What The I Can See You Music Video Tells Us About 1989 (Taylor's Version)

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Summary Notes


Hosts Cameron and Lisa of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast delve into the treasure trove of Easter eggs in Taylor Swift's "I Can See You" music video, speculating on how it heralds the anticipated release of "1989 (Taylor's Version)." The video, unveiled during the Eras Tour, features co-stars Presley Cash, Joey King, and Taylor Lautner in a symbolic heist to liberate "Speak Now Taylor" from a vault of memorabilia. The hosts discuss the video's metaphorical representation of Swift's journey to reclaim her music with fan support, highlighting its emotional resonance and clever details. They also touch on potential hints towards future "Taylor's Version" releases, particularly "1989," and the prospect of a Harry Styles collaboration, given the past connections and the significance of guest appearances aligning with respective eras.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Podcast Episode

  • Cameron and Lisa host the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast focused on Taylor Swift's music.
  • The episode discusses Easter eggs in Taylor Swift's "I Can See You" music video.
  • They explore how the video relates to her re-recording her first six albums, specifically "1989 Taylor's Version."

"hello and welcome to swiftly spoken a fan made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics Deep dive into full album retrospectives and theorize about what may be coming next as always we're your host Cameron and Lisa"

The quote introduces the podcast and its hosts, Cameron and Lisa, setting the stage for the episode's focus on Taylor Swift's music and the detailed analysis they provide.

Easter Eggs in "I Can See You" Music Video

  • The music video is full of Easter eggs and metaphorical elements.
  • It symbolically represents Taylor Swift's journey to reclaiming her music with the help of her fans.
  • The video's narrative follows characters attempting to rescue "Speak Now Taylor" from a vault.

"so this special music video is full of Easter eggs a Bittersweet message and points us directly to which of the remaining three albums she seems to be releasing next"

The quote highlights the video's significance in containing clues about the order of Taylor Swift's upcoming re-recorded albums.

Music Video Summary

  • The music video features Presley Cash, Joey King, and Taylor Lautner.
  • They work together to free "Speak Now Taylor" from a vault within a museum of memorabilia.
  • The video includes action sequences and a dramatic conclusion with the destruction of the vault.

"we basically follow Presley Joey and Taylor Lautner as they attempt to break Speak Now Taylor out from the Vault that she's trapped in"

This quote summarizes the central plot of the "I Can See You" music video, highlighting the involvement of notable co-stars.

Taylor Swift's Commentary on the Music Video

  • Taylor Swift sees the video as a representation of her fans' support in her music re-recording journey.
  • She wrote the video treatment over a year ago, emphasizing the symbolic nature of the narrative.

"I wrote this video treatment over a year ago and really wanted to play out symbolically how it's felt for me to have the fans helping me reclaim my music"

The quote provides insight into Taylor Swift's intentions behind the music video, revealing her appreciation for her fans' support.

Visual Metaphors for "Taylor's Version" Projects

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the potential for each "Taylor's Version" album to have a similar metaphorical representation.
  • They imagine scenarios for different albums, such as "Red Taylor's Version" and "1989 Taylor's Version."

"it is interesting I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was really really cool to see it like that"

This quote reflects the hosts' appreciation for the metaphorical and symbolic approach Taylor Swift has taken in her music videos.

The "I Can See You" Music Video as a Surprise

  • The video's release was unexpected, with some details previously leaked.
  • The hosts discuss their initial theories about the video's content before its release.

"but it's definitely interesting when we were speaking about it back then we were like well what's this going to be for is it going to be for revolt song"

The quote captures the speculative nature of the podcast's discussion prior to the video's release, highlighting their engagement with fan theories.

Taylor Swift's Directorial Control

  • Taylor Swift directed the "I Can See You" music video, exercising control over every detail.
  • The hosts discuss the significance of the meticulous details, beyond just Easter eggs, in relation to future releases like "1989 Taylor's Version."

"because it was directed by tegler she always has a lot of control over what's going on but in this one especially she had a lot of control over every single little detail"

The quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's hands-on approach to directing her music videos, ensuring that every detail aligns with her vision.

Analysis of Easter Eggs and Theories

  • The hosts dissect various Easter eggs, such as a timestamp and numbers in the video.
  • They consider fan theories about the significance of these details, speculating on their relation to upcoming album releases.

"so a lot of us were like well does that mean that at the end of the video we'll get another time stamp being. like. oh now it's 158. and they've broken them out."

The quote illustrates the process of analyzing Easter eggs and how fans interpret them as clues for future events in Taylor Swift's career.

