everything you NEED to know about 1989 taylor's version 🩵 from the vault + collab predictions!

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Zach, the self-proclaimed swiftologist, excitedly discusses the impending release of Taylor Swift's "1989 (Taylor's Version)" on his birthday, expressing his deep connection to the original album. He critiques the new album's branding and font choices, comparing them unfavorably to the original, but praises the color scheme and anticipates the vinyl and CD editions, despite questioning the sustainability of multiple editions. Zach speculates on the inclusion of unreleased "Vault" tracks, which he expects to be chart-toppers, and reflects on the significance of Swift's re-recording project as a whole. He ponders the potential for new collaborations, particularly with Katy Perry, and the strategic release of other re-recorded albums. Throughout, he emphasizes the cultural and personal impact of Swift's work and the innovative nature of her revisiting past albums.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Zach's Channel and Personal Connection to Taylor Swift

  • Zach, self-proclaimed swiftologist, runs a channel dedicated to Taylor Swift.
  • The channel includes reviews, discussions, and reactions related to Taylor Swift's work.
  • Zach has a personal connection to the album "1989," associating it with his move to New York and transition from adolescence to adulthood.
  • "1989 Taylor's Version" holds special nostalgic value for him.

"Welcome to my Channel or welcome back to my channel my name is Zach I am the swiftologist and I'm coming back at you this week with an emergency midweek video...1989 Taylor's version is coming...this record and this era is so special to me it has such fond nostalgic warm memories and I'm so excited to relive it all again."

Zach expresses his excitement about the re-release of "1989 Taylor's Version" and shares his emotional attachment to the original album.

Announcement of "1989 Taylor's Version"

  • "1989 Taylor's Version" is anticipated to be released on Zach's birthday, which he refers to as his golden birthday.
  • Taylor Swift is known for creating a spectacle around her announcements, which Zach appreciates.
  • He views "1989" as a pivotal album in Taylor Swift's career that marked her transition to pop music.
  • Zach hints at industry pressures and decisions, mentioning Scott Borchetta by name.

"1989 Taylor's version is coming when is it coming on my birthday it's my golden birthday and Taylor Swift is re-releasing the album that you know really saw me from adolescence into adulthood...this is one of Taylor's you know most successful albums of all time a career shifting highlight something that really pushed her forward in a direction that I think she might have been hesitant or scared to have gone in years before maybe label executive it's flops like Scott marshetta might have encouraged her not to go full pop."

Zach announces the release date of "1989 Taylor's Version" and reflects on its significance in Taylor Swift's career, mentioning the influence of label executive Scott Borchetta.

Album Artwork and Merchandise Critique

  • Zach shares his thoughts on the album cover and artwork, praising it as beautiful and magical.
  • He discusses the "Vault tracks" that might be included in the re-release.
  • The album artwork and branding for "1989 Taylor's Version" receive mixed reviews from Zach.
  • He criticizes the font choice, comparing it to a child's handwriting and a font from Microsoft Word.
  • Zach appreciates the color scheme but has reservations about the sustainability of producing multiple CD editions with Polaroids.

"I want to talk about my thoughts on the album cover the album artwork spoiler alert I think it's beautiful gorgeous magical never been done before...I don't love the typeface that would be my kind of main critique...do we need five editions of the CD do we need five Polaroids with each CD does that seem sustainable does that seem waste conscious."

Zach compliments the album artwork but criticizes the font choice and questions the environmental impact of producing multiple CD editions with Polaroids.

Analysis of Taylor Swift's Marketing and Branding Strategy

  • The re-recording project is seen as more than just duplicating the original master recordings.
  • Zach perceives a strategy to sell as many copies as possible, akin to the original release's marketing.
  • He notes the potential for chart-topping success with the re-recorded tracks.
  • Zach discusses the promotional materials and wonders if Taylor Swift is aiming for an exact replica of the original era.

"this re-recordings project has turned into so much more than just a duplication of an original Master recording...it's screaming I want to sell as many copies of this album as possible which to be fair is very true to the history and the lore of 1989."

Zach interprets the re-recording project as part of a larger marketing strategy to maximize album sales and continue the legacy of "1989."

