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In episode 50 of "Swift Dish," hosts Shelby and Ashley celebrate reaching their fourth album discussion on Taylor Swift's discography, reflecting on their journey from "Reputation" to "Evermore." They debate whether to move onto a new season, considering the unexpected release pattern of Swift's albums. The duo also reviews a fan's positive feedback, emphasizing their unique chemistry and the podcast's blend of analysis and fun. They discuss the evolving nature of their show, the diversity of Swift podcast personalities, and their specific listener demographic. Additionally, they engage in speculation about potential easter eggs in Swift's posts, like the recurring use of "floating," and share insights into the recording process of "You All Over Me" from the drummer's perspective. They highlight Olivia Rodrigo's rising career and her admiration for Swift, including a special gift package from Taylor. The episode concludes with a breakdown of Swift's song "Marjorie," discussing its poignant lyrics, emotional depth, and personal significance as a tribute to Swift's grandmother.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Swift Dish Podcast

  • Shelby and Ashley host the Swift Dish podcast.
  • They are celebrating their 50th episode of season two.
  • There is uncertainty about when they will transition to season three.
  • The podcast has covered four Taylor Swift albums so far: Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore.

"Hey guys welcome back to swift dish it's Shelby and Ashley."

The quote is an introduction to the podcast episode, indicating the hosts' names and the podcast they are presenting.

Podcast Progression and Album Discussions

  • The podcast started with Taylor Swift's album "Reputation."
  • They have since discussed "Lover," "Folklore," and "Evermore."
  • There's a joke about Taylor Swift's albums leading to an undefined podcast season, referred to as "Folk Lover More Less era."

"So we did reputation lover. well we tried to do lover um folklore and evermore."

This quote summarizes the progression of album discussions on the podcast, indicating the albums that have been covered.

Transition to Video Format and Personal Anecdotes

  • The hosts are still getting accustomed to the video format of the podcast.
  • Ashley uses a stencil for applying winged eyeliner, and they share a light-hearted conversation about it.

"I put makeup on just for this I had no other meetings I was like I even so I did a little like a little wing I don't know if you can tell a little bit Taylor I can't I can't do wings so I literally have a stencil where I put it up to my eye because it always looks and it still isn't even if you guys are watching this it's still not even one's always like a little higher than the other."

This quote reveals the personal preparation Ashley undertakes for the video format of the podcast and shares a relatable beauty struggle with the audience.

Fan Engagement and Podcast Reviews

  • They received a positive review from a listener named "i.i.q.log."
  • The review praises the podcast for its combination of analysis, chemistry, news, and fun.
  • The hosts discuss the different types of fans and the specificity of their podcast's appeal.

"But they wrote there are many ts pods out there. but i think this is the best combination of analysis chemistry news fun etc great job."

This quote shares a fan's positive review, highlighting the elements that make the Swift Dish podcast unique and appreciated.

Podcast Community and Collaborations

  • The hosts recognize that there are various Taylor Swift podcasts with different personalities.
  • They mention other podcasts like Holy Swift and The Ringer's analysis of Swift's albums.
  • They plan a crossover episode with the Holy Swift podcast in honor of the "Fearless" album release.

"So you know all the other taylor swift podcasts it's not a competition at all. but we do have the best fans i know listeners we don't have fans listeners."

This quote reflects on the podcast community and emphasizes the friendly nature of the relationship between different Taylor Swift podcasts.

Taylor Swift News and Cryptic Announcements

  • Taylor Swift released a cryptic video with a word scramble and a backward song.
  • Swifties quickly decoded the message, revealing song titles and features for upcoming releases.
  • The hosts discuss their anticipation and the excitement of the fan community.

"The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you'll think i am after you watch this video level expert happy decoding."

This quote is Taylor Swift's cryptic message to fans, prompting them to decode hints about her upcoming music releases.

Process of Recording Music Remotely

  • Drummer Eric Slick describes the secretive and remote process of recording for Taylor Swift.
  • He received a password-protected disc with muffled vocals to prevent leaks.
  • The discussion highlights the challenges and creativity involved in remote music production.

"He got a disc a super private disc that was passport password protected and on the disc was a song that was password protected and on this he said that uh the song had vocals on it. but the vocals were muffled so he had no idea like he had no idea what he was going to be playing on and the pitch was very low and kind of unrecognizable."

This quote details the secure and confidential process of recording music for Taylor Swift, illustrating the lengths taken to protect unreleased material.

Olivia Rodrigo's Rising Career

  • The hosts express admiration for Olivia Rodrigo's talent and success.
  • They discuss her hit songs "Driver's License" and "Deja Vu."
  • Olivia Rodrigo is recognized as a promising young songwriter.

"I have also been following Olivia Rodrigo's like career closely ever since driver's license released last that was this year who was this. yeah. that was this year um."

This quote shows the hosts' interest in up-and-coming artists and their recognition of Olivia Rodrigo's impact on the music scene.

