IN ALL LABOR THERE IS PROFIT PROV 1423 Your work works on you more than you work on it... How your biggest challenges build your greatest strengths. Ryan McCarthy this one is for you. And why I started my first gym in Southern California Ep 49

Summary Notes


In a motivational talk, the host reflects on a conversation with Ryan McCarthy, a dedicated gym owner struggling to generate leads in a tough market. Despite facing constant setbacks, Ryan's perseverance in learning internet marketing and running ads across various platforms exemplifies the message that hard work enhances one's skills, echoing the biblical proverb that in all labor there is profit. The host emphasizes that challenges often forge the greatest strengths, sharing his own experience of deliberately choosing a competitive market in Southern California to hone his skills. He assures listeners that persistence in the face of adversity not only builds valuable expertise but also promises eventual breakthroughs and success.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Ryan McCarthy's Situation

  • Ryan McCarthy is described as a "gym lord extraordinaire" facing challenges in a tough market.
  • He has been persistently trying to generate leads without sustained success.
  • Despite setbacks, Ryan remains determined and continues to invest in internet marketing education.
  • He is currently utilizing various advertising platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

"I was chatting with my good friend Ryan McCarthy, who is a gym lord extraordinaire. And I think that what I was talking to him about is relevant for a lot of people in a lot of different spaces, and it's just worth really digging into for this one quick clip."

The quote introduces Ryan McCarthy and implies that the conversation holds broader relevance, possibly offering insights into overcoming challenges in business or personal endeavors.

"And so Ryan's in this really tough market, so he's been trying to generate leads forever. You know what I mean?"

This quote highlights the difficult market environment that Ryan is operating in and underscores his ongoing struggle to generate leads.

"And, like, whenever he successfully is able to start generating, like, it just shuts down almost immediately."

The speaker suggests that any success Ryan achieves in generating leads is short-lived, indicating an unpredictable and challenging business climate.

"And so he messaged me and he's like, dude, I'm not giving up. And he's been doing this for a, you know, taking the Internet marketing courses. He's invested in himself in that degree, and now he's running YouTube ads, he's running Instagram ads, he's running all the different types of placements on Facebook."

This quote conveys Ryan's resilience and commitment to self-improvement through education in internet marketing. It also lists the various advertising efforts he is employing to improve his business.

The Impact of Hardship on Skill Development

  • The speaker reflects on how hardships can lead to the development of skills, even if it's not immediately apparent.
  • Ryan's dedication and perseverance are seen as evidence of the skills he has gained.
  • The speaker introduces the concept that work can have a transformative effect on the individual doing the work.

"And the thing is, that's an illustration of the amount of skill that he's been able to develop because of a hardship."

This quote emphasizes the positive aspect of hardship—skill development, illustrating how challenges can contribute to personal and professional growth.

"And sometimes when you're in it, you don't realize it, right?"

The speaker acknowledges that it can be difficult to recognize one's own growth and skill development while facing challenges.

"And so I titled it your work works on you more than you work on it."

This quote encapsulates the main idea that the effort and work one puts into challenges also serve to develop and change the individual, suggesting a reciprocal relationship between work and personal growth.

Strength Through Adversity

  • Adversity can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and skill development.
  • The individual in discussion, despite facing challenges in lead generation, has become highly skilled through consistent effort.
  • The process of overcoming difficulties can result in increased resilience and expertise.

"The fact that he doesn't get as many leads as a lot of the people who are in gym legacy, he's better at lead Gen than almost everyone because he hasn't had it easy, right?"

This quote emphasizes that the individual's lack of leads compared to others has not been a setback, but rather a driving force behind their superior lead generation skills. The speaker suggests that facing challenges can lead to greater strength and ability.

The Value of Hard Work

  • Hard work is intrinsically valuable and leads to personal growth, regardless of immediate external rewards.
  • The concept is supported by a biblical reference which suggests that all labor leads to profit.
  • Profit is defined not just in financial terms but also in terms of personal value and experience.

"In the Bible, in proverbs 1423, it says, in all labor, there is profit in all labor, not some all labor."

The speaker cites a biblical verse to reinforce the idea that all forms of work are inherently profitable. This quote underlines the theme that hard work is always beneficial, even if the benefits are not immediately financial but rather experiential or developmental.

Experience as a Form of Value

  • Every failure in an attempt to sell, or in any work, is still valuable because it contributes to one's experience.
  • Experience gained from work enhances personal value and skill set.
  • The act of working, regardless of success or failure, leads to personal development.

"So whenever you work, you increase because it's not that you're going to make financial profit or accounting profit, you yourself become more valuable in all work."

