambe videos Go YouTube videos Go reach."

  • This quote explains the basic principle behind YouTube's revenue model and the platform's motivation to optimize viewership for longer content, which can lead to more ad views and higher revenue.

Content Strategy and Audience Retention

  • The speakers discuss strategies for creating engaging content that can retain audience attention.
  • They emphasize the importance of understanding the audience, delivering content effectively, and using YouTube's analytics to study retention curves.
  • The conversation also covers the significance of brand recall in content creation and how long-form content can be more effective in creating a memorable brand.

"Naturally aria shatkisigali naturally ati nisha content could better suit karthai agar das minutes art minute average logo many koi channel ka backend distarran pachas channel k backend deki das minute k content pay art minute for doing that but yechi is both important haiki ab jistraka content banarai ab jistara deliver kara upkeep medium through deliver kara apsha chalkboard pedare depending on how you are delivering your content konsi niche hai kesa type hai up figure out YouTube makes everything possible for you retention curve ki bhat kar wagar koi content banana chata kisi orko content banana meadat karna chata hai to vogar kisi bi creator ke back end retention curve to YouTube bohat clearly batade taiki kahape audience girahe kampe tehrahe kahape utah bola creator interest yahpe saki asakya bol diajo yahape viewership igdam sahasagirgai up intro chota karakta or agarapu conclusively nahibi patachalre but my example content age retention curve stable but initially hamer so hamne basically kafi iterations or experiments Kebab intros Pehajada focus karate kafi information de rete hamesif credibility Build Karnithi creator Ki Hame ISIL may qualify education retention curve bilkul flat so over multiple iterations experiments hamne ache retention curve optimize Kia US creator ke Us channel Kelly Apka b ek Tarika channels study Kirke subjectively evaluate Karna retention curve ki madha."

  • This quote discusses the importance of tailoring content delivery to the specific niche and content type to optimize the retention curve and keep the audience engaged. It also highlights how YouTube provides detailed analytics on audience retention to help creators improve their content strategy.

Content Experimentation and Audience Retention

  • Discusses the importance of content experimentation in retaining audience attention.
  • Highlights the correlation between a video's introduction and viewer retention.
  • Emphasizes the need for technical content to be engaging to prevent audience drop-off.
  • Suggests that nominating technical parts for skipping can improve retention.

"Category content experimentation Uska Mehdum to Agi intro Hoga Ikrule Intro Hoga just may video pieces ogat ke dali Ogebad may hi guys introduction or title say intro line garthai to retention Sauyata title Bandana Click Intro Gandhi Baturia Pasagama retention Nikatra average gatna but mine discussion Karna chate or bhat Karnachati bought technical cheese karamaki abhi what technical cheese Gagari ham light light vatagar attention sahira technical aigana to boss I look skip Karavaskiri technical parts dali art nominate kbads maybe retention Garth example galic video three video three Dante Gaspaski Maine final Menadeka Mega Hokia explain Karnagh Barbara repeat karate Asa example audience points video content creator go editing decks maybe weta chi starting days Kenda retention graph to study Karoikaru but the palae exalted intellectual indista experiment video start when we say Pele say abhiyam experiment with a rake pattern job clippings Yogi long form a usko Pali video make expert Karakta Uskabad Intro Garo Gasco Lake Start Karu light content say technical giddar or."

  • This quote discusses the trial of different content patterns and the impact of a video's start on retention rates. It suggests that technical content should be presented engagingly, and parts that may be less interesting could be nominated for skipping to maintain viewer retention.

Thumbnail, Title, and Viewer Expectations

  • Discusses the importance of aligning the thumbnail and title with the content to meet viewer expectations.
  • Explains that a mismatch between expectations and content can lead to lower view duration and affect the video's reach on YouTube.
  • Emphasizes that YouTube's algorithm may limit reach if viewers leave the platform due to unmet expectations.