Nostalgia and Continuity

  • The music video features actors from previous Taylor Swift projects, creating a sense of nostalgia and continuity.
  • The hosts express their delight in seeing these actors return and the deeper meaning behind their inclusion.

"it was so lovely to see this is the moment. oh me too I literally freaked out. oh yeah. it's just seeing them seeing them all grown up"

This quote captures the emotional response to the return of familiar faces from past music videos, reinforcing the connection between Taylor Swift and her fans.


  • The episode concludes with more discussion of Easter eggs and the anticipation for Taylor Swift's future releases.
  • Cameron and Lisa reflect on the excitement and engagement of the fan community in deciphering the clues left by Taylor Swift.

"and we laugh at them. and then suddenly it's true. and we're like. oh well that shot us up."

The final quote highlights the playful and sometimes surprising nature of fan theories and the joy of participating in the community surrounding Taylor Swift's music.

Taylor Lautner's Appearance at the Era's Tour

  • Taylor Lautner made a surprise appearance during a concert, which was met with an enthusiastic reaction from the audience.
  • Lautner performed stunts on stage, reminiscent of his own stunts in a past Saturday Night Live (SNL) appearance where he engaged in a comedic physical act involving Kanye West.
  • His appearance correlated with the "December dress and piano" setup, creating a sense of nostalgia and perfection.
  • Lautner's presence is seen as a nod to the 'Speak Now' era of Taylor Swift's music career.

"the appearance of Taylor Lautner amazing that reaction in the stadium that the magic that was happening on that night that she brought about at the era's tour and don't you know debut in this envy and suddenly everyone's seeing Taylor Lautner what a moment what am I screamed."

The quote describes the electric atmosphere in the stadium when Taylor Lautner appeared on stage during the concert, highlighting the significance of his presence to the fans and the connection to Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' era.

The Squeeze Podcast and Easter Egg Speculations

  • Taylor Lautner and his wife have a podcast called "The Squeeze," where they discussed the filming of a music video and their collaboration with Taylor Swift.
  • Fans speculated whether Lautner's fight scene in the video was an Easter egg, but Lautner neither confirmed nor denied this, leaving it to interpretation.
  • This ambiguity adds to the allure and mystery that often surrounds Taylor Swift's music and videos.

"I will give you a bit more information on that the fight scene was it an Easter egg. well I recently watched the Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner so Taylor's podcast...it's called The Squeeze it's a very interesting episode about all the filming of this music video they give some information about you know um how you know they got on with Taylor the organization of it all it's really really interesting episode."

The quote explains that the podcast episode offers insights into the filming process and the collaboration with Taylor Swift, which fans find intriguing, especially regarding any hidden meanings or "Easter eggs" in the music video.

Taylor Swift's Friendships and Reputation

  • Taylor Swift is often portrayed as someone who "burns bridges" with past relationships, but her genuine friendship with Taylor Lautner and his wife challenges this narrative.
  • Lautner was described as a positive force in Swift's life during the creation of the 'Speak Now' album.
  • The friendship exemplifies that not all of Swift's past relationships end negatively, and sometimes the problem isn't with Swift herself.

"it's nice that Taylor's kind of has a genuine friendship with Taylor mortner and his wife Taylor Lautner because it's just it's just nice. and I think it's nice that they're really sweet because often often Taylor's kind of branded as this person that kind of burns Bridges and writes all these horrid songs about people and ruins their lives. but it's clear that if you are actually a nice person that isn't the case at all you know um and sometimes it's not Taylor that's the problem."

The quote discusses the positive relationship between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, countering the common perception of Swift as someone who negatively portrays past relationships in her songs.

Anticipation for '1989 Taylor's Version' and Potential Collaborations

  • Speculation is rife about what '1989 Taylor's Version' will entail, especially concerning the involvement of Harry Styles, who is linked to the original album.
  • Swift has been open about her friendship with Styles despite their past romantic relationship, which has led to hopes for a musical collaboration.
  • The possibility of a "Style" remix featuring Styles is discussed enthusiastically by fans, although Styles is known for not typically engaging in collaborations or features.
  • The connection with Jack Antonoff, a frequent collaborator of Taylor Swift, and rumors of past songwriting sessions between Swift and Styles fuel further speculation.

"the moments inspired it doesn't mean that you know Taylor's writing is her own writing but obviously Harry and Taylor are very much linked together during this time of our life and during this production of music and also a lot of back and forth what is very good to mention is during the 1989 promo she literally said that they're really good friends."

The quote highlights the complex relationship between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, noting their past romantic history but emphasizing their current friendship and mutual respect, which fans hope may lead to a collaboration on '1989 Taylor's Version.'

