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In a deep dive into Taylor Swift's romantic history, the host of "A Little Bit of Everything" explores the theory that Swift has used high-profile relationships with men as "beards" to conceal her true sexuality. Alleged relationships with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and Harry Styles, among others, are scrutinized for their potential as publicity stunts, while the host also investigates Swift's rumored relationships with women, including detailed examinations of her connections with Emily Poe, Diana Agron, and Carly Kloss. The discussion includes the concept of "bearding" in Hollywood, the significance of secret messages in Swift's lyrics and music videos, and the community of fans, known as "Gaylors," who are dedicated to decoding these clues. The host contemplates the possibility of Swift eventually coming out, especially in light of her recent political activism and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Taylor Swift's Relationships and Fan Theories

  • There are rumors and fan theories about Taylor Swift's sexuality and relationships.
  • A community on Tumblr believes Taylor Swift is gay and has used her relationships with men as a cover.
  • Fans think Taylor Swift has left clues about her true relationships in her lyrics, videos, and more.

"A few weeks ago there was this rumors going around that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend of almost six years Joe Alwyn had become engaged one thing led to another. And I ended up in a subreddit named Gaylord Swift which in turn let me down a huge rabbit hole on Tumblr where I found a very big community of Taylor Swift fans who believe that she is gay."

The quote introduces the topic of Taylor Swift's rumored engagement and the subsequent discovery of a fan community on Tumblr that speculates about her sexuality and relationships.

Understanding "Bearding" in the Celebrity Context

  • The term "beard" refers to someone who is used to conceal a celebrity's real sexuality.
  • Bearding was common during the Hays Code era and may still occur today, albeit less publicly.
  • The concept of bearding is used to explain some of Taylor Swift's relationships.

"A beard is a person, male or female, they get hired to have a fake relationship with a celebrity in order to conceal said celebrity's real sexuality."

This quote defines the term "beard" and explains its purpose in the context of celebrity relationships, setting the stage for the discussion of Taylor Swift's relationships.

Taylor Swift's Alleged Beards and Associated Songs

  • Taylor Swift's first public relationship was with Joe Jonas in 2008.
  • Songs rumored to be about Joe Jonas include "Forever and Always," "You All Over Me," "Last Kiss," and "Better Than Revenge."
  • Taylor Swift's subsequent relationships with other male celebrities are also discussed as potential beards.

"Taylor's first public relationship was with Joe Jonas. They dated for three months in 2008 after Taylor was a special guest for the Jonas Brothers' Burning Up tour."

This quote provides context for Taylor Swift's first public relationship and the songs that fans speculate were inspired by it.

Patterns in Taylor Swift's Relationships

  • Taylor Swift's relationships often coincide with promotional activities, such as movie releases or tours.
  • Most relationships lasted around three months, with a few exceptions.
  • Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris was notably longer, potentially to change her reputation.

"This relationship happened when he was promoting a movie and only lasted three months, which is a pattern that will continue to happen until 2015."

The quote highlights a pattern in the duration and timing of Taylor Swift's relationships, suggesting they may have been for promotional reasons.

Publicity and Career Advancement through Relationships

  • Relationships with celebrities like Harry Styles and Calvin Harris are speculated to be for mutual publicity.
  • Taylor Swift's relationship with Tom Hiddleston was seen as a PR stunt by many.
  • Joe Alwyn's relationship with Taylor Swift is thought to provide publicity for his acting career.

"The reason for bearding would be publicity for both parties. Also, it seems that some Gaylors also believe in 'Larry' so they think that they were bearding for each other to hide their relationships."

This quote discusses the potential reasons behind Taylor Swift's relationship with Harry Styles, including the theory of mutual bearding for publicity.

Taylor Swift's Alleged Girlfriends and Evidence

  • Taylor Swift has been linked to several women, including a classmate named Lacey and schoolmate Kelsey Morris.
  • Evidence for these relationships includes MySpace posts and other social media interactions.
  • Emily Poe, a former fiddle player for Taylor Swift, is believed to have had a close relationship with her.

