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Summary Notes


In his podcast, the host delves into the significance of focusing on consistent action over immediate outcomes, sharing his own journey of content creation to illustrate the point. He emphasizes the importance of doing 'cool stuff' and documenting the process, highlighting that true success takes years, not days, and is measured by one's commitment to actions that build character and skills. Citing his own podcast's rise to the top after six years of unwavering effort, he advises listeners to think in decades, not days, and to value the process over quick results. He shares a story of a friend who, by shifting focus from outcomes to consistent action, achieved financial success, reinforcing the message that the internal identity shift and commitment to activities are what differentiate successful individuals from the rest.

Summary Notes

Commitment to Process Over Outcome

  • Focusing on controllable actions rather than fluctuating outcomes can stabilize self-esteem.
  • Emphasizing the process allows for consistent commitment regardless of external success indicators.

"When you can divorce the activities from the outcome, then you can focus on the doing, which, whether your income does this over that period of time, your self esteem remains the same because you're committing to what you can control."

This quote highlights the importance of separating one's self-worth from external measures of success, advocating for a focus on the effort and process rather than the outcomes, which are often beyond one's control.

Building Businesses and Personal Branding

  • The podcast aims to share insights on increasing sales and building valuable businesses.
  • The speaker references his own journey with acquisition.com as an example of documenting business growth.

"Welcome to the game where we talk about how to sell more stuff to more people in more ways and build businesses worth owning. I'm trying to build a billion dollar thing with acquisition.com."

The quote sets the stage for the podcast's objective, which is to discuss strategies for business growth and sales. It also introduces the speaker's personal goal of building a significant business entity and his intention to document the journey.

Overcoming Early Challenges

  • Starting a brand with no audience can be daunting, but the key is to begin and persist.
  • The advice given is to engage in interesting activities, share those experiences, and continue to create content.

"I got a dm the other day about somebody who was like, yeah, I mean, it's easy for you to build this brand because you already have this big audience. And I was like, dude, just start."

The quote addresses a common misconception that one needs a large audience to begin building a brand. It emphasizes the importance of taking the first step and not being deterred by the initial lack of following.

Consistency and Long-Term Growth

  • The speaker's podcast took six years of consistent effort to reach top rankings.
  • Consistent content creation is crucial for finding one's voice and improving skills over time.
  • The evolution of content and delivery quality is a gradual process that requires patience and persistence.

"And here's what's crazy about this. It just now hit the top ten six years later, and in that six year period, I did not miss every week, one to three podcasts for six years."

This quote underlines the speaker's dedication and consistent effort over a long period, which was necessary to achieve a high ranking for his podcast. It shows that significant achievements in content creation are often the result of sustained effort over years.

Patience and Long-Term Thinking

  • The fallacy of expecting quick success in content creation is contrasted with the reality of long-term commitment.
  • Thinking in terms of decades rather than days can lead to substantial progress over time.
  • Long-term goals and patience outperform short-term thinking in achieving lasting success.

"And if you can think in decades instead of days, you'll be so much further when the decade comes than the people who thought in days the entire ten years."

This quote encourages a long-term perspective when setting goals and expectations. It suggests that by focusing on long-term objectives, one is likely to achieve more significant progress than by being preoccupied with immediate results.

Key Theme: The Importance of Consistency and Process in Achieving Success

  • Success is often a result of consistent action rather than focusing solely on outcomes.
  • A story of a friend who started a gym and eventually found success online illustrates the power of persistence.
  • The friend's journey to making $100,000 a month from online content took six months, but it was built on nine years of business experience.
  • The speaker advised the friend to focus on actionable goals (making posts and reach outs) rather than the financial outcome.
  • The friend experienced a cycle of scarcity when he stopped consistent actions after seeing some success, which was broken by refocusing on the process.
  • The speaker emphasizes that character and success are built on committing to activities consistently, regardless of immediate results.
  • The ability to continue actions without immediate rewards is crucial for long-term success and breaking out of poverty.

"And he posted every day for six months, and then one video took off, and then the next video took off, and the next video took off, and then all of a sudden now he's making $100,000 a month from the content that he was making."

This quote highlights the breakthrough moment that came from daily consistent effort. It underscores the importance of persistence and the potential exponential results that can follow.

"Make the action the goal, right? Not the outcome the goal."

This quote emphasizes the importance of focusing on the process and actions that lead to success, rather than being fixated on the outcome, which can lead to inconsistency.

"The person you are, the character you aspire to have is built on the activities that you commit to."

This quote reflects on the relationship between one's actions and their character development, suggesting that consistent commitment to actions shapes who a person becomes.

"You need to be able to do the doing without seeing the result of your doing, and you have to keep doing it."

This quote captures the essence of perseverance, indicating that the ability to continue working without immediate results is a key to success.

"If you can commit to the actions and the behaviors and the traits that you will grow through doing, then at the end of this process, a decade later, you will be the type of person who can do something for."

The final quote reinforces the long-term perspective required for success, suggesting that commitment to growth-oriented actions will eventually forge a person capable of achieving their goals.

Importance of Patience and Persistence

  • Patience and persistence are vital traits for financial stability.
  • Having these traits ensures money will not be a constraint in one's life.

