How To Fan The Flame of Explosive Growth in Your Business Ep 84

Summary Notes


Speaker A, while discussing the remarkable growth of their company, Gym Launch, from zero to over $30 million in revenue in under 24 months, attributes their success to consistent execution and a strong belief in their mission to save gyms from a predatory marketplace. By fostering a culture that prioritizes this mission over internal competition, Speaker A emphasizes the importance of focus and the power of a collective drive to solve a larger problem. They also highlight the significance of communication and alignment with the company's vision, as well as the willingness to experiment and learn from failures. Speaker B briefly interjects to encourage listener engagement on LinkedIn.

Summary Notes

Company Beta Testing Strategies

  • The company conducts beta tests with 15 gyms in representative markets before rolling out new marketing, sales, or other executions.
  • They test various aspects of the business to improve metrics like show-up rates, page conversion, and sales percentages.
  • Different scripts and strategies are trialed in these beta tests.
  • At any given time, there are multiple beta tests running simultaneously.

"So if you don't know, what we do as a company is, you know, behind the scenes before we roll out any new execution or play marketing sales. Otherwise, we'll test it out with 15 or so gyms and 15 representative markets."

This quote explains the company's approach to testing new strategies by conducting beta tests with a select number of gyms across different markets before full implementation.

Explosive Growth and Execution

  • The company has experienced significant growth, going from zero to over 30 million in revenue in 24 months.
  • They attribute this success to consistent, high-level execution.
  • The company would rank number one on the Inc. 500 list, based on their growth rate, if they maintain it for another year.

"Now, what I wanted to talk about today when I said the secret to our explosive growth, and for those of you who don't know, I think we're almost at 24 months. Yeah, something like that. Anyways, we've gone from zero to 30 plus million, which if you look at like the inc. 500, we would be number one."

This quote highlights the company's rapid growth and the importance of consistent execution in achieving such a milestone.

Internal Competitions to Drive Performance

  • An internal competition led to a significant increase in sales numbers during the event.
  • However, after the competition ended, daily sales dropped by more than half.
  • This observation led to the realization of the importance of maintaining consistently high levels of execution every day.

"I ran a competition internally, and during that competition, everyone crushed their numbers for sales. And then what's happened is that just in the last three days or four days since the competition has ended, the daily sales have cut in more than half as a group collectively."

The quote describes the impact of internal competition on sales performance and the challenge of sustaining high performance after such events.

The Power of Focus

  • Focus is identified as a key driver in improving sales and overall performance.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus without the need for ongoing internal competition.
  • The challenge is to find ways to achieve consistent focus month after month.

"It's one of those things that drives teams forward. Right. And why does it do that? Because of focus. Right. It gets everyone to focus on one thing, which is why I talk about focus all the time, because it's so powerful. If you can double your sales by changing nothing except for focusing, it's pretty powerful."

This quote discusses the importance of focus as a mechanism to drive team performance and the remarkable impact it can have on sales.

Mission to Save Gyms

  • Gym launch team believes they are on a mission to save gyms from a marketplace that is not capable or willing to help.
  • The team perceives the rest of the marketplace as lacking either the resources or the desire to genuinely assist gyms.
  • The unique growth of the gym launch team is attributed to their commitment and capabilities, which they believe are unmatched by competitors.

"Everyone on the gym launch team genuinely believes that we are on a mission to save gyms and that the rest of the marketplace is not equipped or does not have the intention of doing the same thing."

This quote emphasizes the team's belief in their unique mission and their perception of the marketplace as ineffective in supporting gyms.

Culture's Primacy Over Strategy

  • The internal belief is that culture consistently trumps strategy in importance.
  • The effectiveness of a business model is dependent on the team's drive and focus.
  • Sustaining motivation through a sense of mission is crucial, as routine competitions may lose their effectiveness over time.
  • Problem-focused drive is seen as a sustainable source of motivation.

"So Leila talks about this all the time, internally, is that culture trumps strategy every single time."

Leila, a figure of authority within the organization, frequently reinforces the idea that organizational culture is more influential than strategic planning.

Eliciting Team Drive and Focus

  • The speaker questions whether the team is doing everything possible to assist their clients.
  • The importance of communicating with the team and ensuring they have conviction in their mission is highlighted.
  • A call to action for self-reflection and genuine inquiry within the team regarding their commitment to the mission.

"And so the question is, how much effort are you putting into the culture if that's what's going to trump your strategy?"

This quote prompts listeners to consider the amount of effort they are investing in cultivating their team's culture, which is deemed more critical than strategy for success.

Engagement with the Audience

  • Speaker B takes a break to encourage listeners to connect on LinkedIn.
  • The intention is to grow the community and engage with listeners by accepting connection requests and acknowledging those who mention the show.
  • Speaker B also encourages listeners to suggest connections that would be valuable for the network.

"Hey, mozanation, quick break. Just to let you know that we've been starting to post on LinkedIn and want to connect with you."

Speaker B uses the break to invite the audience to engage with the team on LinkedIn, fostering a sense of community and interaction beyond the podcast.

Vision Communication

  • It's essential not to get lost in day-to-day operations and to maintain focus on the broader vision.
  • Voicing the vision is crucial to keep the team aligned and motivated.

"And sometimes we can get lost in the day to day, which is why it's incredibly important to voice the vision of where you're tr"

This incomplete quote suggests the importance of consistently communicating the long-term vision to prevent the team from becoming preoccupied with immediate tasks at the expense of overarching goals.

Vision Communication and Team Meetings

  • Emphasis on regular communication of the company's vision to the entire team.
  • Monthly meetings are held to restate the vision and onboard new team members.
  • Vision is reiterated daily and weekly in smaller portions to maintain focus.
  • New team members are introduced to the company's core purpose right from the start.