"Important thumbnail title or beginning Isiko English may expectation mismatch Boldetanki Agar Apne Thumbnail or title Peldiya ki Pasekamaniki Baremehe video to Apne expectations at Khadi Viewer K Manme viewer video pe click Karta or ab shru Karthe nai Jaldi Prasakamana Kushna average view duration Agar come so watch time on an average Lok Rukte YouTube Vahi Pewski Reach Rokdega YouTube Reach Rookega Kyuki agar log dekni platform chodre to YouTube revenue YouTube bohot brutal hair or audiences be no audiences upkeep content curves avd measure kara make sure ki apka intro apki packaging say align karai tap Jake apka content optimal hoga Uskebar Chalta uske le ham baki matrix but as far as retention and making sure that the expectations of the audience are aligned with the content that we've created."

  • This quote highlights the consequences of not meeting viewer expectations set by the thumbnail and title. It emphasizes the need for consistency between the video's packaging and its content to ensure optimal performance and retention.

Importance of Packaging and Title

  • Discusses the critical role of video packaging, including the title, in attracting and retaining viewers.
  • Suggests that the title can significantly affect a video's discoverability and retention.

"Bohat Saru packaging Kbaram bhatkar title."

  • This quote succinctly states the importance of video packaging and title in content creation and audience retention.

Content Framework and Time Agnostic Content

  • Talks about creating time agnostic content for better long-term viewership.
  • Mentions the significance of SEO for YouTube search visibility.
  • Discusses the concept of traffic sources, including browse features and suggested traffic.
  • Highlights the importance of understanding viewer consumption patterns and tailoring content accordingly.

"Framework Jatals Kesat kam kartahu Time agnostic content banate which means important hair but agar SEO important hair to YouTube search say long form video channel views Kyunate or yay concept traffic sources browse features or suggested traffic Bolte SEO Karol Hotai Nayota Jagay Pocha Mejisco Manitam Kid based consumption Basically Kutpe Agarap apply Karogi kudka consuming patterns Agarap Samjog basically Apko Yeb idea lagna lagaki at scale Deshbar me Dunya bharmelo so may YouTube pay kabhi rarely YouTube recommendation system recommendations tailored hote YouTube or YouTube Mujevo content pieces Kyun de Khara YouTube Kelly Important reverse engineer cycle ko picha chalaki Lekejate wo videos Mehra Samni Isili and Kyuki YouTube videos pay bet lia YouTube Bet Q lega Jabuske pazaru content watch time Achi hamatlab log Zada DER takuru or jada quantity mehrukre which means video ki Ctr or Avd achi or views Jada hai Matlab impressions Ctrl ki Johomene is cycle something is making people want to click on that video searchability important undergraduation management YouTube management accounting content Go Search based traffic mail gaya mehra exam ke pale but mesal bhar nahi de kung bhat pado me content nahi de kunga but content viewership browse features are suggested example right mind pay YouTube search Karegaki mujadikaoki lamborghini ko hydraulic press me nobody does that and when nobody does that Mrbeast is relying on the excitation factor of his video for it to work. So ik simple sa fundai YouTube kiss long form videos upload existing audiences which means kitney logospe click or avd kasiya which means holo click karnaki bhat kitti DER takdekre agariye ctr or avdono achi hai to YouTube is video unsubscribed audiences kpas leke jaga which means subscribers nahiya wahase video Grohona Shuru Kartai Vahase subscribers ek example ma'am this may investing compounding ke bari hai or retirement corpus video kumane title khadiya power of compounding explained for beginners retire with two crores at the age of 40 Isme idea concept K Barame Parham ismay mei logo ke aspirations go directly please karao ye batate while educate kara but yebi bhataran Kiyon Kiyek chaho saktiya kafi Komanhe or Yemapko Batanga is videoko views jada ange kyuki in general ye cheese platform wide hold karthi ki YouTube jake look decide karthiki to look yeah video which means stagnate ho jayagi yay video existing audience may perform karn kebad which is why search based consumption on the platform. Overall these percent 80% browse features."

  • This extensive quote discusses the strategy for creating time agnostic content that remains relevant and discoverable over time through SEO and understanding traffic sources. It also talks about the importance of creating content that aligns with viewer consumption patterns and how this can lead to better video performance.

