My Journey from a DUI to $3M Ep 497

Summary Notes


Alex Hermosi, owner of, shares his transformative journey from a DUI-induced head-on collision and financial instability to making $3 million in profits within a year. His story is one of radical focus and decision-making; after the accident, he sought an attention coach and made several tough calls to consolidate his business efforts. He exited multiple partnerships and businesses to focus solely on his gym launch venture, which, with his wife Layla's support, led to substantial success. Hermosi emphasizes the power of attention over time and the importance of confronting unmade decisions, underscoring that a single decision can change one's life. He concludes by encouraging entrepreneurs to be disciplined with their focus to achieve their goals.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Alex Hormozi's Journey

  • Alex Hormozi experienced a life-changing event involving a DUI and a head-on collision.
  • At the time, he was financially unstable, but within twelve months, he achieved $3 million in profits.
  • Hormozi owns, with portfolio companies projected to earn $85 million.
  • He emphasizes that he has nothing to sell but wants to share a pivotal decision that transformed his life.

"Getting into a headon collision in a DUI and having basically no money to my name, to, you know, twelve months later having $3 million in profits not knowing what to do with it."

"Hi, my name is Alex Ramosi and I own, and our portfolio companies will do $85 million this year, and I have absolutely nothing to sell you."

These quotes introduce Alex Hormozi's background and the financial turnaround he experienced after a life-altering incident. He sets the stage for discussing the critical decisions that led to his success.

Alex Hormozi's Business Ventures and Stress

  • Hormozi managed six gyms with various partnership arrangements.
  • He partnered in a dental agency and a chiropractic agency, and conducted in-person gym launches.
  • The stress from his business ventures led him to drink heavily as a coping mechanism.
  • Hormozi's scattered focus and heavy workload did not translate into financial success at the time.

"I had six gyms, two with one partner. I had three with another partner, and then I had one on my own."

"I also had a partner that I was doing a 50 50 split for dental agency work and the same partner, we also had an agency together for chiropractic agency work."

"I was so stressed that I was drinking probably half a bottle every night just to, honestly, not to get drunk, but just to not be stressed."

These quotes detail Hormozi's business involvements and the stress they caused, leading to unhealthy coping mechanisms. They highlight the challenges he faced in managing multiple ventures and partnerships.

The Role of an Attention Coach in Hormozi's Transformation

  • Hormozi sought help from an attention coach to manage his focus.
  • Despite initial skepticism, he learned the importance of aggregating attention and focusing.
  • The advice from the attention coach eventually contributed to Hormozi's decision-making process and subsequent success.

"I ended up going to an attention coach, and know that sounds ridiculous, but I went to a coach to help me manage my attention."

"You need to aggregate your attention. You need to focus. He's like, you're spread all over the place."

Hormozi's quotes convey his initial doubts about the attention coach's advice but also acknowledge the positive impact of learning to focus. This coaching was a significant factor in his ability to make transformative decisions.

Hormozi's DUI Incident and Its Aftermath

  • Hormozi's excessive drinking led to a DUI and a head-on collision at 60 miles per hour.
  • He miraculously survived without injuries, possibly due to being relaxed from intoxication.
  • The incident occurred while he was being pulled over, and he collided with a stationary car on the shoulder.

"But it wasn't until I drank so much that I ended up getting into a head on collision at 60 miles an hour on the highway."

"And I actually walked away from that, and I didn't hit anyone. I was actually getting pulled over, and there was a car that was in the side, the shoulder that was turned off."

These quotes describe the DUI incident that acted as a wake-up call for Hormozi. They illustrate the severity of the situation and the turning point it represented in his life.

Decision-Making and Facing Mortality

  • Alex Hormozi reflects on a pivotal moment when he was confronted with his own mortality.
  • He acknowledges a pattern of only making decisions when faced with life-threatening situations.
  • This confrontation acted as a catalyst for him to make significant changes in his life.
  • He made a series of rapid decisions to consolidate his focus into one primary goal.

"And so what I did over the next, really, the next 48 hours was a rapid series of decisions that consolidated all my attention into one thing."

The quote highlights the urgency and decisiveness with which Alex Hormozi approached his situation, channeling his focus singularly after a life-threatening event.

Taking Action to Simplify Business Ventures

  • Alex Hormozi decided to exit multiple business partnerships.
  • He felt overwhelmed by his commitments to various agencies and gyms.
  • His decision to leave was driven by a desire to focus on one venture, Gym Launch.
  • Despite the difficulty of the conversations, he felt compelled to act due to the recent brush with death.

"I called up the partner that I had the two agencies with, and I said, hey, I can't do this. I'm doing gym agency work where I'm flying out and doing turnarounds. I'm doing dental agency work. We're doing chiropractor agency where I was like, I can't do any of it, so I'm out."

This quote encapsulates Alex Hormozi's realization that he needed to simplify his business commitments and the decisive conversation he had with his partner to initiate this change.

Overcoming Fear of Disappointment

  • Alex Hormozi faced the fear of disappointing his partners by exiting their shared ventures.
  • He was willing to have difficult conversations and deal with the consequences.
  • His near-death experience provided a new perspective on life and the importance of making decisions without fear.

"I'm so afraid of letting these people down that I might die."

Alex Hormozi expresses the extreme fear of disappointment he felt, which was overshadowed by his recent confrontation with death, leading him to prioritize his own decisions and life course.

Promoting Personal Work: "100 Million Dollar Offers"

  • Alex Hormozi briefly shifts the conversation to promote his book, "100 Million Dollar Offers."
  • He invested significant time into writing the book and offers it as a gift to the community.
  • The promotion serves as a way to build rapport with the audience and potentially foster future business partnerships.