We definitely do it monthly because we have our monthly meetings where I have the whole team and I kind of go over to kind of restate the vision because obviously we always have new people that are on board every month.

This quote highlights the importance of regular, structured communication within the company to ensure all team members, especially new ones, understand and align with the company's vision.

The Power of 'Why' and Team Motivation

  • Discusses the motivational power of understanding the 'why' behind actions, referencing Simon Sinek's concept.
  • Competing against the problem rather than each other or external competitors is emphasized.
  • The speaker positions the company as the market leader and shifts focus to solving industry problems.
  • Authenticity in solving problems is crucial for team belief and consistent focus.

Simon's next talks about the power of why, and this is it. Because what it does is it unlocks that same drive that competition does.

The quote references Simon Sinek's philosophy on the importance of understanding the 'why' behind what we do, suggesting it's a powerful motivator akin to competitive drive.

Competing Against the Problem

  • The speaker advocates for focusing on competing against problems rather than other companies.
  • Identifies the company as the dominant player in the market, yet stresses the ongoing challenges.
  • Encourages the team to measure success by the impact on the problem and market penetration.
  • Authenticity in the mission is crucial for team alignment and effectiveness.

But instead of competing against each other or thinking about your actual competition, which is totally a dumb idea, you think about competing against the problem, right?

This quote emphasizes the strategic focus on solving problems over direct competition with other companies, suggesting that it is a more meaningful and effective approach.

Aligning Actions with Words

  • Stresses the importance of leaders walking the talk to maintain credibility with the team.
  • Consistency between what is said and done by leadership is key to gaining team trust.
  • The team's belief in the mission is contingent upon the leader's authenticity and actions.

But if they see how you walk, your walk isn't like how you talk, then they're not going to believe you, right?

The quote underlines the necessity for leaders to act in accordance with their words, as inconsistencies can lead to a loss of trust and belief among team members.

Results and Competitive Drive

  • The speaker reflects on the competitive drive observed during a beta test with gyms.
  • Notable financial results achieved by participating gyms using the company's strategies.
  • Daily monitoring of sales is part of the company's approach to measuring success.

The average gym added twelve and a half thousand using this one play in 30 days to their gym's revenue recurring.

This quote provides a specific example of the tangible results achieved through the company's strategies, illustrating the effectiveness of their approach and the competitive drive it fosters.

Harnessing Success and Competing Against Problems

  • Success is likened to "bottling lightning," which requires a focus on solving problems rather than competing against peers.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of collaboration and problem-solving within the gym industry.
  • The speaker's personal experience as a gym owner who has faced hardships is leveraged to empathize with and solve issues for other gym owners.

You bottle that by competing against the problem but not each other.

This quote highlights the speaker's philosophy that success comes from tackling problems collectively rather than engaging in competition with one another. It underscores the importance of a collaborative approach to overcoming industry challenges.

Gym Ownership and Personal Struggles

  • The speaker has firsthand experience with the difficulties of gym ownership, including sleeping on the gym floor for an extended period.
  • These personal struggles have motivated the speaker to help others avoid similar hardships.
  • The speaker's experience is used as a driving force behind the company's mission to solve problems in the gym industry.

I slept on the floor for the first nine months in my gym.

This quote serves as a testament to the speaker's credibility and commitment to the gym industry, having endured significant personal hardship in the early stages of gym ownership.

Utilizing Power and Resources for Positive Change

  • The speaker acknowledges the possession of power and resources, which they view positively and as tools for enacting change.
  • The company aims to use its financial and network resources to tackle issues that individual gym owners cannot.
  • The speaker feels a sense of responsibility to the industry that has supported their growth.

We have a position of power. We have resources, both network wise and then also financial that we can spend, that no gym owner can spend in order to solve problems that no one has been able to solve yet.

This quote emphasizes the unique position the speaker's company is in, with the ability to invest in solutions that go beyond the reach of individual gym owners, thereby addressing larger systemic problems within the industry.

The Nature of Experimentation and Embracing Failure

  • The speaker believes in the necessity of experimentation, even if it results in failure, as a means to achieve breakthroughs.
  • They cite Jeff Bezos's perspective on experimentation, where the lack of guaranteed success is what defines a true experiment.
  • The company culture is one that accepts and learns from failure, with the understanding that occasional big successes can be transformative.

But nine out of ten times, you're not going to hit a home run if you go against conventional wisdom, because conventional wisdom is usually right, but one out of ten times, if we can hit a home run, that's worth 1000 runs, then it's big.

This quote conveys the speaker's acceptance of failure as a part of the process towards innovation, with the belief that the rare but significant successes justify the risks taken in challenging conventional wisdom.

Company Drive and Mission

  • The company's mission is driven by a genuine desire to solve problems within the gym industry.
  • The speaker acknowledges that not all experiments and beta tests lead to success, but the goal is to tackle massive problems.
  • The speaker expresses gratitude towards the industry and a commitment to giving back.

That is our genuine drive and that's our goal and that's what we're trying to do.

This quote succinctly encapsulates the company's core mission, which is rooted in a sincere effort to address and resolve issues faced by gym owners and the industry at large.

Community Engagement and Vision Sharing

  • The speaker appreciates the community's engagement, with people joining early in the morning to connect.
  • The speaker encourages open communication with teams about the underlying purpose of their efforts.
  • There is a sense of excitement about future developments and a call to action for others to understand and share in the vision.

Talk to your teams, tell them why you're actually doing this.

This quote urges the importance of transparency and motivation in team dynamics, emphasizing the need for all members to be aligned with the company's vision and purpose.

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