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In a deep dive into Taylor Swift's recent announcements and fan theories, the host explores the significance of Taylor's pattern of revealing bonus tracks, such as "The Bolter," "The Albatross," and "The Black Dog," in different cities during her tour. Fans speculate on the inspirations behind these tracks, with theories ranging from references to the Black Dog Pub in London to folklore and literary connections, such as Clara Bow's eulogy to her dog and potential allusions to Harry Potter. Additionally, the host discusses peculiarities in Taylor's marketing emails and hints at the possibility of written work accompanying her 15th album release, "The Tortured Poets Department," drawing parallels with her past work and the thematic elements of reputation. The anticipation builds for the conclusion of Taylor's tour and the full unveiling of her new album.

Summary Notes

Taylor's Tour Announcements and Bonus Tracks

  • Taylor announced "The Bolter" as a bonus track in Melbourne, Australia on February 16th.
  • In Sydney, on February 23rd, Taylor announced "The Albatross" as another bonus track.
  • Taylor waited until the second night in Singapore to announce "The Black Dog" as a bonus track.
  • The pattern of announcements is described as "one one and two," referring to the timing of the announcements.

"Taylor on her first stop in Melbourne, Australia this year announced 'The Bolter' as a bonus track on February 16th; at her first stop in Sydney, Australia on Friday, February 23rd, Taylor announced 'The Albatross' as a bonus track; so night one, night one, but in Singapore, Taylor waited until Night 2 to announce 'The Black Dog' as the bonus track for this final."

The quote explains the sequence of Taylor's bonus track announcements during her tour stops, highlighting the deviation from her pattern of announcing them on the first night when she was in Singapore.

The 112 Day Theory

  • Discussion revolves around the "112 Day Theory" and whether it is still relevant.
  • Nikki's TikToks suggest the theory might still be valid.
  • The "112 Day Theory" links Taylor's actions and releases to the number 112.

"Let's get right into these Nikki uh TikToks that explain uh why her 1002 Day Theory may not be dead yet."

This quote introduces the discussion about the "112 Day Theory" and Nikki's TikToks that explore its potential ongoing relevance.

Connections to the Number 112

  • The Black Dog pub in London has the address 112.
  • The Steven Coar interview with Taylor featured a mood board with pizza, which was the 112th episode of the season.
  • Taylor's album "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" was announced on February 11th (2/11), which is a reverse of 112.

"The black dog is a pub in London and its address is 112... it was the 112th episode of the season and it came out April 13th. Another 112 all the way back in 2021 for an album that she announced on 211."

The quote highlights various instances where the number 112 appears in connection with Taylor and her work, suggesting a pattern or intentional theme.

Potential Inspirations for "The Black Dog"

  • Fans speculate about the inspiration behind the track "The Black Dog."
  • Theories range from it being about the pub in London to folklore hellhound myths.
  • Taylor's choice to announce the track on the second night in Singapore is seen as intriguing.

"I don't know if Taylor has ever been to the Black Dog in London. But I think people are kind of writing that off as a possible source of inspiration... But again, interesting that Taylor waited until night two in Singapore."

The quote discusses the potential sources of inspiration for Taylor's track "The Black Dog" and mentions the unusual timing of the announcement during her Singapore stop.

Analysis of Vinyl Back Cover and Lyrics

  • The back cover of the vinyl for "The Black Dog" is described as the darkest yet, with black ink vinyl.
  • The text on the vinyl says "old habits die screaming," which may be lyrics from the track.
  • The vinyl's color is noted to be a very dark grey, not pure black.

"Here is the back cover of the vinyl; it is the darkest vinyl that we have, and it is a black ink vinyl... but also I would like to say that this isn't exactly um super Pitch Black; it's it's more of like a it's not black black black like the hex code like 00. Z whatever black it's it's um it's it's definitely like a very very very dark dark gray."

The quote provides a description of the vinyl's back cover and speculates about the significance of the color and text, suggesting a connection to the themes or lyrics of the track.

Taylor Nation's Reference to the Number Two

  • Taylor Nation made references to the number two on the day of the Grammy announcement for Taylor's album.
  • The significance of the number two is linked to the album and its announcement.

"Taylor Nation threw twos at us all day in reference to Taylor's Grammy announcement for the album."

This quote notes the use of the number two by Taylor Nation on the day of Taylor's Grammy announcement, indicating a potential thematic connection or hint related to the album.

The Black Dog Institute

  • Fans in Australia noted a potential link between Taylor's final bonus track and The Black Dog Institute.
  • The institute's logo was mentioned, sparking discussion about its relevance.
  • Taylor did not announce the connection to the Black Dog Institute in Australia, leading to speculation on her intentions.

"Fans and Australia realized there's something called The Black Dog Institute and let me show you their logo."

This quote indicates the discovery by fans of a potential link between Taylor's work and The Black Dog Institute, sparking curiosity and discussion.

Exclusive Vinyl Tracks

  • The final bonus track's exclusivity to vinyl was highlighted.
  • The significance of the track order was questioned, suggesting it may or may not be important.

