How You Get The Girl (Taylor's Version)

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In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast hosted by Nick Adams, Anna Zabo, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G, the crew enthusiastically breaks down "How You Get The Girl" from Taylor's album "1989." They discuss the song's co-writers, Taylor Swift, Max Martin, and Shellback, and the significance of the track in the context of Swift's discography. The hosts also promote their upcoming "Swifties in the Park" event on April 27th, which will feature a live recording, games, giveaways, and a Swifty Market. They touch on the fun of Swiftie gatherings, the podcast's third anniversary, and the anticipation of Taylor Swift's new album. The episode includes discussions on the song's narrative of winning back lost love, Taylor's storytelling techniques, and their personal experiences with relationships, breakups, and reconciliations. They also engage with fan voicemails, addressing topics from Swift's concert snacks to fan-proposed nicknames for the hosts.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13" Podcast

  • The podcast "13" is dedicated to Taylor Swift, exploring her music, Easter eggs, eras, and fan theories.
  • Hosted by four avid Taylor Swift fans: Nick Adams, Anna Zabo, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.

"Welcome to 13, a Taylor Swift fan podcast."

The quote introduces the podcast and its focus on Taylor Swift-related content.

Episode Focus: "How You Get the Girl"

  • Discussion centers around track number 10 from "1989 Taylor's Version."
  • The song is co-written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin, and Shellback.

"Today we're going to break down track number 10 on 1989 Taylor's version, we're talking about 'How You Get the Girl' written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin, and Shellback."

This quote sets the stage for the episode's main topic, which is the analysis of "How You Get the Girl."

Upcoming Event: Swifties in the Park

  • The hosts are organizing an event called "Swifties in the Park" on April 27th at Grandscape in The Colony.
  • The event features a live podcast recording, games, giveaways, and a Swifty Market for fan businesses.
  • Celebrates the podcast's three-year anniversary and the release of "The Tortured Poets" department.
  • Attendees are encouraged to bring friends, family, blankets, and lawn chairs.

"Yes, it's a big event that we're doing, it's coming up towards the end of April, April 27th at Grandscape in The Colony... and it's going to be a blast."

The quote provides details about the upcoming event, highlighting its community-focused and celebratory nature.

Community Engagement and Swiftie Culture

  • The podcast has a strong community of listeners who attend events solo or in groups.
  • Listeners travel from various locations and often form friendships or business partnerships at these events.
  • The podcast has facilitated connections within the Taylor Swift fan community.

"It's just really cool how you can meet someone and you never know what's going to happen."

This quote emphasizes the community-building aspect of the podcast and its events, fostering relationships among fans.

Event Logistics and Venue

  • Grandscape venue features a lawn area with a stage, surrounded by restaurants and bars.
  • Food and drinks will be available at the event, with no vendor fees for participating businesses.

"So the... we've been getting asked a lot if there's going to be food and drink there, yes there are going to be like a bunch of restaurants there."

The quote addresses logistical questions about the event, ensuring attendees that there will be food and drink options available.

"How You Get the Girl" Analysis

  • The song is a pop hit co-written with Max Martin and Shellback, who are known for working with various artists across genres.
  • The hosts express a desire for a documentary on Max Martin due to his significant contributions to pop music.

"It's almost like you haven't made it in pop unless you work with Max Martin."

This quote highlights the prestige and influence of Max Martin in the pop music industry, especially in relation to Taylor Swift's work.

Song Inspiration and Taylor Swift's Commentary

  • "How You Get the Girl" is considered a tutorial for repairing a relationship after a breakup.
  • Taylor Swift has described the song as a step-by-step guide to winning someone back after a period of absence.
  • The song was performed live as a surprise during the ARS tour, possibly as an ode to Travis Kel's successful relationship.

"How you get the girl is a song that I wrote about how you get the girl back if you ruined the relationship somehow and she won't talk to you anymore... it's kind of a tutorial."

This quote from Taylor Swift explains the song's narrative as an instructional piece on mending a broken relationship.

Personal Experiences and Relationships

  • The hosts share personal stories related to the theme of the song, including experiences with exes returning after a breakup.
  • Nick Adams shares his own love story, detailing the on-and-off relationship with his now-wife during their college years.

"But for me, there was no begging comeback something went wrong in the relationship like what it's talking about in this song nothing really went wrong, it was just things are just falling into place."

Nick's quote provides a personal perspective that contrasts with the song's narrative, showing that not all relationships follow the same pattern.