"Next we have one of the more popular relationships in the Gaylord fandom, and that is with Emily Poe."

The quote introduces Emily Poe as a significant figure in the fan theories about Taylor Swift's relationships, indicating a close relationship that has been widely discussed among fans.

Analysis of Taylor Swift's Songs for Clues

  • Fans analyze Taylor Swift's songs for secret messages that might hint at her relationships.
  • Songs like "Breathe," "Love Story," and "Mine" are thought to contain references to women she has been linked to.
  • The secret messages in the songs are often interpreted as clues about the nature of these relationships.

"Some of the songs that are allegedly about Emily are as follows: 'Next song is Stay Beautiful,' 'Fearless,' 'Breathe,' 'Love Story,' 'Mine,' 'Sparks Fly,' and 'Back to December.'"

This quote lists the songs that fans believe are about Emily Poe, providing an example of how fans search for clues in Taylor Swift's music about her personal life.

Friendship and Interactions: Taylor and Kelly

  • Taylor Swift and Kelly had a close relationship during the Fearless Tour in 2009.
  • They shared a joint interview where Kelly appreciated the simple joys of their friendship.
  • Taylor trusted Kelly with her secrets, indicating a deep bond.
  • Taylor publicly acknowledged Kelly on social media, celebrating her birthday and missing her presence.
  • Kelly pranked Taylor during a concert, showing their playful dynamic.
  • The relationship cooled by April 2010, with Kelly unaware of Taylor's rumored dating life.
  • Kelly mentioned they remained friends in 2016 but were not as close as before.

"I really cherished the small things so we're not doing anything but to join each other's company and Taylor said I can trust Kelly with all my secrets." "On June 28, 2009, Taylor congratulated Kelly on her birthday through Twitter." "By April 2010 during the part two of the Fearless Store things seemed to have cooled between the two when Kelly tells The Boot that she barely sees Taylor only in passing going on stage and that she has no idea who Taylor is rumored to be dating which was Corey Monteith."

  • These quotes highlight the progression of Taylor and Kelly's friendship from close companionship to a more distant relationship, possibly due to the demands of their careers and personal lives.

Friendship Timeline: Taylor and Julianne Hough

  • Taylor and Julianne Hough's friendship was public and short-lived, lasting from October 2009 to January 2010.
  • They interacted mainly on Twitter and met at a music festival and at Katy Perry's birthday party.
  • The two shared initials on their clothing at Perry's party, indicating a close friendship.
  • Taylor and Julianne had dinner with Selena Gomez and attended various events together.
  • The friendship ended around the same time Taylor dated Taylor Lautner, and no songs are confirmed to be about Julianne.

"Julian and Taylor's friendship was pretty public with most of their interactions happening on Twitter and it ended pretty quickly as well seemingly only lasting 3 months from October 2009 to January 2010." "On October 27th Taylor, Selena, and Kelly had dinner together and Kelly invited Taylor to the Michael Jackson movie premiere which happened the next day." "On January 27th Taylor and Julian attended the same cancer charity event together."

  • These quotes detail the public nature of Taylor and Julianne's friendship, their shared experiences, and the timeline of their friendship, which coincided with Taylor's relationship with Taylor Lautner.

Relationship and Career: Taylor and Elizabeth Huett

  • Taylor and Elizabeth Huett met in 2006 and Elizabeth moved to Nashville to tour with Taylor in 2008.
  • Elizabeth joined Taylor's band, The Agency, and they shared many personal and professional moments.
  • They attended events together, supported each other's endeavors, and Elizabeth was featured in Taylor's blogs.
  • Their friendship included public birthday acknowledgments and attending movie premieres together.
  • Elizabeth's departure from The Agency in 2012 did not seem to result in bad blood, as they hung out afterward.
  • Some songs on Taylor's albums are rumored to be about Elizabeth, such as "Sparks Fly" and "The Last Time."

