you're losing me is a REVEALING portrait of taylor swift & joe alwyn

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In this detailed analysis, Zach, a pathologist and pop culture commentator, dissects Taylor Swift's evolving album "Midnights" and its latest addition, "Till the Dawn Edition." He zeroes in on the track "You're Losing Me," which he believes offers profound insight into Swift's breakup with Joe Alwyn and her desires for future relationships. Zach argues that "Midnights" is Swift's first dynamic album, continuously updated, challenging the traditional album format. He criticizes the commercial strategy behind the release of "Till the Dawn Edition," viewing it as a ploy to boost sales. Additionally, Zach touches on other tracks and remixes, expressing particular appreciation for Lana Del Rey's enhanced role in "Snow on the Beach." He concludes by sharing his updated "Midnights" playlist, reflecting the chronological narrative of Swift's relationship, and invites listeners to join his podcast and Discord for in-depth pop culture discussions.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Zach's Commentary

  • Zach introduces himself as a no days offologist and a breaking news reporter.
  • He reports live from Ground Zero whenever disaster happens.
  • Taylor Swift's activities have kept him busy, but he prioritized his grandmother's 90th birthday over reporting on Taylor Swift.
  • He expresses a desire to delve into Taylor Swift's song "You're Losing Me" and its implications.

Well well well I bet you thought you'd Seen the Last of Me. nope nope. I am the no days offologist apparently Taylor Swift is making me work around the clock you know and as the breaking news reporter that comes to you live from Ground Zero whenever disaster happens I have no choice but to pick up my mic set up my camera and keep going however I couldn't the other day because it was my grandmother's 90th birthday and like unfortunately Taylor Swift my grandmother takes precedence over you so that is why you haven't heard from me sooner.

Zach humorously suggests his dedication to his reporting role, highlighting the conflict between personal commitments and the demands of covering breaking pop culture news.

Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Album and "You're Losing Me"

  • Zach finds "You're Losing Me" the most interesting and juicy topic to discuss.
  • The song provides insight into Taylor Swift's relationship breakdown with Joe Alwyn and her future partner expectations.
  • It complicates the timeline for the "Midnights" album.
  • "Midnights" is described as Taylor Swift's first living, breathing, dynamic album that is added to over time, deviating from the traditional "From the Vault" format.
  • Zach initially found "Midnights" surface level but now appreciates its complexity.

but I'm here today to talk about all of the mess that has gone down since Taylor announced the till the dawn edition of midnights and I have a lot of thoughts about the various different things but the main thing that I want to like really dig into because I think it's the juiciest and the most interesting thing to talk about is you're losing me.

Zach indicates his intention to focus on "You're Losing Me" due to its significant implications for understanding Taylor Swift's personal life and the evolving nature of her album.

Zach's Background and Content

  • Zach introduces himself as a pathologist who discusses thoughtful pop culture.
  • He makes weekly videos and has covered artists like Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Prince Harry.
  • He humorously describes the intensity of covering Taylor Swift's frequent releases.
  • Zach encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel and join his Discord for intellectual discussions.
  • He also promotes his podcast, "The Evolution of Snake."

now if you've never been to my channel before my name is Zach. and I'm a pathologist. and I talk about all things thoughtful pop culture I make weekly videos I usually Branch out and talk about other people I have a lot of videos on Lana Del Rey I have one on Lord. I have one on Prince Harry's stupid book but lately you know the the blonde has been occupying my time because she's just been doing these drive-by shootings every day I wake up shot in the face I go to the ER.

Zach describes his channel's focus on pop culture analysis and the demanding nature of keeping up with Taylor Swift's continuous content releases.

Critique of the "Till the Dawn" Edition

  • Zach is irritated by the multiple editions of "Midnights," including the "Till the Dawn" version.
  • He suggests that the proliferation of album versions should end and proposes an EP for new songs.
  • Zach criticizes the marketing strategy behind the "Till the Dawn" version as a sales ploy.
  • He appreciates that "Hits Different" is now on Spotify and analyzes its relevance to the "Madi" timeline.
  • Zach praises the new version of "Snow on the Beach" featuring Lana Del Rey for its vocal arrangement and production.
  • He is critical of the "Karma" remix featuring I Spice, questioning its artistic value and chart ambitions.