"I have a book on Amazon. It's called 100 million dollar offers. At over 8005 star reviews, it has almost a perfect score. You can get it for Kindle."

The quote is a direct promotion of Alex Hormozi's book, positioning it as a valuable resource with the hope of enhancing his relationship with the audience.

Lessons Learned from Difficult Decisions

  • Alex Hormozi shares the key lesson that making tough decisions does not lead to death.
  • He emphasizes the value of facing fears and taking action despite potential negative outcomes.
  • The experience of making those calls and surviving them has been transformative for him.

"You won't die when you make those calls."

This quote conveys the lesson Alex Hormozi learned about the fear associated with making difficult decisions and the realization that the anticipated negative consequences are often not as severe as imagined.

Accumulation of Unmade Decisions

  • Unmade decisions and unconfronted conversations can occupy significant mental space and reduce decision-making power.
  • The more decisions that are left unmade, the more reactive a person becomes due to diminished brain power.
  • The analogy of a child solving a math problem after a night's sleep illustrates how a refreshed mind can easily solve problems that previously seemed difficult.
  • In business and life, simple decisions can feel overwhelmingly difficult if one is too distracted by unmade decisions and avoided conversations.

And what happens is there's like a portion of my brain and my decision making, my thinking power that just gets allocated to this chunk, this decision that needs to be made that is unmade, that I know I should make.

This quote highlights how unmade decisions can consume mental resources, leaving less capacity for other tasks.

I'm only one decision away from changing my life, just one decision away from changing my life.

Alex Hormozi emphasizes the power of decision-making and how one choice can significantly alter the course of one's life.

Impact of Decisions on Personal Life

  • Decisions affect not only business but also personal relationships.
  • The speaker values his relationship with Layla and recognizes the need to make decisions to preserve it.
  • Making difficult decisions can lead to painful consequences, but they are necessary for growth and change.

I valued my relationship with her more than a lot of the other things that were going on in my life.

Alex Hormozi expresses the importance of his relationship with Layla, indicating it was a priority over other aspects of his life.

And so she was like, you have to make these calls. And so I made these calls physically, like phone calls, and also these decisions.

The quote demonstrates the action Alex Hormozi took to address the situation, both in terms of initiating conversations (phone calls) and making important decisions.

Regret and Life Choices

  • People often regret the things they didn't do rather than the things they did.
  • The fear of regret can be a powerful motivator to take action and make decisions.
  • Experiences, even those that end in failure, are valuable and preferable to the regret of inaction.

I'd rather do things than fail so that I do not have the regret and I'll have the experience.

Alex Hormozi would rather take action and risk failure than live with the regret of not trying, valuing experience over inaction.

Decision-Making as a Catalyst for Change

  • Decisions are critical crossroads in life that can lead to significant changes.
  • One decision can be the difference between maintaining the status quo and altering one's life path.
  • The speaker has experienced firsthand the transformative power of decision-making.

These are decisions that we have to make at some point in our life, and these are, like, the crossroads.

The quote reflects on the importance of decisions in life, likening them to crossroads that determine one's direction.

Decision-Making and Personal Growth

  • Alex Hormozi attributes his success to making tough decisions and focusing his attention.
  • He experienced a significant change in self-belief after deciding to concentrate on fewer projects.
  • The act of narrowing his focus created the momentum he needed to succeed in his primary venture, gym launch.

I felt confident, and I felt like I had more attention and more bandwidth at my disposal because I'd made the tough calls.

This quote highlights the positive impact of making difficult decisions on Alex's confidence and ability to focus his attention effectively.

The Launch and Struggle of Gym Launch

  • Gym Launch was started in 2016, marking the beginning of a challenging period in Alex's life.
  • He met his wife, Leila, during this time, who supported him despite the hardships.
  • Alex made the decision to end three partnerships and divest from multiple businesses to focus on Gym Launch.

After I basically shut down as many different side projects as I could, that's when I went all in on gym launch.

Alex explains the pivotal moment when he decided to focus solely on Gym Launch, which was a key factor in the business's eventual success.

Importance of Focus and Attention in Entrepreneurship

  • Alex emphasizes that attention, not time, is the most valuable asset for entrepreneurs.
  • He realized the necessity of focus when his scattered attention across multiple ventures was leading to stress and lack of success.
  • Since then, he has been disciplined with his focus, which was not innate but a conscious decision to improve his situation.

The most valuable thing that we have as entrepreneurs is not our time, but our attention.

This quote underscores the idea that entrepreneurial success hinges on where and how one allocates their attention, rather than the amount of time available.

Overcoming Distractions and Regaining Control

  • Alex believes that one decision can change one's life and that one conversation can refocus one's attention.
  • He shares his realization that unresolved decisions can consume mental resources and potentially have life-threatening consequences.
  • Alex's story serves as a reminder that focus and attention are crucial for success and well-being.

I'm always one decision away from changing my life. And I'm often one conversation away from getting my attention back.

Alex conveys the power of decisive action and meaningful conversations in reclaiming control over one's life and focus.

Alex Hormozi's Journey to Success

  • Alex Hormozi now owns, with portfolio companies generating substantial revenue.
  • He created his channel to help others achieve financial success and believes in the potential to reach the top 1% with control over one's choices.
  • He encourages viewers to subscribe if they find value in his content, reflecting his desire to share knowledge and help others.

My name is Alex Rosie. We own Our portfolio companies now do about $85 million a year.

The quote introduces Alex's current successful status and the scale of his business achievements, serving as a testament to the effectiveness of his approach to decision-making and focus.

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