"On May 8th Taylor posts the Whisper. Hello I miss you quite terribly blog in it Liz features prominently." "On December 13th on January 6 2010 Liz tweets at Taylor saying that missed our family." "On October 5th 2010 during an interview Taylor says the list and Caitlyn had their own rooms on her apartment."

  • These quotes illustrate the depth of Taylor and Elizabeth's friendship, their living arrangements, and the emotional connection they shared, as evidenced by their social media interactions and Taylor's blog posts.

Speculated Relationship: Taylor and Diana Agron

  • Taylor and Diana Agron's relationship is filled with public interactions and speculation.
  • They were introduced by a mutual friend and had a close friendship, attending events together.
  • Their friendship was marked by social media interactions, shared celebrations, and attending each other's parties.
  • Diana's move near Taylor's home and their joint appearances fueled speculation about their relationship.
  • Breakup theories include a possible proposal and influence from Taylor's team.
  • Songs rumored to be about Diana include "22" and "Everything Has Changed."

"On March 31st 2012 Taylor attended the Kid Choice Awards and then attended a birthday party for Jessica Szohr at Diana's house." "On April 13 2012 Diana goes on the Jimmy Kimmel show in New York and denies dating rumors between herself team Tevo and Taylor." "On February 24 2019 Diana attends the Vanity Fair Oscar party Taylor also attended accompanied by Joe Alwyn Martha Hunt Camila Cabello and Matthew Jos."

  • These quotes depict the public nature of Taylor and Diana's friendship, the speculation surrounding their relationship, and their continued interaction at high-profile events.

Holy Ground

  • "Holy Ground" references a note left on a door with a joke, which is linked to Taylor Swift's actions on Diana's birthday in 2012.
  • Taylor wrote a message on Diana's door, playing on the theme of vulnerability and innocence.

"I left a note on the door with a joke with maid and that was the first day on Diana's birthday in 2012 Taylor wrote on her door a message that said I'm a little kitten and I need to nurse because I'm a run and I'm likely to fall victim to predators."

The quote explains the playful yet intimate gesture Taylor made towards Diana, emphasizing a personal connection and shared humor.

Everything Has Changed

  • "Everything Has Changed" contains a secret message, "Hyannis Port," which is the location where Taylor met Connor.
  • A deliberate misspelling in the booklet, "Hyani Sport," suggests a connection to Diana through phonetic similarity to "Diana."

"The secret message is Hyannis Port which is the place where Taylor met Connor however in the booklet the secret note is spelled Hyani Sport a purposeful error so if you read it like that the eon in Diana and in Hyannis sound the same."

This quote reveals a hidden layer within the song's booklet, connecting Diana to the song through a phonetic play on words.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  • Taylor Swift's performance outfit for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" may hint at a connection to Diana due to the circus theme, which was also the theme of Diana's birthday party.

"It's possible that she wasn't the inspiration for the lyrics but during the performance of this song Taylor wore a circus ring leader outfit and Diana's birthday party was circus theme."

The quote draws a parallel between Taylor's performance costume and Diana's birthday party theme, suggesting a possible link or inspiration.

Come Back...Be Here

  • Taylor Swift described "Come Back...Be Here" as being about a long-distance relationship, possibly referencing the time when Diana was working in London and New York.

"Taylor said that this song was about a relationship where your partner has to go away for work and you want them to be there with you this could have been potentially written while Diana spent some time in London and New York for work since both cities are referenced in the song."

The quote indicates that Taylor's song may reflect her personal experience of missing someone who is away for work, potentially Diana.

Begin Again

  • "Begin Again" includes lines that resonate with Diana's interactions with Taylor, such as laughing at her jokes and sharing an interest in James Taylor's music.