Reflections on Taylor Swift's Evolution and Era Symbolism

  • Zach contemplates the symbolism behind Taylor Swift's re-recording of "1989" and its timing.
  • He reflects on the significance of the seagull and sky motif, which ties back to the original album's era.
  • The updated album cover is seen as a tribute to the original while also signaling a new phase in Taylor Swift's career.
  • Zach connects the themes of the "1989" era to Taylor Swift's recent experiences and the concept of empowerment.

"the seagull and Sky Motif is something that we saw in the sweater that she wore on the cover for 1989...it's all giving very much like I am having the time of my life having a single hot girl summer which is pretty much exactly. I think the era that she just went through so it is so funny that that we're returning to this aesthetic and this Vibe and this message of being a girl boss of living in a big old city of taking our broken hearts and putting them in a drawer."

Zach analyzes the thematic elements of the album cover and connects them to both the past and present narratives of Taylor Swift's life and career.

Re-Recording Covers Ranking

  • Zach ranks the covers of Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, with "Speak Now" as his favorite despite mixed reception.
  • "1989" is ranked second, "Red" third, and "Fearless" fourth, with "Fearless" being the least effort due to extenuating circumstances.
  • The "Red" cover is praised for its quality, while the "Fearless" cover's color scheme is criticized.

"I would probably rank Speak Now at number one, 1989 at number two, Red number three, and Fearless at number four."

Zach expresses his personal ranking of the re-recorded album covers, highlighting his preference for the "Speak Now" cover and his least favorite, the "Fearless" cover.

Visual Aspects of the 1989 Re-Recording

  • Zach admires the visual reconstruction of the "1989" album cover, finding it modern, refreshed, and celebratory.
  • He plans to display the new "1989" print alongside his signed "Melodrama" copy, indicating the aesthetic appeal of the cover.
  • The original "1989" cover was provocative and perplexing at its release, with Taylor Swift's face partially obscured.

"I think that we're dealing with a pretty good reconstruction of these original materials as far as it goes visually."

Zach appreciates the visual aspect of the "1989" re-recording cover, considering it a successful reconstruction of the original.

The Significance of 1989 in the Re-Recordings Project

  • "1989" comes at a midpoint in the re-recording project, with its release having a significant impact.
  • The success of the re-recordings has grown, especially with the Eras Tour serving as a marketing tool.
  • Taylor Swift's announcement about the "1989" re-recording was filled with excitement, especially for the vault tracks.

"I think that we are pretty much solidly halfway through the project right now and the success of the re-recordings has like only become more and more mammoth."

Zach discusses the timing and growing success of the re-recording project, with "1989" representing a pivotal moment.

Vault Tracks Anticipation

  • Zach is intrigued by Taylor Swift's claim that the unreleased vault tracks from "1989" are some of her best work.
  • He speculates that the vault tracks will be upbeat hits, reflecting a trend in Taylor's recent music.
  • The vault tracks are seen as a way to keep interest in the re-recorded albums alive and add new dimensions to past eras.

"She said that they were some of the best songs that she's ever done and she can't believe that they didn't come out."

Zach highlights Taylor Swift's enthusiasm for the unreleased vault tracks, suggesting they will be significant additions to the re-recorded "1989" album.

Taylor Swift's Career Retrospective through Re-Recordings

  • The re-recording project allows Taylor Swift to revisit her past eras, altering perceptions of her previous work.
  • It creates a unique "time space continuum" for Taylor, where she engages with her past selves in a contemporary context.
  • The project is unusual because it's a retrospective while her career is still thriving, typically seen in artists past their peak.

"It's really kind of interesting that we're excavating the halls of the Taylor Swift career and legacy while it's still going and while it's still building."

Zach reflects on the unique nature of the re-recording project, which serves as a career retrospective while Taylor Swift's career continues to grow.

Taylor Swift's Pop Stardom Reinvention

  • Taylor Swift's re-recordings and the Eras Tour have reinvigorated her career, solidifying her status as a pop icon.
  • Despite exploring indie and alternative music with albums like "Folklore" and "Evermore," Taylor has not abandoned pop.
  • The documentary "Miss Americana" showed Taylor's concerns about aging as a pop star, but her re-recorded works and tour success prove her continued relevance.

"She's not done with being a pop star. And I think she thought that she was or rather she thought people were done with her being a pop star."

Zach comments on Taylor Swift's career trajectory, acknowledging her concerns about longevity in pop music but noting her ongoing success and influence.

