Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn CHEATING rumors, Morgan Wallen CANCELLED, Diddy updates + MORE

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Summary Notes


In this episode of "Toast Tot," hosts Madison H. and Courtney Revolution navigate the vibrant world of celebrity gossip, touching on their personal lives and pop culture musings. They discuss Madison's favorite hoodie from the Austin Airport, JoJo Siwa's $50,000 veneers, and the nuances of dental aesthetics. The conversation shifts to Coachella experiences, the anticipation surrounding Missy Elliott's first tour, and the hefty price tag of concert tickets. They also delve into the controversial behavior of country artist Morgan Wallen, advocating for support of black country artists like Cashus Cool Pepper instead. The duo debates the appropriateness of Noah Cyrus liking her sister Miley's ex-husband's thirst trap, the implications of Taylor Swift's upcoming album, and the potential drama surrounding Joe Alwyn's alleged infidelity. The episode wraps up with the "Put it in the Teapot" segment, where they encourage breaking out of routine and prioritizing personal health over work.

Summary Notes


  • Madison Hill and Courtney Revolution discuss celebrity and pop culture in their podcast "Toast Tot."
  • They encourage listeners to rate, like, and subscribe to their podcast.
  • They share a toast to their world of celebrity and pop culture.

"Welcome to our podcast toast tot we're two friends that love the world of celebrity and pop culture and talking about it with you to join our world of celebrity make sure to rate like And subscribe to our podcast now hit it it's about that time wait where's the Chris cam to say cheers to our world of celebrity 1,000% they're back together and it feels just right miss m nice to meet you raise your glass. I'm Madison h. and I'm Courtney Revolution because it's our moment to toast."

This quote serves as the opening of the podcast episode, with Madison Hill and Courtney Revolution setting the stage for their discussions on celebrity and pop culture. They also prompt listeners to engage with their podcast by rating, liking, and subscribing.

Personal Updates

  • Courtney Revolution shares his love for a hoodie he bought at the Austin Airport.
  • Madison Hill and Courtney Revolution discuss their personal preferences in clothing and merchandise.

"Madison this is one of this is probably actually realistically my favorite hoodie I wear this hoodie probably the most and you know where I got this was the the airport leaving Matt from the circle the first time I went to see him the Austin Airport has incredible merch."

Courtney Revolution explains the sentimental value and comfort of his favorite hoodie purchased from the Austin Airport, highlighting a personal anecdote and the unexpected quality of airport merchandise.

Celebrity Dental Work

  • JoJo Siwa spent $50,000 on new teeth, prompting a discussion on veneers.
  • Madison and Courtney discuss the pros and cons of veneers and the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance.

"Madison she's got it. she's got it. I I don't know. I mean she's got a great smile I don't know if I mean I certainly don't have $50,000 to drop on a new grill like that. but I mean if you got it flaunt it and spend it I just just don't bite me don't bite me JoJo sewa."

Courtney Revolution reacts to JoJo Siwa's expensive dental work and the idea of spending a large amount of money on cosmetic enhancements, while also humorously cautioning JoJo not to bite him.

Coachella and Music Festivals

  • Madison and Courtney discuss their feelings about Coachella and other music festivals.
  • They share their lack of fear of missing out (FOMO) and the perceived downsides of attending such events.

"Madison I'm not going to lie next time I go to Austin I'm coming out with more stuff from the airport cuz like it's just roomy. it's comfortable like there are good hoodies and then there are like your hoodies this is like my hoodie grow I need another 1 million Matt. I'm coming to see you."

Courtney Revolution expresses his enthusiasm for Austin Airport merchandise and plans to purchase more on his next visit, highlighting the comfort and quality of their products.

Missy Elliott's First Tour

  • Missy Elliott is embarking on her first headlining tour, surprising both hosts given her long-standing career.
  • Madison and Courtney discuss the significance of Missy Elliott, Sierra, and Busta Rhymes touring together.