"One of the lines says I think it's strange that you think I'm funny because he never did and Diana referenced laughing at Taylor's jokes in some tweets another line is you say you never met one girl who had as many James Taylor's records as you. But I do and Taylor had a performance with James Taylor around the time that the two still had a relationship."

The quote highlights specific lyrics from "Begin Again" that align with Taylor's and Diana's shared experiences and interests.


  • "Babe" was released later as a bonus track and its music video has been compared to the "I'm Not the Only One" video starring Diana.

"This song originally didn't make it into the album but it was released as a ball track in the re-recording people think that this song is about her because the video is almost a scene for scene recreation of the I'm not the only one music video starting Diana."

The quote suggests that the music video for "Babe" intentionally mirrors another video featuring Diana, implying a connection between the two.


  • The visuals used during Taylor Swift's tour performance of "Clean" were similar to Diana-related pictures, although the lyrics may not have been directly inspired by her.

"Again it's possible the lyrics were not inspired by her but the visual that Taylor used on tour were similar to those Diana related pictures we saw earlier."

This quote indicates that while the lyrics of "Clean" may not be about Diana, the visual presentation during the tour connected to images associated with her.


  • Diana is a fan of "Alice in Wonderland," which is referenced in the song "Wonderland," and she has related tattoos that are echoed in the lyrics.

"Diana is a really big Alice in Wonderland fan her tumblr was fell down the rabbit hole which was a line used in the song and Diana had a tattoo with a line from the book that said we're all mad here which was also referenced in this song with the line we both went mad."

The quote shows the strong thematic link between Diana's interests and the content of "Wonderland," including specific lines that reflect her personal affinity for "Alice in Wonderland."

I Wish You Would

  • "I Wish You Would" is about an ex living close by, and Diana bought a house near Taylor soon after the song's release.

"Taylor said that the song was about a next about a house near her and Diana bought a house 50 minutes away from Taylor's in November 2012."

This quote connects Diana's real estate decision to the theme of "I Wish You Would," suggesting life imitating art.

Long Story Short

  • "Long Story Short" contains another "Alice in Wonderland" reference, which is a recurring theme in songs thought to be about Diana.

"The last song that people think is about Diana is Long Story Short this song also has an Alice in Wonderland reference with the line right down the rabbit hole long story short. It was a bad time."

The quote alludes to another instance where Taylor's lyrics parallel Diana's known interest in "Alice in Wonderland," reinforcing the pattern of references.

Carly and Josh Kushner

  • Carly and Josh Kushner's relationship began in 2012, with public appearances and rumors of dating following significant events.
  • The Kushner family reportedly disapproved of Carly for various reasons, including her background and religion.
  • Carly's efforts to impress the Kushner family included studying at NYU and converting to Judaism.
  • The couple got engaged in 2018 after Carly's conversion, and their relationship faced pressures from his family.

"So Josh and Carly met in June of 2012 during one of their mutual friend's birthday party Carly was 19 and Josh was 27 on November 8 2012 the first rumors about them dating started after the Victoria Secret fashion show when U.S. Weekly reported after walking the runway in several super skimpy setups the flawless American born supermodel 20 hit an after party with a very lucky guy on her arm New York City-based investor Joshua Kushner the 27 year old Instagram investor seemed nervous and shy around everyone but handle it well however before this they had gone on a vacation with Instagram's founder in August and attended a Halloween party in a couple's costumes so maybe around that time is when they actually started dating."

The quote outlines the timeline and public perception of Carly and Josh's relationship, highlighting key moments and the beginning of their romance.