"These tracks are supposed to be exclusive to the vinyl."

The quote emphasizes the exclusivity of the final bonus track to vinyl, which may have implications for its distribution and the artist's strategic release planning.

Black Dog Pub and Folklore

  • A Black Dog Pub in London was mentioned with its address being 112 Vile Walk.
  • The black dog is a symbol of death in folklore, as referenced in Harry Potter and the omen of death seen in tea leaves.

"There was a Black Dog Pub in London so I looked it up and of course its address is 112 vile walk in London because of course it is."

The quote draws attention to the coincidental address of the Black Dog Pub, which aligns with the folklore theme associated with black dogs.

Harry Potter References

  • Taylor Swift's possible inspiration from Harry Potter was discussed.
  • The black dog in Harry Potter is associated with Sirius Black and represents an omen of death.
  • Taylor Swift's Time Magazine interview referenced Harry Potter, suggesting her familiarity with the series.

"Harry Potter could have been a source of inspiration for her."

This quote suggests that the Harry Potter series, specifically the black dog as an omen of death, may have influenced Taylor's work.

Winston Churchill's Black Dog

  • Winston Churchill's metaphorical use of a black dog to describe his depression was mentioned.
  • The phrase "black dog" may have influenced the theme of Taylor's track.

"A black dog is associated with Winston Church Hill referring to his own depression he always described bouts of depression that he went through as his black dog."

The quote explains the historical context of the phrase "black dog," which is linked to Winston Churchill's description of his depression and could be a thematic influence on Taylor's track.

Clara Bow and Canine Affection

  • Clara Bow's fondness for dogs and her famous quote about preferring dogs over men were discussed.
  • Taylor has a track on the album called "Clabo," and Clara Bow starred in a film related to the poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner."
  • The potential link between Clara Bow and Taylor's work was emphasized, with multiple tracks pointing back to Clara Bow.

"Clara B was a huge fan of dogs in fact she is credited with the quote the more I see of men the more I like dogs."

This quote highlights Clara Bow's affection for dogs and her famous quote, which is potentially reflected in Taylor's work and thematic choices.

Mark Twain's Influence

  • The similarity between Clara Bow's and Mark Twain's quotes about preferring dogs over people was noted.
  • The historical context of Mark Twain's life was briefly mentioned.

"I'm pretty sure Mark Twain said that um Mark Twain obviously was from like a century before."

The quote acknowledges the similarity between the sentiments expressed by Clara Bow and Mark Twain, suggesting a common cultural theme that may have influenced Taylor's work.

Tortured Poets Department

  • The final track is part of the "tortured poets department" before the bonus tracks.
  • A strong connection to Clara Bow is identified within the album's thematic elements.
  • Readers are encouraged to explore Clara Bow's letter to her dog for further insight.

"This is definitely the strongest connection right here um I feel like the folklore ones you know kind of Harry Potter. maybe um but I think this one has the most linkage in terms of stuff that's already in the tortured poets department."

This quote suggests that the connection to Clara Bow and her affection for dogs is a significant thematic element in Taylor's album, particularly within the context of the tortured poets department.

Eulogy to Diablo (Dobby)

  • Taylor discusses a poignant eulogy written to a dog named Diablo, nicknamed Dobby, which she finds deeply moving.
  • The eulogy reflects on missed opportunities to appreciate the dog during its life, leading to regret at its deathbed.
  • The writer of the eulogy realizes her selfishness and the negative impact of her habitual behaviors towards Dobby.
  • The eulogy highlights the themes of regret, recognition of one's flaws, and the unconditional love of a pet.

"Well Dobby, it was shortly afterwards, when after reading a while, the book slipped from my hands and a terrible sickening fear came over me suddenly. I saw myself as I really was in all my selfishness. And I felt sick at heart."

This quote captures the moment of self-realization and regret the author of the eulogy experiences, understanding that her treatment of Dobby was unjust and reflecting her own selfishness.

"What had habit done to me? The habit of complaining, of finding fault, of reprimanding you. All of these were my rewards to you for being a little dog."

The quote expresses the author's recognition of how her habitual negative behaviors, such as complaining and fault-finding, were unfairly directed at her dog, Dobby.

Connection to Lyrics

  • Nikki brings up the connection between the eulogy and the lyrics from a song, which only has the line "old habits die screaming."
  • She speculates on whether the themes of the eulogy influenced the lyrics, focusing on the habitual actions of reprimanding and disciplining a puppy.
  • The discussion considers whether the song's theme of old habits relates to the eulogy's themes of regret and reflection on past behaviors.

"I do think that this an interesting connection she makes to this eulogy... I'm not entirely convinced that that is the lyric and what the Lyric's about old habits die screaming."

Nikki is intrigued by the potential link between the eulogy and the song lyrics but remains skeptical about the connection and the exact meaning behind the lyrics.

Marketing and Promotion Tactics

  • Taylor and Nikki discuss an unusual marketing email sent to Taylor Swift's mailing list, which seemed to have a timing glitch.
  • The email indicated "5 hours left to shop" for an album variant, which was peculiar because the timing did not match the actual sale period.
  • The discussion explores the possibility of the email being an intentional Easter egg, a typo, or a strategy to boost sales of a less popular item.