I am kind of like irritated that tilted on version exists because we have midnights we have the 3M Edition we hit the tilde Dawn version afternoon tea version coming up next next week version uh next year version of midnights I think that we need to stop somewhere it needs to end.

Zach expresses frustration with the continuous release of new versions of "Midnights," suggesting that there should be a limit to album editions.

Midnights as a Living Album

  • Zach views "Midnights" as a living document that has evolved since its initial release.
  • The album's 13 tracks initially seemed to tell a story about various periods in Taylor Swift's life.
  • Zach believes the album is more autobiographical and current than initially presented.
  • The 3am tracks and "You're Losing Me" add to the complexity of the album's narrative.
  • Zach suggests that the album's concept was used to divert attention from the troubles in Taylor Swift's relationship.

okay. so we had the 13 tracks that came out initially that told an interesting story I mean it told us a bigger story than we initially thought and a lot of the romance songs I think we can look at kind of like in hindsight as either not being about Joe or being about Joe in the relationship in hindsight things like Bejeweled that I think we thought were about Calvin Harris et cetera et cetera we now know who the real subjects of those photos were.

Zach discusses how the original tracks from "Midnights" might have been misinterpreted and how new releases have shed light on their true meanings.

Taylor Swift's Artistic Strategy

  • Taylor Swift uses strategic vulnerability in her music to create an authentic connection with her audience.
  • She chooses specific moments of vulnerability to gain sympathy and engage listeners.
  • Taylor's song choices, such as releasing a breakup track, are deliberate and aligned with her intention to communicate particular messages.
  • The release of new material is a significant event that invites scrutiny and analysis from fans and critics alike.

"Taylor shows us you know specific moments and instances of her being vulnerable in order to you know gain sympathy create an authentic connection with the audience that is for sure at play and choosing to release this song and making such a big deal out of it as well it's definitely a huge spectacle when you're launching a new reissue of an album and you have four tracks and only one of them is new material then people are going to be interested they're going to be picking it apart."

The quote explains how Taylor Swift carefully curates her music releases to foster a deeper connection with her audience, using vulnerability as a tool to elicit empathy and maintain interest in her work.

Analysis of "Your Losing Me"

  • The song "Your Losing Me" is seen as a stunning, vulnerable track with a "track 5" essence, known for emotional depth in Taylor Swift's discography.
  • It is believed to be written post-Grammys, inferred from the song's lyrics and public appearances of Taylor Swift.
  • The song reflects a sense of waiting for a partner to make a choice and the pain of indecision.

"I think that it can be safe to say that your losing me was written we think after the Grammys and I don't really know why we have the vibe that that happened but Madeline it kind of explain it a little bit on the patreon and I've been mulling over the same thing."

This quote suggests a theory about the timing of the song's creation, linking it to events surrounding the Grammys and the personal experiences of Taylor Swift conveyed through the lyrics.

Midnights Tracklist Reshuffling

  • The speaker has rearranged the tracklist of Taylor Swift's "Midnights" album to tell an emotional story and reflect a chronological sequence of events.
  • The new arrangement starts with "Dear Reader" as a thesis statement and includes "Snow on the Beach" and "Maroon" to represent different stages of a relationship.
  • "Glitch" and "You're Losing Me" precede "Midnight Rain," suggesting a progression from doubt to decision-making in the relationship.

"I've even put in your losing me it's not on Spotify. but I found a way and I put it into more of a sense I think of what chronologically happened so maybe we can just go through that a little bit."

The quote indicates that the speaker has included "Your Losing Me" in their curated tracklist to better fit the narrative they believe Taylor Swift is conveying through her music.

Speculation on Song Production

  • There is speculation about who might have co-written and produced "Your Losing Me," with guesses including Jack Antonoff.
  • The production of the song is described as sparse, and there is debate about whether it was a solo write or a collaboration.

"It sounds like a jack engine off production. but then again it does have kind of like high infidelity Vibes. too. so I'm not really sure I think it was probably a solo. right."

