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Hosts Anna Zabo and Amy Nichols delve into an emergency episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, to dissect the surprise tracklist release of Swift's upcoming album "The Tortured Poet's Department." The leak, reminiscent of past album tracklist leaks, prompts speculation about Swift's planned reveals during her Eras Tour. They explore the potential thematic division of the album into stages of grief, with song titles suggesting emotional narratives and collaborations, including "Fortnite" featuring Post Malone. The hosts express disappointment over the leak but excitement for the new music, theorizing connections between song titles and Swift's personal life, past relationships, and artistic references. They also touch on the supportive dynamic between Swift and Travis Kelce and the passionate Swiftie community's response to the album news.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13" Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

  • The podcast "13" is dedicated to Taylor Swift, discussing her songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • Hosted by Nick Adams, Anna Zabo, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.
  • The hosts are self-described as the biggest Swifties.

"Yay Networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna Zabo Amy Nichols and Lacy G."

The quote introduces the podcast "13," which is a Taylor Swift fan podcast that breaks down various aspects of her music and is hosted by four major Swift fans.

Emergency Episode and Album Reveal

  • Anna and Amy host an emergency episode to discuss Taylor Swift's new album announcement.
  • The album is titled "The Tortured Poets Department."
  • Only Anna and Amy are available to record the episode in the studio.

"I'm Anna and I'm Amy and we are back together for an emergency episode because Taylor Swift revealed the track list for her upcoming album The tortured poets department."

Anna and Amy explain the reason for the emergency episode, which is the revelation of the tracklist for Taylor Swift's upcoming album "The Tortured Poets Department."

Podcast Recording Setup

  • The hosts are sitting next to each other due to the recording setup.
  • There is a mention of the podcast being on YouTube and the visual aspect of the recording.

"It's just the two of us today because we're um available to come into the studio but the way that we're sitting we're sitting next to each other but now that we're on YouTube we are filming ourselves but the cameras over there."

The quote describes the recording setup for the podcast episode, noting that it is also being filmed for YouTube, which affects how the hosts are positioned.

Taylor Swift's Grammy Win and Album Work

  • Taylor Swift won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for "Midnights."
  • She announced working on a new album for the past two years during her Grammy acceptance speech.

"Taylor Swift a few nights ago was at the Grammy Awards and when she accepted the award for best pop vocal album for midnights she revealed that she has been working on an album for the last 2 years."

The quote summarizes Taylor Swift's recent Grammy win and her announcement of having worked on a new album for the last two years.

Album Tracklist Leak

  • The tracklist for "The Tortured Poets Department" was leaked.
  • Similar leaks occurred with Taylor Swift's albums "Speak Now" and "Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)."
  • Leaks spoil the fun of Taylor Swift's creative tracklist reveals.

"Yes I think there was a leak. and she was forced to yes which is kind of such a bummer because this also happened with speak now and with speak now Taylor's version that the track list was leaked and so then she shares it obviously."

Amy Nichols discusses the leak of the tracklist and how it has happened before with other Taylor Swift albums, noting that it spoils the excitement of the planned reveals.

Speculation on Planned Reveals

  • There is speculation that Taylor Swift had plans to reveal each track at her upcoming "Eras Tour" shows.
  • The coincidence of 17 tracks on the album and 17 shows before the album release suggests a planned reveal.

"But I just the odds of there being 17 tracks and 17 shows between now and then just makes me think that maybe she had something that she was planning."

Anna Zabo speculates that Taylor Swift might have had a plan to reveal each track at her 17 "Eras Tour" shows, given the matching number of tracks and shows.

Swifties' Detective Work

  • Swifties are quick to make connections between Taylor Swift's song titles and other references.
  • The hosts admire the Swifties' ability to quickly analyze and theorize about Swift's work.

"Something that I also just love about swifties is how absolutely quick swifties can be to see something that Taylor Swift like a song title and immediately connected back to something else as some sort of reference."

Amy Nichols expresses admiration for Swifties' speed and ingenuity in connecting Taylor Swift's song titles with other references or previous work.

Reaction to the Tracklist

  • The hosts find the tracklist heartbreaking due to its wordy and detailed titles.
  • They discuss the potential meanings behind the track titles.

"Heartbreaking. I mean some of these are really wordy like super lengthy track titles and it just breaks my heart because it gives us more more detail."

Amy Nichols reacts to the tracklist, noting that the lengthy and detailed titles suggest emotional depth and are therefore heartbreaking.

Interpretation of Track Titles

  • Past experiences with Taylor Swift's tracklists have led to unexpected song themes.
  • There is an attempt to predict the themes of the new album's songs based on their titles.

"But it ruins the fun it ruins the fun because she's always had such fun ways to reveal the track titles even with the Vault we get the puzzle um with midnights we had Midnight's Mayhem with me."