Relationship Dynamics

  • Nick Adams and his partner chose not to date earlier in their relationship to avoid jealousy and the stress of constantly checking on each other.
  • They loved each other but prioritized personal freedom and growth.
  • Later, they got back together and now only celebrate their wedding anniversary, not dating anniversaries.
  • Nick jokes with his parents about whether to include the years of their divorce in their anniversary count.
  • Nick's parents divorced and remarried each other after four years.
  • The group discusses the complexities of family dynamics when parents divorce and remarry, sometimes multiple times.

"We just wanted to do our own thing I didn't want to go out at night and worry what she was doing she didn't want to be hanging out with her friends and see a picture of me with another girl and start getting jealous."

This quote explains Nick's reasoning for not dating his partner earlier, highlighting the desire for independence and avoiding jealousy.

"We knew we still loved each other and cared about each other. But if it's supposed to work out later and it works out then it will."

Nick describes the mutual understanding between him and his partner that they cared for each other despite not dating, leaving the future of their relationship open to possibility.

"No we've been together one year I don't really know what we celebrate we just kind of celebrate our wedding anniversary."

Nick clarifies that he and his partner do not celebrate dating anniversaries anymore, focusing on their wedding anniversary instead.

"My parents got divorced and then remarried each other four years later."

Nick shares his parents' experience of divorcing and then remarrying, which is a point of humor within his family.

Family Divorce and Remarriage Experiences

  • Amy Nichols mentions that her parents have divorced and remarried each other three times.
  • Lacy G shares that her parents divorced and remarried each other twice, and her mother is now married to someone Lacy considers her dad.
  • Lacy also recounts a personal story about her mother's reaction to her own divorce.
  • The group discusses how divorce and remarriage within families can create complex and sometimes humorous situations.

"Amy's parents have married and divorced each other three times."

Amy's family history is highlighted, indicating a pattern of repeated divorce and remarriage between her parents.

"My parents um divorced and remarried each other twice my mom had two different wedding dresses."

Lacy shares details about her parents' divorces and remarriages, including the anecdote about her mother's wedding dresses.

"When I told my mom I was getting divorced she told me that divorce was a sin and I had to remind her that you've been divorced three times mom."

Lacy recounts a conversation with her mother, revealing the irony of her mother's view on divorce given her own history.

Interpretation of Lyrics and Phrases

  • The group analyzes Taylor Swift's lyrics and their meanings.
  • They discuss the difficulty of understanding certain phrases in songs, such as "come in with the rain."
  • The conversation touches on various idioms and sayings that are confusing or have unclear origins.
  • They explore the theme of love and apology in Taylor Swift's music.

"Stand there like a ghost shaking come the rain. She'll open up the door and say are you insane?"

This quote from Taylor Swift's lyrics is dissected by the group, discussing the emotional impact and imagery.

"I don't understand the reference I don't it's a phrase right come in with the rain."

The group admits to not understanding the meaning behind the phrase "come in with the rain," indicating the ambiguity of certain lyrics.

"That's for the birds my mom would say that a lot that's like when you say something it's like that's stupid that's dumb."

The group discusses common phrases and their meanings, sharing personal experiences with idiomatic expressions.

Relationship Advice Through Song

  • The group reflects on the advice given in Taylor Swift's songs about relationships and apologies.
  • They discuss the direct and figurative language used in the lyrics and how it can be interpreted as relationship guidance.
  • The conversation includes speculation about celebrities using Taylor Swift's lyrics in their own relationships.

"I want you for worse or for better I would wait forever and ever broke your heart I'll put it back together."

This quote from Taylor Swift's lyrics is analyzed as a form of commitment and taking responsibility in a relationship, likened to wedding vows.

"If Travis Kelce quotes Taylor Swift lyrics to Taylor Swift... wouldn't you melt or would you think that she thinks that's like silly."

The group humorously imagines a scenario where a celebrity uses Taylor Swift's lyrics in a romantic context, discussing the potential reactions.

"If he quoted Taylor Swift to me to win an argument he would win the argument just out of the sole fact that he quoted Taylor Swift."

The group talks about the power of using meaningful quotes, such as Taylor Swift's lyrics, to resolve conflicts or win arguments in relationships.

Recognition of Anna's Influence on a Man

  • Anna is praised for changing a man, making him better.
  • The group celebrates her achievement with applause.
  • The conversation suggests that changing a man for the better is a notable accomplishment.

"Anna you did it. you're one of the few women who have changed a man congratulations congratulations you did it than you you deserve a round of applause. thank you thank you so much made him a better man."

The quote is a congratulatory message to Anna for positively influencing a man's behavior, which is acknowledged as a significant feat.

