unpacking every taylor swift conspiracy theory

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In her video, the host humorously delves into various Taylor Swift conspiracy theories sourced from the Swifty Reddit and other corners of the internet. She addresses theories ranging from Swift's alleged secret queerness (Gaylor) and a supposed lost rock album titled "Karma," to bizarre claims like Swift being a Pentagon asset or the daughter of a Satanist. The host also touches on the speculation that Swift might be the anonymous fanfiction author Miss King Bean 89. Throughout, she maintains a light-hearted tone, emphasizing that these conspiracies are for entertainment and not meant to offend Swifties or undermine Swift's achievements. She also briefly promotes a book subscription service, Book of the Month, and ponders on the existence of unreleased "Evermore" Long Pond sessions. The video ends with a playful pitch to start a new rumor that Taylor Swift has webbed feet.

Summary Notes

Hosting a Catching Fire Watchalong

  • The video host is organizing a "Catching Fire" watchalong event in Toronto.
  • The event will include call and response games, friendship bracelets, signature cocktails, and a big-screen showing of "Catching Fire."
  • The host refers to a "Hunger Games Renaissance" and expresses enthusiasm for the event.
  • Information about the event is available in the video description.

"If you're in Toronto I am hosting a catching fire watchalong in April we're going to have like call and response games friendship bracelets signature cocktails it's just a really fun time basically we're going to watch Catching Fire see finic odere on the big screen baby entering our Hunger Games Renaissance yet again it's going to be a lot of fun."

The quote details the activities planned for the watchalong event, highlighting the interactive and social aspects designed to engage attendees.

Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories

  • The host plans to discuss Taylor Swift conspiracy theories.
  • They mention having gathered these theories from the Swifty Reddit, acknowledging it as a dark corner of the internet.
  • The host has compiled a presentation of these theories to share with the audience.
  • The return of the host's blue backdrop and presentations is anticipated by their audience.

"I need to talk about Taylor Swift conspiracy theories." "I went in the Swifty Reddit... and I compiled a list of conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift and I'm going to present them to you in a presentation today."

These quotes introduce the main topic of the video, which is an exploration of Taylor Swift conspiracy theories sourced from an online community.

Mental Health and Fandom Culture

  • The host acknowledges mental health as a real concern and asks for kindness from viewers.
  • They discuss their past identification as a Swifty and how the intensity of Taylor Swift fandom has grown.
  • The host expresses respect for fandom as a hobby but also fear of potentially offending the Swifties.
  • The host emphasizes that the video is meant for fun and entertainment, not to offend anyone.

"Mental Health is a real thing and I have it so be nice." "I think up until a couple of years ago I really identified as a Swifty and then like the spectrum of being a Taylor Swift fan seemingly increased tenfold."

These quotes acknowledge the host's personal experiences with mental health and their past as a Taylor Swift fan, while also highlighting the increased intensity of the Swifties as a fan base.

Taylor Swift's Artistry and Privacy

  • The host admires Taylor Swift's body of work and songwriting abilities.
  • They discuss the balance between respecting an artist's privacy and the public's interest in their personal life.
  • The host believes it's acceptable to discuss aspects of a public figure's life that they themselves have publicized for profit.
  • The host asks for kindness from the audience, mentioning a recent recovery from COVID-19.

"Taylor Swift is not writing songs that are first of all period we cannot argue that Taylor Swift is not writing songs you can't argue that." "I think if an artist period regardless of gender is very private with their personal life then like let's leave it."

The first quote praises Taylor Swift's undeniable songwriting talent. The second quote discusses the host's perspective on discussing a public figure's private life, suggesting that if the artist chooses to keep their personal life private, it should be respected.

Sponsorship and Book Recommendation

  • The video includes a sponsorship segment from Book of the Month.
  • The host describes Book of the Month as a subscription service that curates a selection of books each month.
  • They have launched curated audiobooks, allowing members to choose between a hardback or an audiobook.
  • The host shares their book picks for the month, including "Anita Deonte laughs last" by Soio Gonzalez.