"On March 14th 2013 Carly speaks about Josh in an interview with People for the first time saying it's really refreshing to leave all the fashion shows and shoots and chaos totally behind on March 14 2013 Josh does not bring Carly as his date to the 25th anniversary of the New York Observer which the Kushners own this is probably because the Kushners didn't like Carly they allegedly tried to convince Josh to end their relationship multiple times referred to her as the underwear model didn't like that she wasn't Jewish and even though Ivanka also wasn't Jewish they did like her and said that it was because like Jared she was also the daughter of a billionaire New York real estate moguls. so they were also looking down on Carly for her family background his brother Jared allegedly said that Carly isn't very smart his parents refused to meet her for the first six years of their relationship and she even started to study at NYU in 2015 supposedly to impress his parents in July 2018 they got engaged and allegedly after she converted to Judaism which is a process that she started in 2015 and finished in 2018 his parents finally decided to meet her so it's possible that they only met her like a few months before the wedding they got married on October and had a second wedding on June 2019 which was bigger and had more guests on October 2020. they announced they were pregnant and their child Levi was born on March 2021.. the theory is that Josh and Carly had an on and off relationship due to the pressure that his family put on it and that while they were off Carly was with Taylor the mother saint Kailer's believed that Taylor and Carly's relationship ended when Carly got engaged to Josh and subsequently married him in 2018.."

This quote delves into the complexities of Carly and Josh's relationship, including family tensions, Carly's efforts to integrate into the Kushner family, and the impact these dynamics had on their relationship's stability.

Taylor and Carly (Kayla)

  • Taylor Swift and Carly Kloss's friendship, known as "Kayla," began around 2010 with various public appearances and mutual admiration.
  • Their relationship included attending fashion shows, planning trips together, and significant social media interactions.
  • There were rumors of a romantic relationship between Taylor and Carly, which were fueled by their close friendship and public interactions.
  • The friendship faced scrutiny and speculation, with some suggesting it was a publicity contract for the 1989 era.

"So Taylor and Carly both attended Roberto Cavalli's 40th anniversary party on September 29 2010 in Paris on May 1st 2011 both of them attended the Met Gala in around September 2011 Taylor attended a fashion show at which Carly walked during her December 1st. 2011 Vogue interview Taylor said that she loved Carly and that she wanted to bake cookies with her after seeing a photo of her and Carly then tweeted at her on January 17th on September 7th 2012 Carly confirmed that she and Taylor met at the 2011 Met Gala on an interview with Team Vogue on May 5th 2012 both Taylor and Carly attended the Met Gala once again on November 13th."

The quote traces the history of Taylor and Carly's friendship, highlighting key events where they were seen together and their growing bond.

"The Victoria's Secret fashion show was recorded and there were a lot of interactions between the two as well as tailor with other models on December 3rd 2013 Carly post a picture with Taylor from the fashion show on Instagram on December 10th. the Victoria's Secret fashion show airs and Carly does an interview question about Taylor Carly also posted the photo that she had posted on Instagram on her Twitter on December 11th and a video of Taylor performing on Instagram it's rumored that in January 2014 Carly attended Taylor's mom's birthday party because during a secret session for 1989 in 2014 fans reported that there was a picture of Carly Taylor and her mom with a cake hanging up and they were all in winter attire on March 1st 2014 Taylor and Carly attended the Weinstein's company pre-Oscar party and the next day the Vanity Fair Oscar party according to their future Vogue cover interview this is where they planned the Big Sur trip on March 6 they took the Big Sur trip I don't think the date is officially known but I saw a Kaylor shipper celebrating the anniversary on this date it was discovered that the place they stayed can only be accessed if you stay there and there's no cell phone service internet or tv on April 3rd they have lunch at the Butcher's Daughter during this lunch Carly switched seats with Taylor so that the paparazzi wouldn't bother her they attended the Harry Josh pre-Met Gala on May 4th and the next day got ready together to attend the ceremony on June 3rd 2014 Carly said that Taylor is single after being asked about Taylor's love life and whether or not she had played matchmaker for today on June 4th Taylor tears up while singing All Too Well in Jakarta this is a month after the Met Gala where Carly sat with Ivanka and Jared while Taylor set in another table on June 5th Carly posted a throwback Thursday picture of herself Taylor and Jamie Kane caption missing this lovely ladies Taylor's Red tour finished on June 12th and Taylor flew right back to Carly's house the next day at the end of June 2014 Taylor takes Carly to Rhode Island Josh joined them on June 29th on July 21st and 22nd they are seen going to the gym and on the 30th they have a girls nights with Carly's sister Kimby on July 31st one of Carly's childhood friends Davis posted this picture of Taylor and then they go to an Ingrid Mitchelson concert with various other friends on August 3rd 2014 Taylor wishes Carly a happy birthday with this photo on August 6 Carly is packed leaving Taylor's house on August 9 an article is posted on the Mail Online saying that Carly lives with Taylor in Beverly Hills and he gets taken down at the behest of their teens Carly's spokesperson said Carly and Taylor do not live together and have no plans to live together the Daily Mail did not verify the facts of the story prior to publishing it on September 8th."