"Madison the shock I felt first of all seeing Missy Elliott on like a tour poster I was. like. oh I realized I a never seen Missy Elliott before. and then as I was scrolling X Twitter I was realizing or being informed rather that this is literally Missy Elliott's first tour what has been going on in the past like 20 30 years that Missy Elliott a never been on tour before I feel like she's gone on tour with people and like appeared but the fact that she's never headlined one herself was also shocking to me missia is an icon like when I think of icons and like people who have made an impact on the music industry I think of Missy Elliott."

Courtney Revolution expresses his astonishment at learning that Missy Elliott has never headlined her own tour despite being a significant figure in the music industry. This revelation prompts a discussion about her impact and the excitement for her upcoming tour.

Concert Ticket Prices

  • Madison and Courtney discuss the high cost of concert tickets, especially for sought-after artists like Missy Elliott, Sierra, and Busta Rhymes.
  • They lament the challenges of affording concert tickets and the potential need for sponsorship to attend.

"Madison I clicked on this seat near it was a floor seat and that [ __ ] said $780 and that that was today at the time that we're recording this that was during the pre-sale today. so I you already know the resale tickets are going to be 1,200 to 2,000."

Madison Hill expresses shock at the high price of floor seats for Missy Elliott's concert during the pre-sale, indicating that prices are likely to increase even further on the resale market.

BravoCon and Bravo Network

  • The hosts discuss BravoCon not returning until 2025 and the current state of various Bravo TV shows.
  • They speculate on the reasons for the hiatus and express their thoughts on the network's programming.

"Madison I was a little surprised and then once I really thought about it I was like oh that kind of makes sense Bravo in 2024 always my favorite network. always. but I think about you know real housewise of pomac kind of on its last ankle right now we're losing candas and Robin you know we have real housewise of Atlanta on Hiatus we don't know who's on the show outside of you know Kenya Porsche. whoever and even uh Salt Lake City no Monica. we're all going now to see Monica so it's like. you know I think that they could use a pause shout out to Dinda little pause I'm and come back next year and that gives me another year to save my coin."

Courtney Revolution shares his initial surprise at BravoCon's hiatus but then rationalizes the decision based on the current challenges and changes within the Bravo TV network's shows. He mentions the need for a pause and the opportunity it presents for fans to save money for future events.

Morgan Wallen's Reckless Behavior

  • Morgan Wallen was arrested on three counts of reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.
  • He threw a chair off a balcony, which landed near police officers outside a bar.
  • Wallen paid the bond and was released; his mugshot showed him smiling.
  • Legal experts suggested he could face 6 to 15 months in prison, though some doubt this will happen.
  • The hosts express disapproval of Wallen's behavior, labeling it as "trash" and indicative of a sense of invincibility.
  • They criticize Wallen's past scandals, including racist behavior, and his apparent disregard for his fans.

"Morgan Wallen who threw the chair he was arrested on three counts of reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct paid the bond he was released his mug shot though he's smiling like an idiot like looks like he is not worried about the consequences at all."

This quote highlights Morgan Wallen's arrest and his nonchalant attitude in his mugshot, suggesting he is unconcerned about the repercussions of his actions.

The Impact of Collaboration Choices

  • The hosts discuss the disappointment with Post Malone collaborating with Morgan Wallen.
  • They feel this collaboration could be seen as turning his back on the Black community, given Wallen's perceived racist actions.
  • The hosts emphasize the importance of artists respecting their fanbase, particularly when it involves communities that have historically supported them.

"I took it very personally as a fan of Post Malone when I saw that Post Malone was working with Morgan because as a fan of Hip Hop black people support you and have supported you to get you to this platform."

This quote expresses personal disappointment in Post Malone for working with Morgan Wallen, considering the support Post Malone has received from the Black community in his career.