Digital Marketing and Content Optimization

  • Reflects on the evolution of digital marketing and the importance of adapting content creation strategies.
  • Discusses the 80/20 rule and its application in content optimization.
  • Highlights the need for consistent research on volume and engagement to maintain a successful content strategy.

"Tom Palaya Digital marketing agency optimized content but USPA content Amna Almost teens or Abhi Kibat Kara Kesetha Jessica Hamni Community Hashtag Asylum Koshan later team research Karthi Kiski volume but volume Kushorgi Beach Kadunlia Volume starting Javam Kia One video a day but Abhiyam Dekte Abhi Ethernet subscribers We are views Vra Sakuchalra but major Joe traffic videos of Pandraso Videos Dalik's level pay Agarham Dhanse Venatkirke Dalte content Nai so push up Navi Usi time Drop Khadiya channel Go Kiham Kargar Search Focus Kara starting Mapnika title starting May secs Karni this look click Jolok kara but."

  • This quote talks about the evolution of digital marketing strategies and the importance of optimizing content for increased volume and engagement. It suggests that research and adaptation are key to maintaining a successful content strategy.

Search-Based Content and Title Division

  • Discusses the strategy of dividing video titles to cater to different search and clickbait needs.
  • Explains how using broader titles can satisfy search needs while also catering to clickbait tendencies.
  • Suggests that dividing titles can help in attracting both dedicated followers and new viewers.

"Safe side per Nagali Chali beast percent views to r l beast percent cook to may usually divide karting video example retire with two crores at 42nd part is cheese Ko Leke principal topic investment for beginners investing for beginners Sal Daldia 2024 Yogi Amara title second part Joki Searchable Logar investing for beginner Search Karangay."

  • This quote explains the tactic of dividing video titles to optimize for search queries while also appealing to viewers looking for click-worthy content.

Utilizing Known Frameworks and Rules in Thumbnails

  • Discusses the use of well-known frameworks and rules to create engaging thumbnails and titles.
  • Suggests that replacing commonly known rules with exciting or lesser-known ones can enhance thumbnail appeal.
  • Highlights the strategy of provoking excitement and curiosity to improve video performance.

"So search based need bski satisfy hogai clickbait need be satisfied hogai but Sir Vieto Vajay Nihotiya Kisiki video techniki Ajko Jaki Agar Mekisi creator Go follow Garth Mounki video Sir Fislini de Kunga Kivo topic Jo None Banaya vo Mujapil kata monki her video Dekunga just because uno Naya video banana vocay topic may interest Kaho Nahuma avid follower Isitara say ApK avid followers K bot followers upload Kia to vodeknayangi Islam last part creatoria brand Kenam Kelly reserve Karthitam two karos at 40 investing for beginners Ankur Variku Istarasama divide Katn Ki Agar Chali Muje bus Ankur Varikuki Video Dekni Jaki YouTube pay Jaki Ankur Variku Select Kia to Mary Sab say Achi video yeah Miri Sabse New video rank Karjay to many koi Tarika Nai Choda's video pay views Lanika to Islam part may divide Khadito Mary Subsejada view Janse 80% Uskoma Subsequent views are insert say Uskomi beach merakum or mere."

  • This quote discusses how using a combination of known and novel frameworks in video thumbnails can satisfy both search-based needs and clickbait tendencies. It also touches on the strategy of dividing content to appeal to both avid followers and new viewers.

Evolution of Digital Marketing and Content Creation

  • Reflects on the evolution of content creation from blogging to digital marketing techniques.
  • Discusses the 80/20 rule and its application in content creation.
  • Highlights the importance of influencer marketing and creating engaging thumbnails as part of a digital marketing strategy.