Taylor Swift's Influence on Olivia Rodrigo

  • Olivia Rodrigo is a rising star who has publicly expressed her admiration for Taylor Swift.
  • Swift has acknowledged Rodrigo's success by sending her a package of gifts and a handwritten note.
  • The relationship between Swift and Rodrigo highlights the mutual respect among artists in the music industry.
  • Rodrigo feels fortunate to have been born at the right time to have Swift as a role model.

"Olivia's talked about how much she loves Taylor and how this package Taylor sent was so important."

This quote reflects Olivia Rodrigo's appreciation for Taylor Swift's support and the significance of Swift's gesture in Rodrigo's career.

Olivia Rodrigo's Music and Personal Life

  • Rodrigo's music contains personal details and Easter eggs, similar to Taylor Swift's songwriting style.
  • Fans engage with Rodrigo's music by speculating about the subjects of her songs, such as who she has dated.
  • Rodrigo's songs "Driver's License" and "Deja Vu" are compared, with "Driver's License" being more of a ballad and "Deja Vu" having a fresh and upbeat sound.

"She's putting a lot of her personal details her dating life into that which kind of gives the Swifties a little like thing to look into."

This quote highlights Rodrigo's approach to songwriting, which involves sharing personal experiences and details that resonate with fans.

Taylor Swift's Cryptic Messages and Theories

  • Fans speculate about the meaning of Taylor Swift's repeated use of the word "floating."
  • Theories suggest that "floating" could be related to lyrics from a vault song or a hint at a third album following "Folklore" and "Evermore."
  • Swift's partnership with Disney+ and the removal of her documentary from Netflix fuel speculation about her future projects.

"Fans are speculating over and maybe we'll find out when she releases the vault songs is that floating word she's been using floating around a lot."

This quote captures the fan theories and anticipation surrounding Taylor Swift's cryptic messages and potential new releases.

Taylor Swift's Family and the Song "Marjorie"

  • "Marjorie" is a song from Taylor Swift's album "Evermore" that pays tribute to her grandmother.
  • The track reflects Swift's family history and her connection to her grandmother's aspirations.
  • Swift's songwriting on "Folklore" and "Evermore" often explores themes of family, history, and personal reflection.

"Marjorie is one of my favorite songs and it ended up in my top 10 of her my rankings list."

This quote expresses the speaker's personal connection to the song "Marjorie" and its significance in the context of Taylor Swift's discography.

"It's really powerful that that led to not one but two reflections on her family history."

This quote discusses the impact of Swift's introspection during quarantine on her songwriting, leading to songs that honor her family's legacy.

Emotional Resonance and Critical Reception

  • The song discussed has received critical acclaim for its emotional depth and lyricism.
  • Critics and reviewers have highlighted its ability to resonate with listeners, particularly those who have experienced loss.
  • The song is noted for capturing complex emotions like grief and guilt.

Variety says it features lines that will leave a dry eye only in houses that have never known death.

This quote emphasizes the song's powerful impact on listeners, suggesting that it can evoke strong emotions, especially in those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

The AV Club lauded it for its heart-wrenching lyricism.

Ashley's comment indicates the song's lyrics are particularly moving and have been praised for their emotional intensity.

The anguish production named it one of her best songs to date.

The song is recognized as one of the artist's best works, indicating a high level of quality and impact.

Personal Connection and Interpretation

  • Both Shelby and Ashley express a personal connection to the song, despite not having experienced significant personal loss.
  • The song is appreciated for its ability to draw out emotions in listeners and for its artistic merit.
  • The inclusion of the artist's grandmother in the song adds a layer of personal history and emotional depth.

"It really just draws up a lot of emotion like I there was that review that says that said that if you haven't experienced lost it's you know you're the only one with a dry eye."

Shelby relates to the song emotionally even without having a personal experience of loss, demonstrating the song's broad appeal and ability to evoke empathy.

"She's singing with her grandma like who's passed away like she's keeping her memory alive through like every aspect possible."

Ashley highlights the artist's use of her grandmother's vocals in the track, which adds a poignant and personal touch to the song.

Lyrical Themes and Storytelling

  • The song's lyrics convey messages about wisdom, kindness, and cleverness.
  • The artist reflects on past advice and the impact of lost loved ones on her life.
  • The song's storytelling is praised for its depth and the way it connects personal history with broader themes.

"Never be so kind you forget to be clever never be so clever you forget to be kind."

This lyric encapsulates the song's message about balancing kindness with cleverness, offering a piece of wisdom that resonates with the listeners.

"What died didn't stay dead you're alive you're alive in my head."

The repeated line emphasizes the enduring presence of loved ones who have passed away, suggesting that they continue to live on in our memories and influence.

The Role of Memory and Legacy

  • The song touches on the importance of memory and storytelling in preserving the legacy of those who have passed.
  • It also explores the artist's personal growth and how she has learned from both her successes and mistakes.

"Never be so polite you forget your power never wield such power you forget to be polite."

This lyric advises maintaining a balance between politeness and empowerment, reflecting on the nuanced lessons passed down through generations.

"All your closets of backlogged dreams and how you left them all to me."

The bridge of the song connects the artist's personal legacy with that of her grandmother, acknowledging the dreams and aspirations that are passed on within a family.