Supporting Alternative Artists

  • The hosts advocate for supporting Black country artist Cashes Cool Pepper instead of Morgan Wallen.
  • They highlight Cool Pepper's talent, original music, and potential in the country music scene.
  • They also mention other deserving country artists like Rashad and Shabzi.

"I want Morgan's ass locked up um and without giving him a single stream the music is trash that's all."

The speaker clearly states their desire for legal action against Morgan Wallen and encourages others not to support his music, instead suggesting alternative artists who deserve attention.

Age Gap Controversy

  • Aoki Lee Simmons, daughter of Russell Simmons, was seen kissing 65-year-old Italian Vittorio Isof, sparking debate over their 44-year age gap.
  • The hosts question the appropriateness of such a significant age difference and speculate about parental reactions to similar situations.
  • They discuss the potential influence of Aoki's father, Russell Simmons, and his legal troubles on her behavior.
  • The hosts express discomfort with the relationship and its public display.

"AOK Lee Simmons aka the daughter of Russell Simmons and kamur Lee one of Kim Kardashian's friends uh she was seen in St Barts kissing Italian rour Victorio isof He is 65 and she is 22."

This quote introduces the topic of Aoki Lee Simmons's controversial relationship with an older man, highlighting the significant age difference and public reaction.

  • Young Miami denied being a sex worker in response to an old clip where she referred to herself as such in jest.
  • The hosts discuss the seriousness of legal matters and the need for caution when making public statements that could be used in court.
  • They criticize the lack of seriousness with which some celebrities treat potential legal consequences.
  • The hosts express a desire for accountability and justice in these situations.

"She said it was just banter she was just kidding she was recounting a conversation that she has with her cousin um."

This quote refers to Young Miami's explanation of her previous comment, emphasizing that it was not a serious admission but rather a joke, which the hosts later scrutinize for its potential legal implications.

  • Diddy's son is accused of assaulting a woman on a yacht chartered by Diddy, leading to a lawsuit.
  • The lawsuit alleges a hedonistic environment on the yacht, with suspected sex workers, drugs, and spiked beverages.
  • The hosts discuss the pattern of behavior associated with Diddy and his circle, including the differentiation of beverages for men and women.
  • They express a strong belief that Diddy and his son will face legal consequences and call for media coverage of the trial.

"Diddy's son has also now been accused of assaulting a woman back in 2022 on a yacht that was chartered by Diddy."

This quote summarizes the allegations against Diddy's son and implicates Diddy due to his involvement in chartering the yacht where the incident allegedly occurred.

The Unraveling Situation

  • The conversation opens with the hosts discussing a situation that is rapidly deteriorating and is hard to believe.
  • They refer to someone's son also being accused, implying a scandal of some sort.
  • Madison Hill considers the situation similar to the dynamics of the rap group City Girls, where one member had to perform solo while the other was in jail.

"It's unraveling to a point that is almost unbelievable like you really can't I don't even think if someone tried to script this they could script something that's insane that like your son is also being accused too."

This quote emphasizes the shock and disbelief at the severity of the situation being discussed, likening it to a dramatic and unbelievable script.

City Girls Dynamic

  • The hosts discuss the rap group City Girls, where one member, JT, was incarcerated while the other, Karisha, continued to perform.
  • Now that JT has gone solo, they ponder on the difficulty of supporting a friend who is facing legal trouble.
  • They speculate that JT might have had prior knowledge of the situation, which influenced her decision to go solo.

"Just for the listeners so the city girls they this rap group you know one of them JT went to jail Kisha you know held it down did all the performances until she came back."

This quote provides context on the City Girls' background, highlighting the loyalty and support within the group during a member's incarceration.

JT's Solo Career

  • JT has successfully launched a solo career with new songs and is currently on a club tour.
  • The hosts express their support for JT's decision to separate from Karisha, especially if she had foreseen potential issues.

"JT has gone solo she's released like two songs and they're doing well she's on like a club tour right now."

This quote confirms JT's current career moves and her success as a solo artist, which has been well-received.

