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"Deciphr’s Professional tier is my secret weapon! As a boss + vlogger + influencer manager, I got nothing but tasks. But with Deciphr, it's like magic – reels, transcripts, show notes, quotes – all sorted! Editing on the fly? Yup, nailed it!  Media content, straight-up fire 🔥 Ready to slay the content game. Deciphr is my rockstar sidekick!"

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Pain Points Solved by Deciphr

Micro-Content Creation

Limited time to create engaging micro-content, like captioned reels that are ready to post.

Extracting Key Takeaways

Identifying and extracting key takeaways from vlog content can be a tedious task

Finding the Perfect Viral Moments

Finding compelling quotes from vlog episodes for social media promotion is such a hassle

With Deciphr, Payton can:
Experience up to a 70% uptick in engagement with repurposed content
See a 45% traffic uptick across platforms via multichannel approach
Spend more time networking with influencers, taking vlogging to the next level!
what’s included in professional
Writing Engine
(Deciphr AI 1.0)
Show Notes
Chapter Timestamps
SEO Article
Social Media Captions
Unlimitedupload length
Find & Replace
Audio clean-up
Auto speaker Identification
In-App Content Editor
5 GB Max FileUpload Size
Video Reels
AI Clip Finder
AI Face Tracking
Live Captions

Additional features included in the Professional plan are Encryption Security & Confidentiality, Batch File Export, .mp4 and .mp3 compatibility, Filler Word Removal (20 filler words and repeated words, In-App Audio Player, and 24HRS: Email + Account Manager

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How Payton Uses Deciphr


That unforgettable first when Deciphr kept finding and curating compelling quotes from my vlogs, making my social media posts sparkle and sizzle.


Unleashed my creativity, granting me the freedom to customize content, making each vlog stand out!


The Professional tier took the hassle out of creating eye-catching audiograms, allowing me to effortlessly promote my content.


An “oh-wow” moment: Swiftly posting content on-the-go with DAI's Professional tier, while I jet-setted to influencer meetups and events.

What Payton Creates From Deciphr


"As a business owner, you're doing so many things and if someone comes along and says, 'Here's, take a dollar a day, or take a couple of dollars a day and they do that for you in such an optimized manner' ,I would pay for that."
Value addition: And so that's where I think all these AI companies, if they are giving enough value and they have understood their pain points of the customers and they have done that thing, I think that will be immensely useful."
"If we're thinking about how do we actually build a tech, a tech startup that is defensible, even though everybody has access to the same API is around, how do we build on top of that API to ensure that the actual output that's created is personalized to the individual?"
"A lot of cars run on the same engine, they run on a lot of the same machinery. But there's a difference between a Ferrari and a Toyota. So just know the underlying stack is the same, doesn't mean that what you build on top of it, there can't be defensibility."


How AI Can Revolutionize Time Management: A Game-Changing Solution for Businesses

In today's fast-paced world, time has become a precious commodity. As business owners, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with multiple tasks and responsibilities, struggling to find enough hours in the day. But what if there was a way to optimize our time and find personalized solutions to our pain points? Enter artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we will explore the transformative impact of AI on time management, as discussed in a recent conversation between industry experts.

The Value of Time in AI Optimization

Time scarcity affects everyone, from individuals to businesses. AI has the potential to revolutionize time management by offering optimized solutions that alleviate the burden of mundane tasks. By leveraging AI technologies, businesses can delegate repetitive and time-consuming activities to automated systems, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks. Outsourcing these tasks to AI-powered systems not only saves time but also enhances productivity and efficiency.

Building Defensibility through Personalizationn

"If we're thinking about how to build a tech startup that is defensible, even though everybody has access to the same API, the key lies in creating personalized outputs that cater to the individual."

In a world where technology is accessible to all, building defensibility becomes crucial for tech startups. The key is to create personalized outputs that cater to the unique needs of individuals. By leveraging AI algorithms and data analytics, businesses can harness the power of personalization to differentiate themselves from competitors. This personal touch enhances customer experience, fosters brand loyalty, and builds trust.

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