Symbolism in the 'Speak Now' Era and Taylor's Vault

  • Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' era is represented by specific outfits and lyrics, such as the Sparks Fly dress and the "I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you" lyric.
  • These elements symbolize Swift's battle to regain control of her music and the support of her fans throughout the re-recording process.
  • The discussion also touches on the use of color in Swift's appearances, particularly her nail color, which fans interpret as references to different album eras.

"the Speak Now Taylor that is featured is the Sparks Fly Taylor so she's wearing that very iconic Sparks Fly dress from the speak now World Tour... and obviously had a long live lyric so she had I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you which couldn't have been more perfect and more sum up the whole re-recording the fans and all of that."

The quote describes the visual and lyrical symbolism used by Taylor Swift to represent the 'Speak Now' era in her music video, connecting it to the themes of reclamation and camaraderie with her fanbase during the re-recording process.

Reputation Era and Taylor Swift's Strategy

  • Taylor Swift recently shared a reel on Instagram featuring the song "Cruel Summer" with various looks from different eras, possibly hinting at new content.
  • The cover of the reel showed "reputation Taylor," suggesting potential rap-related content.
  • Fans speculate about a possible music video for "Cruel Summer," despite no lyric video or visualizer being released yet.
  • There's a discussion about the final singles of past eras often being tour videos, but "reputation" did not have one, possibly due to Swift's transition from Big Machine Records to Republic Records.

"but anyway another recent thing to mention about reputation is that recently Taylor uh put out a real on Instagram where you know she features Cruel Summer and she's featuring a lot of different looks and moments through the eras tour perhaps teasing again something completely different maybe an MV for Cruel Summer which is another thing too many things going on but we're in all the areas at once but the cover of that reel is also reputation Taylor potentially something rap related..."

This quote discusses the recent Instagram reel by Taylor Swift that teases potential new content related to the "reputation" era, including a music video for "Cruel Summer."

Music Video Expectations and Past Era Reflections

  • Fans miss the tradition of tour videos as final singles but acknowledge the complexity of releasing new singles during label transitions.
  • There's a desire for a music video related to the "reputation" era, but preferably at the end of the year.
  • The conversation reflects on the missed opportunity for a "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" music video during the "reputation" era.

"but I remember at the end of reputation I just remember thinking. okay this way you can't have nice things I've never ever got here. no we didn't. and I think that was because obviously it was the transition over into you get into like. yeah. Republic and obviously kind of the end of relationship with big machines so there'll be no need like why would you want to release a single with a record label that you're trying to cut ties with through that obviously that was probably when it was very complicated."

This quote reflects on the absence of a music video for "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" and suggests that it was likely due to Swift's transition from Big Machine Records to Republic Records.

Easter Eggs and References in Music Videos

  • Taylor Swift's music videos often contain Easter eggs and references to past works and eras.
  • The "I Can See You" music video displays prominent "Speak Now" era items behind glass panels, possibly referencing the "Evermore" lyric about the past being frozen behind glass.
  • The video features the gold frame from the "Speak Now" era, a Joey King outfit, and various instruments from the "Speak Now" World Tour.

"so next up in terms of Easter eggs in the I Can See You music video basically we're going to be quickly going through most of the the biggest the most prominent speak now looks and items from the era that are on display in that museum area so first thing it's interesting to note that all of these things are like behind glass panels so this could be reference to the Evermore lyric he's got my past Frozen behind glass but I've got me."

This quote discusses the Easter eggs found in the "I Can See You" music video, highlighting the connection to the "Evermore" lyric and the significance of the items displayed from the "Speak Now" era.

Tour Outfit Variations and International Tour Differences

  • The conversation covers the variety of outfits and instruments from the "Speak Now" era featured in the music video.
  • There's a detailed discussion about the different tour outfits, including those from international tours which are often overlooked.
  • The international tours are noted for having variations in outfits and setlists, which could be due to logistical reasons.

"but the international tour for speak now is something it is often very forgotten about and looked over I think because of the speak now World Tour DVD people think that that is the tour that was played everywhere and that was not the case and the same with the red tool as well to be fair had a lot of variations and changes um especially in um the Asian lag like the kind of typical you belong with me um kind of different version you know the kind of I don't even know how to describe it."

This quote talks about the often overlooked aspects of the international "Speak Now" tour, emphasizing that the tour varied from the widely recognized World Tour DVD version, including changes in outfits and setlists.