The Diddy Situation

  • The hosts discuss the complexity of working with Diddy, noting that artists associated with him may face unpredictable outcomes regarding their music releases.
  • They hint at more revelations to come in the following week concerning Diddy's actions, particularly his decision to sign rapper MGK.

"When you get WRA at with Diddy your album may or may not come out."

This quote hints at the uncertain nature of collaborations with Diddy, suggesting that an artist's work could be compromised.

Megan Thee Stallion's New Era

  • Megan Thee Stallion is featured on the cover of Women's Health, discussing her new album about rebirth following a period of suffering and depression.
  • The hosts reflect on the public's perception of Megan and her experiences as a black woman.
  • They anticipate her upcoming music and tour, emphasizing the importance of this next album cycle for her career.

"I was inspired to create this album about rebirth because I feel I'm becoming a new person physically and mentally."

This quote from Megan Thee Stallion reveals the personal transformation and themes of renewal that inspired her new album.

Megan Thee Stallion's Musical Direction

  • The hosts hope Megan will explore new sounds and go deeper in her lyrics, moving beyond her established style.
  • They discuss the pressures faced by female rappers in the industry and the potential impact on Megan's career if her new music does not resonate with audiences.

"We've got albums of like mixt we have so many songs of hers that sound alike which is great cuz you create your distinctive sound but it would be so interesting and awesome for her to try new sounds new cadences new flows."

This quote reflects the hosts' desire for Megan Thee Stallion to innovate and evolve musically to maintain her relevance and success.

Megan Thee Stallion vs. Nicki Minaj

  • The hosts debate whether Megan should respond to Nicki Minaj in her new music, considering the timing and relevance of such a response.
  • They discuss the effectiveness of Nicki's quick diss track release and question if Megan could match that impact.

"Do we think and do we want Megan to respond to Nikki and Bigfoot in new music or has that moment come and gone cuz she's been kind of like shadily referencing it on like her Instagram live and stuff?"

This quote raises the question of whether it's appropriate for Megan Thee Stallion to address her feud with Nicki Minaj in her upcoming music.

The Cyrus Family Drama

  • The hosts discuss the family dynamics of the Cyrus family, highlighting a recent incident where Noah Cyrus liked a photo of Liam Hemsworth, Miley's ex-husband.
  • They speculate on the motivations behind Noah's actions and the current state of family relationships.

"So no liking this photo was a slap in the face for sure it was a petty move for sure I also think it confirms that the Cyrus family is in disarray."

This quote interprets Noah Cyrus's action of liking Liam Hemsworth's photo as a deliberate and provocative gesture, suggesting turmoil within the Cyrus family.

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus's Situation

  • The conversation turns to Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus's relationship, discussing the implications of Tish's alleged affair with Dominic Purcell.
  • The hosts express their disapproval of the situation and call for distancing from the family drama.

"I'm like you married this girl's mom. and you didn't think someone was going to use that against you eventually like please welcome to Hollywood uhoh."

This quote criticizes Dominic Purcell for his involvement with both Tish and Noah Cyrus, highlighting the scandalous nature of the situation.

Anticipation for Taylor Swift's New Album

  • The hosts express excitement for Taylor Swift's upcoming album release, anticipating its impact on Joe Alwyn.
  • They discuss the strategic timing of the release and the potential themes of the album.

"Joe Allen absolutely be buried six feet under when Taylor releases her new album it's coming it's coming it's like a week and. two days right."

This quote conveys the hosts' anticipation for Taylor Swift's new album and its potential effects on her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Bonding Over Taylor Swift

  • Madison Hill and Courtney Revolution discuss how they bonded over a mutual love for Taylor Swift.
  • They refused to take opposite sides for the sake of internet controversy at their old job.
  • Taylor Swift's actions and releases are a point of connection for fans and friends alike.

"At our old job, they tried to get us be on opposite sides and one of us hate Taylor Swift and we both said absolutely not we're not going on the internet and hating Taylor Swift."