"This week's sponsor book of the month if you've been around here a while you know I love book of the month they're a book subscription service every single month their editorial team pours through hundreds of new titles and basically supplies you with a curated list of books to choose from they also have just launched curated audiobooks."

The quote explains the services provided by Book of the Month, highlighting the convenience and curation of books for subscribers, and introduces the new audiobook option.

Suspicious Death Interest

  • The speaker mentions finding the topic of a suspicious death interesting.
  • A book titled "Happily Never After" by Lynn Painter is mentioned, which is a romance involving characters who are professional wedding objectors.
  • The book's premise seemed to provide the rom-com entertainment the speaker desired.

"After her suspicious death it just seemed so interesting I also got Happily Never After by Lynn Painter this is a romance between two people whose jobs are to be objectors at weddings like they literally get hired by people to go to weddings and object and stopped the wedding it just seemed like the romcom loveliness that my heart needed."

The quote explains the plot of "Happily Never After" and the speaker's interest in the rom-com genre, especially following a theme of a suspicious death.

Book of the Month Promotion

  • The speaker endorses Book of the Month, praising the affordability and benefits like free shipping and loyalty rewards.
  • A promotional code "chirp" is offered for a discount on the first book.
  • The speaker encourages using Book of the Month for an economical hardback fiction purchase.

"But with book of the month not only are you getting free shipping and like loyalty rewards programs that allow you to save money the longer you're with book of the month you're also just getting an amazing price for a new hardback fiction."

The quote highlights the advantages of subscribing to Book of the Month, focusing on the cost savings and additional perks.

Gaylor Conspiracy Theory

  • The speaker dives into the conspiracy theory known as "Gaylor" related to Taylor Swift.
  • Gaylor suggests Taylor Swift might be secretly queer and hints at it in her music.
  • Relationships with Karlie Kloss and Diana Agron are mentioned as potential evidence for the theory.
  • The speaker discusses personal views on the believability of the theory and compares it to accusations of queer-baiting against Harry Styles.
  • The "Kissgate" incident and the "You Need to Calm Down" video are cited as further points of speculation.

"Gaylor is the conspiracy theory internet corner I don't even know you know basically is representative of a group of people or the belief that Taylor Swift is either secretly a lesbian secretly by secretly queer in some way or another."

This quote introduces the Gaylor conspiracy theory, which posits that Taylor Swift may be concealing her true sexual orientation.

Queer Representation and Speculation

  • The speaker identifies with queer experiences and relates them to Taylor Swift's relationships.
  • A photo of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss is analyzed for queer undertones.
  • The speaker expresses skepticism about the likelihood of Taylor Swift being closeted in the current social climate.

"But when I look at this photo I'm like these are two queer women like that is Emily Dickinson and her lover the turtlenecks and the foliage like it there's I have questions."

The quote reflects the speaker's personal interpretation of a photo of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, suggesting it conveys a queer relationship.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Conspiracy Theory

  • The speaker discusses the conspiracy theory that Harry Styles committed vehicular manslaughter.
  • It is suggested that songs from Taylor Swift's album "1989" reference Harry Styles.
  • A snowmobile accident involving Taylor Swift and Harry Styles is suspected to be a cover-up story for the alleged crime.

"So people believe that the snowmobile accident is actually a fabricated story intended to cover up the fact that while they were dating Harry Styles committed vehicular manslaughter."

The quote details the conspiracy theory that the publicized snowmobile accident was a fabricated story to hide a more serious incident involving Harry Styles.

Harry Styles and Poor Driving References in "1989"

  • Taylor Swift's album "1989" contains multiple references to poor driving.
  • The song "Style" includes lyrics about driving without headlights and a potential crash.
  • "Out of the Woods" mentions an incident with 20 stitches in a hospital room.
  • "All You Had to Do Was Stay" has a line about driving off the road.
  • Speculation arises that these lyrics allude to Harry Styles being involved in a car accident.