Taylor Swift's Popularity and Musical Appetite

  • Taylor Swift's continued popularity is evident in the reception of her upbeat, fun, and slightly risqué music.
  • The success of songs like "All of the Girls You Loved Before" indicates a strong audience appetite for her unreleased or lesser-known work.
  • The enthusiasm for Taylor Swift's "Vault" tracks suggests that previously unreleased songs can become new hits.

"I think that having this like gust of wind behind her and realizing that people are still interested in her being like this this big main pop girl has revitalized and put the wind in her sails."

This quote highlights the renewed interest in Taylor Swift's music and her role as a prominent pop artist, suggesting that her audience's enthusiasm has given her career a boost.

Re-Recordings and the Music Industry

  • Taylor Swift's re-recording project could change artist-fan interactions and the handling of discographies.
  • The project is seen as a way for artists to reclaim control over their work and engage with fans in a new way.
  • The re-recordings have the potential to introduce previously unheard songs to the public.

"I think that it's really interesting to see how this re-recordings project is continuing to kind of like snake eat itself and become something totally magnetic and something that I think is really going to change a lot of things about the ways in which artists interact with themselves and their fans and their discographies."

This quote suggests that Taylor Swift's approach to re-recording her music is innovative and could have a significant impact on the music industry and artist-fan relationships.

Speculation on Vault Tracks

  • There is speculation about which songs will be included in Taylor Swift's "Vault" for her re-recorded albums.
  • Known and rumored tracks from the 1989 Vault include a title track, a collaboration with Calvin Harris and Rihanna, and a song titled "Keep Going."
  • The nature of Swift's collaborations and the inclusion of certain tracks in the re-recorded albums are subjects of fan interest and debate.

"I think there are three known songs from the 1989 Vault recordings that we haven't heard but have been rumored to have been in circulation for a while."

This quote indicates that there is some knowledge about the potential contents of Taylor Swift's "Vault" tracks, specifically from the 1989 album era, which fans are eagerly anticipating.

The Emotional Tone of 1989

  • The album 1989 was noted for its focused and direct style, which some felt did not fully showcase Taylor Swift's emotional songwriting.
  • Fans and critics are curious about whether unreleased tracks from this era might offer a different emotional perspective.
  • There is a particular interest in whether the Vault tracks will include songs that reflect vulnerability or emotional depth.

"1989 was such a clear concise direct and focused album and it was written in such a way that it kind of neutered the emotional aspects of Taylor songwriting from a critical perspective."

This quote critiques the 1989 album for potentially downplaying the emotional depth that is characteristic of Taylor Swift's songwriting.

Production and Collaboration

  • Max Martin's involvement in the production of Taylor Swift's re-recorded tracks is uncertain and a point of interest.
  • Fans are hoping for the return of collaborators like Jack Antonoff to maintain the quality of the re-recorded tracks.
  • There is speculation about the reasons some tracks were excluded from the original albums and whether production or executive decisions played a role.

"I wonder if there is like a moodier element to this album I don't think so because I think she's really hinting at them being very kind of maximalist production numbers which begs the question is Max Martin gonna hop on the production of those Vault tracks at the very least."

This quote expresses curiosity about the potential mood of unreleased tracks and whether prominent producer Max Martin will be involved in their production.

Album Length and Deluxe Edition

  • The deluxe edition of 1989 Taylor's Version will include 21 songs, with 5 Vault tracks in addition to the original album's songs.
  • Fans are analyzing the details released about the album to anticipate its content and the nature of the unreleased songs.

"So it's 21 songs in total meaning the 5 volt tracks and the 16."

This quote confirms the number of songs that will be included in the deluxe edition of 1989 Taylor's Version, indicating the inclusion of five previously unreleased tracks.

Deluxe Edition of 1989 and Omission of Tracks

  • The deluxe edition of 1989 does not include "Sweeter Than Fiction" and the Kendrick Lamar remix of "Bad Blood."
  • Taylor Swift aims for conciseness and staying on brand with the original vision of the album.
  • The "vault tracks" are expected to be maximalist synth-pop perfection.
  • The omission of certain tracks suggests adherence to the album's original thesis statement.

songs on the deluxe edition of 1989 meaning that there is no Sweeter Than Fiction and there is no bad blood Kendrick Lamar remix which is interesting to me because I think that she's trying to go for her original thesis statement with this record which was to be as concise as straightforward and as on brand and on message as possible

The quote indicates that the deluxe edition of 1989 is curated to align with Taylor Swift's original vision for the album, focusing on a cohesive message and branding.