Generational Wisdom and Feminine Strength

  • The song discusses the strength and resilience of women across generations.
  • It highlights the artist's recognition of her grandmother's influence and the importance of learning from elders.

"It's interesting to see how that strength in like generational strength of a woman who can who can make her life like that in a time when it was harder for women to be taken seriously."

Ashley reflects on the generational strength demonstrated by the artist's grandmother and how it has influenced the artist herself.

"Never be so polite you forget your power because again I think as women we're often told like you know be nice."

Shelby discusses the societal expectations placed on women and how the song's message challenges those norms by encouraging a balance of politeness and empowerment.

Taylor Swift's Homage to Her Grandmother

  • Taylor Swift's song is a tribute to her grandmother, Marjorie, who made sacrifices for her family.
  • Marjorie's life choices, including putting her career aside for her husband and children, are seen as contributing to Taylor's success.
  • The song reflects on Marjorie's spirit of adventure and her love for music, despite it taking a backseat in her life.
  • Taylor Swift uses the song to explore complex emotions of loss, nostalgia, and the enduring presence of loved ones who have passed away.

"She's able to take a step back and look at what her grandma did leave her and honor that in such a unique and really just vulnerable song."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's ability to appreciate and honor her grandmother's legacy through her music, showcasing a deep level of vulnerability.

"Wherever Marjorie went, she was kind of like doing what she wanted to do... she was still making music, being doing what she loved but that was kind of on the back burner of raising her kids."

Ashley emphasizes Marjorie's ability to pursue her passions, albeit secondary to her familial responsibilities, and suggests this balance had a positive impact on Taylor.

"If Marjorie had been such a success back in like the 40s, would Taylor be such a success now?"

Shelby ponders the butterfly effect of Marjorie's life choices on Taylor's career, suggesting that the sacrifices made by Marjorie could have paved the way for Taylor's success.

The Emotional Weight of Taylor Swift's Music

  • Taylor Swift's songwriting captures specific details and memorable one-liners that resonate with listeners.
  • Her music often deals with personal experiences, yet retains a sense of universality that allows many to relate to the emotions conveyed.
  • The song discussed expresses a mix of sadness, hope, and whimsy, exploring the feeling of loss without succumbing to despair.

"What died didn't stay dead; you're alive, you're alive in my head."

Ashley quotes the chorus to illustrate the theme of enduring presence and the idea that loved ones continue to live on in our memories and thoughts.

"It's sad. But it's hopeful and it's whimsical. But it's also like. Oh if only."

Shelby describes the complex emotions captured in the song, which combines sorrow with a sense of hope and whimsical reflection on what could have been.

Taylor Swift's Connection to Her Grandmother Through Music

  • The song suggests a spiritual connection between Taylor and her grandmother, with music serving as a conduit for their bond.
  • Taylor's lyrics express a yearning for her grandmother and the comfort she finds in feeling her presence through music.

"I know better. But I still feel you all around."

Ashley repeats the lyrics to convey the sentiment that, despite understanding the finality of death, Taylor feels her grandmother's presence in her life.

"The way that Taylor's like tailors god at least in this song is music."

Shelby interprets Taylor's use of music as a way to make sense of life, loss, and legacy, with the song serving as a testament to their shared love for music.

The Specificity of Taylor Swift's Lyrics

  • Taylor Swift is known for her ability to craft lyrics with acute specificity, making them impactful and relatable.
  • The song's lyrics express a desire to hold onto even the most mundane memories of a loved one.

"Should have kept every grocery store receipt because every scrap of you would have been taken from me."

Ashley and Shelby both agree that this line embodies the quintessential Taylor Swift lyric, highlighting her attention to detail and the emotional significance of everyday objects.

Easter Eggs and Lyrical Parallels in Taylor Swift's Music

  • Fans enjoy discovering "easter eggs" or hidden messages in Taylor Swift's songs.
  • The song contains lyrical parallels to other works by Taylor Swift, adding layers of meaning for listeners.

"This echoing of 'what died didn't stay dead' is the real mirroring to her most memorable line in 'Look What You Made Me Do' which is 'honey I rose up from the dead I do it all the time.'"

Shelby points out a thematic connection between the song and another of Taylor's hits, emphasizing resilience and the enduring spirit.

Anticipation for Taylor Swift's Re-recordings

  • Fans are excited about the release of Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, which will offer new interpretations of her older songs.
  • There is a particular interest in how forgotten or less popular songs will be revitalized with her current vocal abilities.

"I'm excited to really rediscover old Taylor Swift because I'll be honest I don't really go back and listen to old Taylor Swift a lot."

Ashley expresses enthusiasm for revisiting Taylor Swift's earlier work with fresh perspectives and heightened appreciation.

Personal Reflections on Taylor Swift's Music

  • The conversation reflects personal connections to Taylor Swift's songs, with each speaker sharing their favorite lyrics and anticipating future releases.
  • The discussion showcases the depth of engagement that Taylor Swift's music inspires among fans.

"I'm glad we got to start off evermore with one of my favorites."

Shelby shares a personal sentiment, expressing satisfaction with beginning the discussion with a song that holds special meaning for her.

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