"Malamabad Internet Ektarasa India Ghana evolved globally exist Nikarta Duniya Meskendar Mina Kudiska Nambanaya or around content create karna Shurukiya or mine harjagapiski Barabimbat Karto blogging Chalagati Digital marketing Kik Seogi technique 77117 rule explain Kia but Kwisar SEO Gyota Uskindar may mention Khadiya mentioned Gandasha dunga backlink basically the Bobby Bhatkari egg influencer whose topic is YouTube again hypothesis Mujani Bhatta Kimalu Joapnabulla Thumbnail bought catchy cheese Lagray Bayechi lo kolrasko explain Karungi rule influencer creator Digital marketing Digital marketing May India Gandham Jojo Digital marketing creators okay chote level Kunkulaga rule Isiga around content banana Shurukade or Jesse this is a proof evolution merce YouTube page YouTube pay."

  • This quote describes the continuous evolution of digital marketing and the shift from traditional blogging to more sophisticated SEO techniques. It emphasizes the importance of adapting to changes in digital marketing to create content that resonates with audiences and remains effective over time.

Creating Tangible Benefits and Rule-Based Content

  • Discusses the creation of rule-based content that provides tangible benefits to viewers.
  • Suggests that presenting concepts as practical frameworks can enhance viewer understanding and interest.
  • Emphasizes the potential for rule-based content to gain traction and provoke discussion.

"100% YouTube pay Kujbi kam karega joe Apapna viewer realize Karasaki ki apko ye tangibly benefit karega so apnejo rule banaya yamak rule 35 50 in rule for example so agar ye rule may explain karpaya apnea viewers koki Q ye rule but relevant agarwu realize karthikiha this is something that makes sense. Whose video gottraction igi whose video gottraction agi to zada logotak pochegi zada logis barame bhat karangay so you basically done exactly that apnea noise create kharti from something that was not known. So I think in that way YouTube page replicate karna is quite quite possible for now coffee notoriety milry her cheese perul banade phone buying peru ev purchases pay abu kahi rules kisina likke nadi rules ham banare but ankurunko samjapara seki viewers ko lagha ismay meaning hair important hosakta masha use kirke dek sakta or koibi as a content naijata nahi garte so agar koivi concept behavior basically a practical framework numerically bend Kirke Logotak pochayagay ham waste nigar nonsense basically replicate hojaga frequency frequency frequency Abobi depend Karjatagi content Agarap news channel movies Friday Thursday Bharave but mostly seasonally a topical creators Kesat Kam nahi karta bi abko examples again relevant content Relevant Rahega many video timeline existing audiences YouTube de ka ketelo click Kara kal YouTube may decide Kiyaki CTR or AVd Athai Abna is key impressions Johan Vo unsubscribed audiences Kitarab divert Kardeta clicks Kamange but Mehra Channel Pay subscribers add Hojangay Click Sisle Kamange Kyuki or competition Hojaga Yon Logo Kibit Jayaga Josh subscribe Nikiya Wahe to Shaido Mari competition Baby Click Kasakte but this is my opportunity to gain subscribers yechi chobi Kante Bhat process startuta but jasaki manebola. YouTube. YouTube. Kepas Apko Dene Kele limited number of impressions YouTube impressions apke ajwali video ko dene ke bajayak fresh upload kudene lagega. YouTube. Asa isilie kartahe kyuki vo Jantai ki apke fresh upload pic clicks probability zada hai probability cues because video Apke existing audiences kept apke existing audiences Apko Chate Apko subscribe content ka wait karte. YouTube. Kalekiya important number of views on a creator's video Jitte Zada views Uttijada ad run Utijada revenue videos so basically up maybe end of the week end of the month views to Bohatara meh rose upload karao but mere subscribers audiences ke pass janikalaya time so ideally miramanay her video K Beach me 48 say 72 hours Tuesday Thursday Saturday Hogia Agarab Dohi upload kara Wednesday Saturday Hogia Tuesday Friday Hogia Thursday Sunday hogia so jitna jada up equally spaced karakte basis the number of videos that you're doing every week uskili optimize karnachai long form klee because."

  • This extensive quote discusses the strategy of creating rule-based content that provides tangible benefits to viewers. It suggests that presenting information in a practical, rule-based framework can make content more appealing and likely to replicate success. It also addresses the importance of content frequency and the strategic timing of video uploads to maximize reach and subscriber growth.