Misinformation about the Number of Songs Written for 1989

  • There is a common misconception that Taylor Swift wrote 150 songs for 1989, which lacks credible evidence from Taylor herself.
  • Taylor Swift's statement about writing hundreds of songs was a comparison to her previous album "Red," not a literal claim.
  • The number 150 is likely an exaggeration and not based on a direct quote from Swift.
  • Swift's process involved creating multiple voice memos for each song, not writing 150 separate songs.

including my other swifties on YouTube which is that 150 songs were in for 1989 there is no credible Source from Taylor herself that she actually said this

This quote clarifies that the claim of 150 songs written for 1989 is not substantiated by any direct statement from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting Process for 1989

  • Swift's songwriting process for 1989 involved creating numerous voice memos, often with several for each song.
  • The presence of multiple voice memos for parts of songs does not indicate that there were 150 unique songs.
  • The process was iterative and involved refining ideas rather than producing a vast number of different songs.

what she means again is not that there are a hundred different songs 100 separate voice memos of separate songs just that the way that she went about creating This Record was very much like wake up in the middle of the night make a little voice note bring it to the studio

The quote explains that the voice memos were part of Taylor Swift's creative process and not evidence of the existence of 150 different songs.

Potential Collaborations for Re-Recorded 1989

  • A collaboration with Katy Perry on a "Bad Blood" remix is highly anticipated, potentially including Perry writing her own verse.
  • A desire for a Harry Styles cameo in a "Style" music video, not as a singer but as a visual love interest.
  • Collaborations are seen as opportunities for full-circle moments and resolving past conflicts.

I would love to see a bad blood Katy Perry remix that's always has been my dream and my goal ever since I heard that the re-recordings project was happening

The quote expresses the speaker's hope for a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, which would symbolize the resolution of their past differences.

Impact of Strikes on Production

  • The ongoing writers and actors strikes could affect the production of music videos and other promotional content.
  • Taylor Swift may have to take on more roles, such as writing and directing, due to the strikes.
  • The strikes may limit traditional promotional avenues, such as late-night shows.

I do Wonder like how the writers strike and the actor strike is going to contribute to all of this creation though because I think that like Taylor definitely wouldn't want to cross any picket lines

This quote speculates on how industry strikes might impact Taylor Swift's ability to produce and promote her re-recorded album without crossing ethical boundaries.

Promotion Strategy for Re-Recorded 1989

  • Taylor Swift is expected to fully promote the re-recorded 1989 due to its significance in her career.
  • The album contains many of Swift's most recognizable hits.
  • Promotion may include heavy social media engagement and fan interaction, reminiscent of the original 1989 era.
  • Potential limitations on traditional media promotion due to strikes could lead to alternative strategies.

so I think she's going to give it everything she has I don't know she'll be on tour she might be in South America at this time. but you know the late night shows I believe aren't running as long as the strikes are going so there may not be any vehicle for her to promote it that way

The quote discusses the expected promotional efforts for the re-recorded 1989 and acknowledges potential challenges due to ongoing strikes.

Timeline for Future Re-Recordings

  • Speculation on the release order of re-recorded albums, with "Reputation" (rep) possibly coming next and "Debut" as the final re-recording.
  • The re-recordings are seen as a journey, with the process ending with a return to the beginning of Swift's career.

I think that rep will come next probably q1 of 2024 and I think we'll end the re-recordings process with debut just because it's like a full circle moment really returning you know back to the very beginning a very good place to start and end

This quote predicts the release schedule for Taylor Swift's remaining re-recorded albums, emphasizing the thematic full-circle moment of concluding with her debut album.

Audience Engagement and Patreon Content

  • The speaker engages with fans by answering questions from Twitter.
  • They express excitement about revisiting the album and react to the announcement.
  • Fans are encouraged to participate in discussions and access exclusive content through Patreon.

so I'm gonna answer some of your questions because since I have a little bit of time I ask for your questions on Twitter

The quote illustrates the speaker's interactive approach to engaging with their audience and discussing Taylor Swift's work.

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