Turn Your Voice Recordings into Episode Ideas with Deciphr AI.

Describe your concept in 60 seconds, and let our Deciphr generate comprehensive episode plans and ideas for you.

What's in it for you...

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Never Run
Out of Ideas

Keep your podcast fresh and exciting every time.

Save Time
on Planning

Let Deciphr handle the episode structure while you focus on content creation.

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Deciphr suggests ideas based on trending topics and listener preferences.

Position Yourself as
a Thought Leader

Continuous and novel content to establish your podcasting authority.

Hear it straight from our users

“Deciphr AI has revolutionized the way I plan my podcast. From a simple voice note, it lays out the entire episode for me!”
Alex S.
United States
“Episode planning was always a challenge. Now, I just speak my mind, and Deciphr does the rest.”
Taylor P.
United States
"Deciphr effortlessly sparked my podcast episode ideas. Just a recording, and voila! Inspirational content ready."
Jake W.
United States

How it works

Step 1

Voice Recording

Simply record a 60-second description of your episode concept.
Step 2

Analysis & Generation

Deciphr processes your voice note and generates episode ideas and a comprehensive guide.
Step 3

Review & Implement

Check the generated ideas and plan, make edits if needed, and get podcasting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the episode idea generation?

Deciphr AI uses advanced algorithms to ensure ideas are relevant and fresh.

Can I provide feedback on the generated plan?

Of course! We value user input and continuously improve based on feedback.

How many episode ideas can I get from one recording?

Typically, one recording can generate 3-5 episode ideas, but it varies based on the content and complexity of the voice note.

I can’t see the Episode Idea feature on Deciphr AI!

The Episode Idea feature is currently available to select states only. Please reach out to our support via our chat widget or send us an email at hello@deciphr.ai for early access or further assistance.

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