"People on Taylor Swift's mailing list got an email that said 5 hours left to shop... maybe she's just trying to get us to buy the black dog because nobody is buying the black dog."

This quote describes the confusion caused by the marketing email and speculates on the intent behind the message, suggesting it might be an attempt to increase sales of a specific item.

"So doing a little math you can figure out when this email was supposed to have been sent... the email should have gone out on 3/6 at 9:00 a.m."

Nikki analyzes the timing mentioned in the email to deduce when it should have been sent, revealing a discrepancy that raises questions about the marketing strategy or a potential mistake.

Numerical Patterns and Symbolism

  • Steven Coar points out a pattern involving the numbers 3, 6, and 9, relating to the timing of the marketing email.
  • He connects these numbers to a watch featured in a music video, noting the absence of the number 3 on the watch face.
  • The discussion implies a deeper significance or hidden message behind these numerical patterns.

"The combination of those three numbers 3, 6, and 9 brings me back to this watch from the Beed music video because there is no three."

Steven Coar identifies a recurring pattern of numbers that appear both in the timing of the email and in the music video's imagery, suggesting a potentially intentional connection or symbolism.

Interpretation of Email and Exile Countdown

  • The email mentioned in the transcript seems to be a marketing tactic to promote a product, with the timing of the email being criticized.
  • There is confusion about how the Exile countdown relates to the topic at hand.
  • The speaker expresses that the email's primary purpose may have been to create anticipation rather than convey significant meaning.

"I'm very very confused on how the Exile countdown thing relates to any of this I think this was just an email that doesn't have a ton of meaning besides making us want to buy the thing and not sending it at the correct time."

The quote expresses confusion regarding an Exile countdown and suggests that the email might have been poorly timed marketing communication with little substantive content.

Taylor's Speech and Fan Engagement

  • Taylor's speech includes a message of inclusivity, valuing both new and long-term fans.
  • Taylor's appreciation for fans is not dependent on the duration of their support.
  • The speaker feels a personal connection to Taylor's music, highlighting a mashup as a memorable experience.

"Taylor said something in the champagne's problem speech this morning that I want to talk about first let me just say that this love combined with call it what you want this love is my favorite song so thank you for singing it and call it what you want it's one of my favorite songs off of reputation so thank you for blessing our ears with that mash up forever."

The quote reflects the speaker's appreciation for Taylor's music and the emotional impact of a particular mashup performed by Taylor.

Taylor's Evolving Artistic Narrative

  • Taylor refers to different eras of her music career as "chapters" during her era tour, which is a new way of describing her work.
  • The speaker notes this change in Taylor's description as significant and indicative of a deeper narrative structure in her music.
  • The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD) is identified as Taylor's 15th album release and is linked to past albums through the use of specific colors and numbers in music videos.

"I also notice that she started to referring to the different eras during the era tour as chapters she said the different sets are like chapters that is new she did not used to do that."

This quote highlights the observation that Taylor has started describing her musical eras as chapters, suggesting a more story-like approach to her discography.

Speculation on Taylor's Upcoming Work

  • There is speculation that Taylor might include written work with her album TTPD, based on its title and her history of writing poetry.
  • The speaker connects the dots between Taylor's past releases, the themes of her music, and the potential for new poetic content.
  • The speaker is eager to delve deeper into the theories surrounding Taylor's work and invites others to follow along.

"I really really think that we're going to get some written work with the torture poets department so that's kind of what I'm speculating about regarding that speech and I have so many more thoughts coming."

The quote conveys the speaker's strong belief that Taylor's new album may include written poetry, based on the interpretation of her speech and other clues.

The Significance of the Number 15

  • The number 15 recurs as a theme, with Taylor's album 'Reputation' having 15 tracks and TTPD being her 15th release.
  • The speaker anticipates that the number 15 could have future relevance in Taylor's work.
  • There is uncertainty about whether TTPD will include written work in addition to music tracks, but there is a possibility of a prologue similar to 'Reputation'.

"15 years 15 million tear and reputation um has 15 tracks on it. um. yeah. I mean I think 15 is a number that could come up soon."

This quote draws attention to the recurring theme of the number 15 in Taylor's work, suggesting it may hold significance in future projects.

Aesthetic and Thematic Continuity

  • The speaker discusses the aesthetic similarities between TTPD and 'Reputation', noting the use of colors and the potential thematic connection.
  • There is a theory that TTPD may continue to explore themes related to Taylor's personal life, specifically her relationship with Joe.
  • The speaker anticipates the conclusion of the 'Era Tour' and the release of Taylor's new album, expressing excitement for what's to come.

"I think it would be really interesting to see I guess in terms of aesthetic this album is very similar to reputation or at least the most similar to reputation in terms of the colors um although I think she she kind of wants this album to be white uh."

The quote discusses the visual and thematic parallels between TTPD and 'Reputation', suggesting that there may be a continuation or evolution of previous themes in Taylor's upcoming work.

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