"Midnight, you come and pick me up, no headlights long drive could end in burning flames or Paradise." "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? Twenty stitches in the hospital room." "All he had to do was stay, all I know is that you drove us off the road."

  • The first quote suggests a secretive and possibly dangerous drive, hinting at a metaphorical or literal accident.
  • The second quote seems to refer to a car accident resulting in a hospital visit.
  • The third quote implies a relationship issue that metaphorically or literally took a wrong turn, leading to a crash.

Taylor Swift as a Pentagon Asset Conspiracy Theory

  • A conspiracy theory suggests Taylor Swift is a Pentagon asset.
  • The theory includes claims of her being used to combat misinformation.
  • It is suggested that Swift and Travis Kelce were used to influence the outcome of the Super Bowl and the election.
  • The Pentagon has denied these claims.
  • The theory reflects a partisan perspective on celebrity influence in politics.

"This was a Fox News conspiracy theory basically stating that Taylor Swift is an asset to the Pentagon and that they used her to combat misinformation." "She and Travis Kelce are Pawns of the democratic party and they rigged the Super Bowl so that the Chiefs won." "The combined popularity of the Swifties and football fans... will swing the election."

  • The first quote describes the origin of the conspiracy theory and its political implications.
  • The second quote elaborates on the supposed political scheme involving Swift and Kelce.
  • The third quote speculates on the potential political influence of celebrity endorsements.

Taylor Swift as a Satanist's Daughter Conspiracy Theory

  • A fringe theory claims Taylor Swift is the daughter of a known Satanist, Zeena L.
  • The basis of the theory is a perceived physical resemblance between Swift and Zeena L.
  • The theory has no substantial evidence and is based on speculation.

"This is the conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is the daughter of Zena L who is a famous Satanist." "The only basis of this is that she looks like Taylor Swift and she does."

  • The first quote introduces the conspiracy theory linking Swift to a Satanist family.
  • The second quote points out the sole basis for the theory is a physical resemblance, highlighting the lack of concrete evidence.

The "Karma" Conspiracy Theory

  • Speculation exists about a lost Taylor Swift album named "Karma."
  • "Karma" was rumored to be a rock album in progress after "1989."
  • The project was allegedly scrapped after the feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.
  • Fans believe references to "Karma" in Swift's work are hints at the lost album.
  • The theory suggests that songs from "Karma" may have been repurposed into later albums.

"This is that there's a lost Taylor Swift album named Karma." "Karma is a scrapped Rock album." "In the music video for 'The Man,' she is pissing on a subway station wall and in graffiti all of her albums are written and Karma is also written on the wall."

  • The first quote introduces the theory of a lost album named "Karma."
  • The second quote provides context for the album's genre and its place in Swift's discography.
  • The third quote points to a potential Easter egg in a music video that fans interpret as a reference to the unreleased album.

The "Woodvale" Conspiracy Theory

  • Fans theorized about a secret third album in the "Folklore" and "Evermore" series, named "Woodvale."
  • "Woodvale" was thought to be the title based on concept art from "Folklore."
  • The theory has been debunked, with "Woodvale" revealed as a placeholder name.
  • There is also speculation about unreleased "Evermore Long Pond sessions."

"This is in some of the concept art from folklore in the top corner here you can see there's like white lettering that says Wood Veil." "Woodfil was just used as like a placeholder name for either folklore or evermore." "A similar conspiracy theory is that the evermore Long Pond sessions exist and for some reason are just not released."

  • The first quote describes the visual clue that sparked the "Woodvale" album theory.
  • The second quote debunks the theory by explaining "Woodvale" was a placeholder.
  • The third quote introduces another theory about unreleased "Evermore" recordings, highlighting the fan interest in Swift's unreleased work.

Unreleased Acoustic Album and Documentary

  • There is speculation about the existence of an unreleased acoustic album and documentary by Taylor Swift.
  • The content and reasons for non-release remain unknown.
  • Taylor Swift's apparent dislike for her album "Evermore" is mentioned.