"a long period of time and wait. And I promise you that if you have that trait, money will never be a constraint in your life."

This quote emphasizes the significance of being patient and persistent over a long period to achieve financial freedom.

Utilization of Multimedia for Learning

  • Video versions of podcasts can enhance understanding through visual aids.
  • Visual elements like effects, graphs, and visuals can stimulate different brain centers.

"If you ever want to have the video version of this, which usually has more effects, more visuals, more graphs, you know, drawn out stuff, sometimes it can help hit the brain centers in different ways."

The quote suggests that the video format of content can cater to different learning styles and potentially improve comprehension.

Identity Shift as a Catalyst for Achievement

  • Writing down actions from the perspective of a successful person can guide behavior.
  • The internal identity shift is crucial for driving the desired outcomes.
  • Reinforcing this identity shift with self-questioning at decision points is effective.

"Instead of writing your goals, just write down what would a billionaire who lost it all do? Or what would a billionaire do? Or whatever version of yourself you want to be. The doing and the outcomes will happen as a result of the main internal identity shift, which you can reinforce many times a day by asking yourself that question at each crossroad."

This quote highlights the strategy of adopting the mindset of a successful person to influence one's actions and decisions.

Knowledge vs. Action

  • People often know what they need to do but fail to act on it.
  • Being reminded of what is already known can be more essential than learning new things.

"I said, you know what to do. I said, you just aren't doing it. I said, to have a six pack, you know what to do. I said, we need to be reminded more than we need to be taught."

The quote underscores the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it, suggesting that people often need motivation rather than new information.

The Role of Activities in Achieving Goals

  • Committing to activities rather than outcomes differentiates winners from losers.
  • The uniqueness of individuals is defined by their actions, not their desires.
  • The true goal should be the commitment to the process, not the end result.

"Every winner and every loser have the same goals. So when you measure yourself by having this external thing, and people are like, set goals. Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to have a six pack. Your goals don't make you unique. It's the activities that you do that make you unique."

This quote conveys that goals are common to everyone, but the commitment to specific activities is what leads to success and sets individuals apart.

Focus on Personal Transformation

  • Focusing on becoming a better version of oneself is more satisfying than external achievements.
  • Personal transformation is the key to unlocking potential and achieving success.

"So you've always known how you're just choosing to be someone who isn't satisfied by an external outcome, but by becoming a better version of yourself."

The quote suggests that true fulfillment comes from personal growth, rather than from achieving external goals or milestones.

Realization of Potential

  • Realizing one's potential and capabilities can lead to significant achievements.
  • A shift in focus from external validation to internal development is crucial.

"The real, real is that who do I to become the type of person that does these things? And so I think if you can make that shift, and that was literally the text that I had to him. And six months later, now he's doing $100,000 a month."

This quote illustrates how a shift in mindset, from seeking external rewards to focusing on personal development, can result in substantial progress and success.

Misconception of Success Among Youth

  • A significant proportion of young people have unrealistic expectations about wealth.
  • The belief in becoming a millionaire by 25 is prevalent among 18-year-old high school seniors.
  • This misconception leads to a high likelihood of failure due to focusing on the wrong goals.

"52% of 18 year olds, high school seniors think they're going to be millionaires by 25."

This quote highlights the widespread but unrealistic expectation among young people regarding their financial future, emphasizing the disconnect between their aspirations and the practicality of achieving such wealth at a young age.

Importance of Process Over Outcome

  • Success is more likely when focusing on the process that leads to wealth, not the wealth itself.
  • Focusing on outcomes can lead to short-term satisfaction but hampers long-term growth.
  • Detaching from outcomes and committing to controllable activities maintains self-esteem and drives consistent effort.

"You're going to focus on the stuff that makes a million dollars."

The quote underscores the need to concentrate on the actions and processes that generate wealth, rather than the wealth itself, as a strategy for achieving financial goals.

Long-Term Commitment in Content Creation

  • The speaker has experienced a paradigm shift in focusing on long-term commitment rather than immediate results.
  • A long-term perspective in business endeavors, like content creation, is crucial for sustainable success.
  • A commitment to consistent action over an extended period can lead to what appears as "overnight success."

"I'm in for a decade."

This quote reflects the speaker's long-term commitment to their work, illustrating the mindset required for sustained success in any venture, particularly in content creation.

Emotional Stability in Business

  • Consistency in actions, irrespective of income fluctuations, leads to emotional stability.
  • Shifting focus to controllable activities reduces emotional ups and downs in business.
  • Emotional stability is necessary for longevity and the ability to reinvent oneself in business.

"I think we all need ways to decrease our emotional ups and downs in the game of business, because we need to have second lives and third lives and fourth lives."

The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding methods to maintain emotional equilibrium in the unpredictable environment of business, which allows for adaptation and reinvention over time.

The Power of Consistent Content Creation

  • Producing a large volume of content consistently over time can significantly increase one's following.
  • The speaker has achieved a milestone with their podcast, underscoring the value of persistence.
  • The goal should be the process of creation, not the pursuit of a particular outcome.

"Right now, we just crossed our 400th episode. Like, if I did one a week for a year, that would be eight years of doing that."

This quote demonstrates the speaker's achievement through consistent content creation, serving as evidence of the effectiveness of dedication and persistence in building a following.

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