Anna Zabo laments the leak of the tracklist, which spoils the fun of Taylor Swift's creative ways of revealing her track titles to fans.

Album Structure and Theories

  • The album has four sides: A, B, C, and D.
  • A theory suggests that the sides might represent the stages of grief.
  • Fans theorize about the emotional journey depicted through the album's structure.

"There's four sides there's side a side b side C and side D. and I saw a Swifty on Twitter point out that maybe just by looking at the titles they could be broken up and again we haven't heard them so we don't know right."

Amy Nichols discusses the structure of the album "The Tortured Poets Department," which is divided into four sides, and mentions a fan theory that relates the sides to the stages of grief.

Tracklist Breakdown

  • The hosts go through the tracklist, starting with "Fortnite" featuring Post Malone.
  • They express excitement for the collaboration and speculate on the album's musical direction.

"Yes so track one is going to open up with fortnite featuring post Malone very excited I'm glad it's not the game fortnite."

Anna Zabo begins the breakdown of the tracklist, starting with the first track "Fortnite" featuring Post Malone, and expresses relief that it is not related to the video game of the same name.

Speculation on Musical Style

  • The hosts speculate on the album's style, comparing it to "Folklore," "Evermore," and "Midnights."
  • They anticipate a darker, possibly jazzy, and synth-heavy sound.

"But now now for some reason I'm thinking it's going to be like the child of folklore with like midnights. yeah a little bit more of a jazzy cyy maybe since she's like like dark cynthy like darker than midnights."

Amy Nichols shares her speculation about the musical style of "The Tortured Poets Department," suggesting it might be a blend of "Folklore" and "Midnights" with a darker, more jazzy, and synth-heavy sound.

Conclusion and Release Date

  • The hosts conclude the discussion with anticipation for the album's release on April 19th.
  • They acknowledge their own history of making predictions that may not age well.

"But again we are really good at saying things that age really poorly so we'll have to find out on April 19th."

Amy Nichols concludes the discussion on a humorous note, acknowledging that their predictions may not always be accurate and looking forward to the album release on April 19th.

Title Track: The Tortured Poet's Department

  • The title suggests a theme of emotional depth and complexity.
  • It implies a focus on the artist's personal struggles and possibly their creative process.

"and then we have the title track the tortured poet's Department"

  • This quote introduces the title track of the album, suggesting that the song will deal with themes of emotional struggle and artistic expression.

Song Themes and Titles

  • Song titles often hint at the themes and emotions of the tracks.
  • "My boy only breaks his favorite toys" suggests themes of loss and the idea that we hurt the ones we love.
  • "So Long, London" likely relates to a departure or ending, given the context of Taylor's history with the city.
  • "But Daddy I Love Him" may reference a conflict between personal desire and parental disapproval.
  • "Fresh Out the Slammer" could symbolize freedom or a new beginning, possibly in relation to past constraints.
  • "Florida!!!" indicates a significant location, potentially connected to personal events in the artist's life.

"my boy only breaks his favorite toys."

  • This quote suggests that the song will explore themes of damage within close relationships, possibly reflecting on the pain caused by or to loved ones.

"So long, London."

  • This quote indicates that the song titled "So Long, London" will address themes of farewell or change, possibly in relation to the artist's experiences in London.

"But Daddy I Love Him"

  • This quote introduces a song that may delve into themes of romantic conflict, particularly involving family opposition.

"Fresh out the slammer"

  • This quote suggests that the song will deal with themes of liberation and new beginnings, potentially reflecting on the artist's past experiences of feeling trapped.

Cultural References and Speculations

  • References to other works, such as "The Little Mermaid," indicate the artist's use of intertextuality.
  • Fans speculate on connections between song titles and the artist's personal life, such as relationships and public events.
  • "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me" may draw inspiration from the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" which explores tumultuous relationships.

"that's the Whiplash track track was always a whiplash Whiplash song um I've seen swifties online saying that this could be a reference to The Little Mermaid because Ariel says that to her dad when she give this gives up her voice for a man."

  • This quote indicates that fans are making connections between the song title and cultural references, suggesting that the track may explore themes of sacrifice and voicelessness in love.

"who's afraid of little old me."

  • This quote suggests that the song may deal with themes of perception and challenge, potentially drawing on the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" to explore complex interpersonal dynamics.

Emotional Significance of Track Placement

  • Track five is traditionally the saddest song on a Taylor Swift album, indicating a pattern and emotional expectation for fans.
  • The placement of songs on an album can signal their thematic importance or the emotional journey intended by the artist.

"track five for our new swifties track five is traditionally the saddest song on the album and Taylor knows this emotionally charged."