This extensive quote provides a detailed account of the events and interactions between Taylor and Carly, painting a picture of their close friendship and the speculation it generated.

"The Rolling Stone interview with Carly's room comes out in which Taylor says that Carly has a room in her house and it's noted that there is a basket with Carly's favorite treats and a bunch of photos of her in the walls on September 19th Taylor says she never loved me while performing I Knew You Were Trouble at the iHeart Radio Music Fest on September 23rd Carly talks about Taylor in an article for Vogue promoting her new brand deal with L'Oreal Paris on October 9th Taylor covers Riptide and keeps the female pronouns on October 21st 2014 Taylor posted a picture featuring Carly and Austin and said that she's a friend who feels like family on October 26 Carly promotes 1989 release on her Instagram on October 29th Carly and Taylor go to watch the NYX play it looks like Tree who is Taylor's publicist was there that night too this is also the same week that Taylor was announced as Global Welcome Ambassador to New York on November 19th the Kaylor Vogue photo shoot is shot various reports later surfaced suggesting that Josh is in attendance on set on November 23rd Taylor and Carly attended the American Music Awards in LA on December 1st."

The quote continues to document the progression of Taylor and Carly's friendship, including shared public appearances, interviews, and mutual support for each other's endeavors.

"Carly talks to E! about how excited her and Taylor are for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and how it's like going to prom Carly then talks to Glamour about Taylor and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show saying how excited she is to experience the show with her best friend on December 2nd. the Victoria's Secret second fashion show is recorded and Carly posted a picture with Taylor and other angels the next day she posted a photo with Taylor and Ariana she uses the word gorgeous on the caption of both pictures on December 4th Carly posted a picture of her and Taylor at the Victoria singer fashion show captioned We Never Go Out of Style and the same day Kiss Gate happened on December 5th Taylor tweets asking the media to stop accusing her of dating her friends because this is the second time this happened remember that she was also accused publicly of dating Diana on December 11th."

This quote captures the media attention and public perception of Taylor and Carly's relationship, including the rumors and denials of a romantic relationship between them.

"The Vogue BFF video is filmed and three days later on December 13th Taylor turned 25 Kimby and Carly attended Taylor's Jingle Ball performance. and then they went to Taylor's house to celebrate with the rest of their friends completely unrelated to this video. but I was really surprised to see Beyonce and Jay-Z on that photo on December 15th Ante which is an anonymous gossiper says that Carly used Taylor's credit card while shopping after Carly's car was declined on December 19th in an interview with Yahoo Live Carly talks about baking cookies with Taylor and on January 3rd 2015 and alleges that Carly and Taylor had a vacation planned for this week but is no longer going to happen as Taylor has caught Carly off from January 30th to February 1st they were in Nashville Taylor and Carly tried to go undetected at first but were forced to post on Instagram after this fan picture was taken just two days later Diana attends a fashion show in which Carly walks and it's noted that Carly kept a smirk on her face the entire time on February 17th they attended an Oscar de Laurentiis show when Taylor was asked why she was in attendance she declined to comment on her appearance on the show and said my policies would get mad at me on February 24th Taylor met Calvin Harris at the Elle Style Awards she then attended the Naked Heart Foundation Fabulous Fun Fair which Carly was hosting on February 25th 2015 they attended the Brit Awards and this is the last time Carly and Taylor are seen together until June due to Taylor starting the 1989 tour on May 4th Carly attends the Met Gala with Gigi as her date. but she enters the gala with Josh that same day Ante alleges that Carly was given one hour to move out her things out of Chase apartment so it seems that people really think that the two are not in good terms at this point on May 8 2015 Carly posted a photo on Instagram of her and Taylor that was initially captioned Missing my girl but a few short minutes after it was changed to Missing my BFF on May 17th the Bad Blood video came out on June 8th Gigi posted a picture of Calvin Carly and herself that Taylor apparently took and for a while they will only be seen in group settings on."