Taylor Swift's Lyrics and Relationship Advice

  • Taylor Swift's song lyrics are discussed as a blueprint for rekindling a relationship.
  • The group analyzes the advice given in the lyrics, such as taking responsibility for faults and reminding of good times.
  • The lyrics' mention of "pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks" is highlighted as a favorite detail.

"and that's how it works that's how you get the girl and that's how it works that's how you get the girl. and she continues by saying remind her how it used to be yeah with pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks."

This quote summarizes the essence of Taylor Swift's advice on how to win back a romantic partner by referencing shared memories and affection.

Preferences in Affectionate Gestures

  • The group discusses personal preferences for receiving kisses on the cheek.
  • They talk about the physical dynamics of affection, such as height differences, and how it affects the cuteness of photos.

"I think it's cuter when like Ryan's kissing me on the cheek versus me kissing him on the cheek mostly because he's taller than I am so then it like elongates my neck."

The quote reflects on the personal preference for how affection is displayed in photographs, influenced by physical attributes like height.

Admitting Fault in Relationships

  • The importance of admitting fault in a breakup is emphasized.
  • The group agrees that understanding the reason for a breakup is crucial for closure.
  • Taylor Swift's lyrics about admitting fault even if it wasn't one's own are highlighted as meaningful.

"tell her how you must have lost your mind admit that it was your fault men seriously admit it was your fault even if it wasn't."

The quote underscores the significance of taking responsibility for the end of a relationship as a step towards reconciliation.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting Techniques

  • Taylor Swift's tendency to switch up lyrics in her songs is discussed.
  • The group talks about the challenge of remembering the lyrics due to these changes.

"classic Taylor with the lyrics switch up right the progression we she's done it in so many she does it all the time."

The quote points out Taylor Swift's songwriting style, where she often changes lyrics throughout her songs, creating a challenge for listeners to remember.

Mispronunciation and Learning New Words

  • The group jokes about the pronunciation of "thesaurus."
  • Anna talks about her effort to learn new words daily through a TikTok series.

"I like it better thesaurus what I thought it was like a dinosaur."

The quote captures a humorous moment where the group discusses the correct pronunciation of "thesaurus," comparing it to the sound of "dinosaur."

Taylor Swift's Lyrics on Mending Relationships

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics are seen as a guide for fixing broken relationships.
  • The group discusses a TikTok dance inspired by the song "How You Get the Girl" and considers learning it.

"so Taylor's going to go back in and explain more about how to fix this relationship she's going to tell you again."

The quote reflects on Taylor Swift's lyrics as a step-by-step guide to repairing a relationship and the impact these lyrics have on fans, including inspiring dance routines.

Trust and Second Chances in Relationships

  • The group debates the difficulty of trusting someone who has broken your heart.
  • They discuss the possibility of rekindling a relationship after a breakup, citing examples like their parents who divorced and remarried.

"but broke your heart. I'll put it back together you would really have to trust someone one to go back to someone who broke your heart."

The quote highlights the challenge of rebuilding trust with someone who has previously caused heartbreak, yet acknowledges the potential for reconciliation.

When to Make a Romantic Gesture

  • The timing of romantic gestures, such as showing up at someone's door, is discussed.
  • The group agrees that showing up in the rain is the ideal moment for such gestures.
  • The potential consequences of romantic gestures, like restraining orders, are humorously mentioned.

"how do you know when it's the right time to show up at her door in the rain. yes good answer Amy good answer that's the only answer."

The quote discusses the romanticized idea of the perfect moment for a grand gesture, agreeing that the rain sets the right mood.

Reflections on Personal Love Experiences

  • The group shares personal feelings of not being sought after romantically.
  • They joke about Lacy living in the desert, where the lack of rain means no romantic gestures at her door.
  • A discussion ensues about handling unwanted advances from an ex.

"I'm just constantly reminded that no one wants me like after after this discussion I mean no one showing up at my house in the rain or ever telling me that they want me for worse or for better."

The quote expresses a feeling of being undesired, using humor to cope with the lack of romantic attention.

Mutual Effort in Relationships

  • The necessity of both parties wanting and trying to make a relationship work is emphasized.
  • The group acknowledges that it takes effort from both individuals to salvage a relationship or marriage.

"but they also both need to try yes say it again for the people in the back."

This quote underlines the consensus that both individuals in a relationship must actively work towards its success.

Taylor Swift's Song and The Little Mermaid

  • A comparison is made between the song "How You Get the Girl" and "The Little Mermaid."
  • The group discusses the importance of maintaining one's voice and self-advocacy in a relationship.
  • A personal story about Lacy's birthday celebration with an Ariel impersonator is shared.

"does this does how you get the girl remind anybody of The Little Mermaid H I don't know. why but it remind it remind like the it just maybe it's because that's you kiss the girl maybe is in a Little Mermaid."