  • This quote highlights the tradition and emotional significance of track five on Taylor Swift's albums, suggesting that fans can expect a particularly poignant song in that position.

Interpretation of Song Titles

  • Fans often interpret song titles as clues to the content and themes of the tracks.
  • Speculation abounds when only titles are known, leading to various theories based on the artist's past work and life events.

"we have no idea this is us really just making assumptions off of only the track titles."

  • This quote underscores the speculative nature of fan interpretations when only song titles are available, acknowledging that actual song content may differ from expectations.

Public Appearances and Personal Events

  • The artist's public appearances, such as concerts in specific locations, can influence fan theories about song meanings.
  • Personal events in the artist's life, such as breakups or significant achievements, are often speculated to be reflected in their music.

"so this is really important because Florida was the first place that she performed after the news of the breakup was made public."

  • This quote connects the song title "Florida!!!" to a significant event in the artist's life, suggesting that the track may relate to her emotional state or experiences following a public breakup.

Fan Engagement and Theories

  • Fans engage deeply with the artist's work, creating theories and sharing insights online.
  • The artist's previous lyrics and themes are often used as a basis for predicting the content of new songs.

"I've seen swifties online saying that this could be a reference to The Little Mermaid because Ariel says that to her dad when she gives up her voice for a man."

  • This quote reflects the active engagement of fans in dissecting song titles and relating them to other narratives, such as "The Little Mermaid," to predict song themes and messages.

Denial and Lost Time

  • The concept of denial and lost time is associated with wasting time in a relationship that isn't right.
  • The emotional cost of staying with the wrong person is highlighted as a significant loss.

"The time that she lost with reputation it could be time lost with a person you know like wasting on someone you know you're not supposed to be with."

This quote expresses the sentiment of regret over time spent in a relationship that was ultimately unfulfilling or inappropriate, emphasizing the theme of denial and the importance of recognizing when to move on.

Love of My Life (LML)

  • The abbreviation "LML" is speculated to stand for "Love of My Life."
  • There is curiosity about why the phrase is shortened, possibly attributed to millennial habits or quick typing.

"Love of my life I think that's. I think it's love of my life but why shorten it like that that's what I want to know because she's Millennial because she was just typing it up real fast LML that'll be interesting."

This quote reflects on the use of abbreviations in modern communication and the anticipation of understanding the context behind the abbreviation in the song.

Performing with a Broken Heart

  • The artist's ability to perform passionately despite personal heartbreak is admired.
  • There is a connection to previous work where the artist has expressed similar sentiments of resilience.

"I can do it with a broken heart that I'm already shattered because I mean after the breakup we would see her go up on stage like at the ays tour and perform her heart out and we knew that she had like I can do it with a broken heart."

The quote underscores the artist's strength and determination to deliver powerful performances even when dealing with personal pain, highlighting the theme of overcoming emotional adversity.

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived

  • This track title suggests a theme of belittling or diminishing someone's presence or importance.
  • There is a sense of unease and anticipation about the song's content, with comparisons being made to other works.

"The smallest man who ever lived I mean that's like a little thumb you're under my thumb."

This quote interprets the track title as an expression of control or dominance over someone perceived as insignificant, contributing to the theme of power dynamics in relationships.


  • The track "Alchemy" evokes a sense of mystique and is associated with themes of transformation.
  • There is excitement about the track's potential connection to previous albums that have explored similar themes.

"The Alchemy. I it's got witchy. Vibes it reminds me of folklore. Evermore."

The quote captures the anticipation and curiosity surrounding the track "Alchemy," suggesting it may have thematic links to the artist's previous work and a mystical or transformative quality.

Clara Bow

  • Clara Bow was an iconic figure of the silent film era known for her vivacious personality but also for facing intense scrutiny and public shaming.
  • The artist draws parallels between Clara Bow's experiences and her own, particularly in dealing with fame and public perception.

"Clara Bow so have you looked who I haven't got a chance so Clara Bo was like the It Girl of the silent film era from like the 1920s 1930s."

This quote introduces Clara Bow as a historical figure whose life and experiences are being explored in the track, setting the stage for a deeper examination of celebrity culture and personal struggles.

The Manuscript

  • There is speculation about the nature of the bonus track "The Manuscript," with expectations of it being a lengthy piece.
  • The title suggests something substantial and significant, possibly akin to a grand narrative or an extended version of a song.

"So I thought this was going to be a super long song that was going to be complete one side."

The quote reflects the speaker's initial assumption about the ambitious scope of "The Manuscript," contributing to the theme of expectations versus reality in artistic works.

Anticipation for New Music

  • Despite the unfortunate leak of the album, there is still a great deal of excitement and anticipation for the release.
  • The themes and track titles suggest a deeply emotional and personal album that may resonate strongly with listeners.