The quote details further developments in Taylor and Carly's relationship, including rumors of tension, public appearances, and changes in their dynamic as Taylor began her tour and Carly's relationship with Josh became more public.

"June 26 Kendall Jenner. Cara Delevingne Gigi Hadid Lily and Carly were Taylor's guests during her performance at Hyde Park on June 29th Taylor posted a picture of herself Calvin Joe Jonas Judy Hadid and Carly on Instagram after this Taylor liked a post on Tumblr saying that Killers were making the girls uncomfortable this after fans discovered that the paparazzi who had taken photos of them this day had them under the PR tag on July 10th and 11th Taylor had two performances at the Met Life Carly went there straight from Rome to the first night Taylor also gave Carly a shout out on stage where she says mostly the changes cannot be attributed to geography it can only be attributed to the people who came into my life after I moved to New York. so if that's you put yourself in the back I love you so much Carly just watched the performance the first night but was on stage for the second on August 3rd Taylor congratulated Carly on her birthday by posting a photo of her and Calvin that Gigi had taken in June. I I feel like this is shady I don't know towards who or why. but it seems shady on November 23rd Scooter Brown's projects post welcome to the fam Carly Kloss Carly allegedly signs up to work under at least a three year contract but continues until at least 2020 for Scooter Brown however I did read in another page that Scooter Brown was never Carly's manager so I don't really know what the truth is on December 3rd 2015 Ante says that things are bad in Kaylor land and

Social Media Dynamics and Celebrity Relationships

  • On October 4th, Josh unfollowed Taylor on social media.
  • Carly and Josh got married on March 7, 2019.
  • Paris Hilton suggested that Carly and Taylor's friendship ended due to Carly sharing Taylor's music information with Scooter Braun.
  • Josh and Carly attended the Met Gala on May 6, 2019.
  • News about Scooter Braun buying Taylor's masters broke on June 30, 2019.

"owed him on october 4th and that same day josh unfollowed taylor on october carly and josh got married on march 7 2019." "paris hilton said that taylor and carly's friendship ended because carly was giving information about her music to scooter brown on may 6 2019." "josh and carly attended the megala on june 30th 2019 news broke that scooter brown was buying taylor's masters."

These quotes indicate the timeline of key events in the relationships between the individuals mentioned, focusing on social media activity and significant public appearances.

Celebrity Support and Betrayal

  • Spencer Pratt is a fan of Taylor and was invited backstage to her tour.
  • Spencer Pratt has connections with Claire Winter and has expressed dislike for Carly.
  • Taylor seems comfortable interacting with individuals who believe Carly betrayed her.

"spencer pratt who once upon a time was a famous reality tv star is a huge taylor fan she even invited him backstage at the reputation tour and hung out with him for a long time and even met his family he is also friends with claire winter and he has never liked carly suggesting that she wasn't a good friend back in 2018." "this is really interesting because later spencer received a cardigan from taylor seeming to confirm that yes taylor is fine interacting with people who agree that carly betrayed her."

These quotes highlight the connections and opinions within the celebrity circle, showing how relationships and perceptions of betrayal can influence interactions.