The quote reflects uncertainty about the production details of "Your Losing Me," with the speaker expressing thoughts on the possible involvement of frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff and the song's overall vibe.

Taylor Swift's Relationship Dynamics in Lyrics

  • Lyrics from "Your Losing Me" and other songs hint at a tumultuous relationship with themes of anxiety, insecurity, and the need for emotional validation.
  • The speaker analyzes Taylor Swift's songwriting, suggesting she needs a partner who can match her emotional intelligence and intuitiveness.

"I think that Taylor felt pretty insecure throughout the entire relationship and she does strike me as a person who needs a lot of validation so I think that you know to be with someone who is like a bit of a snob a bit of an elitist British just in general you know stiff upper lip that is just so not emotionally how she operates."

This quote interprets Taylor Swift's lyrics as indicative of her emotional needs and the challenges she may have faced in her relationship, emphasizing the importance of a partner's ability to understand and respond to her feelings.

Taylor Swift's Emotional Struggles in Relationships

  • Taylor Swift exhibits signs of distress, such as pacing and wearing someone else's clothes, which Zach interprets as indicators of a bad situation.
  • The lyrics suggest Taylor is contemplating whether to end a relationship or continue it despite the struggles.
  • Zach discusses the sunk cost fallacy, particularly in straight relationships, where individuals stay because of the time and effort already invested.
  • Taylor Swift's public persona and her relationships magnify the pressure to make things work, and Zach speculates this could be a factor in her reluctance to end things.
  • Taylor's tendency to do the heavy lifting in relationships and the realization that it might not be worth it is highlighted.

"Taylor's life if she's up in the middle of the night if she's pacing around if she's sitting on the floor wearing your clothes then bad things are afoot bad things are about to happen to her or to you."

This quote indicates that certain behaviors exhibited by Taylor Swift are seen as red flags for deeper issues in her life and relationships.

"Do I throw out everything we built or keep it?"

Taylor is questioning the value of continuing a relationship given the investment versus the outcome. Zach sees this as an example of the sunk cost fallacy.

The Impact of Emotional Labor and Unreciprocated Effort

  • Taylor Swift feels like she has been carrying the burden of maintaining the relationship, which may not be sustainable.
  • Zach interprets Taylor's lyrics as her recognizing that the relationship may not improve regardless of further efforts.
  • The chorus of the song "You're losing me" is seen as emotionally resonant and indicative of a failing connection.

"You might have dealt the final blow."

Zach finds this line intriguing, suggesting that Taylor feels a significant negative action or event may have been the breaking point in the relationship.

Taylor Swift's Emotional Compass and Intuition

  • Taylor Swift is seen as someone who stays in relationships to prove to herself that she can make them work.
  • She is described as a moral absolutist who is guided by her own sense of doing the right thing.
  • Zach believes that Taylor's emotional compass dictates her actions and that ignoring it often leads to negative outcomes.
  • The desire for an intuitive partner who can anticipate and handle her emotional needs is discussed, but Zach questions the realism of this expectation.

"Every morning I glared at you with storms in my eyes how can you say that you love someone you can't tell is dying."

Taylor's lyrics express frustration with a partner's inability to recognize her emotional struggles, suggesting a lack of intuitive understanding.

Communication Breakdown and Emotional Neglect

  • Zach suggests that lingering in a relationship without communicating one's needs can lead to resentment and is somewhat deceptive.
  • There is a suggestion of an imbalance in the relationship, with Taylor feeling neglected and Joe possibly being dismissive.
  • The dynamic of the relationship is characterized by a lack of clear communication and a failure to address emotional needs.

"The air is thick with loss and indecision."

This line is interpreted as indicative of the tension and uncertainty in Taylor and Joe's relationship, with both parties contributing to the indecision.

Reflections on Past Relationship Dynamics

  • Zach reflects on past songs by Taylor Swift that suggest a tumultuous relationship from the start.
  • A pattern of potential gaslighting and emotional invalidation is identified, with Taylor's need for validation being a recurring theme.
  • The pandemic is mentioned as a factor that may have temporarily brought Taylor and Joe closer together.

"There was a fair bit of gaslighting shall we say there was a fair bit of like your feelings don't matter or your feelings are inconsequential."