Setlist and Outfit Changes for Upcoming Tours

  • There's anticipation for potential changes in setlists and outfits for the upcoming "eras" tour.
  • The speakers express a preference for setlist consistency but are open to outfit variations if they are improvements.
  • The conversation speculates on whether the international legs of the "eras" tour will have variations similar to past tours.

"considering all of this considering how we can see this as a very clear example of international tools varying in outfits in this case to their respective US tour which is more like you said it's more recognizable because of that is where the promotional videos have usually come from Etc going forward into the areas tool and how we're almost at the close of the U.S leg and the opening of Well for now whatever is left for the Latin American dates this year and then obviously the rest of the very very long International other legs of the tour how are you feeling are you feeling changes are on their way..."

This quote addresses the expectation of changes in the upcoming "eras" tour, specifically in terms of setlists and outfits, and whether these will follow the pattern of past international tour variations.

Taylor's Outfits and Setlist Expectations

  • Cameron and Lisa hope for new variations in Taylor's outfits during the upcoming eras tour.
  • They wish for the setlist to be similar or the same, but with fresh outfit changes.
  • They express excitement for the potential of new outfit designs, indicating their interest in the visual aspects of the tour.

"I hope setlist does so very much similar slash the same but outfits I'd love to see new variations come into the fold because we always like a good new outfit just you know to see to see more variation."

The quote emphasizes the desire for consistency in the setlist while introducing new elements through outfit variations, highlighting the importance of both music and fashion in the overall concert experience.

The Significance of the Music Video's Final Scene

  • The final look Taylor gives towards the museum in the music video is described as a significant, poignant moment.
  • It represents the emotional process of moving on from past eras and the nostalgia involved.
  • The scene is interpreted as Taylor accepting the end of an era and the need to progress, despite the pain and bittersweet feelings.

"It's a very it's just a split second of a moment but isn't it such a moment in the video."

This quote captures the emotional weight and narrative importance of a brief moment in the music video, suggesting it encapsulates a larger story or feeling within the context of the artist's career.

Taylor's Relationship with Past Albums

  • Taylor's re-recording process is seen as healing for her relationship with her previous albums.
  • The process allows her to appreciate and revisit past eras without the need to dismantle them completely.
  • The re-recordings and the reflection on past eras have led to a perceived change in how Taylor approaches her music and legacy.

"I really do think that her relationship with her previous albums have in many ways healed a lot of things."

The quote suggests that the act of re-recording old albums has been therapeutic for Taylor, helping her reconcile with her past work and altering her approach to her musical career.

The Impact of Re-Recordings and 'Midnights'

  • The discussion posits that 'Midnights' may not have existed without the re-recording project.
  • Re-recordings have provided a fresh perspective on the importance of music eras and the memories they hold.
  • The process is seen as a reflective journey that enhances the appreciation of Taylor's music.

"I completely agree with you I really do think midnights would not exist without the re-recording project being a thing."

Here, the quote connects the creative process behind 'Midnights' to the introspection and artistic growth spurred by the re-recording project, implying a cause-and-effect relationship between the two.

Anticipation for '1989 Taylor's Version'

  • There is a mix of excitement and anxiety surrounding the release of '1989 Taylor's Version.'
  • The timing of the release is uncertain, with speculation about whether it will happen this year or later.
  • The conversation touches on the strategic release of singles and the business considerations behind them.

"I'm mostly scared for 1989 and um reputation debut I am very confident with I'm very happy with that I know that it's going to be especially after the performance this weekend."

The quote reflects the emotional investment in the upcoming re-recordings, indicating a sense of apprehension about whether they will live up to the originals and the impact of recent performances on expectations.

Future of Taylor's Version Era

  • There is uncertainty about the release dates for upcoming re-recorded albums.
  • The hosts speculate on the possibility of '1989 Taylor's Version' being released to coincide with the decade anniversary of the original album.
  • They acknowledge the unpredictability of Taylor's release strategy and express curiosity about what's next.

"It would be kind of iconic to release 1989 Taylor's version like a decade after the original came out which would be next year 2024."

This quote conveys the anticipation for a milestone release and the cultural significance of aligning the re-recording with the original album's tenth anniversary.

Engagement with Fans

  • The hosts express a desire to involve fans in their discussions, particularly in an upcoming episode recapping the eras tour.
  • They encourage fan participation and sharing of experiences to provide a diverse perspective on the tour.
  • The conversation highlights the importance of community and fan engagement in the podcast.

"We'd love you guys to kind of give your insights and hear from you guys and get you guys involved in the episode um as we know that some of you have attended."

The quote invites listeners to contribute to the conversation, emphasizing the value of fan input and the shared experience of the music community in understanding and celebrating the artist's work.

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