The speaker elaborates on the idea that work, irrespective of its financial outcome, enhances one's value. This quote ties into the theme that personal development and value are augmented through the process of working and gaining experience.

Shift in Worldview: Life Happens For Us

  • There is a perspective shift from believing that life happens to us to the belief that life happens for us.
  • This shift in thinking encourages the recognition of life's challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Embracing this mindset can lead to a more proactive and positive approach to life's difficulties.

"And so when you think about it like that, and that's what kind of shifting the worldview of life happens to us instead of shifting from life happens to us to life happens for us, right?"

The quote suggests a transformative change in how one perceives life's events. The speaker advocates for a change from a passive to an active stance, seeing life's challenges as beneficial rather than detrimental. This perspective is crucial for personal development and resilience.

Overcoming Hardship and Achieving Success in Competitive Markets

  • Hardships encountered in any endeavor can eventually become a source of strength as they force one to work on and overcome those challenges.
  • The speaker chose to enter the fitness industry in Southern California, which they believed to be the most competitive market in the U.S.
  • The speaker's rationale for choosing a tough market was the belief that success in a difficult environment would translate to an ability to succeed anywhere.
  • The speaker's experience in sales, despite initial difficulties, eventually led to a reputation as a sales expert, underlining the theme that perseverance through hardship can lead to expertise and success.

"That hardship will become your strength because you have to work on it, right?"

This quote emphasizes the idea that the difficulties one faces in their professional or personal life can be transformed into strengths through dedicated effort and perseverance.

"I wanted to get into fitness... I want to be the best... I have to do it in the hardest place to go."

The speaker's ambition to excel in the fitness industry motivated them to choose a challenging market. This quote reflects the belief that tackling the most difficult challenges head-on can lead to greater success.

"Whatever your hardship is, it will be the source of your greatest profit later because it's the skill that you will develop the most."

The speaker suggests that the skills honed while facing and overcoming hardships will be the most valuable, potentially leading to significant rewards or profits in the future.

"I kept banging my head against the wall in sales, but now people consider us like sales experts."

This quote illustrates the speaker's journey from struggling in sales to becoming recognized as an expert, reinforcing the message that consistent effort and learning from challenges can result in mastery and recognition.

"But I sat down with 4000 people,"

Although this quote is incomplete, it implies that the speaker's extensive experience and the numerous interactions they had contributed to their expertise in sales. It highlights the importance of real-world experience and persistence in developing professional skills.

Personal Struggle and Skill Development

  • Discusses the personal experience of struggling during a challenging period.
  • Emphasizes that hardships can build valuable skills for future success.
  • Encourages viewing struggles as opportunities for growth.

"one on one, and during that period of time, it sucked. I was exhausted. I didn't want to do it, you know what I mean? And I didn't realize actively that what it was building was a skill set that I would be able to leverage later and feed my family for generations."

The speaker reflects on a past experience where they faced exhaustion and reluctance, yet acknowledges that this period was instrumental in developing a crucial skill set for future prosperity.

"So I went to Huntington beach. That was a rough market, super competitive. But because of that, I was able to learn the lessons and develop the skills that eventually would let me grow out of it and crush."

The speaker shares a specific example of working in a tough, competitive environment (Huntington Beach) that ultimately led to learning and skill development, which contributed to later success.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

  • Advises that perseverance through difficult times can lead to improvement and success.
  • Stresses the inevitability of improvement through continuous work.
  • Promises that hard work will eventually lead to a breakthrough.

"And so whatever that thing is right now that you might be struggling with, a lot of times that struggle is going to become the source of your greatest strength because of the skills that you'll acquire during that struggle."

The speaker suggests that current challenges can become the foundation for one's greatest strengths due to the skills gained from overcoming those challenges.

"Your work works on you more than you work on it. And that as you work, as long as you're working, you will get better. And then all you have to do is continue to get better, and then you will be better, and eventually it will break through. I promise. That's 100%. I promise. All labor, there's profit."

The speaker emphasizes the transformative effect of work on personal development and assures that continuous effort will result in improvement, betterment, and eventual success, equating all labor with profit.

Encouragement and Motivation

  • Provides encouragement and motivation to those currently facing struggles.
  • Uses personal experience to inspire and assure others.
  • Concludes with a positive message and well-wishes for the audience.

"If you guys are in that little spot or struggling with something, just remember that in all labor, there is profit."

The speaker seeks to motivate the audience by reminding them that there is value in all work, implying that every effort contributes to personal and professional growth.

"All right, guys, have an awesome day and have a happy hump day, and I'll catch you guys soon. Like it? Comment and lots of love."

The speaker ends the message with a cheerful farewell, encouraging engagement with the content ("Like it? Comment") and expressing affection for the audience ("lots of love").

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