Public Feuds and Social Media Interactions

  • Carly was seen partying with Scooter Braun on a yacht.
  • Taylor announced that Scott and Scooter were preventing her from performing her old songs.
  • Carly engaged in social media activity related to the feud by liking and quickly unliking a tweet.

"on august 6 2019 carly is spotted out partying with scooter on a yacht." "on november 14. 2019 taylor announces that scott and scooter are preventing her performing for all songs or using them in the miss americana documentary and carly likes and quickly unlikes a tweet about the scooter feud."

These quotes detail instances of public feuds and the subtle social media interactions that can hint at underlying tensions between celebrities.

Theories and Speculations on Taylor's Relationships

  • There are theories about Taylor and Carly's relationship status, including speculation about a secret child.
  • Some believe Josh is gay and will eventually leave Carly for his lover.
  • Fans speculate on the possibility of Taylor and Carly getting married in secret.

"yes they also think that josh is gay and that one day josh and carly will get a divorce josh will privately levi with his lover and kayla would like get married or something and raise their own child in secret."

This quote reflects the extent of fan speculation and theory-crafting regarding the personal lives and relationships of celebrities.

Analysis of Taylor's Songs and References to Carly

  • Fans analyze Taylor's songs for references to Carly, considering lyrics, pronouns, and events.
  • The analysis includes songs like "Wildest Dreams," "You Are in Love," "Dress," "Don't Blame Me," and others.
  • Fans look for connections between Taylor's lyrics and her relationship with Carly.

"the next song is you are in love in the beginning of the song taylor sings about this person having a room in her house and carly had a room in her house she also sang this song with female pronouns during a performance in shanghai." "next is dress the line made your mark on me a golden tattoo might be hinting to the matching gold stickers that they wore to drake's birthday party in 2016.."

These quotes show how fans dissect Taylor's lyrics to find potential hidden meanings and references to her personal relationships.

Lily Donaldson's Connection with Taylor

  • Lily Donaldson and Taylor's friendship timeline includes various events and social media interactions.
  • Fans speculate on the significance of jewelry, such as the angel ring and snake necklace, in relation to Taylor.
  • Songs like "King of My Heart," "Dress," "Delicate," "End Game," and "Gorgeous" are analyzed for references to Lily.

"lily then flew to paris for the victoria's second fashion show on november 30th on december 5th lily attended the british fashion council fashion awards in london wearing a snake necklace and earrings from bulgari." "on december 24th lily aldridge posted a photo with taylor who was seen wearing the angel ring like i said this angel ring was given to the victoria's secret angels on october of 2016."

These quotes highlight the connections and potential references between Lily Donaldson and Taylor, as fans look for clues in their interactions and Taylor's music.

Taylor's Political Stance and the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Taylor broke her political silence during the "Lover" era, supporting LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Fans speculate that Taylor's advocacy and the themes in her songs indicate her readiness to come out.
  • The release of "ME!" coincided with Lesbian Visibility Day, and "You Need to Calm Down" features a strong anti-homophobia message.

"so now the theory is that once all the recordings are done taylor will come out." "gailers believed that despite taylor saying that this album aren't really about her life since like 90 of the songs are breakups or break up hsn songs and she's having a relationship with joe these albums are actually about the breakup between her and carly."

These quotes discuss the theories and interpretations of Taylor's political activism and the messages in her music, particularly in relation to her support for the LGBTQ+ community and personal identity.

Reflection on Speculation and Privacy

  • The video concludes with a reflection on the ethics of speculating about a celebrity's sexual orientation.
  • It questions whether Taylor leaves clues in her music for fans to decipher or if such speculation is invasive.

"do you think that it's wrong to question and theorize if taylor is gay or do you think no it's actually okay because taylor leaves these trails and these clues in her music so that people can figure them out what do you guys think let me know and i'll see you in the next one bye."

This quote summarizes the overarching question of the video, addressing the balance between fan engagement and respecting a celebrity's privacy.

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