"Thank you Taylor thank you so much Taylor um for this we're though we're sorry that it was leaked that makes me sad but on the parade regardless we are very excited we're looking forward to it."

This quote expresses gratitude towards the artist while also acknowledging the disappointment of the album's leak, yet maintaining a positive outlook for the upcoming release.

The Tortured Poet's Department

  • The album's title, "The Tortured Poet's Department," sets an expectation of heartbreak and emotional depth.
  • The visual elements of the album, such as the cover art and back cover, are analyzed for thematic connections to previous works and emotional messages.

"When she said the title The tortured poet's Department I was like. okay this is going to be heartbreaking."

The quote captures the immediate reaction to the album's title, predicting a poignant and emotionally charged collection of songs that align with the theme of the artist as a tortured poet.

Taylor Swift's New Album and Its Impact

  • Taylor Swift is known for incorporating games and hidden messages in her album releases.
  • Her upcoming album is expected to explore themes of heartbreak, despite her current happiness.
  • The album is seen as therapeutic and cathartic for Swift.
  • Taylor Swift's music is anticipated to "shake up the world" and is seen as rewriting history.
  • The aesthetic of the album is associated with the color white, contrasting her previous albums' aesthetics.
  • Fans are excited to coordinate their outfits with the album's aesthetic for listening parties.

"that would be very Taylor Swift. yeah. you know she loves games."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's penchant for incorporating playful elements and puzzles into her album releases, engaging her fan base.

"but I love you it's ruining my life I just am so like we we see her now when we see how happy she is now but to go back and to listen to the Heartbreak that she went through it's going to be so it's going to be tough."

This quote reflects on the emotional impact of revisiting past heartbreak through Swift's music, despite her current state of happiness.

"but we know that for her it's therapy and cathartic."

The quote emphasizes the therapeutic aspect of songwriting and music for Taylor Swift, as a way to process and heal from past experiences.

"yeah she's write rewriting. history B. she's rewriting history like she's she's like he has nothing but Praises for her."

This quote from a discussion about Travis Kelce's comments on Swift's new music signifies the cultural and historical impact she has on the music industry.

"but so the aesthetic of the album work leaning it's white."

The quote discusses the visual theme of Swift's upcoming album, linking it to the color white and how it contrasts with the aesthetics of her previous albums.

Fan Engagement and Community

  • The excitement among fans, including planning for album listening events, demonstrates the strong community engagement.
  • Fans share a close bond and support each other, especially against any negativity from outsiders.
  • The Swiftie community is highlighted as a positive force that outweighs any negative comments or hate received.
  • Fans are preparing to wear outfits that match the album's aesthetic, further showing their dedication and participation in the album's release.

"but I did think about that yesterday I was like. oh nice I did see that when she went to uh accept best pop vocal album the first Grammy that she won the night she was wearing in her black gloves."

This quote describes Taylor Swift's fashion choices at the Grammys, which fans interpret as symbolic and possibly linked to the album's themes.

"oh and the phrase taking the gloves off is like we're. we're about to fight you're about we're about to throw down."

The quote interprets Swift's act of removing her gloves at the Grammys as a metaphor for becoming more confrontational or revealing more of herself, possibly in relation to her music.

"I I've always said that I feel so lucky to be alive at the same time as Taylor Swift and I with each passing day I mean that more and more."

This quote expresses a fan's deep appreciation for Taylor Swift and the sense of community among her fans, emphasizing the joy of experiencing her music together.

"for every bad negative mean comment that we get just for being swifties there is such a beautiful community of swifties that love to get excited together."

The quote acknowledges the existence of negativity but focuses on the positive aspect of the Swiftie community and its support system.

Album Release and Marketing Strategy

  • Swift's marketing strategy includes teasing fans with cryptic messages and releasing track lists that generate speculation.
  • Fans eagerly anticipate new features and updates from Swift-related apps, such as "Swift alert."
  • The discussion of Swift's album release is intertwined with fan predictions and theories about her music.

"she announces the album and then takes the gloves off that's that's got to be something right gloves off this is what you wanted."

This quote speculates on the significance of Swift's actions during the Grammy Awards, suggesting that they are part of a larger narrative or marketing strategy for her album.

"we recorded our surprise song predictions episode yesterday. and then we went home. and she announced the track list so there's no conversation about that in that episode because um there's nothing we do better than revenge no than um just like our episodes just like stage."

The quote reflects on the timing of their podcast recording in relation to Swift's track list announcement, highlighting the challenges of keeping up with Swift's strategic release of information.

"and then tune in tomorrow for our predictions game."

The quote encourages listeners to engage with the podcast's content, which includes games and predictions related to Taylor Swift's music, showcasing the interactive nature of fan engagement.

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