Impact of Advertisements on YouTube Content

  • Advertisements can negatively affect content by reducing organic viewership.
  • Ads may increase viewership initially but tend to hold viewers for a shorter duration.
  • A high proportion of ad-driven views can signal to YouTube that the channel isn't retaining viewers, leading to fewer impressions.

"Gains I'll tell you why ads is basically forcing content down on anybody's throat... for the same amount of views which means watch time which means YouTube kele signal hair this channel is not able to hold users on the video as long as it used to."

The quote explains that excessive reliance on ads for viewership can signal to YouTube that the content isn't engaging enough to retain viewers, potentially reducing the channel's organic reach.

Strategies for Organic Growth on YouTube

  • Limit ad usage to less than 10% of the video's overall top line to maintain organic growth.
  • Focus on organic views and impressions to ensure a healthy channel performance.
  • Experiment with ads on a controlled volume to benefit older videos with historically good click-through rates (CTR) and session time duration (STV).

"Controlled way maker maybe don't run ads to the quantum wherein it's contributing to more than 10% of the overall top line on the videos at least organic... so I'm having fun with it."

This quote suggests that limiting the use of ads and focusing on organic growth strategies can be both effective and enjoyable for content creators.

Optimizing YouTube Metrics

  • Concentrate on improving impressions, CTR, and watch time as these metrics influence each other and overall channel growth.
  • Enhancing CTR can be achieved by experimenting with thumbnails and titles to increase views and watch time for the same number of impressions.
  • Re-indexing involves analyzing the relationship between impressions and CTR through charts and trend lines to identify areas for improvement.

"To start with I think up impressions pay focus career avd pay focus career or up CTR focus career because everything else is a consequence..."

The quote emphasizes the importance of focusing on key metrics like impressions, average view duration (AVD), and CTR as foundational elements for channel growth on YouTube.

Re-indexing and Video Packaging

  • Re-indexing is the process of updating video thumbnails, titles, and descriptions to improve their performance.
  • It involves a meticulous analysis of data to understand which changes can lead to an increase in CTR and watch time.
  • The process should be done thoughtfully, ensuring that changes are relevant and improve the video's packaging without misleading the audience.

"Re-indexing bolted or isko karnikai both interesting Tarikai Apke Channel Pay AP manly JK saw videos download karlia YouTube back end se impressions or impressions click through rate which is the CTR uske data Kesat Ferapic chart banangi linear regression impressions versus CTR ka..."

This quote describes the process of re-indexing, which involves downloading video data, analyzing impressions and CTR, and creating charts to identify trends and opportunities for optimization.

Utilizing YouTube Analytics for Content Strategy

  • Analyze the performance of videos to determine the best times and days to publish content for maximum reach.
  • Utilize tools like TubeBuddy for thumbnail testing and data analysis.
  • Consistency in content creation and publishing schedule is crucial for long-term traction and growth.

"Initially apka YouTube ka video jitna better perform kare chances of long term traction are better."

The quote suggests that the initial performance of a YouTube video is indicative of its potential for long-term success, emphasizing the importance of a strong start and consistent content strategy.

Content Creation and Consistency

  • Commitment to a consistent content creation and publishing schedule is essential for growth.
  • Creators should strive to improve with each video, analyzing past content to understand what works and what doesn't.
  • Growth as a content creator is an ongoing process that requires adaptation and learning.

"Mera manahe ki consistency think iski upar merrily creation process may kujada important Nahi Agarap Egbar Commit Kara Dalunga Kutsoche Binakuch question Kiye Dali Agarap Tan Ran Kimatin long form videos Harafte Dalunga to Abdo Saltak Binakuch question Kiye constantly satsuti Vochis Dalai Tabagar growth but Kailogna Ekmeenaart Das maintain demotivate ojate content banana rogue but agarab do salta consistently create kar promised consistency pay commitment so I think that is something that's very important."

This quote stresses the significance of consistency in content creation and the need for creators to commit to their publishing schedule to achieve sustained growth and avoid demotivation.

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