The quote draws a parallel between Taylor Swift's song and the Disney movie, suggesting that there is a similar romantic vibe in both.

Fan Engagement

  • Fans are actively engaging with the hosts through voicemails, expressing their appreciation and sharing their thoughts.
  • The hosts appreciate the fan interaction and use it to fuel their discussions.
  • Fans are also suggesting nicknames for the hosts, adding a playful element to the community.

"we've gotten a lot of phone calls about you Mr Handsome" "Chase is Right Chase is Right where's the love Taylor where's the love"

The quotes express the fans' enthusiasm for the host, Nick Adams, and their playful interaction with the content of the podcast, including a joke about Taylor Swift.

Musical Talent and Recognition

  • Nick Adams is praised by a fan named Chase for his cover of "Tortured Poets," implying that Taylor Swift should take inspiration from him.
  • The hosts discuss the lack of recognition from Taylor Swift and joke about it.

"Nick your tortured poets cover was absolutely amazing." "it's just really sad that Taylor's not giving you guys the recognition that you know y'all deserve"

The quotes highlight a fan's admiration for Nick's musical cover and a humorous take on not receiving acknowledgment from the artist that inspired the cover.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

  • Fans enjoy behind-the-scenes videos and photos from the podcast team.
  • Anna Zabo is mentioned as taking photos, Lacy G provides commentary, and there's a mention of a wig being involved in a photoshoot.
  • The hosts release such content weekly, engaging fans with their creative process.

"I love the behind the scenes videos the pictures are really great." "for Lacy and Eyes photos there was a wig involved"

These quotes reflect the fan's enjoyment of additional content that provides insight into the podcast team's activities and interactions.

Respect and Admiration

  • There's a clear mutual respect among the hosts and their significant others.
  • Lacy G clarifies that her playful comments towards Nick are not serious and expresses admiration for his wife.

"Nick I adore and respect your wife that's just a joke that I hit on you I just think you're a beautiful human."

The quote shows Lacy's respect for Nick's personal life while also complimenting him, ensuring that her comments are taken in the spirit of camaraderie.

Creative Nicknames

  • The hosts engage in giving each other playful nicknames inspired by the "Bad Blood" music video.
  • Nick's nickname is debated, with suggestions like "dookie Hower" and "doie," while other hosts receive names like "Striker" and "Clown Zilla."

"the name that we gave you was doie" "Lacy was clown Zilla which is great perfect"

These quotes illustrate the creative and light-hearted process of assigning nicknames within the podcast team, enhancing their group dynamic.

Community and Representation

  • Nick Adams is appreciated by a fan named Ricky for representing middle-aged straight male fans of Taylor Swift.
  • The hosts discuss the importance of diverse representation within their fan community.

"as a middle-aged straight male Swifty there's not many of us out there so I love hearing your viewpoints and knowing I'm not alone out there."

The quote emphasizes the significance of having a host like Nick who provides a perspective that resonates with a particular segment of the podcast's audience.

Taylor Swift's Concert Stamina

  • A fan named Kirsten from Tulsa raises a question about Taylor Swift's stamina during her three-and-a-half-hour-long concerts, wondering if she eats snacks during breaks.
  • The hosts speculate on the types of snacks that would be practical and discuss the importance of Taylor's nutrition on show days.

"I would need a snack I think Taylor might eat a snack so does she get snacks in between like while she's like changing and stuff like that is she horing down something too and if she is what's your snack of choice"

The quote captures a fan's curiosity about the practicalities of performing long concerts and opens a discussion on the logistics of an artist's diet and health during shows.

Event Promotion and Business Support

  • The hosts promote their upcoming event and encourage local businesses to participate.
  • They express enthusiasm for meeting fans and supporting the community around Taylor Swift.

"you can find our number in the description of this podcast along with a link to our website the 13p podcast.. net where you can get tickets to our events and you can also apply to be a vend we would love to amplify your business and highlight you and have people come support you"

This quote serves as an invitation for fans to engage with the podcast's event and highlights the hosts' commitment to fostering a sense of community and support for businesses among their listeners.

Song Analysis Preparation

  • The hosts discuss their preparation for analyzing Taylor Swift's songs, revealing a mix-up in their schedule.
  • They express their dedication to providing thoughtful and well-researched discussions on Swift's music.

"has anyone prepared for this love yet anybody in the room I did last week and then um Amy very thoughtfully sent a text today and said just to double check we are doing how to get the girl."

The quote demonstrates the hosts' collaborative approach to preparing content for the podcast and their commitment to delivering quality analysis to their audience.

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