Zach interprets Taylor's lyrics as hinting at emotional invalidation within the relationship, where her feelings were not given the importance they deserved.

Indecision and the Pandemic's Role

  • The theme of indecision is not solely attributed to Joe; Taylor's songs also explore her own uncertainties.
  • Songs from the albums "Folklore" and "Evermore" are revisited with the suggestion that they may contain more autobiographical elements related to Joe than previously thought.
  • The pandemic is seen as having a significant impact on the relationship, possibly intensifying their connection for a period.

"I think that the pandemic brought them together very briefly United them even closer than they'd ever been before just by sheer like I don't know being freaked out at the situation that was going on."

Zach speculates that the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic may have temporarily strengthened the bond between Taylor and Joe due to the shared experience of uncertainty and fear.

False Sense of Security

  • Zach discusses the illusion of stability in relationships during the pandemic.
  • He notes that many relationships formed during this time did not last once the world's circumstances changed.
  • Taylor Swift's lyrics reflect on the temporary nature of the "lavender haze" of love.

"Taking this new pivot and being isolated as well that can give you a false sense of security."

This quote highlights how the pandemic's isolation led to a false sense of stability in relationships, which Taylor Swift's lyrics seem to echo.

Relationship Dynamics

  • The lyrics from Taylor Swift's songs suggest that what appeared as a perfect relationship was fraught with instability.
  • Public perception of a private relationship can be misleading, as it does not show the true dynamics.

"Just because a public-facing relationship seems to be private doesn't mean that it's peaceful or that it's consistent."

Zach points out that the outward appearance of a relationship can be deceiving, as it hides the true nature of the dynamics within.

Emotional Neglect

  • Zach speculates about the emotional neglect Taylor Swift may have experienced from her partner, Joe.
  • He suggests that Joe might have felt Taylor didn't need additional validation due to her fame.
  • The balance between being a "yes man" and a "no man" is discussed in relation to what Taylor might desire in a partner.

"I feel like Joe... was neglectful emotionally of her."

The quote reflects Zach's interpretation of Taylor's lyrics, indicating that she might have felt emotionally neglected by her partner.

Pathological People Pleasing

  • Taylor Swift is described as a "pathological people pleaser," which might have contributed to her staying in relationships longer than beneficial.
  • The desire for marriage and the complexities of communication in relationships are explored.

"A pathological people pleaser... she stays mindlessly for so long like kicking dust waiting to see if it got better."

Zach interprets this quote as Taylor Swift's self-reflection on her tendency to please others and how it affects her relationship decisions.

Loss and Indecision

  • The song's lyrics deal with themes of loss and indecision, with a call for the partner to make a clear choice.
  • The emotional toll of being kept in limbo in a relationship is discussed.

"I'm fading thinking do something babe say something lose something risk something choose something I've got nothing to believe unless you're choosing me."

Zach sees these lyrics as a plea for decisiveness in a relationship, emphasizing the pain of uncertainty.

Relationship Outcomes

  • Relationships often end due to incompatibility or falling out of love, which are uncontrollable factors.
  • The importance of growing together in a relationship is highlighted.

"Most relationships either end because two people stop being compatible or they just are like not in love anymore."

This quote from Zach summarises the common reasons for relationship endings, emphasizing the unpredictability of love and compatibility.

Song Production and Creative Process

  • Zach appreciates the quality and understated production of Taylor Swift's new song.
  • He discusses Taylor's creative process and her ability to communicate in real-time through her music.
  • The flexibility of the "Midnights" album theme is noted, allowing for a wide range of content.

"I think that it has an interesting production it's kind of an understated."

Zach expresses his approval of the song's production values and the way Taylor Swift is sharing her creative process with her audience.

Future Speculations and Engagement

  • Zach is curious about Taylor Swift's next steps and encourages discussion among fans.
  • He shares his personal excitement for attending Taylor Swift's concert and his efforts to obtain tickets.

"I am very curious to see what's going to be coming next."

Zach invites fans to speculate on Taylor Swift's future projects and shares his own enthusiasm for her ongoing work and upcoming events.

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