This quote illustrates how Madison and Courtney's shared admiration for Taylor Swift prevented them from participating in a manufactured online feud, highlighting the positive influence of the artist on their friendship.

Taylor Swift's Playlists and the Stages of Grief

  • Taylor Swift released playlists on Apple Music that fans interpret as corresponding to the stages of grief.
  • The "denial" playlist, in particular, has garnered attention with its title "I love you, it's ruining my life."
  • Swift's message for this playlist suggests it's about being so enamored that one may ignore red flags.

"She said this is a list of songs about getting so caught up in the idea of something you have a hard time seeing the red flags possibly resulting in moments of denial and maybe a little bit of delusion."

The quote explains the theme of the "denial" playlist, which reflects on the idea of being blinded by love or an idea to the point of ignoring obvious problems, resonating with many listeners as a relatable concept.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Relationship

  • Fans speculate about the state of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's relationship based on various clues.
  • Discussion includes perceptions of Alwyn's attractiveness and comparisons to other celebrities.
  • Fans analyze past interviews and social media posts for hints about the relationship's dynamics.

"Taylor normally I'm not into blondies because I feel like it's a lot of blonde in one place. but I was I was feeling Joe Alwyn but now actually now that I've looked at their relationship through a new lens I'm like I should drag myself forever being pro Taylor and Joe TBH like I'm embarrassed."

This quote reflects the changing perceptions and feelings Courtney has about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's relationship, indicating a shift from initial support to a more critical view based on new perspectives and information.

Speculation on Infidelity and Clues in Media

  • Fans theorize that Joe Alwyn may have cheated on Taylor Swift with his "Conversations with Friends" co-star, Alison Oliver.
  • A slip-up during a sex scene and a party thrown at Swift's house are among the speculated evidence.
  • Fans believe Taylor Swift's album release date is significant, possibly alluding to the rumored infidelity.

"There is a theory... that Joe said Alison's real name during a sex scene in 'Conversations with Friends'... and people are saying that he only would have done that if they had a real-life moment."

This quote captures the essence of the fan theory that suggests a personal connection between Joe Alwyn and Alison Oliver, which fans believe might have been inadvertently revealed during a scripted scene, thereby fueling rumors of infidelity.

Upcoming Album Theories

  • The sound of Taylor Swift's upcoming album is rumored to be a mix of "Red" and "Reputation."
  • Fans eagerly anticipate the album, speculating about its thematic content and musical style.
  • The length of one track, "So Long London," is seen as intentional, adding to the album's mystique.

"They've been saying online that it the sonically it's a cross between red and reputation."

This quote conveys the excitement and speculation surrounding the musical direction of Taylor Swift's upcoming album, with fans expecting a blend of styles from her previous works "Red" and "Reputation."

Embracing Independence and Breaking Routines

  • Courtney encourages listeners to break free from routines and try new, independent activities.
  • Personal growth and new experiences are highlighted as valuable outcomes of stepping out of one's comfort zone.
  • Independence is seen as a positive trait, with solo activities like dining alone being endorsed.

"I encourage you to go out and do some things that you've never done before... if you're the kind of person that would never go to like lunch by yourself... I encourage you to do those things."

The quote emphasizes the importance of challenging oneself to step outside of daily routines and engage in activities alone, promoting personal growth and independence.

Prioritizing Health and Well-being

  • Madison discusses the importance of not putting health last and committing to regular exercise.
  • She shares her personal experience of enjoying outdoor workouts and how it has improved her perspective on health.
  • The conversation shifts towards the importance of feeling good rather than just focusing on weight loss.

"I've really been trying to commit to making time to exercise... it's okay not to work for an hour of the day. and it's okay to go exercise because that should be considered part of work."

Madison's quote underlines the significance of dedicating time for physical health, viewing exercise as an essential part of one's daily routine and overall well-being, rather than a secondary activity.

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