"There is a theory that those recordings exist as well kind of a more acoustic Mumford and Sonses album and documentary and we'll never know why those aren't released Taylor Swift seems to hate Evermore."

This quote suggests there is a theory about unreleased work by Taylor Swift, highlighting the mystery behind its absence and her feelings towards her album "Evermore."

Taylor Swift as Miss King Bean 889

  • The theory suggests Taylor Swift is the fanfiction writer Miss King Bean 889.
  • Miss King Bean 889 is known for scripting a Marauders video, a Harry Potter fan creation.
  • The Marauders are a popular subsection of the Harry Potter fandom.
  • Miss King Bean 889's identity is a secret.

"The next theory is that Taylor Swift is the fanfiction writer Miss King Bean 889."

The quote introduces the theory that Taylor Swift might be behind the pseudonym Miss King Bean 889, connecting her to the Harry Potter fanfiction community.

Queering the Harry Potter Fandom

  • The Harry Potter fandom has reclaimed the narrative by diversifying character identities.
  • Majority of the characters are envisioned as queer or trans, and of different races than in the original series.
  • The fandom is a response to J.K. Rowling's views on transgender people.

"This fandom has like kind of reclaimed Harry Potter in a way where like the majority of the characters are queer and lots of them identify as trans a lot of the characters are headcanon to be like different races than the predominantly white canon."

This quote explains how the Harry Potter fandom has transformed the original narrative to be more inclusive and diverse, particularly in response to J.K. Rowling's controversial views.

Marauders Fanfiction: "All the Young Dudes"

  • "All the Young Dudes" is a significant fanfiction in the Marauders fandom.
  • The story is extensive, covering Remus Lupin's time at Hogwarts and beyond.
  • It has influenced the lore for many fans and introduces new characters.

"A massive fanfic in the Marauders fandom is called All the Young Dudes... it invents characters it basically sets the lore for a large amount of the fandom."

The quote describes the impact of "All the Young Dudes" on the Marauders fandom, noting its extensive narrative and character creation.

Taylor Swift's Discography and the Marauders

  • Fans believe Taylor Swift's songs narrate the story of the Marauders.
  • The song "Daylight" is thought to reflect the relationship between Remus Lupin and Sirius Black (Wolfstar).
  • The lyrics are interpreted as mirroring events from the Harry Potter series.

"People believe that the Taylor Swift discography is representative of Wolfstar... so they think that that's representative of wolf staring iconic love this."

This quote conveys the fan theory that Taylor Swift's songs, particularly "Daylight," symbolize the relationship between characters from the Harry Potter series, supporting the idea that she might be the fanfiction author.

Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories

  • A series of conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift are discussed.
  • Theories include her not having a belly button, being an active 4chan poster, and traveling in a black box to avoid paparazzi.
  • The belly button theory arose from her fashion choices during the 1989 era.
  • The 4chan poster theory is based on a user claiming to be a famous entertainer.
  • The black box theory suggests she uses it to hide from the public eye.

"Another Taylor Swift conspiracy theory is that she doesn't have a belly button... there's another conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift was an active forchan poster... Taylor Swift travels around in this big black box when she doesn't want to get photographed by the paparazzi."

These quotes list various conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift, ranging from the absurd to the plausible, reflecting the public's fascination with celebrity secrets and rumors.

Proposed Conspiracy Theory: Webbed Feet

  • A new conspiracy theory is humorously proposed about Taylor Swift having webbed feet.
  • The theory suggests her parents didn't allow her to spread her toes until she was 16.
  • It is presented as a facetious fact to be spread.

"Taylor Swift has webbed feet because her parents didn't let her spread her toes until she was 16 and by then they had grown together love that that's the fact that we're sharing."

This quote presents a fictional and humorous conspiracy theory about Taylor Swift as a playful example of how easily false rumors can be created and spread.

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